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  1. With such a long focal length and a static tripod you're always going to have trailing, no matter how short the exposure.
  2. This is a great image. I've thought about this target myself, but the results won't compare to this from my skies.
  3. Yes this one is very difficult, at least I really struggled to bring much out of my data when I shot it. Well done.
  4. With the run of clear skies we had last week I only managed to take advantage of 2 of them due to work etc. Both of these have 70 x 30 second subs for rgb and around 40 x 300 second subs in Ha under the near full moon. IC1805 and C11
  5. That's very true, but at least it gives me a change to play with last night's data.
  6. I tried this the other night but I'd set up too close to the neighbours fence so couldn't get it. I will next time though. Lovely image by the way.
  7. Forecast for perfectly clear skies. Finish work, nice and clear. Get home and set up, calobrate guiding, all clear. Half way throughy first ha sub, 100% cloud. Packed away and hoping for a better turn out tomorrow.
  8. Still alot of high cloud here. At least it's given me a chance to play with my data from last night. 70 x 30 seconds in each channel for RGB and 44 x 300 second subs in HA. I'm actually quite happy with how this has turned out
  9. It's forecast clear here with clear outside claiming all 0's, but the moon it showing the high cloud very brightly. Still set up from last night so if it does clear I'm ready to plug and play.
  10. I'm still going. Finished my run on C11. Messed around to see if I could get the horse head but I set up too close to the neighbours fence. Just running a set of 30 second luminance subs on m81 just to see how it goes.
  11. I'm all set up and ready to go. Just waiting for darkness. Also need to decide on a target for tonight.
  12. I look forward to every clear night, moon or not. There's not enough clear, moonless nights here to be picky. I just choose my targets more carefully.
  13. The forecast for the weekend is looking like a great test for my astrodon 3nm Ha filter. And I've got 5 days off work so should be fun
  14. End of this week is looking very promising, at the moment.
  15. I've always used an ADU of 18000 in APT for my flats using a qhy183c/qhy183m. My last set of flats had a histogram peak near the right hand side, but they still worked perfectly fine. I've thought a out lowering the ADU but I'm not going to try and fix what isn't broken.
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