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  1. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Here are some of mine.... (Sorry Mark Skelton!!! )
  2. Dusty Sol

    Ophelia has given the sun a natural filter! A very eerie effect!! Now (13:45) warm sunshine and a good blustery wind!
  3. Help Wanted

    What days are you there? I should be able to find time to help out...
  4. SGL Starparty Scopes?

    As I only have the one, that's what's coming! Esprit ED100, AZ-EQ6, AtikOne I need to finish some L data for Andromeda I started at Kelling, so would like to finish that, and then NGC 891 (for a friend) and then possibly M33. So that's the first couple of nights....

    Sunday Lunch at the Cafe, Michael
  6. Auto focus

    Sorry for the delay... work! Not sure I know which value you mean... I'll take a screen shot of mine and post up, but apart from the number of steps and step-size, I'm pretty sure the rest is at default.
  7. No, that would be fine - as long as you don't move any of the components. Yes! The whole point of flats is to remove optical defects - vignetting, dust bunnies, etc. If you move part of the optical train, those defects will no longer match the position of where they occur in the light frames. If you try and process the light frames with flats taken in a different position, you'll end up with the original problems PLUS new introduced by the calibration process. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi all Well, not long now until we all head off - hopefully you are all getting your kit sorted and checked over, planning your observing/imaging targets and generally getting ready for a great weekend! This is the last reminder to get your food tickets - we'll need to give the number in to organise the curry, hog and Sunday roasts - don't leave it too late! And if you haven't yet got your pitch, we do still have availability - it would be great to see you if you can make it! The SGLSP Website has been updated with some itinerary information as well as some important medical information relating to the walk-in centre at Hereford - please do go check it out! We are busy nailing the last few details (welcome packs, printing tickets, talk timings, etc.) but we're very nearly ready!! CAN WE GO YET?????? SGLSP WEBSITE
  9. Moving to EQMOD

    Yes is the answer. You set the scale in PHD2 and then enable it in SGPro
  10. You can go up to 5m on a normal USB cable, longer than that and you'll need an Active USB Extension cable And if you do get one, get a quality branded one - not a flea-bay special!
  11. I have the same arrangement for my automated focusing - albeit the 1.25" version. I find my 1.25" Baaders are just a few microns different and I take care of that by using carefully measured offsets. So, I focus on the clear filter, then SGPro applies the necessary offset for me when I change filter.
  12. Auto focus

    Here you go: http://www.mainsequencesoftware.com/Content/SGPHelp/SequenceGeneratorPro.html?UnderstandingAutoFocus.html
  13. Auto focus

    The shape needs to be much more V-like. SGP calculates the focus point from the slopes of the V. You need to set up the step size correctly - 30 sounds too small to me. Mine is 120 I think - but I am running a SharpStar stepper motor. The help file has a very article on measuring and setting up the step size parameter - only takes a few minutes
  14. Over 5m and you will need an active extension lead. go for quality - Lindy or Startech - not a fleabay special!
  15. Astro related retirement present.

    How about a nice set of bino's - 10x50s or 15x70s, something in that region?