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  1. It's a capable mount although I would personally recommend putting it on a more solid tripod than the standard. I have also upgraded the saddle to the ADM dual format one which gives very secure grip. I use mine with the Tak 100mm which is probably the lighter than your planned scope, but used with a Baader Coolwedge and Mark IV Binoviewers I reckon the weight is probably over 5kg although I've never actually weighed it.
  2. Neil, I think a more appropriate term for what you are seeing is Macro-granulation. I have Ken (Merlin66) to thank for understanding this more correctly. Basically you are seeing the variation in density of the granulation cells across the surface of the sun. To properly see the cells themselves requires high power and excellent seeing. If i recall correctly they are around 1 to 2 arc seconds across, so powers of x100 and more help to open them up, similar to a close double star i guess. I've occasionally had fabulous views at over x200 in the Tak with binoviewers where you can really see the individual cells, and actually see them change over relatively short periods as they don't last that long.
  3. Excellent stuff @lenscap. I agree with what you've said, if you sort the mounting out on some of these small scopes then they are surprisingly capable. I love trying to get the most out a small scope, it's often a great challenge and can be just as rewarding as different targets in larger scopes. I have a lovely little Tal Alkor which is a 65mm newt and is great fun since I put it in rings and mounted it on a decent EQ mount.
  4. Yep, will give it a go. Need to get away from home to get some better seeing though. At home I'm observing over the houses most of the time.
  5. Great stuff Ed. This one has been my nemesis for a few years! I seem to remember seeing it once before, possibly in Gavin's TEC160, not sure. I'm reckon John's seeing must be better than mine, as I've tried and failed on numerous occasions with my Tak, and other larger scopes in the past. I do now have an Orion Optics 8" f8, 1/10th wave, so given your success with your VX8L, it seems possible I will have some luck with it. Thanks for the report.
  6. It can be quite disorientating can't it? Basically the view with the diagonal will be left right reversed but the right way up. Not sure how further to help at this stage. When star hopping I prefer to use an Alt Az mount but I know @michael.h.f.wilkinson uses an EQ mount for visual with a C8, and he manages to star hop very successfully so may have some better advice for you.
  7. I've used TS many times and they are very good in my experience. It takes a few days longer to get the goods but they have been highly reliable whenever I've used them. I would be tempted by this one: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9868_TS-Optics-PhotoLine-102mm-f-7-FPL-53-Doublet-Apo-with-2-5--Focuser.html Stu
  8. This is a combination I've used and enjoyed alot too; you keep the better eye relief of the long focal length ortho but keep the sharpness (as long as your Barlow is decent).
  9. Lovely little scope. Missed mine, which is why I got the TS72mm, but it's not quite as cute and compact as the 66.
  10. Great looking setup @AdeKing Which refractor is that? Looks a bit WO to me? I'm intrigued by these Manfrotto heads too. Can you reach the Zenith with it? Looks like it will be very stable and balanced/smooth to pan/tilt.
  11. Thanks John. Not trying to be picky, just dont want people thinking they can see it at low power! I've seen it in my 4" on a good night so with good seeing I should think a 130 could do it, providing well cooled and collimated. Nice shot btw
  12. Paul, I think you underestimate the ambition of the Gregg's Board of Directors! I can see their next tagline... 'An astronaut flies on a custard slice'
  13. NASA video about their future missions to the Moon and Mars.
  14. Stu

    Televue NP101

    APM have a used one for sale on their website currently. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/secondhand/tele-vue-np-101-apo-refractor-telescope.html
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