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  1. Then you'll love StarTools. Moving from pixinsight to StarTools is easy using this table. HTH
  2. Hi Yes, sure you can. Choose something as far away from the moon as possible. For tonight, how about m39? With your eos, take the ISO down to 400 and see how 90 second frames look, but beware; 430mm over aps-c is gonna give you a sizable moon gradient to have to wipe away. Cheers and HTH.
  3. Hi Does the mount slew using the NSEW buttons in eqmod?
  4. Hi Not ideal if you had cloud and the full moon but hey, it's looking doable. The bayer pattern is stored in the fits file along with the data but maybe your software doesn't look at it? Anyway, whatever setting you had worked so do some flat frames, lose the gradient and you should be onto a winner.
  5. Try connecting pc direct via the handset: https://images.app.goo.gl/NyXgLDaGPrqHA5cG6
  6. Look for which serial port had been assigned to the cable. Control panel - devices Try 9600 baud.
  7. ** sorry. I think it's this cable: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32995620143.html (I've an eq6 which uses a D to usb)
  8. Check. In this order: Correct mount to computer using the correct cable. It's not a regular serial cable. Mount powered on Mount connected via eqascom PHD2 profile with ascom EQ5,/6 selected as the mount. Any good?
  9. Hi. Install ascom and eqascom; you need this serial cable. The mount will then appear as eq5/6 in PHD2. HTH
  10. Hi Get a refund. But first... ...go along to an astro club gathering and have a look through some telescopes. I was very disappointed at what I saw through any telescope, including one that was 300mm diameter; my binoculars gave clearer views. Unfortunately during a visit I made, one couple was into astronomical photography and -far worse- showed me a sample of the images they produced. I'm surprised fellow forumeers haven't yet warned you about what that means! Cheers, clear skies and good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. LOL, yeah. They'd have to be with me in charge! But TBH, without the wide dovetail plate, aluminium box section and OAG, it's just like any other mass produced Chinese stuff. Out of the box with a guidescope, I doubt you'd get stars like that. Cheers and clear skies
  12. Good question. Usually I think, yes. They are closer to the problems beginners face and explain them in terms that they can understand; no acronyms, no jargon, no get-another-camera etc. Cheers
  13. Hi I did once place a post in imaging: deep sky but the help here is better and far less likely to descend into a discussion on which telescope, mount or camera to buy next! Cheers and clear skies
  14. Hi evryone We've a cute little 6" for the weekend. Not much to look at but with a collimation tweak and a bit of anti tube flex ointment, it's looking good. Not sure about the stars. Once again the blue stars just aren't there. Can't believe there aren't any! Cheers and thanks for looking, eos700d 1 1/2 hours @ ISO800
  15. Hi I think it more accurate to use a Cheshire sight tube with cross hairs (CST) for (all of the) collimation, but essential for the position of the secondary. Once the latter is in place, leave it. You can then use your laser to tweak the primary mirror, although even then it's just as quick with the CST. FWIW, for our 8" f3.9, the CST is the only economical only way we've found to get consistency corner to corner over aps-c As always, never forget the collimation misunderstandings. Cheers and HTH
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