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  1. Horizon tonight

  2. Yes this is true. They are very good and I've found them to be cheaper than mpb for the most part. I got a very good 600d from camerajungle for less than £200 with a shutter count less than 5000.
  3. APT, EQMOD and Stellarium, help needed

    Yes sorry, I have misunderstood you. As above, the standard starting point should be the home position (north if in the northern hemisphere) so the software will assume your scope and mount are perfectly polar aligned and pointing north.
  4. APT, EQMOD and Stellarium, help needed

    Stellarium doesn't know where it's pointing, it assumes that's where it's pointing as that is the original park position and starting point. As it's a program to control your mount I'm confused as to why you would want to release the clutches and manually move it? That would be like buying a car then pushing it everywhere.
  5. If I was you I'd get the standard kit lens. The samyang is very good but can be very tricky especially if you've got no experience with dslr's and lenses. You may find this an interesting read http://www.nightofmanywords.com/articles/kit-lens-astrophotography
  6. IDAS LP D1 and Mono CCD

    I use an idas p2 with lrgbhao11s11filters and never had an issue. The light pollution filter let's through all the same wavelengths as the narrowband filters anyways. Atleast that's what I'm led to believe
  7. Skywatcher CC

    Yes it does. At the telescope end there is a thread for 2" filters.
  8. Where would you live?

    Define "need to work". If you've won enough money to move anyway then you've won enough money to move somewhere you can start an astronomy holiday camp. Get the skies and Star gazing time you want plus earn a living doing so whilst meeting many like minded people.
  9. Imaging with WO ZS61 - Odd Result

    My guess would be field rotation as the trailing appears to be circular in motion. How good was your PA?
  10. Tracer batteries

    I'd love to be able to travel for my hobby but with a wife and child under 2 it'll be a good few years before I could travel any great distance. Once little man is older and I'm able to travel more I'll heed your advice .
  11. It seems like you've got everything sorted. My advice would be to thoroughly test it out at home. Practice polar alignment, check that swapping batteries won't affect imaging whilst taking exposures. Test it's tracking over several hours. Test your lens to ensure there's no slippage on your focus. Check your lens in low temperatures to make sure dew won't be a problem. Practice taking flat frames.
  12. Tracer batteries

    Thanks for the words of warning Noah but I have no intention on taking my setup overseas. The most I'd take if I managed an astrophotography would be my scope, DSLR and star adventurer. I wouldn't trust an airline with any more than that and even then I may even just use lenses and leave the scope at home. I'd be buying from FLO and would e-mail them before hand to ensure my Atik would be fine and not suffer any voltage drops.
  13. Tracer batteries

    This actually just made me burst out laughing. Good job I have a Sony phone and no intention on connecting it to anything other than its original charger. As I don't plan on travelling too often I'll probably just go for the lithium as it's cheaper. Thanks
  14. I'd like to know what the difference, apart from the price, is between the tracer lithium batteries and the liFePO4 batteries. I'm thinking of getting one so I can start to venture to dark sites.
  15. The reviews on FLO for this scope suggest it's mainly for visual use. A slightly more expensive, but extremely highly recommended scope would be the evostar 80ed. Although I have no experience with either scope.