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  1. Lovely to see cak proms, well done.
  2. There was someone selling a Lunt on astro adds uk
  3. Massive failure early hours of the morning. Went out to a place near my home, just ten min walk to look over the sea to try and image comet swan, mist moved in and got nothing.
  4. Thanks, appreciate it, least I'd taken all my equipment away to my new address. Just looking forward now to rebuild it at my new home. Least I've gone from bortal 8 to bortal 3 skies, lol.
  5. The Moon is approximately 1,700km in size and Mercury is approximately 2,400km. With a big enough telescope based on Mars I think you would see the earth and moon transit the sun. Of course this depends on the orbital elements too and if or how often this would occur from Mars view point.
  6. Hi all, just posting Solar image observations the 11th Novembers Mercury Transit. Lunt 60mm DS pressure tuned and DS tilt tuned, Zwo Asi 120mm camera. Software used, Autostakker3, ImPPG and Photoshop CS2. Reprocessed using ImPPG.
  7. Hi all, just posting Solar image observations from the 21st and 25th May 2020. Lunt 60mm DS pressure tuned and DS tilt tuned, Zwo Asi 178mm camera. Software used, Autostakker3, ImPPG and Photoshop CS2.
  8. Hi, thanks, I am planning on using a steel plate because of where the damage is near the wheels..just waiting for everything to be delivered.
  9. Great obsy, hum, I'm thinking now, keep it white. Love the Conifer idea.
  10. I was thinking dark green but after your experience not sure now, trouble is white stands out like a sore thumb and wanted something not so obvious.
  11. Hi kris, welcome, great peps and advice on this forum. Best around. Have fun with your new hobby. Word of warning, don't fall in the black hole of aperture feaver and astrophotography like some os us do, myself included, lol.
  12. I've looked on skysafari and from next year I'll be able to see Jupiter above the trees and Mars this year so all in all it seems below 20 degree's doesn't matter. At least for the next several years with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn getting higher in the sky. I've lots of DSOs that I can see too from the location. Pointing East there is more light pollution so not really bothered about that restriction from the bungalow. South East to South, South West is the best area of sky so seems it'll be good despite the restrictions in West through to North East. At least I'll be able to polar align as I can see North from 40 degrees up.
  13. Added pics, after using skysafari against the sky it seems nothing below 20 degrees not 10. Worse than I thought unless I put it on the bank. Attached are pics looking in the different directions.
  14. Hi Jeremy, I've most circumpolar from 20 degrees upwards looking north. Nothing from North North East till East. Then from East to South West I have sky. I'm also in a valley so nothing from about 10 degrees and below because of trees and other houses. Hope that makes sense. Hopefully try and take some pics of horizons in each direction. If I put the dome on the back like the RoR then I'd have more sky but means a lot more work and of course cost.
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