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  1. Daystar Solar Scout SS60-DS 60mm H-alpha Solar Telescope Arrived late this aft along with the clouds. First impressions are it is really solidly built and beautifully finished. Looks and feels like a quality piece of kit. It isn’t actually double stack but it does deliver 0.5A so they call it double stack performance which seems fair enough. I’ll be testing it out with a Baader prism and a dielectric diagonal to see if it makes any difference. Also will see what type of images it can deliver with a ZWO mono camera. Think it will need a focal reducer to capture a full,disk image. Hopefully won’t need a tilt adjuster but we’ll see. I moved the finder over using the alternate mounting holes so it would be better positioned. The mounting foot is a Vixen type so fits any regular saddle and also has 1/4 photo tripod mounting holes in the bottom. One minor thing to note that the 110/220v AC adatpter is an American type and will need a US to UK adapter to plug in. Perhaps FLO should include one. Think the AZ-EQ5 GT mount will cope with the load.
  2. While waiting for a certain other order to arrive this sun shade for my tablet arrived. Not perfect but at least can see the screen in full sunlight. Waiting for a matte anti glare screen protector to arrive which should help a bit more.
  3. Now I’m not going to name the UK dealer as I don’t want this thread to be closed (and no it’s not FLO of course) but ordered something the other day hoping it would be here for the weekend only to find out it’s being shipped from outside the UK.As it was showing as in stock and they are a UK based shop I expected it to be shipped fairly quickly. If they had have made it clear that it would be shipped from outside the UK I would have ordered from someone else. Now I know it will arrive next week so no worries about it not arriving but just irritated. Has anyone else found this happening lately? Please don’t name names as I don’t want this turning into dealer bashing but just interested in hearing if this practice is becoming more common.
  4. Was reading a thread on CN recently on this very subject. Yes Meade make SCTs that are about as good as the Celestron but the Celestron are simply more popular among imagers. Think it’s down to the perception that Celestron SCTs are better for imaging rather than any real advantage although the Meade are a bit heavier and tend to be sold more as complete setups on fork mounts rather than seperate OTAs. However was also reading comments by a seller of used SCTs in the US that said 9 out of 10 Meades needed repairs before they could be sold on wheras with the Celestrons it was the other way round with 9 out of 10 just needing a cleanup and no repairs.
  5. Remember it was made by GSO but notice that the same handle is on some of the Altair Astro refractors.
  6. It came from Telescope Express but is now discontinued and replaced with different one. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p10280_TS-Optics-Tube-Handle-and-Carrying-Handle-for-your-Telescope.html
  7. This youtube vid shows the Skywatcher 16” dob and will show you how big it is.
  8. The sky the day BEFORE the new scope arrives. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow.
  9. Bits & pieces. Baader T2 prism body (I allready had the nosepiece and focusing eyepiece holder) USB cable amd cigarette plug USB adapter to power the Quark. Bolts for the Skymax 180 rings and dovetail so that everything now fits properly
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