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  1. Hi. Thanks for the encouragement. I've 208mm and yes, the larger spirals are not too bad. Here are my attempts, around 60 minutes each. It's just that once you've done them, there's precious little else. I suppose as always I should try longer exposures... **Edit: and learn how to incorporate flat frames...
  2. Hi. It looks OK from here. You must have something more powerful so at least it doesn't look like a mistake in the middle of an empty frame. Good.
  3. +1. This maybe a case of mothballing until summer and wait for the likes of Cygnus with some proper stuff to have a go at. There really doesn't seem anything worthwhile at a reasonable image scale ATM. A little (sic) justification was this grab of m109 last night. Hey, a barred spiral but just look how small it is. Even the satellites decided to make their mark. Then there's the spikes from that bright plough star... Just about sums up my feelings!
  4. Ah, OK, thanks. I'm ignorant when it comes to this sort of stuff and admit to expecting all galaxies to be spiral and thought there'd be stuff like the heart and soul all year round. Until last night and this confirmation. Tonight it was m109. Still not very inspiring as it looks dwarfed in the fov of my 800mm fl telescope. At least it looks a bit sprial...
  5. Amazing, especially for such short snaps. 12" f4? Makes my 8" feel decidedly inadequate!
  6. Thanks everyone for looking and your comments. I think I've been spoiled by the wealth of targets through the winter. The sky looks barren by comparison ATM. All there seems to be are galaxies. Loads of them! At around 800mm focus, my telescope is neither here nor there. Maybe it's just me...
  7. Hi. Nice shot. Yeah, this one is really dim. Either you have fwoabw 'refractor' stars, or you missed focus a touch. I don't think there's anything bright enough to focus upon in the field or anywhere close so it maybe best to swing over to one of the plough stars, focus there and then recompose on the galaxy. HTH.
  8. Hi. I think you'd have to pause between frames to get a big enough gap for the stacking to play with; the ideal being that you move the camera only between exposures. Hope it works out.
  9. Hi everyone. Just a heads up if anyone else is thinking of going here with affordable equipment. After the M65 trio, I had high hopes of this adjacent group. <self pity>Disappointment. I wish I'd spent the time on a proper galaxy.</self pity> I reckon this would need 3 or 4 times the snaps to get any detail. Cheers and clear skies.
  10. Hi. It's: load last nights image - solve - << solved - goto++. HTH
  11. Hi. If you follow the process of a light-bias-flat dss session you'll see that the first thing it does is create a master bias. Then it uses the master bias to create a master flat. It then calibrates the light frames. I check nothing in dark-anything. Summary: stack light, bias and flat only. Conclusion: far less noise than with the conventional light-dark-bias-flat. Note that these are my experiences with a Canon 700d. HTH.
  12. Hi. You probably already have a finderscope which came with the telescope so just get an adapter to fit your qhy. HTH.
  13. Hi. Here's my effort. A Porst 135 at f5.6; same lens I think. HTH.
  14. Markarian's Chain? Frames well at 750mm. Have the base of the camera parallel with the tube to get a top left to bottom right orientation. HTH.
  15. Hi. f5.6 should reduce the halos a bit but they're easily fixed by using a Wratten #8 or after the event by healing in software. HTH.