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  1. Nice report Roy - and congrats on the new scope - a great start. Lots to look forward to this year as the new solar cycle revs up.
  2. Lovely images of those impressive proms. My seeing was pretty poor too. I’ve had days like this - when you begin to question your equipment, or when one scope performs better than another for no apparent reason. It seems that short term seeing differences are almost always the culprit, as next time out I get different results.
  3. Very nice indeed. Have admired these for a while.
  4. I agree totally, though I guess in a thread titled ‘ED v Apo’ there is bound to be discussion about the small differences between refractors at the top of the market. For what it’s worth, not once did false colour spoil the views through my Equinox 80ED. I think I’ve said elsewhere that I saw 60 odd Messiers through that little scope. Sliding dew shield so easy to carry on aircraft. Relatively light, so very happy on a £100 camera tripod and basic alt az mount. Cools down (or heats up) to ambient temperature very quickly. Pretty good focuser. Just a great all rounder.
  5. My SW Equinox 80ED was a great scope - but was not a full apochromat. On tough targets, it would show some false colour. But it was F/6.25. In comparison, F/7 TV85 clears up almost all false colour and F/7.4 Tak FC100 is colour free in focus.
  6. What are your skies like? If dark, and you’re not expecting to resolve more challenging DSOs, then an 80ED can be a great second scope which would complement your Mak nicely IMO. My first two ‘proper’ telescopes were a 105mm Mak and an Equinox 80ED and they gave good service - but 80mm is not enough aperture to go very deep unless you have dark skies, and even then there’s a limit. Open clusters will be stunning, and bright targets like M42 will also give fine views, but galaxies and globulars could prove frustrating. I saw 50-60 Messier objects with my 80ED in darker locations, but - for exa
  7. Was it just the OTA or the mount too? They are both pretty robust, so there’s a good chance you’ll be fine.
  8. Sale pending - apologies to Amoamoa as they were sold this afternoon
  9. The Chroma price rises are crazy! Can only presume they are pulling out of the mainstream market. My 2” 3nm which I bought in the autumn has gone up over £500. If you can find Astrodon filters at acceptable prices then they’d be a first class alternative - on a par with Chroma
  10. Love your images Nigella and these are superb as usual
  11. The Pentax deal currently being offered by Microglobe is an absolute steal. The very best solar eyepiece available, with perfect zoom range for £149 is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. It’s in a different class to the Lunt zoom, for less money.
  12. What a great set of eyepieces. Clearly the result of lots of homework and experimenting - and cherry picking the best for every occasion
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