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  1. Stu

    Blue Sky Moon

    Looks fabulous against the blue sky Richard. Will have the scope out this evening on it.
  2. Shame, I nearly put the scope out today but didn’t bother! Will have a look tomorrow morning. Thanks for the heads up Mark.
  3. It’s all about the skies really. I’ve seen it oin Canon 15x50is Binoculars from a dark site in Dorset quite a few years ago, but struggle with it in any scope from home or I can’t see it at all!
  4. I managed it again at x100 in the Vixen. Really quite amazing views, managed to get the focus spot on after a bit of fiddling around and saw plenty of detail. Great fun.
  5. Excellent session! As Nick says, probably best in smaller apertures, if you use averted vision the Blinking planetary shows it’s full extent, then blinks out into a central star when you look directly at it. It looks quite green to me from memory.
  6. It was lovely last night wasn’t it John? Was doing exactly the same thing. The rille was very striking and clear, and I agree, Theophilus looked amazing. Nice shot!
  7. Have fun Doug. Looks good already in the Telementor, might have to pop the Vixen out for a while. Enjoy!
  8. You will get much better resolution with the full aperture filter you made, so stick with that!
  9. That’s a shame Paul. Didn’t you have some problems with it when you first got it? How does the collimation look? Easiest thing is to check your Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude near the zenith, you can estimate your Bortle rating from that. Seeing will affect the higher power views of the biggest globs too though I guess.
  10. Excellent and interesting write up Magnus! Very useful for many interested in these scopes. Also very brave taking it apart!
  11. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!
  12. I’m sure you will responses saying you need a 12” scope, or similar, but there is plenty you can see with a 6” scope if you haven’t used it much yet. Much depends on your skies, light pollution will limit what you can see in any scope, but some of the better objects to try for are M13, M3 and M5 which are nice globular. M27 and M57 are two quite different planetary nebulae. M81 and M82 are well placed galaxies at the moment. Don't forget that there is little or no Astro darkness now until after summer, so skies will be brighter than they can be which makes seeing the objects trickier.
  13. That was SkySafari 6 Pro, very good app for iPhone and Android. The Plus version is very comprehensive too, and they do regular 50% off offers which are worth waiting for.
  14. Pretty hazy round here tonight, so just a quick snap through the Telementor. I was using a TAL 12.5mm plossl giving x67, just comfortably fitting the whole moon into the fov.
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