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  1. Last night was unexpectedly clear when I went out to put the bunnies to bed. Unfortunately I was too tired from the week for a scope, so just took this handheld shot using my phone. Very overexposed before processing, it came out ok with some tweaks in Snapseed and PS Express.
  2. I agree John, I’ve got the 3 to 6 and 2 to 4 now . The latter is good in my Genesis to get to x200, and others of course for very high power. Had the Vixen Fluorite up to x450 on some doubles the other night with it.
  3. Ultimate goal is to make humankind and interplanetary species perhaps?
  4. Interesting method! I recently added a lazy Susan beating to my Orion Optics 8” f8 and it is much better now.
  5. Potentially worth getting up for if the skies are clear and you have a low South East horizon.
  6. Fab looking scope Mike, amazing condition. Somehow I missed out on starting out with a 60mm scope, a 150mm Celestron Bird-Jones was my starter! That said I’ve enjoyed a 60mm f16.7 Carton in the past and currently my little Telementor which I particularly enjoy, so I’m sure you will have plenty of fun with it. Enjoy!
  7. Well done Doug! Sub arcsecond doubles are pretty tough!
  8. You will love it Nicola! I had one a while ago and still regret selling it. Such lovely sharp optics and very lightweight and portable with it. Enjoy!
  9. Always amazes me just how often you pick them up in images though, like this!
  10. I love these two, and enjoy seeing them at different illuminations as they can look very different (as does every lunar feature I guess!) They certainly have been catching my eye the last few nights
  11. Hi imtl, If you are selling these two, please advertise them properly with a price and preferably pictures too. thank you Stu
  12. Great post Doug. That sounds like a fine scope for doubles! Your report prompted me to have a go at 32 Sigma in the Heritage 160p last night. It was a bit later on, should have tried it earlier, but it was a clear split when the seeing steadied. It was at 5 O’clock rather than your 1 O’clock due to newt view, but another example of what a Heritage is capable of! Mind you, the Nagler Zoom helped!
  13. Maybe pop it in the Heads up section and calendar Paul, so we all get a reminder? Hope you feel better soon!
  14. UK meteor spotted above Midsomer Norton and Bath https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56237536
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