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  1. Using my Skysensor 2000PC controller the other night, it appeared to glitch in some way and completely reset itself. I have subsequently powered it back on and re-entered all the settings which it is storing so the backup battery appears to be ok. My question relates to the date entry, and specifically the year. I guess this is classic Y2K bug stuff, it resets to 1970, but only has two digits to enter the year with. If I enter 19, how does it know which year I am wanting and how will it be correct especially for lunar and planetary position? Any thoughts? Sty
  2. Stu


    There is actually a CF OMC200 on ABS currently.
  3. Stu


    Yes, Orion Optics do a carbon fibre 200mm f20 now, very expensive. I had the previous aluminium version, very good but like many Maks, tricky to cool. I believe the new one have better venting to reduce the tube currents.
  4. I've not had either of these mounts, but have had many manual alt az mounts and even when they have had slo mo controls I invariably move the scope rather than use the slo mos. To me, having to constantly adjust two controls is a pain, and very fiddly, especially if they are awkward to get at. I think the one exception to this is the T-Rex which Gavin has. Nice long floppy control rods and very easy to use.
  5. I have cases or padded bags for most things, worse case anything larger is wrapped in a duvet or two. Mirrors are normally fairly well protected but tubes are easily dented by mounts or other hard/heavy kit.
  6. Stu

    More Terminator Treats

    Nice one Doug, the Moon has certainly been looking lovely recently with these clear ish skies! Did you spot this feature? Not sure if it was the one you described? I was using a little 52mm spotting scope to show my daughter the moon and had some nice low power views, but enough to spot this little glimmer hanging out in the darkness.
  7. Nice one Ade, just shows how completely wrong I was Sometimes these things are not totally logical, but it's true that PS issues often caused problem. Glad you seem to be getting to the bottom of it.
  8. This is a quick shot through a Vixen Geoma II 52-S, basically a 52mm straight through ED spotting scope at around x15 I think. Quality seems very good and just sitting there with the scope on a photo tripod, enough detail to be interesting but still very relaxed and no need to nudge the scope for ages was great fun. Even got Lorna looking through it for a few minutes. This is an S9 shot handheld at f1.5, 100 ISO and 1/1000th second shutter. Quick process and crop in PS Express. I'm finding PS Express best for lunar shots, and Snapseed best for stars and DSOs. EDIT Just to contradict my last sentence, I had a play in Snapseed, probably too much, but a bit of fun.
  9. It's a very tricky one to judge. The only two things I would add are that I think Stellarvue's QC is (and was) excellent from what I've heard, so you could be sure the lens was a good un. Secondly, a Feathertouch is a Feathertouch, can't really argue with that. Notwithstanding what I've said, I guess the thinking man's choice is the new scope.
  10. How about this one? Same scope I assume but with an FT focuser for £600. What's not to like? https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=146651
  11. Nice! Hope someone gets a video of it!
  12. Stu

    Evening 16/2/2019

    Nice one Alan, good to get out even if the conditions weren't ideal. Shröter's Valley is one of my favourite areas too. It was briefly clear here when I popped out to finish up for the evening, even naked eye it looked lovely.
  13. Stu

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    Here we go then, that's what this little baby was bought to hold! Some decisions to be made at some point, I can't justify the Intes and a Mewlon so I'll see which I prefer.
  14. Stu

    But what a smudge!

    Great stuff Danny. Imagine what it will be like on a good night! Out of interest, why do you have to align using the 150P? Can't you do it with the TMB?
  15. Stu

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    It's been a long time coming, but I finally found some time, and my Allen keys , and fitted the new clamp. I had been a bit worried about it being difficult to fit, but in reality it was very straightforward and simple to do. The only very slight issue I had was with the bolt that holds the motor on. It needed a washer as the slot it went into was a little too small to allow the bolt head to sit in it properly. Might find a different bolt but it is working at the moment. Pictures attached, will get it back on the pillar tomorrow and see how it goes, but it looks a quality bit of kit as you expect from ADM.

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