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  1. I am all for bumping after a week or so. Better than new thread I guess. And there was a time when I bumped it and it got sold immediately after so I don't think no one buying it the first day reflects the need. I don't see 'a message' there. Let's be realistic, after a day the ad is on the second page and it's all about visibility. I was at both ends. I bumped it but I also bought from a bumped thread. I don't see an issue with this on SGL and I am pretty sure most of us who sold multiple items here bumped a thread here and there
  2. It is a very nice mount haitch! Very smooth. As smooth as my AYO Vamo actually. If I had storage room I would keep it. It's either move to a house or sell it Oh, the spreader is included Sale pending.
  3. Decided to sell this. The plan was to refurb it and use it but no time and it doesn't look there will be any down the road. It has some rust but it's smooth in operation. Beaware that this mount doesn't have the standard vixen dovetail connection but some custom one for the tube seen in the photo. It's a great little mount though and you can use it in eq and az mode. £50 if picked up or £60 shipped in the UK. Scope on the photo not included but am willing to sell it as well if anyone picks it up. The overall condition of the tube is ok but the mirror needs a recoat. It's Vixen mirror though so should be good.
  4. Up to 5kg it kind of works. If you tighten the legs to tripod base it's better. The steel tripod linked above is a monster in comparison but much more stable of course.
  5. I have Thinkpad P52 and the battery holds for 5 hrs. Macbook AIR is even better at 11 hrs but I use that one only for browsing and email. The work computer I use is Thinkpad P52s (slimmer version but due to 2x batteries a little bulky at the back) which holds for 7 hrs. I recommend Thinkpad. You won't be dissapointed.
  6. No compromise there haha. Incredible. Like this very much!
  7. Ok. So this leaves me with one source that says SLVs are being discontinued. Might just be a little miscommunication between importers and retailers? I have first hand info from a retailer that asked about SLVs and it was confirmed (by importer) that they are being discontinued but like I said might be miscommunication and it's just that importer will not have them anymore. If they go and there is no replacement it'll be bad. There is no comparable 50 deg premium eyepiece that is comfortable (eye relief) and has wide range of fl. At least I don't know of any.
  8. I just checked the prices on FLO. They went down across the range. So if you want them now is the time. As far as being discontinued. We now have information from multiple sources that SLVs are being discontinued. @FLO any chance of asking Vixen UK about the replacement, if any?
  9. Merry Christmas to all 13 Nagler available. I sent it out for testing but vineyard decided to stick with Delites. More info here:
  10. All PMs replied. 13 Nagler was just posted for testing and if the buyer doesn't like it he'll send it back so it might appear again. Vixen now SOLD as well.
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