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  1. I'm away at the moment but glad the thread is being useful to other's. It'll take me time to filter through all the advice given here so far but thanks all, keep it up.
  2. I got Venus back in 2004 so looking forward to seeing Mercury, if it's clear of course from the uk.
  3. Sometimes James, at least I'm not alone, lol. I frequently read a word and I've read it as a completely different "CART" (word). Gotten me in trouble a few times and once embarrassingly so in a parent's meeting, lol.
  4. Ken, sorry, no idea why I wrote Ted, but at age 60 I'll put it down to senile decay, lol.
  5. Love this quote "Pictures of Stars show what they look like - a Spectrum reveals the soul." after J Kaler.
  6. Thanks Dave, unfortunately I have sky at night not astronomy now, lol. I'm very taken with the subject but a huge learning curve.
  7. Thanks vlaiv, much appreciated. So I guess if I use my mono asi120mm that will give less of a camera response and less to calibrate.
  8. Hi all my spectroscopy gurus. My zwo ASI224mc definetly has a response dip on spectrum data. Can I make a camera response data capture and use this to calibrate the spectrums in future so this can be extracted from the spectrum of an object? Attached are two spectrums with what I assume is the camera response for clarity. I my be wrong. Hope the above makes sense.
  9. Welcome and enjoy the forum, great people here.
  10. I'm planning on selling up and move out to the canaries when I formally retire, well that's the dream, lol.
  11. Hi Robin, I've had a look but can't see me in any, I was right next to Chris. Small world though.
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