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  1. You’ll find the GOTO is very quiet when tracking. It’s only when slewing at high speed that they are a bit noisy so most of the time not noisy at all.
  2. Wonder if it could be fitted to a Bresser dob?
  3. Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System Came across this while on the Omegon (Astroshop) website and thought it looked interesting. https://www.omegon.eu/goto-kits/omegon-push-go-standalone-encoder-system/p,55768 The advantages at a glance: Object finder retrofit kit with push-to technology for Omegon Advanced X, GSO Classic and ICS Galaxy Dobson telescopes Two precise digital encoders: to ensure that your telescope knows exactly where it is in the sky. With your software or app you now follow every movement and every step in the sky No cable chaos: using Bluetooth 2.0 a wireless and convenient connection is made to your smartphone, within a range of 10 metres Delivered with an ultra-compact power bank so you no longer have to worry about having enough power Simple installation: in just 10-15 minutes Smartphone holder included: for smartphones up to 75 mm wide Simply retrofit and get going to the stars It's easy: retrofit your Dobsonian telescope and transform it into a unique object-finding system with this stand-alone Push+ Go kit. All the components you need to get going are already included. The kit is installed in a few simple steps, in just 10-15 minutes. Digital encoders - your telescope's compass Your telescope tells you immediately where it is. This is made possible by the two digital encoders in the azimuth and altitude axes. The high-resolution encoders record every step when the rocker box moves in any direction.
  4. How aboit one of the Omegon push to dobs. Look quite interesting and not too expensive. Just need a smartphone. https://www.omegon.eu/?q=omegon+push+too
  5. A small mak would suit your needs. Great on lunar / planetary but also great for nature watching with an erecting prism.. Small and light weight as well and would work on a photo tripod. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-102-ota.html The small refractor you have linked to is better for widefield observing and too small in aperture for good lunar / planetary viewing.. OK for nature watching though.
  6. Oh just go for this one. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p11448_CFF-Telescopes-230mm-f-7-APO-Triplet-Apo-Refraktor-3-5--Feather-Touch-Focuser.html
  7. Perhaps something like this. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4652_TS-Optics-ED-110mm-f-7-ED-Refractor-Telescope-with-3--Crayford-Focuser.html
  8. I really liked the scope but I think it was the fact it was a heavy lump mean’t it didn’t get used a lot. Think that was why I sold it on.
  9. CA wasn’t a problem at low and medium power which surprised me a bit given it’s short focal length. Yes there is some but not enough to be a problem. One scope I wish I hadn’t sold. Pretty good for white light solar although the wedge did get a bit hot.
  10. I had a 6” f/5.9 and it is indeed a heavy lump. OK on the Skytee biut near it’s max load with accessories. Excelkent for low and medium power widefield.
  11. Solid tube all the way for an 8” or 10” dob. For me there are just too many advantages in having a solid tube in an 8” or 10”. Just my opinion but it’s what suits me best. Just get which ever type you like best as after all it’s your scope and you will be the one using it. There is no right or wrong decision it’s what suits you best.
  12. Now he didn’t specify a working camera.
  13. No you’ll need a chair to sit on to put the eyepiece at a comfortable height most of the time. Or raise the scope up on some sort of base..
  14. Interesting reading the different viewpoints. Some love their flex-tubes and others just aren’t interested.
  15. Fitting a carry handle to the tube makes it easy to carry the tube single handed and load into the back seat and remember the solid tube OTA is a kg lighter than the flextube. Yes you do want a shroud with the flextube not just for stopping stray light but also the heat currents coming from your body passing through the open tube.
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