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Mercury Transits Sun - 2019 NOV 11

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Just had the BEST luck taking a photo!

First image through first hole in the cloud. Dave

They talked about the transit at my son’s school today. He made it home just in time to see it 

Posted Images

Totally cloudy in Leeds.. and I've not been tempted to bring a scope to work either..

Is there a live feed link anyone cares to share, so those of us under the perma cloud can at least watch?

Good luck if your venturing out... Someone somewhere must be in with a chance!



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Lots of cloud cover here but also some clear spots here and there. I'm hopeful of seeing something of the transit at least but it will be a case of grabbing short views rather than lengthy observation.

No rain currently at least.


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6 minutes ago, Stu said:

We are staying local too, looks like we should see something at least near Esher. On my way now.

Good luck @Stu.. just had a look outside, irrespective of the cloud, the wind is blowing a gust, the F11 would be all over even on the skytee..

will just have to watch and wait for the images, and be annoyed for not replacing my little frac after I sold it!

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Anyone know where should we be looking as it moves onto the sun?

The dslr is more or less vertical. On a refractor, I think were inverted...

Guessing about 10 o'clock.

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2 minutes ago, geordie85 said:

Panic sets in as I cannot find my t-ring

I feel your pain here.. gutted I'm not taking part!. I'm sat my desk with sun poring in through my office window here in Denmead.. grrrrr

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So far, not too bad at all here. Managed to see an early "bite" from the solar limb as Mercury made contact and have had some nice views as the planet has tracked across the Suns disk so far. Got a few snaps with the mobile phone but there will be far better ones around soon from others I'm sure.

Much better views than the single short glimpse I got of the last event, so I'm happy  :icon_biggrin:

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