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  1. You need to be careful that you don't clip your data. Take heed of the last post in this thread.
  2. +1 for gradient xterminator. It's cheap enough and I use it on almost every image I process. Definitely a fantastic program and well worth the money
  3. The skies here in Wiltshire weren't fantastic last night with a lot of high level haze but I was still out. A poor nights imaging is always better than a night not imaging even though I'll end up scrapping these subs and image its still good practice and fun. 1 hour in RGB using 5 min subs using my WO star 71 and Atik 383L
  4. Do you notice much difference in the guiding accuracy? I'm thinking about upgrading my guide scope but since I image with a short tube frac (star 71) I'm unsure I'll notice any improvement
  5. Pluto? I don't think it moves that fast
  6. You could try creating your own coolbox using an old PC fan. Or if your not into DIY you could just buy something like this.
  7. You could always try and save yourself some money here. I use the orion finder guider and never have trouble finding a decent guide star.
  8. I used DSS to check my fits files. That's how I found out all of my subs from an entire nights imaging were ruined due to weird black lines running through them. I always shoot using tiff now
  9. And kit. I've got everything working fine now as long as I shut down stellarium after slewing. I don't want to jinx it but tonight is going suprisingly well barring a couple of hiccups. I've never been happier that the weather forecast is wrong. Predicted cloudy all night but so far I've managed 3 hours of decent imaging time.
  10. Oh yeah it was kirkster. Apologies
  11. If you run the install wizard for Astrotortilla again there will be a point that asks you what you want to install. Astrotortilla, cygwin and index files. As you've already got them installed, you can uncheck Astrotortilla and cygwin. The next page will ask you what fov files you want to download (the index files). It's important to download the correct ones. If you need to know the degrees of you scope, camera combo you can always check one of the many FOV calculators.
  12. 'tis rather bizarre. I'll just slew with stellarium then close it before solving. Only a minor inconvenience to be fair.
  13. No, you should be using your main imaging camera. I noticed you said earlier that you can't get Astrotortilla to work at all. Have you downloaded the correct index files? My main problem when getting started was using the wrong index files. How did you initially set up? I think it's light vortex that has an amazing tutorial on setting it up. Walks you through step by step and is easy to understand. It's a very well know and widely quoted tutorial so should be easy to find. Yeah I know, I just added that into my explanation because that's what caused stellarium to shut down and me try to solve without it running. Thanks
  14. Will these fit the original star 71?
  15. Yeah I am. I know stellarium doesn't affect platesolving but in the top right there's a menu that you can put your camera details in. That's the part I mean with regards to camera settings