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  1. This thread is cruelly timed. Just off to the post office to send my much loved Leica zoom to Brian in Scotland - good to know it’s going to a good home. Holding on to Pentax XF zoom for solar
  2. This is like looking back at some sort of fabled golden era of solar astronomy.... difficult to imagine a year with zero spotless days.
  3. The Celestron Omnis are terrific Stu. I keep a 32mm as a finder eyepiece when travelling - and great value - think it was £32 a couple of years ago. Just a step below the TVs in transmission and sharpness. Can you use your 25mm Zeiss microscope orthos with the PST mod? Interesting discussion elsewhere in this thread about what constitutes a plossl and what doesn’t. From the images posted earlier, is it right to conclude that the true plossl design is asymmetric, and the TV patent symmetric?
  4. I’ve only ever had alt-az mounts. ETX-105, Celestron Evolution, Giro Mini, Giro Ercole Mini, AZ5, AZGTi, SW Heliofind, Skytee 2, all the manual mounts pictured. Most recent acquisition is the Skytee and very impressed by it - for the money it is excellent. Even the supplied clamps are surprisingly good - though have upgraded main one to ADM to support heavy-ish TV85/solar set up.
  5. Mods - slightly dim moment - how do I add ‘sold’ to the thread heading - all items now sold
  6. Interesting link Martin. I still find it mind blowing that the Soviets managed to get that incredible image of the surface of Venus all those decades ago.
  7. I’ve had two double stacked Lunts (50 and 60), and now a Solarscope SF70 DS o my 85mm frac, and honestly none of the single stack views were particularly impressive. In each case it was vital to add a DS filter to see surface detIl. The difference is night and day.
  8. For ha solar, they are unquestionably the finest plossl. Substantially brighter and more detailed than Synta/GSO Plossls. Very similar views to Fujiyama orthos (on solar), but again I marginally prefer TV Plossls. I’ve never actually used any of my TV Plossls for normal night viewing
  9. Very pleased that all three items (zoom/extender/adapter) are going to very good SGL homes...... thanks Dave and Brian. Can move this to “sold/completed” section now mods.
  10. Old thread, but having just bought a second TV plossl 32mm for solar binoviewing, thought it was interesting that they are cheaper now (£139) than they were in Alan’s first post four years ago. Still a hefty investment, particularly with an eyeguard extender, but there can’t be many other astro products that have fallen in price over four years? Problem for me is that my binoviewer only comes to focus with a 2.6x barlow, so need low power 1.25” pairs to achieve right magnifications. Have gone for TV32 and 40mm Plossls as they deliver such bright and sharp views of the Sun. But after reading up on all the alternatives over the last few weeks, must say I’d love to try a pair of 30mm pseudo Masuyamas. Maybe a wanted ad is imminent, though they seem tough to track down.....
  11. Leica zoom still available! (Adapter and extender sold). Will include both 2” (Which also has a T2 thread) and 1.25” APM adapters. £415 posted.
  12. Space weather said there is a tiny spot in the new active region - just visible in ha, belongs to old Cycle 24.
  13. More excellent images Nigella! I missed that superb lift off prom when I was observing earlier, though the seeing here in London is as bad as I’ve ever experienced, so gave up for the day
  14. Ok - just checked messages and all 3 items are sold. Thanks all
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