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  1. Just back from a different Kelling! Still enjoyable though, and good to catch up with people - suitably distanced of course! The 'party' aspect was certainly much reduced, but of course, understandable! Fingers crossed we'll get back to a bit more normally next year.... The skies on the Tuesday night were very nice - certainly darker than at home, and a short burst on Friday was showing promise but alas it was not to be! Still deciding on WinterFest, and possibly Spring.....
  2. We're here, and so far no issues. As you come in the main drive, there is a 'Security' chap who will tell you about the Check In Kiosk! On the layby, next to the car park, there are two Check In huts and someone will check you in there. Saves you going to Reception. Toilets and showers are cleaned more often, the main doors are left open and windows are also open a small amount, so we'll see how that affects LP during the week. The site was busy with non-astronomers but they are starting to clear out now. Not been to the shop or Forge yet, so can't report on those yet. Safe travels everyone!
  3. @Tim - looking forward to catching up at a safe distance matey! If you're passing 351, say Hi!
  4. That was great - really enjoyed that! And I forgot to say - if anyone is at Kelling for the Star Party, drop by 351 on the Red field and say 'Hi' (socially distant, of course!)
  5. Also, try downloading USBDVIEW - https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html - and completely clear down the instances of your camera's and try again.
  6. Try Atik's own software - you can install as part of the Atik driver installation
  7. From memory - it has been a while since I used mine - you don't set the guide rate, at least I don't ever remember doing so (but again, it has been a while since I used mine!) The exposure time is the exposure time of the guide star. The longer this exposure, the brighter the stars will be but the risk is that your target has drifted too far. MX RA = Max RA - the maximum correction that PHD2 will send to the mount - even if the calculated time is more than 2500ms (2.5s), it will be capped to this. I came across this wile trying to remember about the guide rate... http://www.octanslab.com/2018/09/01/phd2-guiding-with-star-adventurer-mount/ Will be useful for myself too!!
  8. Hi all On 15th July, I'll do a session on Sequence Generator Pro - predominantly aimed at new users for this first session, but if you have any specific questions you'd like me to look at and cover, I'd be happy to... I'll aim to do: Overview of the interface / menu options Profiles - User and Equipment Connecting equipment Set up a basic sequence But happy to be steered by you all! I'll then aim to do a 2nd session where we can look at things like plate solving, auto-focusing, framing and mosaic wizard, multiple targets etc. - or again, whatever you you would like! Wednesday 15th July 2020 7:30 PM BST. As usual it will be recorded!
  9. Andy Smith - Andy, you are stuck at 'joining' on my screen. Are you in?
  10. That was outstanding!!! Might just have to go for the full version!
  11. Have been reading Peter's website this morning - Looking forward to this immensely! While I'm here, were going to do the Q&A a little differently tonight... We'll give you the opportunity ask your question, rather than Grant or I do it. We did it for Mark and Ian's talk on Wednesday last, and it worked quite well! So, what we're suggesting is: Ask your question in Chat as normal - so we can see who has a question If you are not able to ask it yourself, or prefer not to, put a *N at the end, and then we'll know to ask it for you We'll click a button when it's time, and then Zoom will pop up a notice saying "the host wants you to unmute" Click on that and away you go! See you all tonight!
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