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  1. Thankfully everything's working as it should so far.
  2. Mine are waiting for darkness. Just hope I can get everything working tonight and not have to waste hours on things going wrong or refusing to do what they're supposed to.
  3. I hope so. I can't afford to throw more money at this hobby for it to not work
  4. Thanks for your reply. I usually power my mount with a tracer 22ah battery but it was running low last night as I'd forgot to charge it. I've just tried using mains power and it worked fine and seems to have fixed my problem. Will have to wait until Saturday night to give it a try at night as I'm working late tonight. Once again thank you
  5. So as fortune would have it the next few nights are clear and I cannot take advantage of it. I set up last night and had a Madrid of problems that I was battling with for over 4 hours. In the end I just gave up but I still have a massive problem, my mount won't goto in declination. I can move the mount north and south by pressing the buttons, both with eqmod and the handset, but when I tell it to goto it starts, I hear a chunk like metal hitting against eachother, then stops. I've tried again this morning and the same thing happens. Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?
  6. What about the qhy version? It's cheaper than both the Altair and zwo. https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/cameras/cooled-ccd/qhy-cooled-ccd-cameras/qhy183c/
  7. After you've stacked your images open your image, go to channels, select just the red layer. Now copy and paste that into a new, grey scale clipboard. Now you'll have only the ha data and none of the noise from the green and blue channels.
  8. Are you sure you're not trying to debayer your images? Even though they are mono, if you have debayer selected you'll get a tartan like image. I can't see your images as I'm on my phone. Maybe you could upload them as jpegs?
  9. You've got some beautiful star colour. What's your process? I'm struggling to get any blue in my m106 image
  10. The thing that annoys me most about this is people are now trying to sell their used gear, that's years old, for more than the new price when they bought it. I also recently saw a used neq6 for £1000 and another, on the same website, with upgrades alt az bolts for £1100. So that's a £100 increase for some used £30 bolts.
  11. I fully understand that and it is an incredible gesture. I was just asking if the rules state "no exceptions" and other adverts have been removed due to breaking the rules, why is this allowed? Either way we're getting off topic so I'll refrain from posting here again.
  12. Since your aperture isn't changing size, the light grasp remains the same. You will have a slightly larger fov though.
  13. Try doing them in the dark so you can be sure of no light leakage. Add some paper between the light panel and dew shield and have your scope pointing up so the panel rests on top.
  14. There's already alot of sound advice on here and alot of people advise for astrophotography the mount is probably most important. One thing I have learned is to decide my target first before even setting up and stick with it. Data is what were after and when I first started I'd bouce around taking about half an hour's worth of data on several different targets and just have rubbish images. Data is key, spend a whole night or two on the same target.
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