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  1. Good thread - and a subject most British/northern European amateur astronomers can identify with. Working from home most of the year I’ve had well over a hundred solar observing sessions during 2020. And the Sun is just starting to ramp up to several years of increased activity. It’s a great way to stay engaged with the hobby - constantly changing details from day to day. I know the north and Scotland haven’t had as much clear weather this year, but if the OP is located in the south west, it should be a perfect place - and perfect time - to enjoy solar observing. And with more sunspots emerging, there will be lots to see in both hydrogen alpha and white light.
  2. Younger eyes are able to see some detail with Ca-K, but if you have a good HA scope and you’re only interested in visual, there’s no reason to invest in Ca-K. With the Sun’s activity growing again, your Lunt 50 DS will provide endlessly fascinating views, but if you’re looking for another dimension then Stu’s advice is spot on. High magnification white light can be very impressive, particularly with a wedge, good optics, and sympathetic seeing.
  3. Nice report. The Denks come highly recommended but I’ve never had the pleasure of trying them. The 32mm Celestron plossl is a great eyepiece for the money, but maybe a bit outclassed in this company. I still keep mine and use it quite often. And I agree with your comments on the Panoptic 24mm. Unless you need very long eye relief, I don’t think there’s a better all round eyepiece on the market. Superb for binoviewing too - even solar ha, they are as sharp as orthos, but much more immersive. And night vision goggles. That’s just cheating.
  4. Great minds and all that Dave - I had thought about this as I’ve contacted Denis before. You’ve given me the nudge I needed. How is your binoviewing going? Must be glorious through that beautiful 5” Tak.
  5. I know what you mean. I’ve discovered that one of the clicklock eyepiece holders on my Mark V isn’t perfectly attached to the body of the BV - can rock it a fraction. Doesn’t in any way affect the collimation, but it’s one of those annoying cloudy day/fettle issues. Trouble is the Mk V clicklocks are much less user friendly than the MBII’s. Although there are also tiny Allen screws which can be seen on the attached pic - they don’t release or tighten the EP holder apparently, and Baader warned they should not be fiddled with. Can’t find anything on web which reveals what the screws are there for.
  6. Excellent detail of a very interesting active region Marty. Clouded out in London.
  7. Interesting Paz - I’d seen a thread on CN about this. I’ve been happy with my MBII so far. They are really excellent value for money in my view - as long as they’re collimated properly, so your guide will hopefully help other owners get the best out of them.
  8. That’s a beauty Garry. I know we shouldn’t be too bothered by looks but have always loved the design of the Edge series. I’d very happily reacquire the 8” I had if I only had the space for it.
  9. Goodness knows. After this week’s breakdown in communications between U.K. govt and EU, it looks like we’re heading for no deal. That would mean U.K. moving to WTO rules for EU imports, obviously making things more expensive. We have just signed a free trade agreement with Japan..... though not holding out much hope for Tak prices coming down.
  10. PS - try and develop the impression that Takahashi is a French/German/Italian manufacturer......
  11. Could go for the cheaper DC? £1,800 for the ota. Same optical quality. 2.8kg. You also have the “impending no deal Brexit, imported telescopes to double in price from January 1st” argument to roll out if things get difficult?
  12. This is fascinating. I knew about prominence viewers produced by various manufacturers in the 80s and 90s - Baader and Beloptik and Criterion (any others?) - but it’s really interesting to see how early they were being used, and how much they cost. A few dedicated solar enthusiasts still collect these devices. I’d love to have a look through one of them in the future. But in the meantime, thanks v much for posting.
  13. That was the only negative that struck me about the new CC range too. Excellent value, good optics - I’d definitely consider one over an SCT, but just a little heavy for those of us with knackered backs
  14. I always found German much harder than French for some reason. Never got used to sticking the verb at the end of the sentence. Guess we all share the same language problems though.
  15. Deal sounds very dodgy. But onto the translation. We often get it’s and its wrong ourselves in English. Even twice in this thread. Pedants’ corner I know. But it’s = only used as a shortened version of it is. Never as a possessive. Otherwise, use singular possessive = its. Even the spell checker wants to change it to the wrong version, so I know it’s a tough battle.
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