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  1. Highburymark

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    I agree with this - or at least I can't help feeling that the scientific community is too optimistic about assuming life exists elsewhere.
  2. Highburymark

    What did the postman bring?

    Managed to track down a new Astro Physics Barcon at APM - for high mag WL solar
  3. Excellent stuff - thanks Stu and John. Menorca trip coming up in July.
  4. Highburymark

    Proms + poss new AR 12-6-18

    Great shots and early heads up Charl.
  5. Highburymark

    Solar Scope purchasing Advice

    Well done and congrats - the benefits of buying at solar minimum means views can only get better......
  6. Highburymark

    Celestron C6 - Optical alignment

    This is an interesting post for me as I once had a C6 which appeared to be well collimated but I was never really happy with the views. It did suggest there is greater variability in SCT optics than those of refractors, and contributed to my current all-frac set up. Would be interested to hear how you progress.
  7. Highburymark

    Pentax XF vs seben super zoom

    Really? If so, that's annoying - and the UK hasn't even left the EU yet.....
  8. Highburymark

    Show us your travel kit

    So nice to have Quark option. Opportunity for 24/7 holiday astronomy instead of the paltry normal 8 hours
  9. Highburymark

    Show us your travel kit

    Oh - got that completely wrong! Very nice looking scopes though and perfect for travel
  10. Highburymark

    AZ5 - how is it bedding in?

    Another minor bugbear - it chews up dovetails for breakfast. Or at least leaves them with scores of tiny pits. Depending on whether you're a glass half full type of person, that can also be seen as a positive - it's a useful way to record how many times you've had each scope out at the end of the year
  11. Highburymark

    Show us your travel kit

    JG777/Gavin, Is your scope the 4" or the 90mm TS Photoline? And how easy is it to package up in cabin bags? Very nice looking telescope.
  12. Yep - hardly worth setting up the equipment today. Ha or WL. Horrible seeing in London.
  13. Highburymark

    AZ5 - how is it bedding in?

    I really like the AZ5. I use it for solar ha, where slo-mo controls allow easy movement of the Sun's disc around the fov to benefit from 'sweet spots'. And it's a fairly heavy load - Lunt LS60 with double stack filter and binoviewer. Agree with Peter's point though about the awkward position of the AZ control.
  14. Highburymark

    Pentax XF vs seben super zoom

    Following my last post, have just seen the XF zoom for £295 at the Widescreen Centre and over £100 less at Wex and a couple of other retailers. For that price it's a steal
  15. Highburymark

    Pentax XF vs seben super zoom

    Have heard good things about the Seben for the very affordable price, but the Pentax is in a class of its own for solar ha and white light. Transmission, sharpness, ergonomics, range of magnification.... all class leading. If you want to get the best out of your solar set up, then unquestionably the XF is the right choice. But shop around - try some of the camera shops. No need to pay top price.

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