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  1. Brilliant ! I'm getting dark sky fever ! Thanks for putting this together and posting , ace ! Further light shows here ! http://www.glendaleskye.com/aurora_borealis.php old Nick.
  2. A flying visit to Dunroamin , what a Saturday night ! Then some action Wednesday and Thursday night's. Away from home light pollution , the skies here have been stunning .Some greenish glow of northern lights has accompanied the sky from the north west. These are some of our darkest skies and our fourth trip here. The clear bright Milky Way ends at Deneb, then switches to the side of Cygnus at Gienah through to Aquila. From Deneb to Albireo it’s bright then ends. The rifts , coalsack and tears of this area are stunning by eye. In 15x70 binoculars , the wispy arm of the NAN could be picked out from the mass of stars here. Facing Triangulum, M33 was bright and spiralled. Bodes(M81 and M82 )both in the view showing their shapes and brightness. Even M51 shows that it’s more than a single glow. One span of Cassiopeia, to the left , you’ll find length of “Kemble’s cascade”. It looked like a long straight rod with hockey stick ending . Really stunning sight. Had a look at some clusters. M39,M34, double cluster, clusters of Cassiopeia including NGC 7789, “Carolines rose” . A scan along Cassiopeia and Cygnus gives plenty clusters. There's so much more against a dark field. Tried x8 binoculars on the double cluster . Got both with a chain going up to the huge Stock 2. Just a stunning sight. From Sagitta found M27 , bright and very obvious in the Vulpecula starfield. Looked for the usually obvious Cepheus , could only find it looking for the bulge from the MW. Mu Cephei , Garnet star very bright at the base. Constellations in the Milky Way just de -shape into the background . Even pointing binoculars at a bright known star and it soon melts into the granular star background. Below Aquila , plenty clusters down to Sagittarius, a packed sky to our galactic centre. Lovely to clearly see the constellations such as Delphinus , Lynx and up the front and below Pegasus,Pisces by eye. Before packing up got M13 and then up to get a very bright M92. Really lovely sky , might bring the 10" Dob next time, Clear skies ! Nick.
  3. cotterless45

    One clear Skye....

    Brilliant report . To get any decent sky up there is just luck. But when you get the Aurora and sea eagle sightings , it all becomes magical, old Nick.
  4. cotterless45

    Backlash explained.

    Found this clear explanation. Don't be confused ! Nick. https://themcdonalds.net/richard/wp/backlash-in-telescope-mounts/
  5. cotterless45


    Lovely report. As soon as I phoned you up, I could hear the excitement of dark sky observing. Glad to hear that you got some favourite dark sky targets. They are just not the same from home .Still at Glenluce awaiting dark sky ( Wednesday !) old Nick.
  6. cotterless45

    Veil Nebula - First time ever

    Lovely , always a thrill to catch the Veil. Look closely at 52 Cygni , you'll find it to be binary, old Nick.
  7. Watch out Wednesday , clear skies !
  8. cotterless45

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Brilliant . Next time anyone in the Dunroamin area , you must check out the petrol station in Whithorn. It's Classic Father Ted. This guy was outside the red shed at Garlieston every day .
  9. cotterless45

    Sky on Skye.

    There's this dark place I found , quite handy , it's Dumfries and Galloway . Grabs coat and runs ! Old Nick.
  10. cotterless45

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Just astounding Orion. Great to catch the MW brushing this and the feet of Gemini. I counted 12 stars in the bow of Orion, before losing count ! All around were signs of nebulosity. Bins showed the area to be absolutely packed. Never seen Orion that good , even from North Skye. Definitely coming back ! Hope everyone enjoyed the sky ! old Nick.
  11. cotterless45

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Not hijacking this , but 20 miles away at Glenluce , the sky was stunning. Hope everyone enjoyed it . As good as from North Skye.Got in at 3am when the sky got a bit was a bit washy.old Nick.
  12. cotterless45

