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  1. After tonight's imaging run I'm curious to know how much time others have under the stars that is "wasted"? Tonight I was all ready to go around 9:30pm and all packed up by 4am, yet I only managed to collect 9 900 second subs. This was due to a range of misfortune from guiding issues to power issues and everything in between. I'm curious to know how much "wasted" time others have on a typical nights imaging. Unfortunately this happens to me alot more often than I'd like to admit.
  2. That's definitely a win-win
  3. Maybe you can fly it high enough to see when the seemingly endless clouds end
  4. I'd get the bigger wheel and full set of filters, but then again a drone has never interested me. Plus you'll probably get more use out of it
  5. I used to take dedicated flats but now I just use 2 sets both with just a L filter. 1 set for normal and 1 set 2x2 binned.
  6. Here is some advice I gave to someone else a couple days ago regarding avi files and registax. I hope it can help you too.
  7. You'll get better results if you download a program called PIPP and another program called auto stakkert 2. You'll have to run your avi through PIPP which will center and crop each frame of your avi which makes for easier stacking. After this use auto stakkert 2 to stack your avi and save as a tiff file. Then open registax and open your stacked tiff file. You shouldn't have a problem with registax doing it this way as it will have less to do. I hope this helps.
  8. Have you managed to get any light frames yet? I'm curious to know how well this camera performs as there is an ad on ABS wanting to swap their QHY163M for an atik. I'm tempted to take them up on the offer but I don't want to end up with a worse camera with a lower re-sale value
  9. Thanks. Guess I've missed the bargain you got as it's showing just over 1k for me, still tempting though
  10. Are you in the UK? How much was the import charges/ duty?
  11. Pm sent
  12. You could always get an idas-p2-light-pollution-suppression-filter. They work wonders for light pollution. You can unscrew the very end of your focuser and there will be a thread for it to screw into.
  13. Mine went into my filter wheel when o bought them and have stayed there ever since. My CCD/ filter wheel and scope stay connected in a flight case all the time.
  14. SOLD
  15. Having only used a modded DSLR and a mono ccd I have to say the mono ccd can be abit frustrating at times due to limited time with our UK skies and having incomplete images for months on end. But once I get the image finished it's well worth it and I have a much better image to show for it.