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  1. Lovely wide image, I really like this. The 200L is a very capable lens and your QHY163M seems a good match.
  2. ....... you may be interested in this article. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere.
  3. steppenwolf

    TeamViewer not connecting - HELP!

    Thank you, I'll keep that one in mind.
  4. steppenwolf

    NGC 7000 and Pelican

    Really? Sorry to hear that. I hope you get a fast turn around.
  5. steppenwolf

    NGC 7000 and Pelican

    Lovely image but wotcha done to your mount, Harry?
  6. steppenwolf

    New dome...picture heavy.

    This is a really good project and I bet you have a lot of fun using it. I almost feel that I have cheated by using a commercial glass fibre dome having seen the work that you have put into this! You cleanly dodged a bullet when you upgraded the support wheels and I like you concept of using a groove to centre the dome. Have you considered over-painting the dome white or silver to help with heat soak? Might be worth considering this as it may help with cool-down.
  7. steppenwolf

    TeamViewer not connecting - HELP!

    It's a real pain, Gav but thankfully, it only affects my laptop, not my main astronomy PC. I am on the lookout for an alternative but TV is so good normally.
  8. steppenwolf

    Pulsar dome and POTH...Help!!!!

    You'll be able to make mincemeat out of it then!
  9. steppenwolf

    Pulsar dome and POTH...Help!!!!

    True, 1-1 = 0 where 1 is equal to the roof closed and 0 is equal to no roof apparent........
  10. steppenwolf

    The Wall in Cygnus

    I like this, it's an unusual version of the Hubble colour palette but it suits the object well. Some nice detail for such relatively short exposures too.
  11. steppenwolf

    Pulsar dome and POTH...Help!!!!

    'Twas a little tongue in cheek to be honest - never lose sight of the fact that calculus is still a mystery to me as I never could understand why you would ever need to know the area under a graph plot .....
  12. steppenwolf

    Pulsar dome and POTH...Help!!!!

    Here you go - it's quite simple actually Document 1 and ....... Dome Slit Calculation
  13. steppenwolf

    TeamViewer not connecting - HELP!

    TeamViewer is currently going through an 'awkward stage' with free version users! Currently, I am unable to use my laptop PC to connect to my observatory as it has been flagged as 'Commercial User'.!!! I have filled in the necessary form to have the restriction removed and they have responded quickly confirming that I do fit their 'private use' policy requirements and have reset my account to 'free' this morning at 08:20. However, it has made no difference as I am still getting the commercial use warning and lockout .... I fear that this could be a long drawn out saga if other people's experiences with this particular issue are anything to go by. I guess it is just possible that they did reset my account but that their detection algorithm immediately tripped again the first time I tried it? Yes that is correct if in the 'home' scenario you have set up connections to be exclusively LAN but if you haven't changed the default setting then even at home you are connecting via their servers and therefore WAN - at least, that is my understanding!!
  14. steppenwolf

    TeamViewer not connecting - HELP!

    Yes they are unless you have specifically set up to run via LAN only. To set this up, try this:- Under Options - General - Network Settings - Incoming LAN connections – from memory, you set this to accept and then for purely peer to peer use you select the third option which is accept exclusively. My guess is that Team Viewer believe that their software will almost always be used over a WAN and so that is why it’s incoming LAN connections are deactivated by default. If you accept the "half way option" i.e. WAN and LAN, it always defers to WAN I think, even if the LAN option is a more reliable connection.

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