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  1. Hi Lars, It is a poor engineering design which is trying to bend the tines of a rigid fork inwards to achieve enough friction. Your idea of increasing friction with alternative materials seems very sensible. Plastic would tend to compress under load. So metal shims [spacing washers] make better sense. The less the tines have to bend inwards the larger will be the friction area. Harder shims [washers] and a close fit will reduce the tines being forced inwards when tightened. There is the risk of causing damage by forcing the tines apart while trying to get metal shims in. They need to fit well rather than spreading the fork tines apart. So the thickness of the shims is quite critical. Similar metals have higher friction when rubbed together. So aluminium might be a good choice for the spacing washers.
  2. Hi, I have come up against a serious hurdle in SharpCap with my solar imaging. The sun's image in the viewing pane is overlaid with a weird "rippled glass" texture. This does not rotate with the camera nor move with the displayed field of view. Hopefully that eliminates camera, filter or equipment damage. The "ripple" [or coarse grain] is visible in both H-a and white light. The "ripple" is captured along with the video. So the resulting videos are completely useless for stacking. The similarity to solar surface texture is uncanny. Sheer coincidence? The screen shows no sign of damage on any other material. Only in SharpCap and only in the live viewing pane. I tried every setting and adjustment in SC but it made no difference. I have attached a snap I took of the laptop screen. Any constructive thoughts, please? Thanks
  3. I'm glad you have the knowledge and skill to use UT. Though isn't that a bit like relying on the Equation of Time to fix lunch time?
  4. Fortunately the sun finally came out to give me a real sky target. C-Du-C badly overshot on a Goto slew to the Sun after clicking on it. So I reduced UT by two hours in AWR as it was showing local time. Which immediately made the Sun's coordinates wrong in AWR. Syncing on the sun in C-Du-C, with the telescope manually pointed to the Sun, solved that problem. I now have matching LST and the correct coordinates. Now I'll see if if it can find the parking spot and then slew back to the sun. Success on both counts! Happy days are here again.. tra-la-la-la!
  5. Hi, This is driving me around the Polar Axis! I usually use C-Du-C with ASCOM[AWR] to control my big, home made GEM. But slews are going horribly awry. My slews overshot by miles every time! My AWR IH2 handset is showing LST two hours ahead compared to all of the LST calculators I can find online. [Four so far and counting.] Meanwhile, AWR alone on the IH2, is fine on slews until I connect the computer and open C-Du-C. AWR is showing the correct time in RTC. As is C-Du_C and all the online calculators. BUT!! C-Du-C is showing my easterly observatory site as + instead of -. Is this the problem? Or simply a display error? I'm on the other side of the North Sea from Gravely Blighted but C-Du-C shows a + whether I enter East or West for longitude! I should be able to rest the C-Du-C cursor on the Southern horizon [Local meridian] to obtain LST directly. However, C-Du-C insists on showing LST 2 hours behind AWR's. Help, pretty please?
  6. I am not seeing a picture of this miscreant set-up. What about a hex-socket head bolt/screw? [Allen screw in UK colloquial.] One can obtain socket head grub screws too.
  7. If you look at it another way its an Oscar statue desperately trying to keep the hole open.
  8. Well somebody always has to be last in every race to be best. 180/12 iStar, Lacerta 2" ZWO 120MC 2000 frames SharpCap 10% Registax.
  9. And another image plucked from the video file.
  10. I just found a load of videos of the moon I'd forgotten about from15.04.19 Had a go at this one in Registax. A bit too "sandy" for my liking.
  11. Valuable information gentlemen. I am still a relative novice at imaging and even more so at processing. You may well have saved me from buying that 100TB hard drive.
  12. That which one would otherwise avoid were one not recompensed in kind, in keep, in rations or in tokens to the local, monopoly food store.
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