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  1. Shoot me a PM once it's available. Saw that one. Unfortunately cash on collection only and driving down would cost me more in time and money than to just order new one from FLO ----- In the meanwhile I bought Altair Astro 60 EDF but the jury is still out there so actually looking for anything in the 60-80 to try out.
  2. Thanks Piero, missed the sig. I have 60edf and looking for something like this. Looks like a great combination and Manfrotto 190 is actually quite cheap in comparison to 055. The whole setup with mount for around 300. Not bad and very usable.
  3. Hi Piero, how do you find this combination at higher powers? Which Manfrotto is this?
  4. 102 Mak? https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/331810-300-budget-scope-for-moon-basic-astro-and-land-sea-viewing/?do=findComment&comment=3612977 Money left for two BST eyepieces ... If you can stretch for 127 mak even better and better mount! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/sky-watcher-skymax-127-az5-deluxe.html
  5. Thanks for the pics guys. Looking at the photo of 102ed f11 it hit me with realisation that the scope is huuuuge! Just look at 72ed beside it. Looks like great event and a lot of eyecandy
  6. I second the Maksutov. For your budget : https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/sky-watcher-skymax-102-az-pronto.html + https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/skywatcher-45-erecting-prism.html and you're good to go out the door!
  7. Check the third photo. You just attach the bracket to the mount like you would normally attach a telescope with Vixen dovetail and then attach your scope at the top. That way the finder shoe is at the top. I am seriously thinking of buying this since it looks like it would work great with AZ GTi. It gives you a little height so you can shorten the legs on that woobly tripod of ours Imo if you use your Mak only with AZ Gti you don't need optical finder. RDF will do since you only actually need 1 star to align and off you go. The issue you have is not optical issue but ergonomics so the solution is either that bracket or just attach Rigel where needed
  8. 18mm BCO works really, really well in my 127 Mak. Decent eye relief and Luna is really nicely framed with it.
  9. This topic is interesting and yes some do feel strongly about it but they don't have the bad skies we have ( Orion barely visible ). Now I recommend everybody to go goto first even though I enjoy star-hopping myself. The thing is I started manually and couldn't find anything. Once I got goto I started to learn the sky. Now I can find the objects manually. Goto enabled me to really start learning and enjoying.
  10. Ah yes! I have the same issue. That's when Rigel comes in. But! The other day I found this : https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10777_TS-Optics-Adapter-Plate-for-alt-azimuth-Mounts-with-perfect-Weight-Compensation.html and it looks it would solve our issue with the finder on the wrong side
  11. Steve, what's the frustration? Otherwise, Rigel
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