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  1. Hi everyone OK, so you went for purple instead. Instead of what however, I don't know. An image search throws up colour schemes for all tastes. Maybe a few years ago, it was possible to decide.
  2. Ah, well that explains everything!
  3. Maybe there was a large stockpile of dodgy 72mm department store reflectors with wobbly tripods and high resolution colour pictures of Saturn on the box in a warehouse in Hull. A second had car dealer bought the lot and he's doing a roaring trade knocking 'em out a 300 quid a pop on the black market. Yeah, that must be it.
  4. Or you could use astap, astrometry.net... probably others embedded in other software too. HTH
  5. Mmm, quite. Well, we're not allowed politics, so how about we go for the virus then instead?
  6. Hi Isn't this due to the spacers between the lenses? The OP mentioned seasonal differences. Expansion and contraction perhaps? Can the lens cell be adjusted tighter/looser? Cheers
  7. ... and for a change, we can't blame it on anyone taking delivery of a new telescope;)
  8. Hi and thanks for your post. Quite wide. The nebula extends beyond. It's located in Auriga. HTH
  9. Hi everyone The last of the new moon images for this month. It's a bit on the pastel side of manley-wax-crayon colouring but you can see the difference between the reflection and the emission nebulae at least but I really hate when the foreground stars FWOABW 'push away' the nebulae, refractor style. I think I've traced it to a rather heavy hand on deconvolution... Still thinking. Thanks for looking and please do feed back on stars, colouring or WHY. 700d @ ISO800
  10. Hi So did I. I find galaxies emerge from correction pretty colourless. Nice shot and wow, less than an hour. The aperture manifests itself. We needed 3 hours to get anywhere near. Cheers
  11. Guest reflectors especially welcome:) Looks good. You've better color than I. Cheers.
  12. Well, yeah. I know. You're a bit limited in Málaga with only 300 clear nights per year! But seriously, that's a lovely shot of m33. Keep going with it adding more and more frames? It will get easier to process. Cheers
  13. Post It! The more images on the thread, the better IMHO. With this post, I just wanted to see what other reflector images were like. (Are you in Spain now?)
  14. Hi Siril has a nice dark optimisation (for non temperature matched darks) algorithm which works well reducing banding with our 450d, but adds more noise with both our 1200d and 700d. Camera dependent? I'm a fan of losing the darks and going with dither. Best to experiment perhaps. Cheers
  15. It looks really good already. Inspiration indeed; we've a Bresser 150mm f8. Must add this to the list.
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