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  1. daz

    Software for mount exercises...

    It was an ASA mount but have no idea what the software was! Sorry!
  2. I love my Esprit 100 - nice choice of scope and target Gav!! Bring it to SGL and we can start our own little club
  3. @JAO - The Sky6 talks to the EQ6 via ASCOM. You need to replace a dll file but it's a simple operation. I can send you the details and file if needed...
  4. As bobro says, the flight is too bright in the centre and too dark at the edges. Also, you'll need to take flats for EACH filter - not just use the L filter for all flats. The ring you can see at the bottom of that flat frame is a dust bunnie - exactly what you are supposed to see in the flat. It will help eliminate vignetting, dust bunnies and other illumination artefacts.
  5. daz

    Lunar X and V - but which one?

    Great shots amigo!!
  6. daz

    Autoguiding system

    Those drives are ST4 only (I *think*) so you'll need to make sure your chosen solution can output ST4
  7. daz

    Power Cable

    Yes, that will be fine - just make sure the power tank has the correct polarity for your mount - i.e. is the tip positive or negative? MOST are tip-positive, but check!
  8. Keen to get my grubby paws on one as well!!
  9. daz

    James Webb

    Of course, the danger is that Congress will not agree any more money above the $8bn, in which case then what happens? I know POTUS has declared support for NASA's programme for human expansion, but I think it could still be stopped by Congress... I agree on the right first time principle though...
  10. daz

    Astronomy Club Shop Ideas

    I would stay away from clothing because as Peter says, you'll end with stock you can't sell, or they will be made to order in which case very expensive! We have tried several times with our society... If you don't mind cash being tied up with stock, then mugs and beanies are OK - you might want to canvas opinion though to see if members want to buy them. Also consider the turn over of members - once a member has a mug, how often will they buy another one? Most mug printers will have a minimum order qty, so again, you'll have cash tied up in the stock... And you'll need a mechanism to i) bank the money and ii) report it to the members at the AGM and iii) somewhere to keep the stock. If this is someone's house, does their house insurance cover any loss? All sounds a bit OTT, but it needs thinking about...
  11. daz

    SP2018 - Topics for talks

    Thanks Steve!
  12. daz

    SP2018 - Topics for talks

    Hi all As we did last year, we're hoping to spread out the talks/workshops to cover Saturday and Sunday morning as well, but we'd like to understand what you'd like to get from this year! We're aiming to get 3 talks in on the Saturday afternoon and 2 on the Sunday morning - each one approx 1hr in duration. So, over to you....
  13. daz

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    We've booked the clear skies, and the Icelandic volcano eruption the week before
  14. daz

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    @steppenwolf - typical indeed!!
  15. daz

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Well, back home and defrosted!! Great to see Grant, MikeP, Steppenwolf, Velvet, Astrognome (who I think is still there!) , Davey-T, Stephen Green and AdeKing. Meet-ups are always fun, but blimey, that was chilly!! Still, can now claim to have camped in all weathers and survived!!

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