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  1. As with everything, you get what you pay for
  2. Download the clear outside app. That'll tell you your bortle scale figure. I live in a bortle 6 area and just a 10 minute walk from the town centre, but on the best of nights and "dark" adapted eyes I can just about make out the milky way. I've traveled to bortle 4 sites and had no problem seeing it even without dark adapted eyes.
  3. I believe the "optimised for modded dslrs" just means that they have taken more precautions to ensure correct colour balance
  4. geordie85

    Another question about imaging Pleiades!

    I'd personally image with an even amount of RGB to get the colour balance right. If not you may end up with an uneven background.
  5. geordie85

    It's looking bleak

    Maybe next year will be better. Forecast for the peak.
  6. It's not looking good for the peak at the moment.
  7. geordie85

    It's looking bleak

    I guess I'm not holding up much hope for the Geminids meteor shower this year. Hopefully a butterfly in the amazon will flaps its wings harder than usual and clear my skies for me. Does anyone have a clear forecast at the moment?
  8. geordie85

    My new ASI294 (non-cooled)

    I'd say maybe. On one hand you wouldn't need to have the ASI modded for better ha response but on the other hand you will need an ir/ uv cut filter and a laptop.
  9. geordie85

    Hell and The Devil in Astronomy?

    Windows 10 updates and Bill Gates
  10. geordie85

    M42 1st go with QHY8L

    That was my first thought when I saw this image. Especially when you compare it to your image of m45, which is rather nice and subtle by the way
  11. geordie85

    NGC 1514 - The Crystal Ball Nebula

    A very clean image and not one that pops up too often. Well done
  12. geordie85

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    I'm out doing the same at a dark site at the moment, just slightly different. Orion at 50mm with my 600d and taurus at 135mm with my 6d
  13. geordie85

    Good live Aurora feed on facebook now

    Shame I don't have a Facebook
  14. I've heard the idas d2 can help with the new led lights but cannot confirm or dispute this as I've never owned one
  15. I use a qhy183c and image using 300 second exposures and my darks completely eliminate the amp glow. How many darks did you use? Did you use darkflats too? When did you do your darks? Is it possible you had light leakage?

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