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  1. johninderby

    Good news on Hubble

    A few days ago NASA carried out a “fix” of the backup gyro by turning the power off for one second and then back on before the gyro had a chance to slow down. They then carried out a series of manoeuvres over the past few days to test the gyro and it appears to be working normally again. So fingers crossed Hubble is back in business for a while.
  2. I see that the max scope weight for your mount is 13lbs and the Skymax 150 OTA is over 12lbs without eyepiece or diagonal so stability could be an issue.
  3. johninderby

    The Plough

    Nice first image of the Big Dipper.......err Plough.
  4. johninderby


    Was it this story? https://everything2.com/title/Cannibalism+and+other+fun+ways+to+get+rid+of+Rats
  5. johninderby

    Any ideas what this is ?

    And yet another view of it.
  6. Perhaps cleaning all the grease off with a proper degreaser off the spindle and flat surface fof the focuser tube would help. You could use an anti-wear or anti-seize grease. Very, very viscous stuff used in diffs of RC cars when you want the open diffs to act almost like locked ones. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamiya-300053439-Anti-Wear-Grease-3-g/dp/B00061HCX6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540160214&sr=8-1&keywords=Anti+wear+grease Bit pricy for a tiny tube but very high quality. Amazon sells different brands that are a lot cheaper but not sure what quality.
  7. johninderby


    Or if you don’t fancy a curry.
  8. johninderby


    Wonder if the local curry house uses those traps. Hmmmmmmm.....
  9. johninderby


    Not sure about this one. Claims to keep the trapped mice comfortable and happy. http://www.bestmousetrapever.com/what-makes-our-mouse-trap-different.cfm
  10. johninderby

    I hope this is not true...

    There was an earlier thread on this insanity.
  11. johninderby

    Truss poles bag

    Their terms and conditions mention that different shipping charges apply for non-UK orders and they mention if you are ordering form North America or anywhere else so it looks like they do ship outside of the UK. They are probably closed for the weekend.
  12. johninderby


  13. johninderby

    Truss poles bag

    The longer bags are available from places other than eBay. https://bags2cover.co.uk/product/awning-pole-storage-bag/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoKK0zf6R3gIVD53tCh1CdAtaEAQYAyABEgLZufD_BwE
  14. johninderby

    Truss poles bag

    Look for a suitable sized tent pole or awning pole bag. Have seen ones for 150cm poles.
  15. I think it’s actually a type of cheese. Should last long enough to undo two nuts though......I think. The Halfords is a lovely little set though with a lifetime replacement guarantee. I keep one around for small tasks..

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