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  1. I think wxsatuser means you need to run a separate green/yellow earthing wire from the main earthing block (in the distribution board in your house) to the pier itself. This is separate and different to the earthing cable in the armoured cable that you'll install. And again, I think this is because you are using a metal pier and have attached your sockets to the pier. This separate cable should be 10mm in diameter. Of course, you should check with a qualified electrician to confirm!
  2. Yep, that would be that then!! :D
  3. You know what..... this could well be a complete brain meltdown on my part... Yes, that is locked to the RIGHT - and it should indeed be locked to the LEFT!! /Daz is off to hide in embarrassment
  4. So, I have now mounted my ED72 and ED100 on the EQ6, but I have now noticed that the RA axis moves - quite easily! The axis is locked - properly locked - but I can quite easily move the scope around. DEC appears to be fine. It's been some time since I have had a SBS arrangement, but I don't remember this before. Am I missing/forgetting something??
  5. This is really exciting! I was helping the guys out at IAS and to get a close up of the kit was great! It looks amazing!
  6. Yikes! That IS nice!!
  7. Hi all We've seen an increase in members using the Profile message comments in order to contact another member, and while it may be obvious to some, I thought I would just point out the difference here..... Private (Direct) Message - As it's name suggests, this is a private message between you and the other party. No-one else can see this message Profile Message - This is displayed on the right hand side of the main index, and is visible to all. We're not saying that you should use one over the other - it's your choice - but not everyone has the Profile notification setting switched on, but most will have the PM notification switched on, Just be aware of posting things like contact details when using the Profile Message! If you're happy using this, no problem at all. Just wanted everyone to be clear on the two... Clear skies!
  8. I assume it means RA Dave as I had RA Only set in the global options... but it's only an assumption at this point!
  9. Like those! The b/w one is nice with the graveyard in the foreground!
  10. Hi boys and girls Setting up my SA under a RPi3+ in EKOS using PHD2 as the guider and running into difficulties in getting it calibrated. I have set it to RA guide only in the Global options, and set DEC orthogonal to RA - which I believe is the correct thing. I have the mount set to On Camera and I did a polar alignment with my Polemaster. I am using a ZWO120mini on a ZWO Guider - and I have set the correct f/l and pixel size in PHD, but when I run the calibration it fails on the Backlash Correction steps with an error saying it has not moved far enough. The E/W movements are fine and it reaches the 25 pixels no problem, just this last bit falls over! Am I missing something obvious here, if not, any insights on what I'm doing wrong! Thanks
  11. Responded to your PM Mike, I'll look and advise when I get home later.
  12. Mike What are you like in hunting down drivers for things? I have an old Phillips SPC webcam that you would be most welcome to try, but it might be a challenge to hunt down drivers for Windows 8.... if you're happy to give it a go, drop me a PM with your address and I'll send it off to you!
  13. daz


    Nice picture Mick, but I will sit in the firmly disagree camp I have Baaders NB and LRGBs and find they work just great! What I don't have is time and clear skies :D
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