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  1. The safest bet is to use 16bit TIF files - all functions of PS will then be available to you.
  2. Very nice indeed, Helen - I hope you get much observing pleasure from it.
  3. That's great news - we all like happy endings!
  4. Wife receipts you say - hmmm useful
  5. Who needs luminance - it's a corker of an image, I really like it.
  6. This is an absolutely stunning image and I congratulate you on capturing this huge amount of data although to my eye, the background is a little bright. This is such a subjective point though but your data is more than strong enough to benefit from a small tweak to the black point by way of experiment.
  7. Nice mount! Dithering is my best friend!
  8. The bad pixel map in MaxIm DL can indeed cause this sort of issue, again through over-correction but I haven't found a solution to the problem as it doesn't always give grief. I prefer to dither my images to resolve these sorts of issues. As an aside, MaxIm's documentation also mentions how hot pixels can also appear black after dark frame subtraction "A dark - but not dead - pixel may also occur in images after dark frame subtraction, usually because of a ”hot pixel” which has a much higher rate of dark current accumulation than the average." which does make sense. I have never used a flat frame specifically for he removal of dead pixels and am not sure how this would work in practice but it would be worth experimenting with. My suspicion is that as flat frames don't remove hot (white) pixels then they won't correct for dead (black) pixels.
  9. There is quite a good explanation of this effect here.
  10. Aha, I thought it might be you! I posted it myself first class this afternoon - I hope it arrives tomorrow .....
  11. Quite the opposite is actually the case! A slightly blurred guide star gives the centroid algorithm a better chance of working .....
  12. I don't let Amazon sell my book BUT the cheeky blighters list it as 'unavailable' (even though they have never had the opportunity to sell it and never will!!) so that they can offer alternatives. I guess this is a compliment that they NEED my name and book title to sell other lesser titles but it is a rather cheap shot I feel!! The book can be bought from more REPUTABLE sources like FLO or directly from me!
  13. How about this?
  14. A lovely classic set-up and I have no doubt that it will bring you some great observations.
  15. I am sick and tired of being a product tester for expensive astro gear and that is not levelled at the Esprit but at a couple of rather higher end products that I spent weeks trying to find out where the fault actually lay, at times questioning my own abilities but in the end the fault has so far always been with the gear. £75.00 is a really good value insurance policy unless free time is something that you have plenty of so although I wasn't expecting issues with my Esprit 150 ED, I felt it was worth getting an expert optician like Es to look it over. Don't under any circumstances think that QA issues are the sole domain of mass produced equipment - the really top end gear is in my experience just as vulnerable!