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  1. There are elliptical galaxies that aren’t flat but this will illustrate the different types. http://hosting.astro.cornell.edu/academics/courses/astro201/galaxies/types.htm
  2. Was a bit big to display conventionaly so built a coffee table display cabinet. More interesting than your average coffee table.
  3. Just the one. Can be displayed upright or on it’s side. Simple little build though compared to this.
  4. The Saturn V is a great build. Really enjoyed it.
  5. Geoptik EQ5 adapter. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-heq5-tripod-adaptor-for-eq6-2-tripods.html
  6. First episode was pretty good and sets up a lot of interesting plot lines. Looking forward to the return of Seven of Nine and then thers Mr & Mrs Riker (Will Riker and Deanna Troi).
  7. There is actual sunshine forecast for Mon to Wed this week so may actually be able to take a look at this rare solar event.
  8. Why do I think “US Space Farce”
  9. How about getting a Telrad and the optional dew shield with right angle mirror which lets you use it as a right angle finder? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/dew-shield-for-telrad-finder.html
  10. I wouldn’t like to use a probably unstable stepladder. What he needs is a cherry picker for comfortable observing.
  11. Interesting thread. Whether you call it a 'heuristic maxim,' or a rule of thumb it is just the most likely expanation that may aid you in reaching a conclusion but could also lead you astray.
  12. If shipped by a courier they will put it through customs, deliver the item and then send you a bill for the taxes, duties and handling fees which usually works oit to about 25% in total. If coming by mail most packages except for low value declared items go through customs and they will send you a bill for the taxes, duties and handling which has to be paid before they will deliver it. Again about 25% total. Some shippers, particularily Chinese, will mark packages as low value to escape customs or under declare the value..Of course the potential problem with under declaring the value is if the item is lost or damaged that’s the amount insurance will pay out. They have tightened things up lately though as in the past many items sent by mail wouldn’t get processed by customs and would escape fees
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