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Mercury Transits Sun - 2019 NOV 11

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Just had the BEST luck taking a photo!

First image through first hole in the cloud. Dave

They talked about the transit at my son’s school today. He made it home just in time to see it 

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Glimpsed Mercury on the solar disc briefly at 12.45 during a break in the clouds and the rain showers, was clouded out at the time of the ingress at 12.35, and by 13.00 it had clouded over again and started to rain.


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We've got it here in Essex, Mum, Dad and me have all taken a look and all seen it through gaps in the cloud, Mum wanted to know if I had a poppy seed stuck to the EP LOL, I'm running with Baader film solar mask over the 200P and a cover over the gap well tethered on with bungees in the wind.  I'm using the Morpheus 12.5mm and we've got exactly what I was expecting to see.😀  Quite chuffed as a long time since I last had the scope out.

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Yaay, final a gap in the clouds.
Seen it and most pleased.

Then hobbled in and shown to Mrs W,
she asked if the EP had a bit of dirt on it!  I think she was joking.

Times like this brings home why I am so enthralled by this fine hobby.

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I'm currently trying for a photo afocally through the Morpheus, however, clouds won't cooperate and it's too bright outside to see if I'm in focus through the viewscreen.

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