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  1. Probably other manufacturers will step in, perhaps UK built scope's, mount's like in the 70's.
  2. Just arrived today with guaranteed clear skies. Baader ND1.8 for my hershal wedge instead of the ND3 that was installed. Will only be for imaging and give higher frame rate captures. Thanks FLO.
  3. Yes, lovely proms today, large one at the 4 o'clock position on South Western rim. Also a very small spot just off center, South East position. Several small filaments but one largeish filament North Easton region at the 11 o'clock position. Three plage area's with one one associated with the small spot.
  4. Sorry to hear your news but great you got a refund. I've got a Lunt 60mm double stack which I'm very pleased with. I did get mine second hand so it was not so expensive as new. New these things are atronomical, lol. I know mass produced etchalons are hit and miss but there should be better quality control.
  5. Hi Stu, I was out again, lol. Glad your seeing was better today. Didn't think mine was so didn't use the big scope. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm getting such a back log of data to process. Three days in a row but my thought is to concentrate on acquiring the data and when it's cloudy I'll sit down and do the processing.
  6. Thanks David, it's a start using the big gun, lol.
  7. Thanks Paul, I think we sometimes get hung up on not doing solar because we think the best is hydrogen alpha or true cak which is expensive. This shows us it's still worth doing even with cheaper solar white light filters and adding continuume or baader k-line.
  8. Sorry to hear your awful news. I hope you're able to get it fixed at not to much expense. I feel for you. So easy to do when your closing up.
  9. Thanks Stu and mog, appreciate your comments. The seeing Stu was boiling, lol had to up the gain and reduce exposure to get better lucky imaging better.
  10. Just experimenting today with the big gun, C11. Used the white light filter and baader k-Line filter. I did image too with the Lunt 60DS and 80ED baader K-Line scopes but not processed these images yet. The C11 is experimental. Seeing wasn't great and sun going down towards my hedge. I think it has potential as a big gun solar L-Line scope for the summer.
  11. My little gun and big gun both used with baader k-line filter.
  12. I had a terrible session the one before yesterday. I do solar and then my solarquest mount for some reason wouldn't lock on to any GPS satellites. It won't do anything if it doesn't. Took an hour turning it on and off. Finally picked up the GPS signal and off it went and did it stuff as normal but by then clouds started to gather. Also I had dust bunnies that I couldn't get rid of and took another half hour before finally able to image. Yes I was very frustrated, yes I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks so that didn't help. I question the validity of what I'm doing when things go wrong but
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