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  1. I'm curious to know if it is just a typo or if you actually shot your flats at ISO 100 and your lights with ISO 1600. I had a little play in Photoshop with your data (stacked and calibrated TIF) that you uploaded and I got this. As you say there is a lot of banding and red noise in the image and you have some star trailing. What are the details of your subs? Sub length, ISO etc.
  2. The Iris Nebula (NGC 7023)

    As far as I'm aware it will be a fruitless endeavour as the iris is a reflection nebula. I'd just go for plenty of data as there's a lot of dusty stuff surrounding it.
  3. C14

    This image of the double cluster C14 was taken on 19th April 2018 and consists of 101 x10 second subs at -20 with my WO star 71 and QHY183C. Taken in my back garden under bortle 6 skies with no light pollution filter. Stacked in AstroArt 6 with darks, flats and dark flats applied. Processed in Photoshop and saved as JPEG Hope you like it.
  4. Imaging camera

    Most of them are mainly guide cameras. One of the main benefits of a dedicated astro camera is set point cooling. If your budget can stretch a little more I'd go for the zoo asi 178mm cool. Though the sensor in this, and all your suggested cameras are quite small meaning you'll have a very limited FOV. You'll also need to budget for a filter wheel and a set of filters which can easily double your required budget.
  5. My guess would be laptop performance as my laptop takes around 24 seconds to download a single sub, irrelevant of exposure time which makes taking lights and calibration frames a right headache. That's using a qhy183c and USB 3. I'm trying to find a decent laptop that will perform very quickly at both downloading subs and stacking but as I'm not very technologicaly minded, I have no idea what to look for.
  6. Ready to give up.

    You don't need it to plate solve an image but if you want it to point you where you want to be then you will do. It's so much easier and you'll always be on target. I use stellarium scope with APT and Astrotortilla and it's amazing. By the time I would have done a 3 star alignment with the handset I can already be exactly on target. I did struggle to get it up and running but once I got everything sorted I haven't looked back.
  7. Canon 5DM3

  8. Can anyone tell me or link me to a set of scope rings that will hold an orion finder guider. It's the same size as a skywatcher 9x50 finder scope. Thanks
  9. Help imaging tonight

    No worries. Just remember there are no stupid questions
  10. Help imaging tonight

    I would use just RAW as that's all you want. Saving raw + large is saving the image twice (raw and jpeg) which will take up more memory.
  11. Do you have the auto stretch box ticked? Or the lock range box? I'm only using the trial version at the moment but I can adjust the histogram sliders as I please
  12. Watch them all come in
  13. NEQ6 freezing whilst slewing

    My first thought would be the power supply, then cables, then internal. You haven't overloaded one side have you? When I first fitted the synscan upgrade to my eq5 I tried slewing with weights and no scope. The thing went mental then would just stop.
  14. finally some clear nights...but??

    There's plenty to see all year round. Have a look on stellarium to see what's in the best position for you.
  15. Help help help

    How was your polar alignment? Can you upload one of your subs?