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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Well, back home and defrosted!! Great to see Grant, MikeP, Steppenwolf, Velvet, Astrognome (who I think is still there!) , Davey-T, Stephen Green and AdeKing. Meet-ups are always fun, but blimey, that was chilly!! Still, can now claim to have camped in all weathers and survived!!
  2. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    This will be fun!! 😀
  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    The weather is improving..... 😁
  4. You could also try using POTH and connecting ASPS to that.
  5. Orion Nebula Ha Reprocess

    Perhaps a blend of both - the 2nd for the outer structures, 1st one for the inner nebula But both are cracking!!
  6. The Monkey Head Nebula in Hubble Palette

    That is just stonking! I showed this to a number of people at work - and they all instantly spotted the monkey! Superb image - as usual!!
  7. EQ8 first light

    Depends on what else you have hanging on it? Also, check that it is regulated - i.e. it delivers a constant voltage. The bench supply that Sara alluded to is a regulated 13.8v. Having spent so much on the mount, don't skimp on the power supply! So many issues can be caused by poor power supplies....
  8. NEQ6 does it automatically track?

    Yes, by default it will move at sidereal rate
  9. Hi Do you know the flange focal distances that the EOS adapter supports?
  10. Hello Again

    Welcome back!! Let me give you a round-up..... It's been cloudy!
  11. Flats before Lights?

    Or the camera orientation!
  12. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Me! Me!! Me!!! Can we go yet???
  13. Astrofest 2018

    I'll be going on Saturday, but won't be attending the talks. I think the number of dealers has dropped off because of the high costs and logistics of getting in and out of central london. I look nothing like my current avatar!!
  14. Might not be it, but worth a look I think Paul
  15. There is another issue that might be affecting it.... I need to find the thread/link that highlights it. Here you go... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/604521-explaining-why-win-10-security-update-kb4056892-breaks-ascom-drivers/