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Brilliant ! Praying for your clear skies. I cried the first time that I saw dark sky. Not for the views , but for what has been lost to us. Without being pretentious , I can imagine ancient man ( woman) standing in awe, what on Earth have we done ! We're at Glenluce, 20 miles distant , overlooking the bay for a week's holiday , clear skies ! Old Nick.
  13. cotterless45

    Diagonal Decisions

    C'mon mate , you've only given us half the story. You need the very best to go on here ! Then you can come around mine for another awesome testing session ! I'd go WO , which we tried out last session. old Nick.
  14. Theta Aurigae. (SAO 58636) Easy to find by eye , just point some power at it. It's a multiple group with a visual c companion. On paper this 4" split should be straightforward and not ticklish. It's very dependant on seeing and a good sky, good glass helps. The main star is 75 times brighter than the companion ! Last time out , it was sparklingly easy trying out a 120ed. Had a right grin catching it at low magnification. Let's get the details first. It's 175 light years away . 285 times brighter and a radius x5.4 of Sol.it has a magnetic field a thousand times stronger than here. The companion is 185 AU away and has a 1200 year orbit. William Herschel initially caught the wide companion , but not the close B. I've always had a challenging time due to the glare of the main star. For those trying , "try harder !" This glare can hide the B. It's just a delightful view when it cracks open. It's easier than Psi Cassiopeiae.
  15. A small amount of time and clear sky before the huge Moon and a chance to visit favourites in Aquila. Well placed for a comfy seat , I started with four easy ones that have appeared in the 200 most beautiful doubles selection, http://users.compaqnet.be/doublestars/ All these are binaries and part of multiple systems. Σ2404 (SAO 104170) , an orange giant x60 the diameter of Sol. The orange pair are separated by 3.6" (+6.3,+7.8) at a distance of 1390 AU. The eruptive variable 11 Aquilae (SAO 104308) separated by 19.6" (+5.2,+9.3), 17 times as bright as Sol at a distance of 1020 AU. A lovely delicate companion. Σ2426 (SAO 104332), 16.7" separation (+7.2,+8.9), tiny touch of red from this red dwarf 4.4 x the diameter of Sol.At a distance of 4312 AU. Σ2449 (SAO 124265), a pretty near even pair separated by 8.0", x2.5 the diameter of Sol at 845 AU. There are some lovely starfields here with plenty of binaries, just four easy ones to kick off with , under Clear skies ! Nick.
  16. Eta Persei, top of Perseus. Spent many long moments whisked away by gold and blue. It's a wonderful group of stars. It's quite challenging to pick companions out from the glow. Don't go with the obvious binary , there's many delicate ones to pick out here. Last night was ideal for transparency , nice wide view will do fine, under Clear Skies ! Nick.
  17. cotterless45


