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  1. This just came up on Facebook and I went to check it out. Oh my. Proper 'telescope' look Should be completely CA free. Would do good for double stars! https://www.altairastro.com/Starwave-ASCENT-102ED-F11-Refractor-Telescope-Geared-Focuser.html ....off to measure my balcony to see if it'll fit....
  2. heliumstar

    LX850-The Unpacking and assembly

    Like it! Really, really nice. Clear skies!
  3. heliumstar

    Magnification for Planets

    The 9mm eyepiece you have will give you 133x magnification which is already high power and will provide nice and sharp view imo. Of course going higher is possible. I went 260x with long Vixen achromat and view of the Saturn was satisfactory. Your scope should handle 5mm (240x) on a good night without any issues.
  4. heliumstar

    Show me your eyepiece/accessories case, please.

    Small Mantona case from Amazon is perfect for Baader Classic set.
  5. Aha! I thought Queensbury, London. No worries. Post it is. Sending you PM.
  6. Will take the prism. Cash ok? Pick up?
  7. Moving blind here but did you fasten/tighten azimuth fully?
  8. heliumstar

    Well that doesn't look good does it?

    Frustration is all I feel these last few weeks. The only day that was okish I was down with a bad cold and only looked through the window with a sad look on my face. It doesn't look good in near future as well where I am. Feeling optimistic for 2019 though
  9. Unfortunately there are no collimation screws at the back. FLO arranged to send it back and I did. I received a new unit which was 100% collimated.
  10. Thanks Stu. This mount sells quickly though Sale pending to a forum member.
  11. You can buy a sheet of pluck foam that fits inside your case. Might be better than cutting original one...
  12. He's probably suspicious because I am selling it so quickly after buying it. The mount is in perfect condition and works really well. I'll explain a little why I am selling this and a bunch of other stuff on regular basis. I started earlier in the year buying and selling a lot of equipment to find a holy grail and to see what works for me. I went through a dozen mounts,dozen scopes and twice as much eyepieces. Picture is slowly getting clear and now I have an idea what kind of equipment works within my constrains of balcony observing. So anything that doesn't fit into that or is a double in my kit is for sale. This is probably not my last sale here he he. I am sure there are others who went through the same thing and have a complete understanding of what I am talking about
  13. heliumstar

    Baader Classic Eyepieces Set + Barlow + Turret

    Barlow, 18mm and 10mm Sold. I'll update the first post. Thanks guys.

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