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  1. I was seriously considering getting the horizon but that price tag is too steep for me. I'll more than likely go for the qhy since its almost £400 cheaper. Having the peace of mind from atik that it's a uk based brand if anything goes wrong is nice, but not almost £400 nice.
  2. Are you using the latest version of DSS?
  3. SOLD ** Samyang 135mm/F2.0 ** SOLD

    I'll take this if someone hasn't already snapped it up
  4. This is a very good technique for combining 2 different exposure lengths for a finished image. http://www.astropix.com/html/j_digit/laymask.html I usually start processing until the core of M42 is where I'd like it to be. Then duplicate the image and use that as the "shorter exposure stack"
  5. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Unmodded canon 600d, Iso400, 25 x 30s subs with no calibration frames under relatively dark skies.
  6. I found o111 to be not too bad, S11 was fainter still. I had to push the processing of them quite hard to get my end result.
  7. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    A quick orion taken with my 75-300 lens on a canon 600D after work
  8. what is it

    No need for apologies. We're all here to help. The Universe is full of wonderful, magical things.
  9. what is it

    More than likely just a reflection from the lens.
  10. What did you get up to imaging wise last night?

    I was at work so started later than I'd have liked. Used the night to get some o111 and s11 data to go with my Ha data I'd collected about a week or so previously other soul nebula. Here's the end result so far. Still needs more data.
  11. Quick and dirty soul. W.I.P UPDATED

    Well the forecast was completely wrong and I'm under total cloud cover tonight so just been playing with the data that I have and ended up with these 2 versions. Cant decide which I prefer.
  12. Iris with 10" Quattro

    A beautiful image. Glad you've got clear skies tonight. My forecast was clear, but that's a lie. clouds all round.
  13. Quick and dirty soul. W.I.P UPDATED

    Not really. It'll be about the same. A better view to the east but it's more enclosed altogether. I'll see how things go but will probably benefit from an extension pier for my Neq6.
  14. Quick and dirty soul. W.I.P UPDATED

    That's the plan, as long as it's clear tonight. If not it'll have to wait due to moving house at the end of the month. Thanks. I process each channel separately (nebulosity and stars together) then combine and do the finally tweaks.
  15. Quick and dirty soul. W.I.P UPDATED

    I'm sure I could pull more out of it but this was done at 4am just after I'd brought my kit inside. Just wanted to see what I'd got so far. I'll spend alot more time processing when I get the chance.