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  1. daz

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    I come late to the party - as usual!! A couple from me... Busy weekend for some people.... (Sorry Mark ) The kids beat their teachers in the awesome SGL AstroQuiz! Light Pollution?? What Light Pollution??? Getting stuck into FLO!
  2. daz

    SGL 2018 Talks about to start

    Dr. Matthew Bothwell's talk due to star at 4pm in the marquee...
  3. daz

    SGL 2018 Talks about to start

    Lunator's talk on double stars is underway...
  4. Yeah will do. And yes, the length is with the dew shield retracted. I actually never tried to fit with the rings and dovetail on - but I can easily do that and check. I'll do over the weekend and take some pics...
  5. So, mine is in an observatory so I don't have that issue - however.... My case was recently stolen by some thieving scumbag so I found it fitted into one the large Duratool type cases - just! It's a lot smaller and easier to store than the proper case and made it easy to transport when I went to Kelling. P.S. the link may not be the exact case, so check the size!
  6. daz

    Sadr Region in HA at 200mm

    That is very nice!
  7. How about this Neil: http://astroshed.com/fits4win/f4w2hdudoc.htm
  8. Hi You're not the only one! If you still struggle, I can provide the program - I don't know the version I have, off the top of my head, and of course, you will need your own licence key.
  9. daz

    The Bubble Nebula in Ha

    Two very nice images Steve!! The bubble just seems to 'hang' in the surrounding gases! Like that lots!!!
  10. I think you need/want something like : https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-click-lock-2-for-celestron-meade-sct.html
  11. daz

    I'm in a difficult position!

    https://www.firstlightoptics.com/heritage/skywatcher-heritage-100p-tabletop-dobsonian.html Only a few pounds more, larger aperture than the Seben, reputable brand, reputable dealer!
  12. daz

    Do CCD cameras 'wear out' ???

    My own library will be just over 11 hours (11 exp x 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 30 mins) but I only do at -20. If OP is doing more exposures or more temp variations, I can see it easily being this long. I do schedule mine to do at nights (cloudy ones!) so as not to run the cooling too hard, though...
  13. Thanks John! I'll be in touch with them
  14. @Davey-T - my Startech USB hub @johninderby - thanks John, It could be I am missing the 'panel mount' phrasing in my searches! I have the memory of a er, um, thingy just lately!
  15. Hi all I'm looking for USB2 A-B/A-Mini-B with locking screws on the A end - the sort of thing you see on blue VGA leads, or serial port leads. I can see there are some in the US, but can't seem to find in the UK, unless I'm missing something... Plenty for USB3, but precious little for USB2.. Has anyone come across any? Cheers!

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