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  1. Thanks for the offer but I am now back up and running on all devices but I had to change my password on the TeamViewer website to get it working again - most peculiar!
  2. 85Ah minimum up to 110Ah would be fine.
  3. Hmmm, none of my devices can connect despite re-booting the router. My iPhone (on 4G NOT home router) is also failing to connect!
  4. I rely rather heavily on TeamViewer connectivity but currently it appears to be down! Just me or is this a general problem?
  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I feel better now. Michael, no offence mate but if I ever offered to lend you any of my gear to try out, I hereby withdraw that offer .......
  6. 'Marigolds' and Armstrong but don't hold the ring tightly as this can deform it and make it grip even harder - fingertips through the kitchen gloves and a light touch will do it.
  7. I've never had this sort of issue as my gear is in a dehumidified location but to clean these contacts, try a glass fibre cleaning pencil/brush like this one.
  8. The context of this thread was changed somewhat by the original poster as they have altered the original text so you are not going nuts! The original question was indeed about eyepieces as well!
  9. A very nice set of images - I was observing Venus last night (have been for several days) but my location only allows a small window of opportunity to do so. A beautiful sight and nice to see it captured too.
  10. Welcome to my world, Daz
  11. To take up astrophotography when there are far simpler things in life like DIY fusion engines and designing Mars landers that actually land, you have to be an idiot so I would say that my book will be suitable but not only am I biased but I am treading too fine a line between answering your question and advertising so hopefully a recent reader will answer the question for you!
  12. Unfortunately not, my book is only available in good old fashioned printed format
  13. I'm astonished that she has waded through it - that young girl will far! I'm not sure that I should be encouraging her and her friends to turn to the 'dark side' just yet though......
  14. What a great restoration project for just £5.00 - brilliant value!
  15. I don't have a Star Adventurer but it could well be that it is all working fine but that you simply do not have sufficient movement during calibration - even operating manually, the amount of movement would be difficult to detect by eye. Have you tried increasing the step size in PHD's setup dialogue box? This guide may be of assistance.