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  1. Absolutely right Fieldsy!! Make sure you have software and drivers on a backup HDD, spare cables, etc. KNOW you gear and don't use anything you haven't practiced with before. Set it all up before you go, and take pictures of where you run wires and place things...
  2. I use TheSky6 connected to my EQ6 - you still need EQMOD but it works perfectly.
  3. Hi all I bought the scope and mount with a view to getting back into planetary/lunar imaging, but plans change!! So, up for sale is my Skywatcher EQ3 Pro GoTo Mount and a Bresser 102L Refractor. The mount has the same motors and controller used in it's sibling HEQ5 and EQ6 mounts, and works perfectly with the Lynx FTDI cable. The scope was new in September, has only been used once by me, and once by the original owner! It is in excellent condition and there are no marks on the optics. The mount comes with everything you would expect: Handset Handset serial cable 2 x Counter-weights Upgraded 1.75" tripod Mains power supply Slo-Mo controls Illuminated Polar Scope The scope comes with Finder Two extension adapters 2 x Basic 1.25" eyepieces Both caps Phone Camera adapter original boxes Please note there is no diagonal (I managed to break it ) Full details of the scope are here: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-102l-1000-refractor-ota.html Full details of the mount are here (although mine does not have the new green livery): https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq3-pro-synscan-goto.html Pictures of them can be found at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jh4uWFEPRavnmHYs5 - I am happy to take more, provide video's of operation, etc. Pricing £415 as a package, excluding delivery £280 Mount only, excluding delivery £150 Scope only, excluding delivery Payment by bank transfer preferred, but Paylpal accepted if you cover the fees As stated I have the original packing boxes for the scope, and will be able to securely pack the mount and tripod - but at your risk of course. Full packaging photo's will be provided. Happy to arrange collection, or a meeting half-way. I also travel frequently to Lincolnshire and Dorset.. Feel free to ask questions!
  4. Hi Radek Many thanks for your reply - it turns out I am an idiot!! Although I was spelling the name of my SSID correctly, I was ignoring capitalisation! As soon as I corrected that and rebooted, I can now again connect to my AB Server! Yay!!! So, onwards to retry the VAP!! Thanks!!
  5. Whoops - sorry Benny, this has gone!
  6. So, I WAS able to connect my astroberry server to my WLAN and remote onto it via the browser.... (note, was!!) I decided tonight to try and get the VAP working so I could connect in the field, and this is where it all went wrong!! I was not able to connect to the RPi at all using the 'astroberry' VAP, although my Ubuntu client 'seemed' to connect and receive an IP address. No matter what I tried (browser, VNC) I could not connect. So, I went back to my WLAN to try and figure things out, and now it won't connect to the WLAN at all... I've tried a static IP address, but that didn't work and now I get a "No DHCPOFFERS received" message when I restart the wlan0 interface! I can only access by plugging into the device with screen/keyboard/mouse, I can't remote to it at all... The wpa_supplicant file shows the network correctly, and I have even deleted the entry and redone the wlanconf but still no joy! Aaarrggh!! Hopefully @RadekK spots this but anyone shed any light in the meantime? I'd like to get back to it working on the WLAN before I try the VAP again!! Ta...
  7. What's the definition of 'not working' ?
  8. Where did you get the cases from? Looks good!
  9. I have installed the Astroberry server onto a Pi, and although not actually connected it to anything, it has all the functionality to do the mount.... There is a (huge) thread on the INDI web site regarding Astroberry
  10. There's no right or wrong way - whatever works for you!
  11. Thanks Tony! Replied to PM
  12. WO66 now sold, open to offers on the remaining bits!
  13. Hi Tony If you can make use of it, it's yours FOC PM your address and I'll get it out to you The Reducer adapter is still available Cheers
  14. Replied to your PM Steve, thanks!
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