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  1. I would read this before deciding if you don't need darks.
  2. Themos on here has developed a utility (PPA I think) that does support the Canon camera... Thread with more info -
  3. Perhaps a discussion to be had, tho!
  4. Just the ED80 0.85 reducer nosepiece remaining
  5. After a bit of a false start, I finally got a real first-light test image on 7th April, with my new Esprit - the false start was one of those annoying 1D 10 T errors!!! Anyway, 21 subs managed before the clouds stopped playtime. I think I need to re-shoot the calibration library - so as the clouds look like they're here for a few days, seems like an opportune time! And of course, I need to re-read Warren's Inside PI book. Again! T: Skywatcher Esprit ED100 M: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 C: AtikOne 6.0 G: Atik GP, 2 seconds E: 21 x 600s S: Acquisition in SGPro, Guiding in PHD2, Processing in PI
  6. Welcome back Warthog! There *might* be one or two other people on here now, but really, we're the same friendly bunch!!
  7. Hi Sean - sorry for the delay in replying! It is, yes.
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. Having got my new Esprit finally up and running in time for nearly-full Moon, it seemed a shame not to have a go at imaging it! Its been a long time since I did any lunar work (get the excuses in early, I say!). I think the focus was a whisker out on the camera, so had to push a bit harder - but it looks OK from a distance if you squint! 100 frames, 600D, Esprit 100D. Pre-processed in PIPP, Stacked in AS!2, Focus Magic filter in CS5, tweaking of the levels...
  10. Gorgeous set!
  11. I think Alex means that this is a PC permissions issue and fundamentally nothing to do with Stellarium!
  12. Hi gang Despite using and loving SGPro, it doesn't (yet?!) have all the features for my intended obsy automation project - so I am again working through Maxim! The ultimate aim is that I will use CCD Commander to orchestrate everything, with Maxim being the engine for guiding and acquisition. CCD Commander will monitor the environment via my AAG Cloudwatcher, and will ultimately decide when to open and/or close the obsy roof.... On the scope I have an Atik One 6.0, with an Atik GP as the guide camera via an OAG, the latest drivers are installed and work perfectly with SGPro and PHD2. Maxim, however, does not want to play! When I calibrate the guider, the first two readings I get for the star position are exactly the same - it draws the L-shape as expected, but only with 4 points, not the 5. When I try and guide, the X-axis reports an ever increasing amount of error, before the guide star disappears off the tracking box. If I then stop the tracking and do a new exposure, the guide star is pretty much exactly where it was originally! The really odd thing is that the scope is moving when Maxim does the calibration steps - I can see this in both EQASCOM and the Telescope tab in Maxim - it's just that Maxim thinks it hasn't! I can move the mount manually in Maxim via the MOVE buttons, so I know everything is communicating as expected! I am begining to suspect that Maxim just doesn't like the ASCOM driver for the GP - but I'd be interested in any other thoughts! It's Maxim 5.15 btw... Thanks!
  13. @Scosmico - yes, it will do that exactly that! PM on its way! @Saganite - Many thanks! PM on its way! @Knighty2112 - Many thanks. PM on its way!
  14. Following the sale of my RC and ED80, I am down to a single rig again and my automation project means there are a few items that are now surplus to requirements: 1. Home-made power and switch box. This has 6 switched XLR-type outputs (2 banks of 3), with a separate XLR-type input for each. Each connection has its own fuse; 7 Neutrik USB 2 output ports with a corresponding USB input port - fed from a 7 port USB2 StarTech 12v hub (inside the box!). The switches are illuminated red. This is difficult to price, as the hub is over £70 on its own and the Neutrik D-Types average a fiver! So I think £65 is probably fair. It comes with a single cable for input power. P+P will be an additional £5 to UK. ** WITHDRAWN ** 2. HiTech Astro AZ-EQ6 EQDIR Adapter (comes with drivers!) - £15 ** SOLD ** 3. FLO ED80 Reducer Nosepiece Adapter - £15 4. Celestron Ultima 2x 1.25" Barlow, boxed & capped - £20 ** SOLD** 5. T-Thread 2" nosepiece adapter (tidy condition) - £10 ** SOLD ** 6. T-Thread 2" nosepiece adapter (pre-loved condition!) - £7 ** SOLD ** 7. Hubble Artificial Star (see never used! - £15 ** SOLD ** 8. Neumann 220mm Aurora Flat Panel, including power unit (please note, the power unit has had the 2nd switch that allows the light flash disconnected) - £ 90 ** SOLD ** 9. Logitech Rumble Pad - £10 ** SOLD ** Paypal (+3% or friend/family) or bank transfer. Apart from the power box, all items include p+p to UK. I'll leave these here for a few days before listing elsewhere. Thanks for looking!