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  1. steppenwolf

    Omegon Panorama II eyepieces

    Actually, each one of those points was included in the review - what can I say?
  2. steppenwolf

    Omegon Panorama II eyepieces

    OK, enough hijacking of the thread and back to the OP's original question. I used my set for three weeks or so when the weather would allow and I rather liked them. I have no idea whether the stated AFOV's are accurate or not so if this is important to you, you should indeed research the issue further. Looking at the notes I made during my review period, my own observations showed the following dislikes:- The dust caps for the eye lens are tapered making them a real pain in the neck to pick up - I found this very frustrating! Even with the rubber eye-cups folded up, eye placement was rather too critical until I had been using them for some time It was only with close scrutiny that I was able to see the whole field of view and this was without spectacles The field stop was not particularly distinct which was rather a shame The 2” undercuts were a good match for my compression rings (William Optics 2" dielectric star diagonal with 1.25" adaptor) but those on the 1.25” versions were far too narrow to be of any use so they were superfluous Having two different barrel sizes is a pain - I much prefer the 'double barrel' design of my Hyperions for quicker eyepiece swapping @rwilkeyI have always enjoyed reading your own appraisals of various eyepieces on your excellent website so I will be interested to hear how you get on with your 15mm and 21mm versions.
  3. steppenwolf

    Omegon Panorama II eyepieces

    I think Tim has very kindly explained the review system for the magazine in question both accurately and eloquently so there isn't much to add to his comment. I do rather tire of having to explain the way this works every now and again but here it is yet again for the record:- there is no need for scepticism when reading these reviews with regard to advertising revenue. The equipment reviewers, including me, are freelance writers and, for my part, I don't give a hoot whether the equipment I review is from a company that advertises in the magazine or not, I get paid to write the review by the magazine either way. If the equipment in question doesn't work well for me and is not of a suitable quality that the magazine's readership would enjoy using then it will receive a negative review and vice versa. The day the magazine ever pressurizes me to skew a review to reflect a poor piece of equipment in a better light because they fear upsetting an advertiser is the day that I walk, end of. Perhaps I could make this text a sticky somewhere.
  4. steppenwolf

    M34 - Not Just An Open Cluster...

    Great to see that the Mesu is helping you to get some great results. The brighter stars in this image have a nice balance to them but unless it it just my iPhone (away from home at the moment) the dimmer stars look a little too red to me? Nicely tracked and a most attractive object.
  5. Stunning review - you should be on commission as I now REALLY need one of these little refractors! A captivating read and I hope the telescope continues to inspire.
  6. steppenwolf


    How about 'The 100 Best Astrophotography Targets' by Ruben Kier ?
  7. steppenwolf

    Focus questions

    Objects close to you require the focus tube to be racked outwards (i.e. the focus tube protrudes more from the optical tube). If you have a PDS version, you may need an extension tube to focus on nearby objects.
  8. steppenwolf

    Budget telescope & eyepiece combination

    For your current budget, astrophotography is unlikely to be successful and you will need to purchase additional (and relatively costly equipment) so for now I really would recommend that you take this out of the equation. Observational astronomy is more about light collection than magnification and there is no special relationship between the 'f5' and the '5mm' eyepiece. For your current budget (did you see what I did there? ) your money would indeed be better spent on a Dobsonian reflector and Heritage 130P would be much better value than the Astro Master 130EQ as it would be much less problematical to use. However - and I really hate to do this - I would urge you to find the extra funds and consider the Sky-Watcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian at just over £200 instead as this is a really excellent instrument. For now, dismiss the 5mm eyepiece and put the money towards the Sky-Watcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian.
  9. steppenwolf

    Espirit 120

    Same here but it was a trivial task to glue the retaining foam 'doughnuts' back in place and they have been solid ever since! Have to say that I think the rubber ball retaining idea was close to pure genius.
  10. steppenwolf

    Mesu 200 issue??

    ST4 control is OK in most scenarios but I can't think of any reason why anyone would prefer to use it over pulse guiding which is, of course. supported in this mount. I can't add anything to the PHD2 discussion as I still run XP in my observatory and PHD2 doesn't support XP - or is it the other way round I'd still like to know that I had a working ST4 connection for completeness but, that's just me!
  11. steppenwolf

    Espirit 120

    That would mess it up!! I hope that's it as I haven't heard of the rings being an issue before.
  12. It looks amazing - now you've made me want one as well!! You won't regret buying an Esprit.
  13. steppenwolf

    Mesu 200 issue??

    To remove the ST4 cable/guide camera from the equation, you could make up a test ST4 cable and short pins 3-6 alternately to pin 2 (see this diagram) to check that the Mesu is responding correctly - use an eyepiece in your telescope to check for movement against the night sky. Ignore the reference to EQ6/HEQ5 as an ST4 cable is a standard!
  14. steppenwolf

    Help with Imaging

    The Hyperstar system results in a vert fast telescope which makes focus very tricky and this is evident in your images, especially the Andromeda one. As suggested, a Bahtinov mask would help you here but you would need to make up a dew shield extension to support it - no bad thing actually! Stacking is vital to bring out details in your images but so too is image calibration so you really must address this to make any progress. Deep Sky Stacker would be a good (free) place to start as this will both calibrate and stack your images. Your Flat frame is not ideal but I would not expect a uniform result (that it the whole point of a flat frame) - however, yours is not typical of a flat frame as it isn't showing a circular light variation. I suspect that you did not have a uniform light source for this flat frame and it is imperative that the illumination is equally distributed when it reaches the front of the telescope and that the exposure does not fully saturate the pixels. Finally, guiding will help you long term but with your current short exposures, this is not the biggest concern and you should address the other issues first. Good luck and ask away because as you can see from the replies from other SGL members, there is a wealth of information and help here. Welcome to SGL.
  15. steppenwolf

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    I concur!

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