    Yo ! Great findings there Paul ! I have combined Eagle Creek and Sissy Haas to arrive at an interesting ( part one ) list . Part of my ongoing search into the delights of Perseus, old Nick.
  18. Patbloke arrived early with a huge black soft case . Opening it up and pointing the objective my way ( woooo ! Coating !) was a gorgeous Equinox 120, 900mm f7.5 ed. Shortest scope I was to use for a few years ! The forecast was excellent , the sky was just cloud with gaps. It was a cinch to mount the scope onto the mount , just beautifully balanced . I put on my 2" WO diagonal and awaited the 10.00 forecast clear skies. Big gaps appeared, the cloud stopping light pollution from hitting the sky , real satin black gaps. Saturn passed the big tree , but a low Mars appeared with the promised clear sky. I was just blown away by the clarity and purity of the views, diffraction discs were beautiful coloured marbles easily opening even faint binaries. It was just a delight to see clusters , NGC 6811 "hole in the cluster" was spectacular . We took NGC 7789 ("Caroline's rose" ) we took up to x100 to fill the view with dark lanes and dusty groups. Mars showed monstrous wobbling, but we did manage the dark areas and I got the ice cap. We later caught Comet 21P Giacobini -Zinner dipping to the side of Auriga. Nothing phased the views , we tested three eyepiece cases full . 42mm 2" LVW gave a stunning view of the double cluster, M31 and the whole of Pleiades, something which I'd not seen in a scope. Most captivating were the colours , high magnification bringing them out . We reached x400 without breaking up the view. This helped opening up tight binaries , really amazing. From 62 to 82 degree eps and the views kept coming . The Garnet star currently bright, was stunning. No flare , no glare and just pure views to linger on. Theta Aurigae ( Bogardus ) had always been difficult , but even at low mag , I could clearly pick out the companion and third element. A 6mm circle T gave a stunning view. Problems that I had previously , I put down to too much aperture there and getting too much light from primary stars. This is where 120 wins out, no slouch for deep sky , we got the Eastern Veil and a core in NGC 7331. Just delightful. Oh , the standard focuser and silly tightening ring are just awful. Get a Moonlite on there ! Bit of chill and humidity began to kick in. I asked if he could leave the scope for further testing , a definite no ! I don't think that I can recall a better session enjoying some pretty demanding targets. When I'm past hoisting up 11 kgs of C6r, 120 ed is going to be arriving , wooop woop! Clear skies ! Old Nick.
  19. cotterless45

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    I'll get my coat !
  20. cotterless45

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    Read reports, often the hype is just that. Not with the 120ed , we were both blown away with the views. The sky was not even at it's best with light pollution and humidity kicking around. It was the clarity of views that was stunning. Going to get the t-shirt , first ! old
  21. cotterless45

    Rainy day Report

    Excellent report ! Been following 21p all the way down. Some class targets there ! Nick.
  22. cotterless45

    No wonder this sold quickly!!

    Queer stuff often appears , saw a "Dobsonion " on eBay. That should bring tears to the eyes ! old Nick.
  23. cotterless45


    That's particularly neat ! I get a lot of inspiration from here , some great background stories, https://bestdoubles.wordpress.com/?s=Miram Folk chasing after faint fuzzy things don't know what they're missing ! old Nick.
  24. This area is totally absorbing , just forget everything and drift away ! This pastime is one probably unique in putting the observer into the quiet depths of calm space. Heads up ! Some stunning multiples here. Σ2987 (SAO 52795) gives a wonderfully delicate companion. ΟΣΣ244 (SAO 52912) a triple ,has fast proper motion . Find this with ΟΣ493. 8 Andromedae (Bu 717) (SAO 52871) an orange star with multiple companions to F. Catch both ES 2725 (SAO 52899) and ARY 3 together. Almach is just glorious, typically gold and blue , I caught it under poor skies as an orange glow with a green companion. W. Herschel called it a "most beautiful object". Easy to pick out the fine companion. 79 Andromedae (SAO 36832) gives white and pale blue. A lovely sight. 59 (SAO 55331) gives a lovely view in circular star field. Σ3050 (SAO 73656) gives twins at 2.5", a clear and beautiful sight. Alpheratz is 200 times brighter than Sol. It's companion is the highest mercury manganese star known. Σ79 ( 1h.00.1 +44 43') gives yellow and violet pair. Σ162 (01h.50.25 +47 58' ) gives a lovely triple with a clear B at 1.9". Σ249 (SAO 37971) is some 38 times brighter than a Sol. Requiring some aperture and rock steady seeing , 36 Andromedae is hard to beat . First caught it two years ago with Patbloke at 1.1" . It's opened up to 1.2". Clear skies ! Nick.
  25. cotterless45

    Clear sky and the beast !

    "What scope are you using mostly these days? Dob" yo Stu, still mainly the yard cannon. The Dob's waiting for Dumfries and Galloway , unfortunately same week as SGL Hereford. Would have loved to have gone for the crack, old Nick.

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