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  1. It connects to the handset straight to your laptop/ pc
  2. I use this to guide my ldx75 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meade-Telescope-CP2102-Adapter-Control-Black/dp/B07DFF1LNL?pd_rd_w=NIqfj&pf_rd_p=10d08d47-a6c4-482e-85a7-23115aa14aba&pf_rd_r=J2R9WW8NC3XGV1NDNNCK&pd_rd_r=73f17f5e-b844-450e-9554-eac06181ba17&pd_rd_wg=jmGbQ&pd_rd_i=B07DFF1LNL&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_9_sc
  3. Space isn't black, that's where almost every newbie makes a mistake. You're clipping the data which means that you're basically deleting data. Look at other images and you'll see that the "blackness of space" is actually more like a dark grey. Search these forums for data clipping or background clipping and you'll find a much better explanation and advice
  4. I use one of these with some extra felt on the inside to make it a snug fit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tripod-Collar-Mount-SIGMA-70-200mm/dp/B07DVKZBXG/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=lens+collar&qid=1629309904&sprefix=lens+coll&sr=8-3
  5. Just seen this on ABS and thought of this thread. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=176342
  6. I use Astro Pixel Processor for combining data sets of different fov/ orientation. It will manipulate one data set, for eg RGB stacks, to exactly match my luminance data set. There is also a program called registar that can do the same thing.
  7. Yep, well I suppose technically I am. I'm mainly doing tests on my wide field rig for when astro darkness arrives so I can take it to darker skies. Busy making sure guiding is working and everything is talking to eachother as it should.
  8. Very nice. I see you've even managed to capture part of the squid nebula down in the bottom right. You should be proud of that as it is incredibly faint.
  9. I've had a William optics star71 and now currently use a 2010 carbon fibre flt98 with a William optics adjustable flattener as part of a dual rig. The thought of selling it has came across my mind a few times but can't seem to bring myself to put an ad out.
  10. No do not do this. Standard ha filters have a much higher band pass than solar ha filters. My astrodon filter has a bandpass of 3.0 and ha solar filters have a bandpass of around 0.3.
  11. In the channel drop down box change that to red, move the left hand slider to a tad before the black. Do the same for green and blue too so they all at the same point. The purple is probably coming from the red and blue channels being too far over to the right. Once they're aligned you should have the correct colour balance.
  12. You'll just need to align the histogram in Photoshop
  13. I used to get something similar with my atik 383l if the power supply was low. How were you powering your camera?
  14. I always thought this was the skull nebula. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise
  15. Care to share? My colour data always looks flat and forced.
  16. Very nice, well done. I've just started my imaging run on this too
  17. Personally I'd stack them separately then use layers and masks in Photoshop to add the details and maybe a bit of colour from the filtered data.
  18. I always stuggled getting a good colour balance when using a OSC camera. Having a dual rig really helps with data collection. I've made a couple tweaks to try and fix the background
  19. Thanks. I'd say it an improvement on the last time I tried these targets with my 200p and canon 600d in 2016.
  20. After a not so great imaging run on Monday i decided to go for something a bit brighter and "easier" on Tuesday night, the Leo Triplet. 3 hours in Lum from the ASI 183MM and 1 hour each RGB from the QHY183MM and FLT98
  21. It sounds like you're very out of focus and the "pin prick stars" you're seeing are hot pixels.
  22. Very nice. I started imaging this again last night with my dual rig. I lost 2 and a half hours due to falling asleep just before doing a focus check so the scope just followed the target without taking any images. Hope to carry on collecting data tonight.
  23. You've managed to bring out the nebulosity very well for such a faint target. Well done on another super image.
  24. I've seen people using something called Dropbox before. I've not used it though so cannot really comment on it.
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