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  1. steppenwolf

    What did the postman bring?

    My pleasure, David, I hope you enjoy it! The slippery slope to the dark side commences, Lee
  2. steppenwolf

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    This is a stupendously good image, Barry without doubt one of or even your best image so far. Absolutely stunning! The time spent in the processing shines through.
  3. You can always drive a helical focuser with a drive belt on your electric focuser - I have done this very successfully with a Canon 200l.
  4. Vixen Polarie Star Tracker with Vixen Quick Polaris Locator Compass in mint condition For Sale. This mint condition Polarie Star Tracker and Vixen Polaris Locator Compass have only been used during the course of a review that I carried out for Vixen UK and will be supplied in their original boxes with manual (both also in mint condition). This tracker is the ultimate in portable camera tracking mounts being lightweight yet manufactured to Vixen’s usual exemplary high standard and the additional Vixen Polaris Locator Compass makes polar alignment for wide field imaging quick and simple. The new price for the two items would be £342.00 For sale at £195.00 delivered. Payment by bank transfer - WILL NOT SELL OUTSIDE UK. Polarie Star Tracker Quick Polaris Locator Compass
  5. steppenwolf

    Horsehead and Flame - sunglasses please

    Excellent, Barry, the investment continues to pay off on terms of data and bright or not it is an eye catching image with some great detail - we’ll done.
  6. steppenwolf

    What did the postman bring?

    @Alan White MakeNoise Maths - It helps to make strange 'ambient noises' - very useful when it is cloudy outside!
  7. steppenwolf

    Noisy Headphones...

    Don't they just, Sara!
  8. steppenwolf

    What did the postman bring?

    ....... something a little different ...... a MakeNoise Maths module, we all need one really
  9. steppenwolf

    Noisy Headphones...

    Collecting the OIII for this object is always a nightmare, I'm on my second year of data acquisition on it and in fact the data is rolling in as I write this but I am expecting noise and faint signal!!
  10. I think that to dismiss Pulsar on the grounds of condensation would be crazy - ALL glass fibre observatories will suffer from this! However, they are not, of course, the only players on the field.
  11. 12nm is really too wide for tonight as the Moon and Ned are in the same quadrant so I'd be shooting an object 180 degrees away to the north. AP is difficult enough without giving it a fair chance!
  12. steppenwolf

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    No problem, Tom, at least you are now on the right track.
  13. steppenwolf

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Hi Tom, William is quite correct here, you do need an RS232 port on your PC (if it has one, it will be a 9 pin ‘D’ shaped port with a 5 and a 4 row set of pins) however unless your PC is elderly, it won’t have such a port and this is where William's timely advice on a USB to RS232 adaptor comes to the rescue. Definitely do NOT adapt an exiting USB cable or disaster will ensue!!
  14. Very pleased with mine, I use it on two telescopes and a camera lens (via a toothed belt) but there may be lower cost alternatives.
  15. PM replied to and it's yours!

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