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  1. Hi. According to this video, the 183 'blows the dslr out of the water'. I wonder...
  2. alacant

    Who’s out ?

    ...and if not cloudy, frustratingly clear...
  3. alacant

    Guided finally

    Hi. Looks good. A few bits: -It looks like the seeing got worse as the session progressed (haze/mist/dew?) that could explain the halos -You've set a big dither which really hits the mount hard. Maybe try less? Otherwise, fine:) HTH and clear skies.
  4. alacant

    ngc 7789

    Hi Louise One of the problems is that we share our stuff. As it's a clip filter on the Canon, it's easy to overlook. But I'm sure you're correct; a cls-ccd would give more natural colours. I think that removing parts of the spectrum -as with a cls- makes it impossible to balance correctly when compared to an unfiltered shot, but with the proliferation of false colour snaps with the vast majority of stars obliterated anyway (sic), any semblance of what actual colour is has been lost:( Clear skies
  5. Hi everyone Canon 700d with Takumar 200mm f4 on well polar aligned eq6. Question: will it need guiding for 5 minute light frames? Cheers
  6. alacant

    ngc 7789

    **Here's a StarTools version with the jpg saved at 100%. Does that suit windows better I wonder?
  7. alacant

    Who’s out ?

    ...an hour or so later with very good seeing. Not usually as good as 0.6", so must have been the influence this thread. Thanks:) canon 700d on 10" f4.7
  8. alacant

    ngc 7789

    No problem and thanks again for your interest. It's only problematic when we leave on the cls; discipline rather than beer I suppose!
  9. alacant

    ngc 7789

    Thanks for your time. We're happy with the background. It's not as you describe- most likely microsoft's 'enhancements'. It's the colour we need help with. As it's full moon anyway, we can always try again without filter. Cheers
  10. alacant

    ngc 7789

  11. alacant

    ngc 7789

    Hi everyone. All ready for the bubble nebula when we realised that the moon was gonna limit our exposure. Give the 3 minute limit -but good seeing between the storm clouds- we had a go at this instead. Colour still not right due in part to having a cls filter. Given the filter, I don't think there's much that can be done. Anyway, all comments as ever most welcome. Clear skies everyone. canon 700d 90 minutes
  12. alacant

    Who’s out ?

    Alicante: 2 hour window before the clouds come. 10x3minutes into ngc7789. Moon too bright for anything fuzzy. Good luck everyone:)
  13. alacant

    M51 and M33

    I used the -rather elegant- StarTools lens module. Much better than the mask-and-hope-for-the-best approaches. HTH. **Also the only way I've found to correct the tri-colour stars from my mate's mono camera.
  14. alacant

    M51 and M33

    Lovely images. I find the cc introduces more aberration and refractor-like stars. Probably best without as the coma is easily corrected by modern software: HTH
  15. alacant

    m15 from Alicante

    Hi. I used StarTools' Develop so not sure what algorithm was used. Anyway, had another go at the colour with my better half looking over my shoulder for colour reference. If it's still wrong, I can now blame her! Thanks for your input and clear skies to all...

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