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  1. This is really exciting! I was helping the guys out at IAS and to get a close up of the kit was great! It looks amazing!
  2. Yikes! That IS nice!!
  3. Hi all We've seen an increase in members using the Profile message comments in order to contact another member, and while it may be obvious to some, I thought I would just point out the difference here..... Private (Direct) Message - As it's name suggests, this is a private message between you and the other party. No-one else can see this message Profile Message - This is displayed on the right hand side of the main index, and is visible to all. We're not saying that you should use one over the other - it's your choice - but not everyone has the Profile notification setting switched on, but most will have the PM notification switched on, Just be aware of posting things like contact details when using the Profile Message! If you're happy using this, no problem at all. Just wanted everyone to be clear on the two... Clear skies!
  4. I assume it means RA Dave as I had RA Only set in the global options... but it's only an assumption at this point!
  5. Welcome to the club! I love mine!!!!
  6. Like those! The b/w one is nice with the graveyard in the foreground!
  7. Hi boys and girls Setting up my SA under a RPi3+ in EKOS using PHD2 as the guider and running into difficulties in getting it calibrated. I have set it to RA guide only in the Global options, and set DEC orthogonal to RA - which I believe is the correct thing. I have the mount set to On Camera and I did a polar alignment with my Polemaster. I am using a ZWO120mini on a ZWO Guider - and I have set the correct f/l and pixel size in PHD, but when I run the calibration it fails on the Backlash Correction steps with an error saying it has not moved far enough. The E/W movements are fine and it reaches the 25 pixels no problem, just this last bit falls over! Am I missing something obvious here, if not, any insights on what I'm doing wrong! Thanks
  8. Responded to your PM Mike, I'll look and advise when I get home later.
  9. Mike What are you like in hunting down drivers for things? I have an old Phillips SPC webcam that you would be most welcome to try, but it might be a challenge to hunt down drivers for Windows 8.... if you're happy to give it a go, drop me a PM with your address and I'll send it off to you!
  10. daz


    Nice picture Mick, but I will sit in the firmly disagree camp I have Baaders NB and LRGBs and find they work just great! What I don't have is time and clear skies :D
  11. That is so good!! My neighbours young kids would LOVE it!!
  12. I will be there to eat Welsh cakes and biscuits!! And say hi to people in between of course!!
  13. The polar scope should just unscrew as a whole unit. The set screws you were adjusting will 'nudge' the polar scope reticule in it's housing - you loosen one and tighten the other two while going through the alignment process. It's not uncommon for people to loosen the screws too much. The reticule has a v-shaped profile on it's outer edge where the set screws connect into. I can't remember the sizes of the screws from memory - M2 or M3 I think, so they should come out OK - have you cross-threaded them? Some pictures would help .. Welcome to SGL by the way !
  14. Is the USB hub powered? If not, take it out of the loop - it will just cause more issues! If you need the hub, invest in a 12v powered one. It will save a lot of headaches!
  15. If you make a change to your profile, you will need to re-apply the profile to the current sequence. It is not a 'live' update. Think of the profile as a template for creating a new sequence. That template sets the 'default' options but you can change/tweak the sequence via the Control Panel. Calibration - check if you have limits enabled in EQMOD, and what is set for limits. It could be that the calibration process is pushing the scope beyond the limits and then EQMOD is turning off. If this is the case, EQMOD will flash LIMITS in the RA/DEC coordinates display. PHD2 can sometimes be funny about where you do the calibration - a good place would the guiding assistant, it will at least give you a starting point. Cold. Yep. Carbon hand warmers. Carbon back warmers. Layers. Thermals. Tea.
  16. My colleagues at Bedford AS are getting some good views apparently! Head to Bedford School Observatory on Pemberely Avenue if you are in the area!
  17. Good luck all! Stuck in the office so can't get across to Bedford for the viewing Hold onto something Helen!!
  18. My mobile rig is at last ready to go! Recent investment in a ZWO 183MC to go with the ED72... As yet to have first light, and looking at the forecast, $DEITY knows when that will be! Ho hum!! It's run by a RaspberryPi3+, with EKOS for acquisition and PHD2 for guiding. I have set everything up as far as I can, now just need some clear sky to actually tested and tweaked! Making use of cloudy weather to try and learn the EKOS ecosystem!! Clear skies all
  19. daz

    Basic HEQ5 battery pack

    Hi Gaz - long time mate! Shout if you can't find anyone local!
  20. Thanks everyone for your understanding - it was a difficult decision but the right one for everyone's sake. And of course, we have to consider the Lucksall team as well - they are great friends of many of us now, not just of SGL and we didn't want to add to their obvious pressures. And there is the marquee, and the hogroast (man, I'm gonna miss that hogroast!)... I'd like to publicly say "Thanks" to @Grant - I am normally one of the "support team" but have been very busy with work this year, so he has pretty much done everything by himself. Normal service will resume next year - promise!! Some people have suggested switching back to Spring - we moved away from Spring after the very wet one a few years ago. We had people stuck on the grass and we made a bit of a mess of some of the pitches. It was unavoidable and Lucksall were understanding, but by holding it Autumn, the site has a chance to recover before the new season. They are also a bit more lenient on the 4-night rule for the same reason.. But, we will figure something out to try and make up for it next year! Hope the weather is better in Scotland and Wales, and indeed, anywhere else that is hosting a gathering - let us have the pictures so we can see what we're missing!!
  21. I'm with John on this. Flats for each filter used after each session and I'm in an observatory. I generally just use the last focus position of the last filter to take all the flats, and this seems to work OK. I guess you could take an average for each of the images for each of the filters and take the flats at that, but that is indeed faff - capital F! And no, the slight tweaks in focus position won't matter
  22. Got everything packed away ready for heading off to Kelling on Saturday - which meant that the skies immediately cleared for me!! >sigh<
  23. A colleague at Bedford AS is now no longer able to attend Kelling. Pitch is T374 on the Red Field, 26th to 30th Sept. Cost is £58 for the pitch. If interested, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him Thanks
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