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  1. All it needs now is a big, coarse, half-round file to make room for the telescope. Smaller heads on the Csk. screws would leave much more room for a concave radius on the pretty, new "thingy." Or a curved, flat bottomed, external foot for the un-flattened[?] ring to sit on. Using Csk. screws of course. Sorry, I couldn't resist it. We'll get there in the end.
  2. Rusted

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?"
  3. Rusted

    15.2.19 Rapidly changing eastern prom

    Well spotted! Growing like weeds, they are! My earlier seeing has gone. I'll try again later. Peter Drew, Davey-T and laudropb commented on 15.2.19 Rapidly changing eastern prom 43 minutes ago
  4. Rusted

    15.2.19 Rapidly changing eastern prom

    When I were a lad.... and still had change from half-a-crown.
  5. Rusted

    15.2.19 Rapidly changing eastern prom

    Don't you listen to Him! You'll end up poor and with your every sunny day spoken for!
  6. Rusted

    15.2.19 Rapidly changing eastern prom

    This really is watching live changes! The prom went from a straight pole with a bonfire upwind and smoke blowing downwind. To a leaning, narrow twister, which changed to untidy, then knotted, then branched and is finally dispersing. All in a couple of hours. What am I going to watch this afternoon? I really missed my binoviewers. Not only much easier to see through the detail but the dreaded floaters are kept at bay!
  7. The eastern prom from yesterday's thread is changing in real time before my eyes! The surface feature 'patch' in WL is moving further onto the disk. Update: Dark line Filament on the disk near constantly changing prom.
  8. An update: My M48>T2 adapter and1.25 EP holder have arrived. The Lacerta 2" prism is an instant improvement over the Baader solar foil! I'm seeing surface texture on the disk near the eastern "ramp" prom as shown in H-a on GONG! Heat sink temperature peaked at 38C, 100F after 3 hours. NO noticeable heat out of bottom window.
  9. Rusted

    Flaring on east edge

    15.2.19 09.45. CET. The eastern prom now has two odd height pillars with a straight sloping ramp between them. I'm struggling with thin high cloud in the south east but hoping for greater clarity. Already seeing lots of "smokey" texture in the prom at only 16 degrees altitude.
  10. Thanks, Peter. I went with the larger model for its increased acreage of heat sink to cope with my 7" aperture. The feeling on the groups and Lacerta's advice is that a 2" is best with larger instruments. It also gives me more clear aperture for a full screen DSLR. If only!
  11. Thanks for your helpful responses. The TS filter sounds much more affordable. I suddenly developed safety doubts after shining a torch and a laser pointer through the bare prism. Even the 8% reflection is fiercely bright. As is the second reflection off the back of the wedge. Though shining beams through the ND3 and polariser alone greatly reduce the brightness, I had no real idea of their passband. A separate UV/IR blocker would give me the option of not having to use the SC. [green] Allowing me to make simple visual comparisons. A 2" filter can be left permanently in place. Offering an increased safety margin when changing eyepieces. It was the very high price of the alternatives [at 2"] which put me off.
  12. Hi My shiny new Lacerta 2" LAC2S wedge is waiting to be used for the first time but want to be absolutely certain about safety. The model I bought has a rotating [polarizing filter] adapter and contains a fitted 2" ND3 as standard. I have fitted a 2" Baader polarizing filter in the rotator ready for visual dimming. The problem [?] is that I am intending to use this setup on my 7" [180mm] f/12 refractor. Lacerta mentions using a 2" UV/IR blocking filter with larger refractors. Their Optolong KG3/IFIRUV2 filter recommendation costs another whopping 120 Euros! Eek! I will be using a Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum filter in my eyepieces as standard. I decided I couldn't afford the 2" SC to fit permanently inside the wedge at the moment. This just means I have to remember to refit the green filter when I change eyepieces. Question: Is the Baader SC considered a true [safe] UV/IR blocking filter in its own right? Or should I really invest in a separate 2" UV/IR blocker to be really safe? The 2" Baader costs 100 Euros. Or, should I stop down the 7" to [say] 120mm? Optimum aperture for average seeing conditions, etc? Thanks
  13. Stared from 9.30-13.30 at a blank sun in WL. Proms at 2.00 and 5:00 in H-a. One seemed to be changing rapidly with attached and detached clouds. Sun reached only 20 degrees altitude here at 55N. Took some stills and videos and wondered why I bothered. Lunch over: Back to the fray!
  14. Rusted

    Whats your thoughts on this?

    After considerable searching, the only price I could find for Accoya was £8/m for decking boards. About 4x the price of larch of similar [145mm] dimensions. I thought my larch was expensive enough!
  15. Rusted

    Whats your thoughts on this?

    Hi Kev The stuff I bought [here in Denmark] is called Selex at a discount DIY chain. It comes with machined grooves at 4" intervals going the long way. Overlap joints with machined wind blocking on opposite long edges. Beklædningsplade SELEX 12 mm The weird Danish name just means cladding plywood. Here's the more expensive stuff: RAW Sporplade Radiata Pine Krydsfiner - Bredde: 1220 mm; Længde: 2440 mm; Tykkelse: 12 mm; I've tried searching for grooved cladding and exterior plywood but can't find it in the UK. Which doesn't make any sense because my own experience is minimum 20 years survival, completely untreated, while exposed to harsh weather conditions. It weathers down to a nice grey-brown. If you like that sort of thing. I do.

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