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  1. The core is not really very bright. The comet does look rather like a grey fuzzy patch, slightly more condensed towards the centre but not a tight bright core at all. I suspect you have seen it
  2. Interesting that 7 years ago the Leica zoom and the VIP barlow were the same price that they are today - 800 Euros and 185 Euros respectively.
  3. Great photos Dave The Jovian views are superb here tonight. 12" dobbie for me though
  4. I got Jup at around 20:50 here this evening. The views just now are simply stunning with the 12" dob GRS is really strongly coloured - a real "blood orange" tint
  5. Interesting thread Absolutely cracking Jupiter views this evening here. 265x with the 12" dob is showing amazing detail in the steady moments. I'll keep a sharp eye out for the oval / GRS Jnr.
  6. Do you have a "before outburst" image ?
  7. The GSO mirrors (of the ones I've tried) seem to be of a similar optical quality to Skywatchers ie: pretty good for mass produced.
  8. I tend to wait for DSO's to rise at least 45 degrees above the horizon before trying to properly observe them. They tend to look substantially better then Of course with some objects you have no choice and have to "play them as they lie" so to speak. I'm thinking of things like the Triffid and Omega / Swan Nebulae which are never high in the sky from my location. I've not really had a good look at Saturn so far this year. I've been turning in too early and not getting up early enough !
  9. Excellent Kerry The SN was a little dimmer last night than when I 1st spotted it I think.
  10. Very interesting Gerry. If I had a Leica zoom I'd mainly use the magnifications that it produces for deep sky observing. My planetary observing usually starts at 8mm and shorter. I guess I'd need to consider an equal quality barlow as well if I wanted the Leica zoom to become my mainstay planetary eyepiece.
  11. Zhumell are actually made by GSO and are the same as the Revelation dobsonians sold in the UK and the Telescope Services (TS) dobsonians sold in Germany. GSO also make the Meade Lightbridge dobsonians and the Zhumell ones will have the same mirrors and mirror cells in them. GSO and Synta (who make Skywatcher, Celestron and quite a few Orion (USA) scopes are different companies I believe. Zhumell dobsonians are very popular in the USA and the "Cloudynights" forum is full of posts on them. The brand are rarely seen on this side of the pond though. I've owned a Meade Lightbridge 12" and a Revelation 8" and they were pretty decent scopes. The collimation springs on the 12" GSO made dobs have a reputation for being a little weak and a common upgrade is to replace these springs with more robust ones.
  12. Managed to spot this supernova again tonight. Seems to be around mag 12.8ish now. Barely any trace of the host galaxy NGC 6946 tonight with the 12" dob. The SN was not too difficult but things usually are the 2nd time around !
  13. It's shining up there again now. Must have been a rogue chunk of cloud. Looks like my current clear patch won't last though, judging by the aerial photo and assuming that the white stuff over Cornwall, Devon and Wales is moving eastwards.
  14. Where did Jove go ???? Just popped outside again after watching some of the Horizon programme on solar system volcanoes and the planet has done a vanishing act along with all the stars. Darn this hazy cloud stuff