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  1. Hi James, don't know about using a dslr, I use a zwo camera with the sharpcap.
  2. I've a neq6, I discarded using the polar scope and use sharpcap polar align and for £10 a year isn't even worth worrying about. It's so easy and done in a matter of minutes and spot on. Just a thought.
  3. Thanks CedricTheBrave for the tip of painting the heater black.
  4. Thanks for the info, looks like just what I need, I can run another cable 12v from the box if need be. Just ordered one, thanks.
  5. Hi Dave, no box isn't sealed at cable end yet, didn't give it a thought about flocking the underside of the dome but it's only for night time use anyway. Misting was on the outside only however. Not sure what would work to get rid of the dome fogging over on the outside except what's used for eyepieces and secondary mirrors.
  6. Hi Gina, only two usb cable's running from box. One for camera and the other for the fan.
  7. Thanks Mars, I not proficient in wiring, would have to pick your brains, could that be made via USB cable connection too. Been looking at small USB heating pads as I've usb running from the box.
  8. Hi Mars, after running the skycamera for a few hours there is fogging so I'm going to have to address that before I install it on the roof.
  9. Undid the box and moved the camera slightly to try and miss the distortions and refocused and seems to be better.
  10. I have a fan running and only just got it up and running so the answer is no Mars sure at the moment what will happen. Will let you know if I have issues.
  11. Okay, tested this evening and there is some reflection, mark caused by the drill to the left of the image. Pleased that it's picking up quite a few stars and that the 10m run on the usb seems to be OK. Fan works too to keep things clear. So pleased with the way it's going but needs tweaks re: the dome. Might try and mount the camera outside the box under the dome to bring it closet to the top of the dome to see if this clears the distortions and marks I made drilling. Attacked a just a couple of quick single images taken with the allskybox. Pleased with the depth of image and sure it'll pick up meteors. I also think I need to tweak the focus slightly.
  12. As I previously said, this last dimming cycle is quite unusual as the star is at record low brightness, and this dimming is significant enough to be seen by the naked eye. The latest data has the magnitude of the star at 1.5, which is 0.2 magnitudes dimmer than the previous known record of 1.3 magnitudes in 1927 and 1941. Rigel is 0.18 and about 100+ light years more distant than Betelgeuse, which is at 1.5 at the moment and much dimmer than Rigel.
  13. Welcome to the forum and great first pic of the moon. It's now an expensive slippery slope into astro imaging, lol.
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