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  1. I wanted to try a very wide field image of the iris nebula and all the surrounding dust with my Canon 6d and Samyang 135mm lens. Unfortunately I missed by quite a margin due to a rushed setup after work at a "darker" site. I still ended up with a quite nice star field. Canon 6D, Samyang 135mm lens at F2. 53x 58.6 second exposures taken on 15/02/2018
  2. ngc 2264

    Very nice. I prefer the stars in the first one and nebula in the 2nd, seems less forced
  3. A Background Moon

    Is that a "super moon"? It looks bigger than usual
  4. Images. Before & after stacking.

    The book Olly has posted on amazing and so easy to follow. I found it alot easier to follow and understand than Photoshop astronomy
  5. A beautiful sight

    If it's clear I'll be aiming my camera and lens at Taurus after work.
  6. binning

    It's always nice when things work the way you want them to
  7. Finally, Clear skies.

    I keep bouncing from sitting in my warm car browsing here and standing outside freezing, looking up.
  8. How will this scope handle a full frame sensor? I doubt it'll have an imaging circle to cover it, but here's hoping.
  9. Lightroom capturing

    That's too easy for this hobby
  10. Finally, Clear skies.

    That sucks. Been raining here all day too but the clouds have lifted and I'm busy imaging
  11. Finally, Clear skies.

    I'm just making some dinner then will be heading out to my "darker" site. Haven't decided on a target for my 6d and 135mm lens yet though.
  12. What camera should I buy?

    This is actually a difficult question without knowing your equipment and goals. Are you wanting a dslr or dedicated astro camera? Ccd or cmos? One shot colour or mono? The only thing that can be answered is that you won't get a camera that will do both solar system and dso imaging as they require different specs and functionality.
  13. lens for new full frame camera?

    I'd stick with your samyang 14mm or maybe invest in a samyang 24mm f1.4
  14. Questions to ask an astronaut..?

    Did he see the turtle under our flat earth? If so, is there a sign saying "do not feed the animals"