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  1. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Sold. Thanks Alistair
  2. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    We'll move this to PM
  3. geordie85

    Wo star 71

    Rosette nebula taken with this scope in HaRGB
  4. geordie85

    Wo star 71

  5. geordie85

    Samyang 135mm canon fit

    £300 ono
  6. geordie85

    Fitting a 2" LP filter

    Is there not any threads for it on the end of your flattener (telescope end)? I'd be weary of having a filter load bearing.
  7. geordie85

    witch head nebula disaster

    At bortle 4 you should be able to see the milky way. From the images you produce I'd imagine you've got good skies. To out it into context, my "dark site" that I travel to is bortle 4.
  8. geordie85


    Are you using APT? I found that if I leave the cooling aid window open I get this problem, even when my desired temperature has been reached.
  9. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Still available.
  10. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Still available
  11. The way I used to do it when I used DSS was register all my ha lights, select the one with the highest score (best sub), right click and set as reference frame and stack. Then for every other set of lights (O111 etc) stack them but keep the reference frame open but unticked. This will align every set of subs so all your stacks are aligned to the same reference frame.
  12. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Replied. I guess it just took a little while to come through to me.
  13. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    UK sale only. Sorry None received. Maybe the site is running slow and it hasn't come through yet.
  14. geordie85

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Sorry, uk sale only.

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