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  1. johninderby

    Wanted SCT thread adapter for Skywatcher 127 Mak

    FLO stocks them. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/lynxastro_makcas-sct_adptr.html
  2. johninderby

    Diagonal Caps?

    365 Astronomy does them but not the cheapest. They used to be readily available on eBay. https://www.365astronomy.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1&keep_https=yes
  3. johninderby

    90mm Tube Rings

    90mm tube rings added.
  4. johninderby

    90mm Tube Rings

    Filter wheel and filters sold. Thanks David
  5. johninderby

    90mm Tube Rings

    Hi Yes the filters just screw into the wheel. Nosepiece is also threaded for a filter. The eyepiece holder and nosepiece unscrew so you could screw in T2 type camera adaptors if you wanted to.
  6. johninderby

    90mm Tube Rings

    90mm Tube Rings £17.50 incl. UK postage Pair of felt lined tube rings to fit a 90mm dia. OTA. In pristine condirion. Payment by PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
  7. FLO list the focuser for use with the Startravel 120. Same part number as on ypur box. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/dual-speed-2-crayford-focuser-for-sky-watcher-refractors.html
  8. Should just fit straight on with no mods needed. Here’s one fitted to the Orion version of the ST120 that I used to have.
  9. TS Optics Herschel Wedge for White Light Sola As new and boxed For use with refractor telescopes only £99.00 (incl UK postage) This Solar prism from TS-Optics (Telescope Service) already comes completely equipped with extensive accessories. You don´t need additional filters or adapters for observing or photography. The advantages of the TS-Optics 1.25" Solar wedge: 95% of the sunlight are removed, 5% are available to the observer (equivalent to ND 1.3) Comes with 1.25" polarising filter for continous brightness adjustment Comes with strong narrow band green filter (continuum filter) for contrast enhancement Fully enclosed housing with integrated light trap No escaping stray light, therefore especially safe 1.25" barrel at the telescope side1.25" adapter with compression ring and a T2-thread on top at the eyepiece side As with any solar viewing system (including glass or solar film objective solar filters), the Herschel Wedge Solar Prism requires responsible handling. Herschel wedge prisms have been used for many years, and are quite safe if some care and precautions are always observed.
  10. johninderby

    LED vs. sodium street lighting?

    Reading the various voews one question comes to mind. Are the LED lights in your areas just replacement bulbs in the old lamp heads or completely new lamp heads with a strip of LEDs?
  11. Nice first light report and glad to hear you are liking the PST. Reminds me of the first time I used a PST. Now you know why most recommend some kind of protection from the sun so you don’t melt.
  12. All this PST discussion is making me want to get another one.
  13. The Coronado blockong filter replaces the PST one. You’re only using the PST etalon. Unfortunately it’s the expensive bit. The BF10 or BF15 ££££ https://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/product-category/solar-telescopes/coronado-solar-telescopes/coronado-blocking-filters/
  14. Yes it just slips over the stock knob and locked in place with a grub screw.
  15. Here’s one I did years ago for a PST mod using a Borg focuser and adapters.

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