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  1. Showing £565 without VAT for me. Deluxe version is £760 without VAT - https://www.orionoptics.co.uk/OMC/omc140maksutovca.html
  2. A little clearout.... Celestron C5 - £299 SOLD The sale is OTA + 25mm Celestron Plossl, erect prism and dew shield. No fider shoe and finder so you will have to source those separately. I'll add Bob's knobs to the package. Practically new scope. Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED DS-Pro OTA - £200 SOLD This is the newer version with shorter tube. Used a few times - as new. Original case included. Sky-Watcher AZ GTi with tripod and extension tube - £200 SOLD £230 with ADM Dual Dovetail Adaptor for AZ GTi as seen on the photo Gitzo GT4543LS Systematic Series 4 Carbon eXa
  3. Same here. First there was a 'serious' message about NI nr. being used for illegal activites and that all my assets will be seized or something like that. I knew it's a scam so I listened to the end and pressed '1' to speak to a 'case worker'. The guy on the other side asked me to give him my details so that he can 'open up my case on his computer'. I told him they should have all my info as they are calling me. We ran two more circles like this and he hang up. Now this kind of a scam is a simple one and you can quickly 'smell it' out but they are getting sophisticated. The message they p
  4. Not sure how any of this is relevant to giving credit where it's due?
  5. If particles are between lenses return it. Otherwise clean it Q-tip and alcohol will do the job.
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