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  1. Unihedron SQM-L Sky Quality Meter With Lens for sale. £80 shipped in UK
  2. I'll take this. PM me payment details Can be bank transfer as well. Whatever you prefer.
  3. Do yourself a favour and get 32mm Plossl of some brand for a 'finder' and some 'wider' views and Baader zoom for everything else.
  4. Twitter was brewing for days. It was leaked by earthsky.org, Ycombinator hacker news was on it....everybody wants to be the first eh....
  5. Interesting. Can you post a photo please? I presume something similar as TAOs?
  6. Did you cutout the eyecup on BCOs?
  7. Looks like it. It was leaked already: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:dUWrpm80WHsJ:https://earthsky.org/%3Fp%3D343883+ The above is cached page from Google. They took the original down: https://earthsky.org/space/life-on-venus-phosphine-biosignatures
  8. Looking for 4" refractor. Preferably Tak but will take into consideration any other hight quality 4".
  9. Here's an idea if you insist on Tele Vue (under your £1000 budget): 24mm Panoptic 13mm Nagler 2.5x Powermate With these three you'll have a nice range of magnifications - aprox. 50x, 100x, 130x, 215x.
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