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  1. Just on a practical level the Mak will require extremely good seeing to give satisfying views, I reckon Martin. Particularly when activity is limited like now. I used Baader solar film with a 105mm Mak when I started out, but got far more use out of a 1.25” wedge and ED80 that I moved onto later.
  2. It would be ideal Alan. I used to own a pair of William Optics too, again more expensive than the OVL, and the OVL branded pair are just as good. Though don’t come with their own eyepieces.
  3. Great discussion with David Nagler yesterday about night vision and TV’s market strategy. Though clearly he didn’t trust Peter or me not to swipe the Apollo 11 eyepiece for this photo - note arm carefully protecting eyepiece
  4. Thanks for the heads up today. Definitely feels like activity is very gradually increasing. Suspect we’ll have to wait until next year before the new cycle kicks in.
  5. Passable Gavin, passable. I’ll give you a few tips on how to improve your technique on Saturday at Astrofest.
  6. I don’t think it makes much difference to the view. You need a B600 if you want to use a binoviewer or image - and it’s easier to sell the scope with a B600 blocking filter. Otherwise a B400 is fine.
  7. Just picked up a pair of Zeiss Terra 8x25. Fits in work case and great for watching the ring necked parakeets which have taken over London. Very happy with the views - very crisp and clear for such a tiny binocular. Fine control of CA. Comfortable, great eye relief, nice focus, small and light. Pretty much perfect, in fact. But I’m amazed that it comes with no end caps. No rain guard. Not probably big news to those on the forum who are familiar with these compact bins - but I can’t work out why they wouldn’t include some protection for the glass. Not an issue of Brexit-scale importance perhaps, but slightly baffling.
  8. The main benefit of moving up to an LS60 from an LS50 (most of my experience is with double stacked scopes) is the ability to resolve finer detail, and keep views sharp at higher magnifications. Although an aperture jump of 10mm doesn’t sound much, it allows you to take proms up to about 70x in good seeing, whereas 50x was about maximum with the LS50.
  9. To follow on from my last post, Astroshop is still selling new tilt tuned LS60s for £1370. If you can stretch to that, a very good deal.
  10. Thanks for that comprehensive write up Vin. I think that eyepiece preference for binoviewing can be even more personal than single EP viewing. But I don’t think you can get much better than the eyepieces you’ve been testing. I love the 18.2 Delites too, along with pairs of TV Plossls and Fujiyama orthos. Haven’t tried any of the Zeiss microscope eyepieces yet - but SGL member Stu swears by them. Sounds like you may have picked up a bargain there.
  11. Hi Tico. I think it’s a 2011 scope - so coming up to 9 years old. The price depends on a number of factors. Is it pressure tuned or tilt tuned? What size blocking filter does it come with? B600 or B1200? And does it have the standard Crayford focuser, or a Feathertouch? If buying new, a pressure tuned, B1200, Feathertouch version will cost more than 1000 euros more than a tilt, B600, model with the basic focuser. 1200 euros sounds like a lot for a 9 year old Lunt 60, but if it’s well looked after, has the more expensive features, and most importantly, delivers great views, then it may be a good choice. As a possible option, Astroshop (retailer in Germany) has been selling off its tilt tuned LS60s at reduced prices recently. You might be able to pick up a brand new LS60 there for only a couple of hundred euros more.
  12. Think I’d be terrified to use it. Would have nightmares about the first pollen grain appearing on the objective. Or even worse, speck of dust inside.
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