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  1. I hadn't thought of that Grant! Yes, that would be much neater....! Thanks!!
  2. Hi gang I need some very small diameter 2-core black/red figure of 8 cable for my 3D printer - the sort of size that the small 40mm x 40mm x 10mm cooling fan needs. As far as I can make out, the external diameter is 1.1/1.2mm, which I think equates to a 0.2mm2 per core. No more than 1 amp rating - it is only running the small fan after all. Like this https://www.3dprinterspares.co.uk/2-pin-jst-to-2-pin-dupont-fan-extender-cable-90cm-133-p.asp but after a long length so I can make my cable to fit... I can't seem to get the right search spec into eBay or Google to find a supplier!
  3. Came across this thread while investigating exactly the issue the OP had, after ABE. Turns out the rear element on my flattener has come loose and had clearly shifted between taking the lights and flats! The flattener is now off for fixing, but wanted to give a shout to @Oddsocks and for a 3 year old thread!!
  4. Wow, that's lovely Peter! I like the IC2574 (swirly galaxy, left of the blue star, to the left of M81) - but there's lots to look at in there!!
  5. Thanks Mark! I'm certainly interested in contributing data for this project! Perhaps we could organise a Zoom call to go into more of the details of actually contributing?
  6. Having acquired an ADM mount for my Polestar, these are now surplus. 1. EQ6 adapter 2. Star Adventurer or photo tripod adapter. Includes a brass reducer Both have slight usage marks, but these are hidden when in use and do not affect usage... £20 either one including UK 2nd class tracked postage. Bank transfer or PayPal (+fees)
  7. This ASIair actually belongs to MikeP, I had borrowed it from him while I had a ZWO camera. Mike has now upgraded to the newer Pro version so has asked me to list it for sale. The proceeds from this sale will be going to Charity - specifically to Macmillan Cancer, which is incredibly generous of Mike! The donation will be made in the name of Mike, and of course, the purchaser. Payment will be to me, I will then make the donation and post the receipt here for all to see. In perfect working order and flashed to latest firmware. Just download the ASIair app and away
  8. Thank you both! Found this interesting discussion - https://www.aavso.org/use-baader-rgb-non-photometric-filters as well. So, at least I can start measurements and keep the kidney! Thanks again!!
  9. So, starting to take steps in to variable star measurements,... I have downloaded the AAVSO CCD guide and will be working through that to measure my systems parameters (gain, e/adu, etc) and it comes to the question of filters... The Photometric filters are expensive, but also seem to be rarer then rocking horse poop.... It seems Baader have stopped making all their Johnson -type filters and are working on a set of sloan filters, but I can't see any info on when they might be available. So, is there an alternative to the V filter I can use while I sell my remaining kidney and go
  10. T2-2" inch nosepiece adapter wanted. Thanks!
  11. So, the flattener on the Sky-watcher ED72 has a male M48 thread. My Atik One OAG has a female T2 (M42?) thread. So far so good... What I am after is an adapter that will thread on the INSIDE of the flattener (i.e. a male thread) and then a male thread on the T2 side. Why, I hear you ask... It's the old 55mm problem. The flattener has a back focus of 55mm. My Atik One CCD sits ~28mm from the front of the case, and the OAG is 24mm deep - giving 52mm. If I use the M48-T2 adapter from FLO, it adds 10mm to the train i.e. 62mm. Which I'm pretty sure will be too much. So, me and my ti
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