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  1. Hi Linton It had faded and gone patchy with white patches. Applying another coat over the top didn’t improve things apparently. Hope this helps Steve
  2. Just by way of an update, I sold my dome back in June to @Jkulinand he struggled to remove the single coat of Polytrol that I applied last February. In the end, he resorted to sanding the whole dome down and repainting it with two pack paint. This was expensive, hard work and very time consuming for John, so I really cannot recommend the use of Polytrol in these circumstances. Steve
  3. Well, we’re going to have to agree to disagree there then John. As I said earlier, I hope you enjoy your new dome. Steve
  4. John I've been following your progress on SGL and am genuinely sorry that you're not happy with the dome that you purchased from me back in June. I'm also very sorry if you feel I was economical with the truth when you bought it. I believe that I was completely open and honest about any issues that I knew about at the time of sale and I tried to help you solve any problems that arose after you had installed it at your home. For the record - for any one considering the use of Polytrol. The treatment that John struggled to remove was a single coat of Polytrol that had been applied by brush approx. 18 months ago. So please use with care! Anyway, I'm pleased you've managed to sell the old dome on for what you paid me for it and hope you enjoy your new one. Steve
  5. No problem at all John. Re the offsets - just remember that it doesn’t matter where the scope is pointing - if your offsets are correct, the dome should align itself so the scope sees through the middle of the slot. You can simulate and tweak this to your heart’s content in broad daylight - and because you can run with the shutter closed, you can even do it when it’s raining!
  6. Looking great John - hope it goes well!!
  7. No harm in trying that John. Again - there's no harm in trying that but I would point out that whatever software you use (SGPro, ASCOM dome etc) interfaces with my Arduino ASCOM dome driver, which in turn just sends and receives codes to and from the Arduino. So whatever software you use should work equally well - having said that, I never tried the driver out with ASCOM Dome so I'll watch with interest! For information, the software uses a series of standard methods and properties to communicate with the ASCOM driver and the driver converts these to the Arduino's "language" of 997 and 996 codes. Attached is the webpage showing the ASCOM methods and properties used. https://ascom-standards.org/Help/Developer61/html/AllMembers_T_ASCOM_DriverAccess_Dome.htm So as a simple example, if you press the Open Shutter Button in SGPro, SGPro sends an OpenShutter method to the ASCOM driver which translates this into 997,801,998 and sends it to the Arduino. In just the same way, when the software needs an update, it sends a Get Property method to the ASCOM driver, which converts the query into a 996 string to the Arduino. The driver listens to the response from the Arduino and converts it back into an ASCOM property which it passes back to the software. Simples!!! Steve
  8. Hi John That'll probably be because the update interval in the driver slave settings is set to 60secs. If you want it move sooner, try reducing this.. HTH Steve
  9. @Nigella Bryant Please feel free to PM me if you need any help / advice. ATB Steve
  10. Great progress John. Give me a call if you’re not sure about the string for the shutter.
  11. Looking good John. Following progress with great interest. Wouldn’t the Polytrol sand off??
  12. Looking good Andy - are you happy with the filters?? Steve
  13. One of these....https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-aspheric.html Hardly used and in almost "as new" condition - comes in all of its original packaging, with the pouch and 1.25" adapter. £85 ono plus £5 p&p to the UK Payment by BACS only please. Steve
  14. The artificial star is now sold - so there's only the OAG left at a bargain price! Steve
  15. Hi @Pixies Yes it is and yes I can! I think the postage will be about £3 - so please PM me if interested. Cheers Steve
  16. Hi @Mikyg Sorry, I don’t think it will - I’m pretty sure it’s only designed to fit the Starlight Express wheel. I’ve posted photos etc and a link to the SX website if you want to check dimensions / fixings etc. HTH Steve
  17. Hi everyone. Well, all of my kit has been sold - except for the SX OAG and a Hubble Artificial Star. I've reduced the SX OAG to £75 inc P&P Steve
  18. Hi @old_eyes I've just read your post - and thought I might add my two penny worth. I'm not sure about Voyager, but SGPro, which I ran with when I had my observatory just used an ASCOM Safety_Monitor device (e.g. the Aurora that I've just sold). The ASCOM Safety_Monitor feature only provides an Is_Safe (from memory) flag which is either true or false - depending on parameters which are set by the user through the ASCOM driver in the safety device itself. In the Aurora case (again from memory) this is a combination of cloud, rain and lightness and this is all that my driver does - safe or not? Yes or No!. The Aurora also has a set of relay contacts which I understand provide a "hardware alternative" to the Is_Safe software flag. The ASCOM Environmental Conditions feature could provide you with data such as sky temp, ambient temp, rain, lightness etc. but I never got around to writing a driver for this use of the Aurora. Sorry! Again, I'm not sure how Voyager works but you might find this interesting....http://www.dehilster.info/astronomy/ascom-safetymonitor-hub.php Hope that helps Steve
  19. Hi again @Skipper Billy Sorry - the Cloud Sensor has now sold Regards Steve
  20. Hi @Skipper Billy Yes - it's a III. ..and yes - it's got a USB to Serial adapter lead included with it (although that's got an annoying blue led on it that I taped over!!) Cheers Steve
  21. Camera and FW sold - just the Lodestar, OAG, Cloud Sensor and Humidifier - now reduced.
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