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  1. I think of it as a second hand Ford Fiesta or the glory of the Horsehead Nebula from the middle of a city. Know which I'd rather have. But as I write this I'm thinking - how many SGLers are going to suggest buying the Ford Fiesta and driving to a dark site......
  2. Highburymark

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    I definitely fell into that category when I rekindled my interest in the hobby 5-6 years ago. After months of research I thought the new C6 Evolution, with fancy mobile phone-controlled go-to, would be a lifetime 'keeper'. Turned out to be the wrong scope on every count - optics nothing special, mount far too heavy for my back (and for the little 6" tube), and I realised pretty quickly that I didn't need go-to at all.
  3. Superb - many congratulations Matthew.
  4. Highburymark

    An Old Find makes me wonder, what first inspired you?

    Think we had a similar idea for our avatars Ian .....
  5. Highburymark

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    I didn't really get on with the Celestron C6. Very good star tests and collimation but was never satisfied with views through the eyepiece - stars were bloated, though it was a decent lunar and planetary scope. C8 Edge was a lot better, but sold it to buy myFC-100 and don't regret it.
  6. Highburymark

    An Old Find makes me wonder, what first inspired you?

    Observer's Book of Astronomy was my first inspiration too in the mid 1970s.
  7. Highburymark

    Quick Menorca report

    Very nice. Looking south from that location, there's nothing but 200 miles of sea until you reach the coast of Africa. Unfortunately I have another 50 weeks of work before I get to go back .....
  8. Highburymark

    Quick Menorca report

    Thanks Kevin. We were staying at the Biniarroca hotel near Sant Lluis - very close to the south east. Agree it's a good area for stargazing - no big tourist resorts. In previous years I've found a couple of dark locations along the coast - west of Punta Prima
  9. Highburymark

    Quick Menorca report

    Thanks all. Stuck in London most of the time so it's nice to be able to share holiday experiences once a year
  10. Highburymark

    Quick Menorca report

    Back from Menorca holiday this week. Temperatures in the high 30s throughout and very humid - hardly perfect for stargazing but penultimate night seeing was fairly good and more modest humidity. Took Takahashi FC-100, and mostly used Panoptic 24, Nagler 11, and Delites 3 and 4 for planets. Saturn was beautiful - Cassini prominent throughout, and could actually make out C-ring in my final session. Jupiter also lovely - nice detail in the temperate belts though colours seemed more muted than usual. Mars was just an enormous sandy blob all holiday - a huge disappointment. Open clusters were least affected by the humid conditions, so enjoyed sweeping through Sagittarius and Scorpius - M6 and M7 marvellous. M11 and Cassiopeia OCs likewise. Managing to resolve the outer stars of M22 - also spent a long time on M13 and M4.. Swan nebula was stunning, but highlight of the holiday was the Dumbbell - really extraordinary detail that the Tak pulled out of an object I've observed scores of times before, but never with this success. Came back to UK slightly regretful that I hadn't expanded my Messier and NGC account, but very happy that the weather gods allowed me one excellent session
  11. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Just taken delivery of an external pressure controller for my Lunt solar scope after coming up at a bargain price. Have wanted one for a while as the manual pressure tuner on my LS60 only comes on band right at the very end of its travel, which means it's very tight - and difficult to keep the scope balanced and on target while tuning. Now can dial in exact desired pressure without affecting the view - so I can concentrate on observing.
  12. Highburymark

    What’s your best holiday memories for Astro?

    My most memorable stargazing experience - alas not with a telescope, but with binoculars - was in the "empty quarter", the Arabian desert in eastern Yemen. At the time there was civil war within the country, and we were in a tribal region which meant we didn't hang around for long. But the view of the Milky Way was incredible.
  13. Highburymark

    Diagonals - can you really see the difference?

    The leap from stock diagonals which come with SCTs and refractors (I've had a few Celestron and Skywatcher units that have been very poor) to a decent upgrade (for e.g. the various dielectric diagonals - which in my experience are fairly similar - and excellent) is enormous - the subsequent gains when you trade up to the various pricey Baader options are less dramatic. The best value diagonals are the 2" SW/Revelation dielectrics or the 1.25" Takahashi in my experience.
  14. Highburymark

    Help! A dumb question....,

    No - it's well protected - I would be concerned if we had a violently turbulent flight but they're pretty rare. Observing conditions haven't been great in Spain over the past couple of weeks - very hot and humid - but It was worth bringing the Tak this time purely for the views of M22, M13, M27 and M8 last night - will stay with me for a while
  15. Highburymark

    Help! A dumb question....,

    Jock - there are caps you can buy from Wex camera which fit the FC-100 perfectly - fellow SGL member and Tak owner Stu posted photos a few weeks ago. I tried to buy them before this holiday but they were out of stock. I've made some cardboard covers for this trip, but will order some of the Wex caps when I get back

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