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  1. I'd definitely upgrade the camera before the scope. I think it's much more beneficial
  2. Not me tonight unfortunately. I've got to work late.
  3. Does this also affect the skywatcher star adventurer? Do you have any indication when they will be back in stock?
  4. I've just packed up too finishing 3 nights on M51. It's been a nice few evenings, just a shame tonight hasn't been as nice as last night but I'm not complaining, it's still cloud free.
  5. Thats all I needed to hear thanks. I'm off to order one now
  6. I'm thinking about getting a skywatcher star adventurer mainly for use when I go to a dark site for meteor shower imaging with me dslr and kit lens. I've heard that this mount is able to carry a small frac so my question is would it be able to handle my star 71 and dslr?
  7. Definitely the best night of the year. Hopefully tonight will be the same again. I don't remember the last time I managed to get 3 nights in a row for imaging. Fingers crossed.
  8. It's mainly trial and error to see what's best for where you are. If you cool it too quickly you can end up with frosting on the sensor window which can take a fair while to disperse.
  9. I've just packed away due to am early start tomorrow. But not before watching the ISS pass over. Beautiful sight as always. Seemed so much brighter than usual tonight
  10. That it has. I can even make out the milky way, which is an extreme rarity in my back garden.
  11. I don't know about every one else's skies tonight but mine is remarkably clear. Stars seem so much brighter, and alot more of them than I usually see from my back garden. I'm usually under bortle 4/5 but tonight is easily a 3. Hope your all enjoying tonight as much as I am. I'm gonna be tired at work tomorrow.
  12. Gimp is free StarTools is cheapish Photoshop cc is a monthly payment programme Pixinsight I've heard is very good but it's kinda expensive
  13. Do sct's need a flattener? I notice there's a couple in the classifieds I may ponder on
  14. I'm curious to know which set up would be more beneficial. I'd like to go deeper during galaxy season on the smaller targets so I'm wondering which would give better results. A small chipped camera such as the atik 414L/ asi178mm combined with my current scope (WO Star 71) or a longer focal length scope with my current ccd (atik 383L). I'll be buying a new scope or new camera but don't know which way round to go.
  15. A quick tot up of everything (that I remember) I've bought in the past 4 years from my first £30 national geographic tabletop frac to my current imaging setup comes in around £6500ish. And that's buying alot of my kit 2nd hand, but alas, there's still alot of equipment I need (want) to buy.