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  1. There are no limits set. My mount randomly stops regardless of where it is aiming. It can happen after a few seconds or a few hours. My initial thought is the power connection, but I've tried mains and my tracer battery and both give the same result. I've also tried using duck tape to make sure the connector stays in.
  2. I'm having a bit of a problem with my neq6 recently. I hadn't used it for about a month or so, then had clear skies so I set up as usual and after everything was running smoothly I left it to do its thing. I checked back around 20 minutes later to find it hsf stopped tracking. Reset everything and it happened again. I've tried changing the power supply, tried changing my eqmod cable and even tried the handset but it keeps happening. I've wached the red light and it doesn't blink or go off. Has anyone encountered this problem before or have any other ideas as to why this may be happening?
  3. A massive thank you to the guys at FLO.
  4. Thanks for the update. My apologies if this seemed rude, it was not intended that way as I fully understand you guys do this as just a bit of fun and isn't a priority. I was just Checking that you received my pm.
  5. @Grant I'm just wondering if you received my pm as I notice it is still unread.
  6. Haze has stopped play. Looks to be clearing but I've packed up now and tonight was mainly to make sure my mount hasn't packed up. Have fun all those who are able to continue tonight
  7. I'm having more success than last time. I suspect my issue was to do with the power connection. Used a bit of duck tape to keep the connector in place and my mount is still running.
  8. If you'd be willing to split this then I'm interested in the eq5 mount
  9. I've got the scope out and cooling now. Gotta wait till the little one goes to bed. Just hope I don't have the same problem as last time
  10. Here is my 2 panel mosaic of orion using my QHY183C at F2. Less than an hours data altogether. Compressed for uploading here. It would be nearly 200mb otherwise I hope you like it
  11. 2 subs in I hear a big clunck again just like before and my mount has stopped tracking again. Gonna call it a night. Have fun everyone who's setup is still working.
  12. Just had a right nightmare. After 2 subs my mount stopped tracking. Had to restart stellarium scope several times, then no response in North or South. Switched power supply with no joy. Tried using just the handset and it worked fine. Changed eqmod cables and all was well again. Just hope my mount doesn't conk out again and need replacing.
  13. I've just finished setting up for the first time in I don't know how long. Took alot longer than I usually take due to forgetting bits and bobs. Attempting the wizard Nebula with my 3nm Ha filter. I'm the ever hopeful for decent data but I can't see that happening with a bright moon and my target being so low
  14. Hi I'm looking for a mount to use on dark sky trips and I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm wanting something with goto but is also relatively lightweight and easy to setup/ tear down. There's a few about on the 2nd hand market at the moment but with most costing £400+ that's a bit more than I'm wanting to spend as it will only be used rarely. Payload isn't a great concern ss it will only be used with a Samyang 135mm lens and qhy183c. I have an neq6 for my main rig, but it isn't exactly portable. I also have a star adventurer but I loose almost half my subs due to errors and even more time trying to polar align then find my target, then again polar aligning as its very easy to knock out. Would it be worth getting the star adventurer hypertuned by the likes of darkframeoptics, or should I just get another, sturdier mount with goto? All thoughts and opinions are welcomed
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