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  1. I had similar experience with FS-60Q one night at ~270x. Yes, the image was dark(er) to the eye but I was actually flying over Luna. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me since I am not sure if I remember correctly (keep notes right!) but I had similar experience with Vixen A81M as well.
  2. My birthday is coming up and I am browsing all the usual UK suspects (astro shops) to see what I can give to myself Last year my lady paid for the Tak and I tried this year again but it looks like I need some socks so that's in the works now. I am thinking to get some decent accessory (or maybe -ies??) so need some suggestions. For me, Rigel finder is that single most useful accessory. I have Synta/Vixen style shoe for it so it goes from scope to scope. Suggest away Let's say £500 price limit.....but if you find some thing is really useful the budget can be stretched.
  3. Not sure how any of this is relevant to giving credit where it's due?
  4. If particles are between lenses return it. Otherwise clean it Q-tip and alcohol will do the job.
  5. I love this mount but when out yesterday for conjunction I felt alt getting a little stiffer.
  6. You ask if there is anyone that used SLVs with SCT. I used it with C5 and refractors. I had 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. I saw that spacer in the eyepiece but never saw reflections when observing the Moon. In the fl range you're looking for I settled for BCO 10mm and am yet to find the eyepiece that shows more stars than BCOs with my eyes. If you can handle the size and weight I would look into Pentax XWs as well as there is nothing better for overall experience (transmission, comfort, eye relief, quality, fov) out there as far as I am concerned.
  7. Try it bare-bones. Without anything attached (cable in your photo) and with just internal batteries and go from there. If the same I would do a firmware update but not sure how far you want to go before returning it?
  8. Hmm....what happens if you turn the scope/lens to point to the other side? Also, screw in both alt and az....
  9. This is my process: 1. Level the tripod 2. Point the scope on the mount to North 3. Power on and connect 4. 1 Star Align That's it. Works every time for me and the object is within 1 degree 9 out of 10. But looks like you might have some other issues as well. Can you post a photo of your setup?
  10. Let's give credit where credit is due. Roscosmos (not sure what the name was before) is perfecting this since 86' as well.
  11. I am slowly giving up as well. It's either cloudy or stars dancing (seeing). I went out exactly once in last 30 days. Looking into various remote telescope options but not sure what is out there to be used for EAA. Most of these remote telescopes are more proper imaging oriented...if anyone has any ideas I am all ears.
  12. Why even metion risk? There's no risk in buying 10mm BCO since it's great on its own. If you don't mind shorter eye relief and 50 or so degrees then it's a given. I'm yet to find anything in 10mm that is better and I searched and still am - SLV, XW, Nagler(11mm), 9mm TAO, Ultrascopic 10mm - to my eyes are no better than BCO in the center. I don't search for flaws though and am not concerned about 'edges' as I only observe planets and double stars at the moment. 10mm BCO also pairs great with Baader barlow 2.25x giving 4.4mm. A set of BCOs is really a great set to have. I have it as a base line of eyepieces and then just buy, try and sell other eyepieces as I go. These stayed the longest as they are just so good, light. 18mm and 10mm + 2.25x barlow in the pocket and off I go...
  13. Do yourself a favour and get 32mm Plossl of some brand for a 'finder' and some 'wider' views and Baader zoom for everything else.
  14. Twitter was brewing for days. It was leaked by earthsky.org, Ycombinator hacker news was on it....everybody wants to be the first eh....
  15. Interesting. Can you post a photo please? I presume something similar as TAOs?
  16. Did you cutout the eyecup on BCOs?
  17. Looks like it. It was leaked already: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:dUWrpm80WHsJ:https://earthsky.org/%3Fp%3D343883+ The above is cached page from Google. They took the original down: https://earthsky.org/space/life-on-venus-phosphine-biosignatures
  18. Here's an idea if you insist on Tele Vue (under your £1000 budget): 24mm Panoptic 13mm Nagler 2.5x Powermate With these three you'll have a nice range of magnifications - aprox. 50x, 100x, 130x, 215x.
  19. I had TV Nagler 13mm and Panoptic 24mm. Panoptic is ok but not suitable for my style of observing (too low mag for what I observe with my scopes) and I use simpler eyepieces as 'finders'. Nagler was good. I liked the 'wideness' of it but had kind of ring around Moon and Sun which I didn't see in other eyepieces. It was quite intrusive to be honest. On the other hand Naglers are very light in weight for what they offer so that is a big plus from me. I didn't own but looked through Delite 9mm. It was no better than Vixen SLV 9mm apart from wider of course. Not one TV amazed me like Pentax XW did for example. Pentax XW for me is the ultimate eyepiece - I never looked through anything better. It's on par with all orthos I tried as well - showing same number of stars and all that in a comfortable and wide way - if only it was not almost 400g I don't think you are mising anything by not getting anything TV. This might not be a popular opinion but it's my experience.
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