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  1. Second hand. New to me.. although it is pristine condition 5mm Vixen LVW5... super pleased.
  2. Someone needs to nab the GP mount real quick.... trigger finger is twitching!. Should never had sold mine. Rob
  3. They are great scopes. I had a white & black edition. Really nice views, and often favored the grab n go SD66 than dragging out the big guns!. I then jumped from the 66ED to a Starwave ED70, and now a Revelation ED80. They are incredible performers I have to say. I think I liked the 66SD over my ED80 (FPL53 v FPL51)... But there's always time to maybe change that! Have fun. And push that thing, you will be surprised! Rob
  4. It would have been for my Bresser, so an AR5 flange. I had every expectation to grab the flange separately in fairness..... I think I may give up on this wanted to be honest. APM have come back to me offering to make an adapter for their 2.5 delux focuser (which is very tempting) Thanks Rob
  5. Hi All, I'm on the hunt for a CF moonlite focuser for my refractor. Don't mind single or dual speed, or even the colour. Please PM if you can help. Thanks Rob
  6. Great work once again. I've watched a few times now... great fun Regards Rob
  7. Nice work for those that managed it... the cloud is just thin enough for a disc here now.. typically over when visible!
  8. Also forgot to post that in addition to getting the ADM upgrade for HEQ5. I also bought 2 x Stella Mira Dovetail bars from FLO. Really nice vixen dovetail bars (note I bought these before purchasing the dual ADM saddle). In fairness I don't think I need to upgrade to Losmandy bars just yet
  9. New case with pick foam to house my UWA & SWA collection
  10. From FLO. My new ADM saddle & puck for my HEQ5. Talk about beefy... looks great. I shall fit it at the weekend
  11. Delivered Saturday. Read for the Bresser!
  12. Low power eyepiece and sweep the milky way is also a nice thing to do on T-shirt observing nights in summer. Mornings are good because of steady seeing also.
  13. Just received a really nice condition Maxvision 68 degree 28mm 2" to complete my UWA/SWA eyepiece collection. with thanks to @Stargazer McCabe for this.
  14. Hi All, looking for either 5000 SWA 28mm or 24mm UWA in very good/mint condition with original box. If you have one your looking to part with please PM me. Thanks & clear skies Rob
  15. Many thanks for the replies. shall take a look.
  16. Took delivery from the postie of my long waited (10 years to find) Meade 5000 SWA 40mm. With thanks to @coliea its a beautie!. Thanks ... Very happy. The quest continues for the remainder to be found.
  17. Hi All, I'm looking for a flight style case with pick foam for my EP's. Can you advise one to go for. This will be for my SWA/UWA ep's, so large, but not massive. Thanks
  18. Nice!. I bought the 10mm Celestron Luminos a few weeks back... really like it. Now thinking about the 31mm to join my SWA/UWA group
  19. From Aunty FLO this week!. Very happy with this. Super bright in the scopes. Also picked up a Baader clicklock for the Bresser Hexfocuser which is a fantastic upgrade!.
  20. Sure hope this thread helps others also. Its also interesting the backlash may not be apparent until a long tube or heavy scope is mounted like I have here. This will help tremendously with stability (as I'm a non/light imager). Rob
  21. Very good video, thank you.
  22. Thanks guys. Yes I have Astro Baby’s instructions to hand ( used to be a regular round here ) . Appreciate the comments Rob
  23. All, looking for some help/guidance with regards to some play I have in my old HEQ5 Dec axis. Basically I’ve found that while the tube is mounted and locked you can rock it back and forth.. only a small amount, but it’s enough to annoy as I’m sure this is not helping with stability as my tube is 1.2m long!. I’m thinking maybe strip it down?. Or is something required to just be tightened up?.
  24. Meade 5000 UHD Eyepiece Fresh in from the US. Looking forward to trying this version out!.
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