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  1. Flip a coin and let the universe decide. Heads = RASA Tails = William optics. This is how I decide all my difficult decisions.
  2. Will be a very good buy for someone. Theres a new description on the relisted version Here is a Bresser Messier Telescope with mount There are no eye pieces at all. there is a mirror at the end of the tube, so am selling for parts and spares. This is collect only from London W14 or arrange a courier. Thank you for looking. Seems like they don't know how a reflector works.
  3. 130mm is the size of your mirror and 900mm is the focal length. With this telescope you would need an absolute minimum of an eq5 mount which some believe is still umdermounted, but I started imaging with an eq5 and 200p telescope (a bit like yours but it's 200/ 1000 so bigger). It's not ideal but still can be done with proper balancing. To connect your camera to your scope you'll need a t-ring and maybe a t-adapter. I say maybe because my 200p came with one so yours may have too (it'll already be connected to the focuser)
  4. Seems right up your street.
  5. That all depends on your camera (dslr/ ccd/ cmos etc) and your scope (newtonian/ refractor/ dslr lens/ sct etc) as the imaging train and where filters can fit will differ.
  6. A very nice, humble looking image. I like it
  7. Exposure length to bulb mode which is 1 further than 30s For noise reduction to be turned off you'll need to press the menu button on the top left hand side, just above the flip screen and go through the options till you find it. I can't tell you exactly where it is as I don't have my DSLR with me at the moment
  8. For focusing I'd advise using ISO 6400 (the highest ISO setting) and setting exposure to 30s so your focus star will be as bright as possible, making it easier to focus. Just remember to set ISO back to 800 before starting your imaging sequence. You can use either BYEOS or live view. I always found live view easier as there is a slight delay in BYEOS making it easy to go past the focus point.
  9. I do believe this is true
  10. I use gradient xterminator that is really really good at removing gradients. You can use the free trial to see how you get on with it. It will also colour balance your background aswell which may (or may not) remove the green tinge.
  11. Price drop to £80. That's the lowest I'll go. If there's no interest I'll just keep it for when I finally get a dual rig.
  12. Some pictures. I've tried extremely hard to photograph the scratch but it's just not showing up. It's on the underside very close to the edge and has zero effect on the ability of this filter.
  13. I've decided to sell my spare idas 2" p2 light pollution filter. It's just sitting in its case, not getting used and I could certainly put the money to another item that will get used. There is a minor scratch on the glass very near the edge but has no detrimental effect on its suppression abilities. I'm asking £100 posted but I'm open to sensible offers. Pics to follow as I'm at work at the moment. Just for reference, it is this one
  14. I personally prefer the first version, but then again I'm a big fan of psychedelic looking things.