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  1. New Apo on the block

    Hmmm - looking at a couple of websites you're right. I was told by a German dealer a year ago that SW wasn't making the 66 and 120 Equinox any more. But then scopes like the Lunt 35 are still available new, though production supposedly stopped a while ago. Keep hearing Pentax XWs are not long for this world too...... [can hear the off topic mods sharpening pencils so will leave it there]
  2. New Apo on the block

    Would not call an Equinox 120 humble Timebandit! It's a superb scope. I was surprised they stopped making it - guess the vast majority of buyers wanted the cheaper 120ED. Shame - the black 120 still looks the business too. Now my little Equinox 80 - that's humble - but another great performer.
  3. New Apo on the block

    Although the AN review compares the Altair with the FS128, seems like the TS version is targeting potential SW120 buyers. Anything above 125mm would take it into different territory size-wise - whereas this package looks reasonably compact. As Stu says, if the (TS) optics are the same as the Altair then at this price it sounds like a great deal.
  4. New Apo on the block

    Think the Altair scope reviewed in AN had a price of £2000 - don't have copy with me to check
  5. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Like your thinking - instead of buying more eyepieces, just buy new telescopes to fill in the gaps.👌
  6. prom 19-11-17

    Thanks for posting Charl - have been following the prom's progress today. Thin cloud cover in London but didn't seem to affect solar view. Also a lovely thin filament close by. More importantly - hope the doc sorts you out......
  7. Vixen LVW vs Pentax XW vs Delos

    I remember Baader marketing its white light solar film as "turbo". 🤣
  8. Information on Hershell Wedge

    I bought the 1.25" Lacerta wedge a few weeks ago - haven't had an opportunity to use it yet - afraid lack of activity in the photosphere means meagre pickings for white light observers over the next year or two - though there were some nice sunspots a couple of months ago
  9. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Maybe time to try binoviewing for the fourth/fifth/sixth time John? Otherwise how are you going to fill the other EP case? You can't just leave it there empty 😈
  10. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Glad to hear it, and agree about the learning curve. I had to return the first Steeltrack focuser, but the new one is working very well. Maybe not quite as well engineered as the Moonlite. I'm using 15mm and 20mm TV plossls and 25mm Fujiyama orthos - similar eye relief challenges but the views are stunning
  11. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Nice - though dangerously large for us eyepiece addicts.
  12. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Nice big case Doc - where did it come from?
  13. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Just wondering how you're getting on with solar binoviewing Floater? I've found the LS60/Steeltrack focuser/WO binoviewer with 1.6x Barlow combination to work very well at usable magnifications. There's a new Baader binoviewer coming in the spring - sounds like it will be a premium product but half the price of the MkV. My plan was save some pennies for that but so enjoying the WO that may just hold on to this one.
  14. New visual setup - part 1

    Congratulations Gavin. Looks like an excellent new mount. Having had a little communication with you recently, is the new arrival a Lunt 100 - or even a 152?
  15. So guess you'd be looking at 370x if you bought the 2mm HR Piero?