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  1. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    It doesn't matter much to me. I'm at work all night tonight.
  2. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    I would say never again but I'm sure it'll happen at some point. Same as when I left my bahtinov mask on. I've done that more than once. Here is a very quick process of the data I got last night. 27 x 300 second subs.
  3. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    I had something kind of similar last night. After the first hour of imaging I wanted to do a quick stack of the subs I had, but couldn't find where apt was saving them to. I paused the plan so I could go into apt settings and see the directory. I found where they were, opened astro art and stacked. Came back an hour later to see how things were getting on, but I hadn't clicked resume. Lost an hours worth of imaging time.
  4. I have to calibration my images with darks, flats and darkflats to fully remove the amp glow on my qhy183c.
  5. geordie85

    PHD2 saying star wont move enought?

    My first thought is calibration step. How big a step do you have it set to?
  6. geordie85

    Apt saving imagies

    If you click tools (top right) then APT settings you can choose where to save your images too. It'll also tell you where your images are currently being saved.
  7. geordie85

    ZWO ASiair

    Can't you just return it for a refund since you can't use it?
  8. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    I've got really bad dew too but thankfully I bought some decent dew straps at IAS last year. Unfortunately I've been beaten by poor power. Running my neq6 and dew straps from a skywatcher 17ah power bank has proven rather difficult to image for more than 4 hours. I need a new tracer battery.
  9. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    That's how my skies were earlier. Glad I persisted though as its clear now
  10. geordie85

    p530 long exposure photos

    As its still just a point and shoot camera, are you able to focus manually?
  11. geordie85

    Who’s out ?

    It's "clear" here but the moon and high haze are definitely apparent. Last night was the same but it did clear just before the moon set. Just set up and taking some test subs now.
  12. geordie85

    Had enough

    This is very true. Last night for me is a perfect example. I set up as I always do with all the same cables into the same ports and the same routine. But for some reason, eqmod would not connect to my mount. I tried uninstalling and re-installing. Changed the settings, deleted the INI files as suggested but nothing worked. Swapped my eqmod cables (I have 2 as it never hurts to have a spare) and hey presto, eqmod connected and away I go. Set up this afternoon to try and find the problem and the old cable connected first time without any problems. No updates have been done as I don't connect my imaging laptop to the Internet.
  13. geordie85

    M51 and M33

    Great start especially for the sky quality tonight. Maybe bring then background brightness down on m51 to the same level as your m33 image. More data is always good too
  14. geordie85

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Have you thought about one of these? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-collimation-tools/hubble-optics-5-star-artificial-star.html
  15. geordie85

    Altair hypercam 183c

    I'm pretty sure I read on CN the unity gain and offset is 11 and 76 respectfully. That's why I use that and have decent results.

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