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  1. Obsy Pier 42" high 5-6" diameter thick steel tube £300 would be interested an pictures of the pier
  2. Might not be the case when I was at Kelling in September 2020 (when the Autumn star party should of been not the cancelled 1940's weekend Grrrr) people where very accommodating as they were showing an interest in my rig and people around me closed curtains etc when I explained about light pollution etc also ended up doing a bit of distanced outreach. The toilet block will be closed as I'm guess Kelling may want to save money and keep them darkish also to stop people trying to use them Really it'll be an excuse to get away with my kit in a location that isn't Bortle 7 like I am at
  3. Thank you for the info I was wondering as self contained accommodation ie caravans Motorhome are allowed to travel after the 12th April is anyone booked in at Kelling for the following week as the star party was for the weekend of the 9th to the 11th April and some people do extended their stay after this The new moon is on the Monday the 12th . I transferred my booking for the following week has anyone else?
  4. Yes have all that loaded into the Eagle Version 6.5.1 what I’m trying to work out whether I can run SGPro via ascom without having to use the hand control it seems to hint that you can Like you can with Skywatcher via Eqmod just asking if anyone knows
  5. Hi thinking of buying the CEM70 (with out ipolar) but getting mixed messages concerning Ascom and using SGPro (yes one of the few still using it lol ) I have a Sky Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT which has been hypetuned etc etc etc and I am wondering if you can use Sgpro as I do with the Skywatcher via a Primaluce Eagle 3 hub. It seems to state that you can bypass the handset and direct control the mount with the Ascom to SGpro?? Can someone who is in the know please advise if this is the case, its really the only thing stopping me get the CEM70 as I've managed to reduce my cable issues b
  6. Thanks for that being doing my nut over this i'll call Ian King tomorrow and get the parts (M54 -T2 ad and the 7 to 10mm T-space ordered) have the other parts on the loan scope from my EMS friend but as getting scope soon will order the others soon Just quick question Nose adapter on filter wheel what was the depth of the nose fitting , I seem to have a different one on cheers
  7. thanks Martin that's great will go over figures you sent
  8. Hi Martin the new FSQ-8EDX has the flatner built in now and the redecer takahashi offer is 0.73 Its not so much FOV buy focus tube length out of body of scope
  9. sorry Adam posted before id finished also it so I can get the scope tube in an approximate correct location
  10. Hi can anyone advise please I will soon be the proud owner of a Takahashi FSQ-85EDX and was wondering if anyone had a similar set up as mine and could advise on spacing etc My setup will be the Tak. with the Takahashi reducer a Atik EFW 2 filter wheel and the Atik 460ex camera. A very kind, helpful (some would say insane )friend has lent me her FSQ-85EDX but I'm having problems using her focuser with my set up and SGPro. I will be adding the Primaluce Sesto Senso working with my Eagle 3 when I get my scope but in the meantime I would like to use my friends scope to
  11. More than welcome to pop in for a tea coffee or more likley a beer on Red 378
  12. Thanks Anne looks like it should be dry enough no sinking motorhome or heavy mounts ?
  13. Anyone there yet !? If so what’s the condition of the red field I spoke to receiption and they said they’ve had a lot of rain in my books that’s soggy ground
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