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  1. My plan this summer is to take my moonlite focuser apart and try to eliminate any tilt by having everything central. What focuser do you use David?
  2. I'm in the same boat as you. Stars on the left are basically perfect but the stars on the right are slightly elongated.
  3. Not quite. The bayonet won't fully insert I to the adapter, no matter which way round I try.
  4. What capture software are you using?
  5. Hi I've recently bought a used Canon fit geoptik adapter but I'm having some trouble with it. It seems like it's too small as I cannot get any of my Canon lenses to fit. I've tried a 50mm, a 75-300mm (both original Canon) and a Samyang 14mm lens and none of them seem to fully insert. It's definitely a Canon adapter as it has a 2" filter thread. The wired thing is my T-ring, which is slightly loose on my DSLR, will fit. Has anyone ever had or heard about this problem before?
  6. It's a shame that this is just over my astro fund
  7. Yep. I took my last imaging opportunity last night since astro darkness is disappearing and the moon is up and getting bigger now. My plan over the summer is to work out any tilt and spacing issues I have ready for astro darkness returning
  8. As long as they're SR166ZZ bearings then you should be fine
  9. I bought these when I needed replacement bearings. They work flawlessly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SR166ZZ-BEARING-STAINLESS-STEEL-CERANIC-HYBRID-ROLLER-BEARING-3-16-x3-8-x1-8-/183767445104
  10. I believe the m48 adapter is designed to give you the correct back focus so you shouldn't need any spacers. What do your stars look like at the edges of your subs?
  11. So even with all those lights, you were still getting good data by the looks of it. Would you recommend a stay there for imagi? It's got to be an improvement on my bortle 6 skies
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