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  1. Thanks for answers guys. The scope was well 'cooled down'. It was out for more than 2hrs before I observed. Telescope-optics.net is a great resource even though I struggle with it somewhat. Thanks for the reminder that it exists.
  2. I was completely taken aback yesterday. First a little context. I was observing Jupiter and Saturn a few days ago with C5 and all was well. Sharp view, really pleasing. Better than AA 80ED-R that I had side by side. Was happy camper so to speak. But yesterday the seeing was not so great and I had them both again side by side but this time C5 just didn't perfrom. Mushy views all over the place. Collimation is spot on so that's not an issue. The view through 80mm was not ideal but much much sharper at the same mag. There must be something going on with a telescope design here and I would like to understand science behind this. I am not imagining this. I got my lady to take a look through as well. I have to admit, I am kind of down because of this. Is SCT really usable only with decent seeing? That puts it out of commision for most clear nights. Mak for example has no such issues....
  3. I was thinking about this and in my case it might be convenience. It might be that my brain just doesn't see any real difference because of how happy I am with handling easy to use eyepieces - light, still comfortable, quickly in and out of diagonal, etc. I am choping and then adding to my eyepiece collection all the time but these little BCOs just stick. I am drawn towards Tak Orthos though to see what the fuss is all about
  4. I really like Pentax XW 5mm for example. The ease of view is just phenomenal. But! I like just grabbing the trio and be done with it. I am sure I would have different opinion if observing with a big manual Dob. But as a flat with a balcony dweller and mostly observing ds, planets and our moon with smallish scopes on go-to mount fov is not an issue for me. For everything else there is a camera. Just one more comment on Baader barlow. I read a bunch of reviews on this one and it's all mixed. My personal experience is that it's very good. Image doesn't degrade at all. On the other hand I programmed myself not to be fussy about the edges and to be completely honest, I am not that good at spotting anything wrong with most of eyepieces. I am mainly concerned with how many stars I can see in wide views and if airy disks are nicely presented when I observe double stars.
  5. I have some supposedly better eyepieces. They are certainly at least 4x more expensive but I admit of using 18mm, 10mm and 2.25x Barlow BCOs exclusively lately. It seems like that no matter telescope fl these three pieces of equipment provide everything I need. 10mm barlowed gives 4.4mm and I am yet to look through any eyepiece in 4-5mm range that provides sharper and more pleasing view of airy disks when looking at double stars. To my eyes it's better than 4mm and 5mm SLVs and 5mm XW - this one is close if not the same view but is just too big - comfortable though. Not sure what is going on there to be honest.....
  6. Baader 2" ClickLock M56i - fits Takahashi FS60CB, FC76DCU, FC100DC £40 including shipping (UK)
  7. Reducing this to £300. This needs to go as I don't need it anymore and need space in my 'designated' astro area in the flat .
  8. Ayo II mount for sale. Really nice and smooth mount. A little scratch at the back like seen on the photo below. £210 shipped (UK)
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