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  1. Show me your eyepiece cases

    I only had a few Meade plossls until 4 years ago. Saw me through a decade of stargazing with a 4" Mak.
  2. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Think I recognise that Pan 35 in your kit Piero. The only eyepiece I've ever used that could produce frac-sharp stars in an SCT. Wonderful EP. I have now sold all my weighty EPs - apart from the Ethos 13 and Leica ASPH which are most definitely staying - and moved to a lighter set up - the result is attached. I'm particularly enjoying the 11, 5 and 3.5mm Naglers. Only remaining purchases to be made are 25mm and 32mm pairs for solar binoviewing with the Lunt LS60. Considering Celestron 32mm plossls and Fujiyama 25mm orthos. Need to do a bit more research.
  3. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Very good of you Ade - thanks
  4. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    As expected WO binos were just shy of reaching focus in the Lunt 60 with the 1.6x Barlow unit. Can't find any UK outlet selling the 2x unit - whether it be a WO or Skywatcher. All part of the fun with a new solar scope - buying the scope is the easy part.
  5. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Just in case this information might be useful to anyone, I don't think the newer diamond Steeltrack Newtonian version will fit the LS60 - think it's just the previous model
  6. Sorry you're having to sell your scope Paul - at least you've had two great years with it - and from what I've read Mike and his DC aren't too far away.
  7. H alpha vs white light

    Will do Stu.
  8. Which 'middle' EP ?

    Am sure you'll be pleased with both those eyepieces. They will give great views in the C8 Edge - hope you enjoy it as much as I did
  9. H alpha vs white light

    Glad you've had some great views with your Lunt. If you do get a chance to view with a second etalon the scope will deliver stunning detail. As for white light, I have always used an ETX105 or 80ED - I would not have dreamt about using my Tak for WL observing until I started reading Stu's reports. Even now I'm nervous about trying - but sounds like the views are amazing.
  10. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Thanks - very nice set up - I think the Skywatcher/WO/Revelation binoviewers are all the same. So the key addition seems to be a 2x Barlow
  11. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Thanks! Does your LS50 have a B400 blocking filter? The 600 should make binoviewing possible.
  12. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Ok - interesting Floater - I have WO binoviewer too. Only have the WO 20mm and TV plossl 15mm pairs. From reading the forums was expecting the WO to reach focus with the LS60. If it's not possible then one option is to sell the WOs and buy a Baader Maxbright pair (with a Steeltrack focuser) which should be better. But need to do a bit more research. Will report back when I make progress.
  13. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Thanks Derek - pleasure to meet you too
  14. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Lovely new scope arrived yesterday. Lunt LS60 pressure tuned with B1200 blocking filter. A 60mm double stack filter on its way. Sold 3 scopes and several TeleVue EPs to pay for it - but based as I am in the middle of London, I do far more solar than night observing, so the reshuffle makes sense. Will also allow me to binoview - couldn't do that with my last scope. By the way - if anyone on the forum is looking to buy a Lunt, worth checking out Astrograph (in UK) where I bought the LS60 - competitive prices. Elsewhere all Lunt prices appear to be the same - full rrp. One more thing. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow SGL member Slimpaling (Mike) yesterday at Kings Cross station - he was buying my LS50. I think he got a bit of a surprise when he met me - because he was expecting me to be my avatar - i.e. George Harrison circa 1970 with waist length hair - and not a lanky middle aged bloke in a suit 🤣.
  15. Thanks Mike - and Stu for the original thread. Although I removed the entire focuser unit from my FC for aircraft travel this summer, I didn't know that the spacer section could be detached on its own. Really useful as I'm using binoviewers more often