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  1. I was in this fortunate position three years ago and my forever telescope was also for imaging. My budget may have been less than yours if you are now thinking ‘Tak’ but don’t just be swayed by the brand and do your research carefully but for what it’s worth, my forever telescope turned out to be an Esprit 150 and it was a really good decision. I also considered the Esprit 120 as it too is an excellent imaging ‘scope but in the end, as this was ‘forever’, the 150 won through! I have had a Tak (actually two) and I don’t get what all the fuss is about!! Good luck with your research!
  2. I think this is a great effort - congratulations on your progress so far. Apart from the vignetting, the two images are very much what I would have expected with the exposures that you took. The Horsehead Nebula is a rather dim object and the 60 second exposures were really pushing your luck on this one! Things would get a lot more interesting if you pushed this to 5 or even better, 10 minute exposures and lots of them!
  3. Interesting comparisons, thanks for posting. To me, the f2.8 stop-down is certainly worthwhile based on your tests. It would also be interesting to see the results of using an f2.8 aperture mask versus stopping the lens down under aperture control. I really ought to get myself one of these lenses!!
  4. I used my 12nm Ha filter in a 200mm f2.8 prime lens but I guess it’s worth an evening’s experimentation to see how it pans out! Yes, built in hubs do help with the inevitable cable tangle - I have quite an impressive ‘umbilical’ leading to my mount head and have had to go to some great lengths to avoid friction!
  5. I used to have an Astronomik 12nm Ha filter and had some great results from it but, of course, it won't be as much of a 'Moon defeater' as a narrower one would be but it all helps. I hope you really enjoy your new camera, cooling really does make a big difference.
  6. What bandwidth is the Ha filter, Michael? Quite normal for this camera but it will process out
  7. One of the problems with these WiFi extenders is that they work best on a ring main whereas most power lines to observatories/observing locations are 'extensions'. I have a wired network to my observatory BUT, I also have a big problem with the WiFi network in my home. In the last week, I 'upgraded' to BT Halo 2 Complete WiFi which includes a new 'smart-hub' and a single 'disc' (essentially a repeater). My new service will allow me up to three discs to obtain full coverage in my home and in the end, I DID need all three discs to obtain full coverage throughout my home. This has resulted in a f
  8. You should ideally use the same camera settings although temperature on a DSLR camera is obviously dependent on ambient. Aim for the closest matching camera orientation that you can obtain and, again, ideally you should plate solve to the exact same point in the sky but unless the object fully fills the sensor, this is not that critical. I would recommend that you re-align and stack ALL the images from the various sessions for the final image.
  9. This is how I do lunar tracking on my Mesu 200 too.
  10. Please note that this is not 'NORMAL' vignetting! To quote from a similar post on SGL in which I replied:- I think this is a diffraction effect caused by 'aperture vignetting'. This is not the same as normal vignetting but appears because the edge of the image field doesn't receive a full circle from the cone of light through the aperture, rather, it 'sees' an elliptical shaped aperture.
  11. I have one of these as a standby and it works well and is very well constructed. I can't confirm if this is who I bought mine from though but this IS the brand I have.
  12. Lovely image, Adam and definitely an object that full justice can be done to in just mono. Personally, the image with the stars is my favourite - I only use star 'removal' as an occasional part of my image processing workflow but both images look stunning
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