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  1. Very much so, Tim. Such a big brand too, it is a shame that it isn't going to be a 'local' company picking up the reins.
  2. That is very sad news - my dealings with them have always been been met with professionalism and a desire to help especially from their technical department. Indeed they are ......
  3. Luckily, you can still test without a clear sky as you don't actually need to see the test object that you want to track. It is a little perplexing that you are getting a stopped mount without a stopped message. Slightly off the wall question but does the mount 'know' for certain what side of the meridian it is on?
  4. Welcome to SGL, Torben. I too have a Mesu 200 which performs perfectly. I wonder if you have a horizon limit set too high in either SiTech or your planetarium software although in fairness, I would expect SiTech to report 'Stopped'. Worth a quick look and also worth contacting Lucas Mesu directly as he is very responsive and helpful.
  5. Condensation is part of astronomy! However, it can be harmful if not managed so the best way of dealing with it is to bring the instrument into your home after your observing session, place it on a flat surface with the dust cap and eyepieces/camera removed with a towel either side of the tube to stop it rolling anywhere and allow it to dry naturally. When dry, cap the telescope and plug the eyepiece holder with a dust cap.
  6. Chances are, no cleaning is required - shining a bright light at optics will give a confusing result, you should be led by the view of the mirror in ambient light. Even then, you need a lot of dust and debris to make a difference to the quality of the view.
  7. I'm not trying hard enough then!
  8. This is a really stunningly beautiful image, Ciarán - well done! Such a magnificently wide field of view of such a busy region of our Summer sky.
  9. What is even more strange is that using Laurin Dave's O TIF, I am not getting this issue in Photoshop unless I am not trying hard enough?
  10. If you felt uncomfortable then you were right to walk away - not all dealers have your best interests at heart.
  11. What a fantastic result and VERY pleasant surprise - Hooray!!!!!
  12. I struggled with Chemistry at college but if I had had the pleasure of having Richard as my tutor, perhaps I may have become a Veterinary Surgeon after all!!
  13. Hi Alan, part of my circuit diagram is taken from this online resource which was intended for use with the Lesvedome observatory control system. However, the two boards (RF board and relay switching board - the one that was fried) are identical it would seem in both the Shelyak system and the Lesvedome system that I had. It might make more sense if you have a look at the link to see what is going on with the diodes, the single relay (RY1 on my diagram) and the limit switches which all pertain to the left hand part of the circuit diagram that I posted earlier in this thread. The two additional relays (RY2 and RY3) swap around the polarity to the motor depending on what happens at the relay switching on the output of the receiver module and also allow for manual operation of the shutter using Auto/Manual Selection switch (S3) and the existing Open/Close switch built into the control panel (S4). Switch S5 simply turns the whole kit and caboodle on and my guess would be that this switch is present on the front panel alongside S4 but perhaps @tooth_dr can confirm its presence.
  14. Yes, this. Yes and is the connection for the manual switch. Yes Yes
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