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  1. Just check stock at your local screwfix online and collect from Screwfix same day.
  2. Screwfix does M5 and M6 stainless socket head bolts so might be worth checking their website.
  3. Neewer Tripod Ball Head In excellent fully working condition. £14.00. Posted to UK Metal construction (except for knobs) Light weight: 0.18 kilograms/0.4 pounds; Height: 63mm; Base diameter: 42mm; Ball diameter: 25mm; Max. Load: 5 kilograms/11 pounds Quick release plate with 1/4-inch screw 360 Degree Panoramic Base with 2 twist locks for adjusting angle easily Bubble level Payment: PayPal. (buyer pays fees) John
  4. Telescope Express Polar Scope (fits 6x30 finder bracket) Bought this a few years ago from Telescope Express for £92.00. Fits any 6x30 finder scope bracket so can be used with a scope / mount that doesn’t use a conventional polar scope. £39.00 Posted to UK Very high quality clear optics and sharp engraved markings as can be seen in the photo. End rotates for alignment. End caps included. Payment: Paypal (buyer pays fees) John
  5. Saw the article earlier. Some usefull points made that people in government should take note of.
  6. Some do charge the typical US price but there are bargains to be had sometimes if you are patient. Have seen Starfire 155s go for about £5,000.00 or so.
  7. If you want to start a war on Cloudy Nights just say that the Chinese can make scopes just as good as Astro Physics. AP is just another import in the UK anyway.
  8. Oddly enough while the value of an second hand AstroPhysics refractor stays high in the US in the UK they depreciate much more. US buyers could pick up a bargain by buying a used AP scope in the UK.
  9. Not come across a Hotech that wasn’t spot on. Assuming the centering adapter is tightened properly should be OK.
  10. Best tool bar none for correctly centering the secondary is a Concenter. Available from Telescope Express or APM
  11. To check the laser rotate it in the focuser and see if the crosshairs move.
  12. One tip after using the Concenter is to level the primary mirror. Adjust the collimation screws until each is the same length using a ruler. Then use the laser. With the primary level and the secondary centered the crosshairs of the laser should be nearly in the centre and should only take minor tweeking of the primary for final,collimation.
  13. Fasten a 577 baseplate to the photo dovetail. You might have to sort out some mounting bolts to fasten the two together. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Manfrotto-Quick-Release-Adapter-Sliding/dp/B00009XV3M
  14. Just use a photo dovetail bar. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-vixen-type-photo-dovetail-bar.html
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