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  1. I'm with John on this. Flats for each filter used after each session and I'm in an observatory. I generally just use the last focus position of the last filter to take all the flats, and this seems to work OK. I guess you could take an average for each of the images for each of the filters and take the flats at that, but that is indeed faff - capital F! And no, the slight tweaks in focus position won't matter
  2. Got everything packed away ready for heading off to Kelling on Saturday - which meant that the skies immediately cleared for me!! >sigh<
  3. A colleague at Bedford AS is now no longer able to attend Kelling. Pitch is T374 on the Red Field, 26th to 30th Sept. Cost is £58 for the pitch. If interested, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him Thanks
  4. I have two of these - one in the obsy and one for the field, they are rock solid!
  5. Thanks all - Imaging through both at the same time is perhaps a longer term plan - it was around the convenience of having the choice of scope and having them already mounted.....
  6. So, my Esprit 100 sits very nicely on my AZ-EQ6 and I am toying with the plan of dual-mounting with my ED72 - it will make it easier switching the camera between them, certainly. Assuming I get solid mountings for the dual bars, and a good balance - is there anything else I should worry about? Cheers!
  7. Fast service, turned around my bino's in just a couple of days - at a very reasonable cost too! http://binocular-repair.co.uk/
  8. I can feel my credit card trembling already....!!! Wishing FLO every success in the next chapter of her story!!
  9. So, the run of clear nights has not been the success I was hoping it would be.... The system halted at around 12:30/12:40 every time - failing to plate solve seemed to be the main cause of the issue - but I couldn't work out why. [System comprises MaximDL for guiding, acquisition controlled by CCD Commander which also monitors the weather conditions with my AAG. Taking a break from SGP as CCD Commander has (at this moment) slightly better handling of weather conditions that SGP - I suspect that will change in future, but anyway....] So, Sunday night, I stayed up and baby-sat the rig - I was doing some playing with other stuff, so not a wasted evening at all - got to look through my new ES68 EPs in my ED72 - which was very nice!! Anyway, we get to the appointed time when the failure occurs, and I can hear repeated "Slewing to target" alerts from EQMOD as it struggles to get in the right position and plate-solve. I dash in the observatory and realisation dawns on me!! I was test-imaging M81/M82 and had completely forgotten that as they drop down to the bottom of the orbit around Polaris, they are obscured by some tall-ish trees a short-distance away from us... Of course, they have grown a bit over the year, making the problem even worse!! No wonder I couldn't get a plate-solve from it!! So, made a cup of tea, did a bit more observing through the 72 for an hour or so, until we had cleared the trees and off we went again!! What a dunce I am!
  10. It's very straight forward - Ill do you some screen shots!
  11. Alan In the ASCOM profile editor, you can rename the Camera 1 and Camera 2 to something more meaningful! Once you know which is which of course!
  12. Just found this thread! Bookmarked for downloading and playing with!
  13. I've got Good(ish) to Good on Friday night, Good(ish) on Saturday but potential to go Good, Cracking on Sunday, Good early hours of Monday but if it goes Good before midnight, it could upgrade to Cracking! Will indeed be interesting to see if that's what happens!!!
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