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  1. I'm as guilty as the rest, lol. Problem is the wet and clouds mean more time to peruse the internet for nice astronomical equipment which probably will not get used for months because of the weather, lol. Vicious circle.
  2. And this is why we have cloud and rain until November. Come on, let's stop buying stuff, lol.
  3. Na, Devon, where it rains eight days out of seven, lol.
  4. Thanks Rusted. Hopefully it'll continue. In the dome (not been in a few days) today to put on a new dovetail bar. No condensation on walls or anything else. All's dry and snug. Wind and rain was blowing around and cold last night. May well it continue.
  5. New dovetail arrived so I can mount the 70mm refractor on the C11. Fitted this afternoon. Had to change the position of the finder. Really robust.
  6. Brilliant, I too have a C11 but not had the chance to look at the moon yet, you've inspired me.
  7. Well, it's been over two months and damper colder weather and no condensation build up on the dome walls or telescope. Looks like the under floor ventilation is working a treat. Not bothered buying a dehumidifier so far. With the solid floor at the domes original location I had condensation all over the inside of the dome and sometimes on the mount. Had to run a dehumidifier 24/7.
  8. Sorry, had a dome to construct but finished now so weather should improve, lol.
  9. Hi all, just joined the Devon and Cornwall club in SGL. I'm in Devon. Been observing the sun today. Brilliant complex plage today. More complex than yesterday. Not sure if I observed a flare will have to look through the Avi files but noticed change near the sunspot. Will post when I've processed the file's. There used to be a yearly get together of clubs here in Devon years ago but think it died a death. I've been away from Devon for several years only moved back in November last year. Enjoy the dark sky we have here.
  10. Hi, hope you don't mind me posting. I'm in Devon, didn't know there was a Devon and Cornwall club on here?
  11. Welcome, great you images the spot. I managed this too today but not processed these yet. Happy imaging.
  12. Welcome back and enjoy the hobby once again
  13. I use the IDAS D2 excellent with the local LED lights, but I'm bortle 3/4 so not as much light pollution.
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