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  1. Elephants Trunk HaSHO

    Like that a lot!! 33 hours worth is about a whole season in the UK....
  2. That was awesome!!! OK, I am definitely going in 2024!!
  3. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    @BeerMe You can indeed book a pitch and sleep in your car - please see our dedicated web info site at http://sglsp.com/ But as Michael says, we certainly wouldn't recommend running the engine all night!
  4. Caught the eclipse from the UK

    Great catch!!! Solid $$%$%%$$$ cloud here in Beds! Grrrr....
  5. Eclipse

    We had the choice last year - new windows for the house or travel to the Eclipse..... As I am sat under 100% cloud cover in the UK, you can guess which option we chose
  6. Eclipse

    Good to have a back up plan Tony!! Looks good!!
  7. I downloaded this yesterday and works perfectly - even with no settings in, so it was a true blind solve. Rob - happy to test your image... email to daz@stargazerslounge.com if you like...
  8. My 2nd foray into WL solar with the herschel wedge.. Top 20% from 1,000 frames, stacked in AS!1, Master flat applied, sharpened and colourised in CS5.
  9. First real attempts at WL

    Thanks guys! Clouds and chores stopped play but it looks promising for tomorrow - so will try again! Camera cleaned, filter cleaned, barlow cleaned!
  10. First real attempts at WL

    Entirely possible they are! I've got the wire brush and Dettol at the ready!! Ta - post at your leisure
  11. First use in anger with the Lunt Herschel Wedge (thanks @Zakalwe ) and have a spent a morning dodging the clouds!! Blue sky all around - except over the sun, of course!! 300 frames captured with GP Acquire, 5x barlow (thanks @Stu ), ED100, Lunt Herschel Wedge and Baader Continuum filter. Stacked in AS!2 without really knowing what I was doing and a little USM in PI... Focus is off slightly I think... Something somewhere is not clean, do you guys take flats for these, or some other restorative process?
  12. I see MSS are switching their model to a fee-based upgrade model, and stopping the additional add-ons.. I guess it was inevitable, the guys put a huge amount of effort into the software, and there is some compensation in knocking off the price of add-on's purchased. It also means you could skip an update if there are features you don't need/want... Personally, I find a great piece of software that pretty much does what it says on the tin!
  13. Have been reading this with interest as I will be branching out into mosaics this year.. I read the posts on the SGP forum and followed the references to the various scripts.. the CatalogStarGenerator seems pretty useful, and if the MosaicPlanner does indeed calculate the rotation needed per panel, this would be i) useful and ii) annoying because it would mean manually adjusting the camera position... I suppose you could image the panels that don't need rotation on one night and then the others on a subsequent night....
  14. Cygnus in Ha (3x3 mosaic)

    Blimey Rob! Have you left any for the rest of us mere plebs!!??
  15. Well, I currently don't own an EP, so it will be imaging only! Thanks for your input everyone - most kind! I'll see if I can stretch the funds to include the continuum filter as well then!