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  1. alacant

    dark-bias-flat subtraction

    Hi. Highly recommended. It is so much easier that way. You also get to see and have hands on experience of any gear you have in mind before you buy. Between them, they'll be able to put together just about anything you can imagine. You'll be up and running in a fraction of the time and if you have a problem, you'll be in contact with those who can sort it out live and in person Just bear in mind that everyone will have their own ideas on what's best, but none of them know what's best for you;) HTH.
  2. alacant

    witch head nebula disaster

    Hi. Yes we can, but I don't think that depends on light pollution, rather on the local weather. Being only 10km from the coast, the humidity and wind direction seems to be the deciding factor.
  3. alacant

    witch head nebula disaster

    On the witch, ambient 10° so I'd reckon 20°, although it doesn't seem to make much difference. Even in summer with the sensor at 30°. I suppose the dither helps. Dunno...
  4. alacant

    witch head nebula disaster

    Yeah. Do you think lots of short or fewer long? It looks like a throw-all-the-time-you-can-at-it type target; e.g. galaxies seem to respond better to longer exposures... Never done anything like this before.
  5. alacant

    witch head nebula disaster

    Thanks. Yeah, with the next decent moon free night a week away and with it on the meridian so early, it becomes a race against time...
  6. alacant

    witch head nebula disaster

    Hi. In the city centre, it's as bad as you can imagine but we are out in provincial Alicante. Maps give us grade 4 but I don't know what that means because the sky depends so much on wind direction and humidity rather than light pollution. Cheers and thanks for looking.
  7. Hi everyone No laughing out loud please; a nearby gibbous moon and a faint reflection nebula. I started optimistically at 3 minutes and nearly fried the sensor. So here we are in 40 exposures of 60s. It is there I think. You just need to use a little imagination! Thanks for looking and here's looking forward to the next 5-minute+ nights because I think that's what this is gonna need... tair3s on canon 700d: 40 minutes @ ISO800
  8. Hi. It's actually a f6 achromatic doublet. The f10 would be good for the forthcoming galaxy season. Not sure whether the exos will guide at that accuracy though and it only does ST4. HTH.
  9. alacant

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Not sure; blue and red curves?
  10. Hi. Good effort. Have a look through the light frames. There maybe some that are out of focus or drifted; take those out before you stack. It looks like the camera is tilted; better focus at the bottom than the top. Is the camera to lens mount good? With a dslr, probably better to lose the dark frames and stack -with that sigma clip thingy- using bias and flat frames only. There should be sufficient tracking error to emulate some sort of dither. FWIW, I've never had much joy with zoom lenses, especially at the far end of their range. For a small outlay you could get a fixed manual 300mm e.g. this one. HTH and hey, well done. You're on your way:)
  11. alacant

    rosette nebula

    Hi. This is the other version. Although it's 300mm, I don't think it's by the same manufacturer; heavier, fatter and has 'made in ddr' as opposed to ussr. Cheers
  12. Hi. Maybe you mean calibration steps? If so, it's the guide speed. The default is 0.1x sidereal. Go for at least 0.5 on both DEC and RA and use 1.0s for the guide calibration pulses. HTH.
  13. alacant

    The Birds revisited.

    Hi. Better shot than I'd ever have patience for. Wonderful, though It looks like the blue star halos are in the nebula pushing it aside rather than in the foreground. Cheers and clear skies.
  14. alacant

    Spaghetti anyone?

    One of the best I've seen. Of anything. Such patience. Does it come with the lens or do you have to order it as an extra?! Thanks for posting.
  15. alacant


    Hi everyone Superb conditions with a diamonds-on-velvet sky so no excuse for any errors. Still not there to everyone's liking; the star colours... Thanks for looking and do comment if you have any colour tips. 700d on pn208: 90 minutes @ ISO800

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