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  1. Hi. You can never have enough mount. Get the eq6 and keep both telescopes. As galaxy season approaches, you'll be glad you kept the 200;) Just our €0.02 HTH
  2. @vlaiv OK. If I go darker than this, I find I begin to lose the arms of the spiral. I also did a bit of denoise. Cheers and thanks for your patience.
  3. Hi Here you get feedback.
  4. 'Linux makes better louder bells'. I'm sure @vlaiv would approve:)
  5. Hi everyone New moon so of course the conditions were rubbish with easterlies creating the usual haze as the night air cooled. Anyway, no excuses. Three telescopes, 4 guys with an assortment of miners' lamps, torches, laptop screens, cheap supermarket beers and cables. Everywhere. I was in charge of the f4 and actually got to take some frames. As always, colour remains elusive; there seems no right or wrong way of doing it. So, and against all the odds, here is a photograph of a galaxy. Do say what you think and post your dslr version. You can learn so much by comparison:) 700d @ ISO800
  6. Thanks. Could it be that astrometry.net doesn't do sh objects?
  7. Hi everyone Here's a nebula which it seems doesn't have a catalogue number. Quite nice though. If I'd known, I'd have thrown more time at it rather than rushing over to the galaxies to the NE. Thanks for looking. We think it's Ha emission... Any ideas?
  8. And Siril... Yeah, I think I get it. It's just that I can have as much colour as I like -artistic- but that doesn't agree with what the database colour says it should be. Dilemma!
  9. Hi everyone Waiting for Leo to get it's act together last night, we thought we'd fill in with what looked in Kstars to be an attractive cluster pairing. I think underwhelmed is an overstatement. Where the second cluster is located, I've no idea. Anyway, we used the time wisely to check collimation on the reflector which had survived a journey in a sling-over-the-shoulder style guitar case affair. So here we have it. Hold your breath... 700d @ ISO800
  10. Hi everyone We've a fast reflector for the weekend which despite having been bounced around on the train from Madrid yesterday, needed only a quick tweak to satisfy our Cheshire. Last week, we posted in the beginners' section about galaxy colour, but drew a blank. I wonder if there are any guidelines as to their colour? In this example we let Siril's star database -it makes all stars almost colourless- do the colour and let the galaxies look after themselves. It's quite confusing looking at the colour variations during a google image search so for now, we're giving up! All comments, colour or otherwise most gratefully received. Cheers and thanks for looking.
  11. Hi If you've built on soil and have had a lot of rain or it's been especially dry for long periods, ground movement? Especially noticeable here in summer when the ground dries to quite a depth.
  12. Hi and thanks for the comment. In fact we used an 8" f4. I think the cluster is too small to be captured at this scale even with our 300mm Tair. Here's the fov:
  13. Hi everyone The subtitle (?) for this cluster is salt and pepper. I suppose it's a bit salty, although my original theory of reference to the sense taste was soon corrected by those who by now I should know know better. Longest ever for a cluster; 2 hours before the haze attacked. Ran it through Siril's NOMAD colour database thingy which made what was a pretty orange and blue cluster, almost colourless. Wonderful! All comments most gratefully received. Please do post your images too. eos700d @ ISO800
  14. This is why your stars are poor; you do not have the magic 75mm backfocus. You need a 15mm t2 extension. Get a set maybe? You need this t-ring. So you should now have: Camera - t ring - 15mm extension tube - m48 to t2 adaptor - cc - telescope focuser. Note, you must unscrew the eyepiece holder form the cc. You do not need the 1.25 adaptor. Here it is setup ready to mount on our 700d. Otherwise please post a photo of your setup.
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