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  1. I'm not sure about the Antlia brand but with my astrodon filters they will fit, but I have to turn the faceplate round. Still works perfectly fine.
  2. It's always nice when things finally start working like they're supposed to.
  3. Don't be. You didn't do it haha. To be fair before I started I swapped my camera from my samyang to my scope. I should have given it a clean before hand. I've now taken the whole thing apart, cleaned the sensor window, filters, flattener and lens. I'll run some new flats when I've got the time and hopefully there'll be no moving dust bunny. I assume it was moving since flats wouldn't take care of it. It's just a shame I've lost so much data. Once again thanks for all the advice.
  4. You're welcome. Hopefully all will work out well for you. Just making sure I'm clear, my 50mm is from camera body to flattener, not camera sensor. Don't want you having more troubles because of me being unclear.
  5. Thanks. It seems that no matter what, my data cannot be calibrated with the flats I'm taking so I'm going to cut my losses and disassemble the entire rig, give it a good cleaning and hope for some more clear nights again soon. Thanks all for the advice and suggestions.
  6. Not sure if this will help but as I use the same camera and filter wheel I thought I'd try and offer a possible solution. From the end of the flattener to the camera body I have around 50mm distance and my stars are nice. My imaging train goes scope, flattener, M48 to t2 adapter, 21mm spacer, filter wheel, camera. What distance do you have from camera to flattener? From the image you've posted I wouldn't say your stars are out of focus, just alot of coma.
  7. That it is. I'm usually pretty good at figuring these problems out but this time I'm beat. Hence asking the collective here. Strange thing is on my last night I took flats at the beginning and at the end of my imaging session and the data collected that night has the same issue. So it cannot be a moving dust bunny
  8. Flats were taken both at night and during the day. If memory serves right the above flat was taken at night, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll upload one I know I took at night when I get home. What sort of filter issue could cause this? Unfortunately no I don't. I have flicked through them all in DSS though and it appears to be in the same place in all my subs.
  9. The stacked image is 196 lights taken over 2 nights. It's the same even if I just stack 1 nights worth of data.
  10. My main problem is there is 1 massive dust bunny that always over corrects and the background is horrible. I've not got round to processing as i don't see the point if my flats aren't working correctly. After stacking Astroart shows an auto stretched image and its always there. I've also just stacked in Astro Pixel Processor and still getting the same thing. Here is an auto stretch from Astro Pixel Processor so you can see what i mean (i'm not bothered about the edge difference as i would crop beore any proper processing). Saved at JPEG at 100% quality for here. Also attached is a single flat frame
  11. Exactly, that's why I'm stumped. I've never had a problem before, even with short exposures. I will do in a couple of hours when I'm home
  12. Since this lovely clear spell has ended I finally ran some new flats, but the problem is they're over correcting and I've tried everything I can think of. I took them exactly the same way as I have always done but this time they're not working, so I have alot of data I can't use. I use a zwo 183mm, astrodon LRGB gen 2 filters, Esprit 100 with matching flattener and a dimmable tracing pad and white paper. So far I've tried ADU 30000 taken at 0.5 seconds, 1.17 seconds and 2.5 seconds with a 5 second delay between subs. ADU 22000 0.5 and 1.4 seconds again with a 5 second delay and all are temperature matched to my lights. I've tried using different amounts between 30 and 100. All with matching dark flats and the correct darks for my lights. Tried stacking in astroart 7 and in DSS. Also tried average and sigma in astroart. I set my scope up and left it out in the same place the entire time I was imaging and covered up during the daytime. I'm stumped and don't want to throw away so much data. Any more ideas anyone?
  13. Very nice for the small amount of subs I've been collecting data on this the past couple of nights myself but like you, my skies haven't been great
  14. The boxing monkey (Just a screenshot from my phone)
  15. I use an extra large waterproof BBQ cover I got off Amazon for a few £££s
  16. A successful first light is always pleasing. I'd say by the looks of your stars you've fallen victim to some thin clouds. Check your subs and see if you have any without, the end result will be much better.
  17. Yeah that's what I did. Although I am using the 183mm
  18. Try taking out the additional spacer. Personally I don't believe that it's as little as 6.5mm from the sensor to the front of the camera. My reason for this is because I had everything exact and couldn't reach focus. I used a shorter spacer then I got perfect focus without any problems.
  19. The easiest way to do it is arrive before dark which will also make setting up easier. Also unless there is an actual star party happening, most places won't even have anyone there. I've been to a few very nice places that have been completely empty the entire time I was there.
  20. What a fantastic image, lots of fine detail too. You should be proud of that
  21. Looks a tad green but otherwise a nice image
  22. It connects to the handset straight to your laptop/ pc
  23. I use this to guide my ldx75 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meade-Telescope-CP2102-Adapter-Control-Black/dp/B07DFF1LNL?pd_rd_w=NIqfj&pf_rd_p=10d08d47-a6c4-482e-85a7-23115aa14aba&pf_rd_r=J2R9WW8NC3XGV1NDNNCK&pd_rd_r=73f17f5e-b844-450e-9554-eac06181ba17&pd_rd_wg=jmGbQ&pd_rd_i=B07DFF1LNL&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_9_sc
  24. Space isn't black, that's where almost every newbie makes a mistake. You're clipping the data which means that you're basically deleting data. Look at other images and you'll see that the "blackness of space" is actually more like a dark grey. Search these forums for data clipping or background clipping and you'll find a much better explanation and advice
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