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  1. Have you managed the double split on a scope Tigaroo? The other night with the Tak and TEC at high power the splits were huge (well, comparatively anyway )
  2. Nice Dave. Tricky with the wind I should think, it's turned out very well. Some ok views here too, hazy cloud a lot of the time though.
  3. Lovely target. Seems to be easier at lower power in refractors, but very doable in your scope. Make sure it is well cooled and collimate and you should have any trouble. Can't really miss it near Vega, but here are some additional references which might help your Goto. The STF one might be in there. Try at x150 which should be easy enough, then lower the mag and see how far you can go.
  4. I guess GRS has shrunk over the years, I used to be surprised how big it was! I do remember once, a long time ago, confidently telling someone that they were looking at GRS when it was actually a large barge! Doh! GRS duly came around the corner a while late and I was looking at it in a puzzled way thinking 'what is that??' Fortunately the 'someone' had gone by then so I didn't have to expose my ignorance GRS is great, look for the colour next time if you didn't pick it up this time.
  5. Very nice Shane. Looks like you had better seeing than the previous night? Some nice detail! Better get my Wedge out if there is some WL action!!!
  6. I like that Davide, very much
  7. Having seen and used a T-Rex last night with the TEC140, I know what the fuss is about now. Lovely, solid and with slo mo controls is could actually get on with!
  8. You are missing out on lots of opportunity then, skies have been great recently.
  9. You did indeed see ISS, that matches the time it was going right overhead. We were out observing and missed most of it, just catching the last part of the pass. Fortunately we were still there 90 ish minutes later when it did another great pass! Bed at 1.45am, alarm went off at 6.30am! Normally 6am but I had a lie in knowing the traffic would be lighter today
  10. Very nice detail, shows/confirms what we observed last night, thanks for posting
  11. Very interesting sketch Mike. Last night at a similar time in the TEC we were seeing three white ovals, more turbulence really in the SEB running from the centre to the right hand side of the disk. I did not really seem them on the left hand side. In terms of festoons, there seemed to be a very prominent one centre disk at this time, with the others much more subtle. I guess perhaps your seeing was better than ours, although last night was the best I've seen it locally this year. Glad we are all getting some great views at last
  12. One of our group saw two bright flaws together last night, not sure what they were.
  13. Nice report Gavin, it was a fun night. The tricky one was Zeta Herculis, my nemesis in that I've never managed to split it. I would agree that there was definitely something visible last night, not something I would say was conclusive but closer than I've ever managed before. Perhaps now I know what I'm looking for it might become easier. M5 was a cracker in your TEC, as was Jupiter
  14. I thought M5 was cracking last night, best I've seen it.
  15. Certainly not a daft question, and it has highlighted how counter intuitive some things can seem.