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  1. Hi Jonjo Unless the reflector has been design for astro-photography, you will struggle to achieve focus with the DSLR. The focal plane it too far out, and you need to either move the mirror, or move the focal plane further in - usually by changing the focuser... People do make these changes, don't get me wrong, but it's not for the beginner, imho! Reflectors will also need regular collimation - more important with the astro-photography ones because they tend to be faster ( < f5) Darknight makes a great suggestion - the ED80 will be a great introduction, and will ease you into the complexities of astro-imaging! FLO do a ED80 + HEQ5 Pro package for just over £1,200, you just need to add the appropriate adapter for your DSLR and the matched 0.85 reducer. This brings the scope down to f/6.3 - and you can eyepiece so you can do some visual as well!!
  2. +1 for SGP I also have ANSVR as a stand-by (the local server) for those blind solve cases! Kayron has a great tutorial for determining the index's needed for it -
  3. I did have to dust off cobwebs - scope, obsy, brain.... ! @steppenwolf - it was getting on for 11pm I think, I did make sure it had cleared the back fence... just!! @ollypenrice - yes, I've seen various images on t'web - looking forward to it! @Grant - cheers bud!! Forecast is good for tonight, tomorrow and Friday! Obviously, the weather apps are broken!!!
  4. Finally got a break in the clouds! Constant cloud cover for last few weeks!! Hopefully the start of a mini-project - forecast shows potential to grab some more data, some O3 and colour hopefully! Just a quick process.. 16 x 900 Baader 7nm Ha AtikOne 6.0 + Atik GP Guider Skywatcher Esprit 100ED Skywatcher AZ-EQ6GT Acuired in SGPro, processed (calibrated, stacked, cropped, ABE, stretch) in PI
  5. Probably amp glow.... I'm not a DSLR imager, but would think flats would solve it...
  6. My wife calls it Gandalf.... Its on my to do list - assuming the clouds ever do go away....
  7. Yeah, but hours and hours staring at dull grey nothingness is no fun!!! Now, if it was clouds like in your picture - YES PLEASE!! @Demonperformer - true! We need a 'I fully understand and appreciate your frustration' button!
  8. Think its been about 3 weeks solid cloud cover!! This week looks like another wash-out - except Wed, possibly - but then I'm away with work of course!! Grrrrrr....... I think the 30 Sec Exposure challenge might be just that - a challenge!!!
  9. You'll love the focuser! Had one on my RC and it was superb!
  10. $99 vs $499 Although you don't get the same functionality in SGP, but you need to buy the Pro DL to get the CCD Imaging!
  11. Sequence Generator does all that, plus plate solving, as well as having tools like the framing and mosaic wizard (extra charge, but WORTH IT!), flats wizards, etc. I can't comment on APT/Nebulosity but SGP is great utility. Deep Sky Stacker is probably the most popular free utility to stack the images to a TIFF. Would recommend this guide : (Shameless plug for Dave Eagle on here!!! )
  12. Will this be incorporated into the main EQMOD project? If not, your code will simply be overwritten when a user updates to a newer release...
  13. Continuing my automation project, I have completed the relay box that will power everything. It consists of a Velleman VM110N USB Interface card and a Vellemen VM129 8 Channel relay card. The USB Card has 8 digital outputs and connects to the inputs to the relay card. There is a power supply (12v AC) for the card, and then the relays are grouped as follows: Relays 1-5 will be for the AAG CloudWatcher and low voltage red and white lighting Relay 6 is for the mount hub pro on the pier Relay 7 is for the roof power Relay 8 will be the control for an automated flats device (see recent S@N project, by one Steve Richards ) The USB card will connect to the PC, and I am in the process of writing the ASCOM switch driver for it - but it's pretty straightforward, as the VM110N comes with the necessary DLL file! Next part of the project is to properly install the power and USB cable to the mount, locate the mount hub pro in its final position and make the new wiring loom... I'll do a fuller write up in due course...
  14. I would read this before deciding if you don't need darks.
  15. Themos on here has developed a utility (PPA I think) that does support the Canon camera... Thread with more info -