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  1. That's very nice Steve! Those clouds below Horsey are wonderful!
  2. Hi Sara I have the GP (mono) with my AtikOne package as an OAG and it works just fine with PHD2 and SGP. Drivers are up to date - and maintained well by Atik. As the saying goes.... does what it says on the tin!
  3. Now that's a report!! I was almost there with you mate!!! Sounds like a great weekend was had!
  4. NGC281 from Kelling

    You can't beat a $'s worth of data Sheila!!
  5. New puppy naming challenge

    I remember picking ours at that age! Lyra is a brown/black Cocker - mad as a March hare - but lovely... She is currently (10:22pm) on my bed, waiting for me to get in so she can have her good-night cuddle!! Who says she has me wrapped around her paw..???
  6. Tor's Helmet NGC2359

    oooo like that a lot!!
  7. Did I reply to this question on FB?? Or am I going slightly woo-woo ... a possibility, I assure you!!
  8. You don't. The model is held by EQMOD. You need to click the little Delete icon next to the counter of sync points on the main EQMOD screen. If Maxim is set to use EQMOD (ASCOM) as the driver, then both Maxim and TheSky6 will be looking at the same model...
  9. SGL2017 Picture thread

    There are some awesome pictures here! And that video is excellent @PhotoGav!!
  10. My thanks...

    I must reciprocate thanks to @Grant - he has done heaps of work in the background with the bookings and with the camping site - and of course to everyone who gave a talk or workshop, or helped out other members on a 1:1 basis! Sacrifices and prayers to the cloud gods have started in earnest already!!!
  11. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Here are some of mine.... (Sorry Mark Skelton!!! )
  12. Dusty Sol

    Ophelia has given the sun a natural filter! A very eerie effect!! Now (13:45) warm sunshine and a good blustery wind!
  13. Help Wanted

    What days are you there? I should be able to find time to help out...
  14. SGL Starparty Scopes?

    As I only have the one, that's what's coming! Esprit ED100, AZ-EQ6, AtikOne I need to finish some L data for Andromeda I started at Kelling, so would like to finish that, and then NGC 891 (for a friend) and then possibly M33. So that's the first couple of nights....

    Sunday Lunch at the Cafe, Michael