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  1. Paramount MYT question.

    That's great that you have it working but so frustrating for you that you don't know why!! I hope it continues to perform for the rest of your guest's stay.
  2. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Really enjoyed the video, Gav - thanks for sharing! In other news, Cherry seems to be on the mend after a second dose of antibiotics so we are a little more relaxed now ...... Despite being over 14 now, she was quite sprightly on her walk today
  3. I love layers in PS, such a 'natural' way to process - so powerful and flexible. Well, if it's criticism that you want - I prefer your blue colouring to mine and I really can't approve of that!
  4. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Good plan, @Helen
  5. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Wow, it looks like you all had a really great time - @Helen can I take part in the experiments next time? I'll wear shorts and a cap if necessary ..........
  6. I like it a lot, nice subtle colours - I do like bi-colour images and this one is lovely!
  7. Dusty Sol

    Great images, Daz, funnily enough, we are seeing something similar down here in West Sussex, most peculiar lighting.
  8. Paramount MYT question.

    @ollypenrice ... I have decided to scrub my post here as the MYT manual is confusing in its pinout diagrams and it is not crystal clear whether the wiring refers to the camera as reference or the mount as reference - sorry!
  9. SYNC issue using EQMOD, Maxim and TheSky6

    Have you checked to see if MaxIm DL is working in the same epoch as TheSky? It seems that TheSky is working in J2000 but is it possible that MaxIm DL is working in JNow?
  10. Star Party Timings

    Chocolate and Banana Loaf for the tea tent will be arriving on Friday afternoon. Might bring a telescope and the baker too ........
  11. Anyone bringing their kids along?

    Ah yes, my trusty cannon, proof positive of my observing capabilities! I even have a full set of Hyperions to go with it and not a camera in sight...........
  12. Anyone bringing their kids along?

    Go quickly ........ I'm hurt that you have forgotten my Deep Sky Tour articles
  13. Anyone bringing their kids along?

    Us observers don't greatly appreciate an eyeful of light either!
  14. As Tim knows, I can confirm this!!! The atmosphere at very low altitude can make a real mess of the light reaching your optics.