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  1. Highburymark

    Brief session with new Skymaster 20x80s

    Nice report about a great session - impressive list of targets.
  2. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Thank you Peter - just had 30 mins outside - at this time of night surrounded by bright lights from adjacent houses and a school at the end of the garden - lovely array of stars made it difficult to recognise constellations. The tube appears to be blemish free from my inexperienced eyes. Most amazing (having never looked through an NV device before) was that the only way I could detect scintillation was to turn the gain up to the very highest level - otherwise very natural and familiar sensation of looking up at the night sky.
  3. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Sadly not Neil. Maybe you should be their marketing advisor?
  4. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Thanks Gavin! Free t-shirt too!
  5. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    And here is the night vision device, just arrived this afternoon from Nighttec in Germany. Just waiting for a small adapter from TNVC in the States now, so will be a week or two before I can fully test it with a telescope and eyepieces - and see how it performs under the most light polluted conditions in central London
  6. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Currently the only eyepieces we can use afocally with a PVS-14 night vision monocular are those that accept TeleVue dioptrx. Luckily the Baader aspherics fit into that category - and they're £200 cheaper than a Panoptic 35. Surprisingly light and compact too.
  7. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    New night vision PVS-14 monocular being delivered tomorrow. Three new 2" eyepieces for night vision work with my 80mm and 100mm refractors.
  8. Highburymark

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Slightly late replying to this but that sounds like progress John after so many attempts. I think the WOs are excellent - give them a try in your solar scope - on days of activity they bring surface details to life
  9. Highburymark

    One clear Skye....

    Spectacular - thanks for posting.
  10. Highburymark

    IAS 2018

    No provided minibus from Coventry station this year - had to get taxi. Once we got there, the signage to the show was hopeless - took me at least half an hour of walking around to find the right hall and the entrance. Smaller show than previous years, but was able to get the gear I wanted from Widescreen Centre and RVO - I want to support these shows so I hope it can keep going.
  11. I've been thinking of the hand held possibilities with this contraption (a standard Celestron 9x50 finder with a replacement WO 1.25" diagonal) with a night vision monocular. Nice option to look at the Milky Way with super low magnification. Will give it a go when my new night vision gear arrives.
  12. This would be my first choice too Martin. Really good all-rounder. Great optics. Still easy to set up. And a significant step up from the 80mm.
  13. Highburymark

    Better value night vision

    Best of luck with your plans too Sido - despite the challenges you have it's great that night vision will keep you observing. I'll keep you posted about progress - but I also look forward to hearing how you get on
  14. Highburymark

    Better value night vision

    Thing is that I'm planning to use (Tak 4" and faster Equinox 80ED) scopes with Baader T2 prism diagonal, and 1.25" and 2" dielectric diagonals. So I was thinking I'd screw filters into the eyepieces for easy adjustment. But maybe I need to give this a bit more thought.
  15. Highburymark

    Better value night vision

    ok - good advice. Will I need a 2" 685 filter as well as a 1.25"? Considering the 55mm plossl will be my only 2" EP, and will only deliver 13x in the Tak? I'm thinking that most targets for the 685 will require higher magnification - with the 1.25" 32mm?

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