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  1. Brought my first scope!

    Rotate it in the focuser and look at the beam hitting the main mirror. If It describes a circle, it needs adjusting. Best to get a Cheshire sight tube with crosshairs. HTH.
  2. On my pn208, I can't get enough outward travel to bring an eyepiece to focus. Even with a diagonal it falls short; you're probably gonna need a long extension. HTH.
  3. Stars, Grains of Sand, and Water Molecules

    Phew yeah. 10 drops. Say 1 gram? So that's 1/18 =0.055 moles. 1 mole contains 6 x 10^23 water molecules so in the 10 drops of water there are around 3.3 x 10^22 molecules. This article gives 10^24 stars, so yeah. 12 drops of water and you've cracked it. Amazing! Thanks for posting.
  4. NGC 7635 and M52

    Had a go with the colour. Any better? Probably not! HTH anyway. Clear skies.
  5. Andromeda Galaxy - work in progress

    Lovely shot. But yeah. I found the same on aps-c with my 130pds and reducer at 588mm; still missing the outer bits Looks like say a 300mm lens may be the way to go for this target? Dunno. Mosaic?
  6. Hi. Just jam a piece of plastic -thin flexible margarine tub type is good- about half the width of the mini usb against the wider side of the plug as you insert it into the female on the camera. Leave it fixed in the camera if you can. HTH.
  7. HEQ5 vs NEQ6...benefits

    You're forgetting that in the world of amateur astronomy, there is no such thing as 'May also get...'. So no coin needed; your 200pds will need an EQ6! HTH.
  8. LDN 1235 in Cepheus

    Phew. Amazing. Just shows what life without football can do for your images!
  9. Another go with the data

    Hi. Yeah, good shot you've kept those three bright doubles which form a right angled triangle, double. I found it fiendishly difficult to get detail. A tip which helped was to use a CLS. HTH and good luck with the data collection.
  10. Help on stacking

    Hi. Excellent effort. Here's a quick stretch and denoise using GIMP's largest hammers. I don't think it's gonna be rescuable as it is unless you stack flat frames too. Meanwhile, one of these along with the flats will help enormously with the orange mush. HTH.
  11. Help, no idea what went wrong!

    Hi. Google account? Send the files to Drive and share them. HTH
  12. Imaging with the 130pds

    25 light frames of 4 minutes. The framing is quite easy. With a conventionally positioned focuser, set the camera at right angles to the focus knobs; almost an exact diagonal. HTH.
  13. Imaging with the 130pds

    M31: Canon 700d. What a pity we don't have quite enough FOV to fit it all in. Which gives the perfect excuse not to bother collecting any more data for the faint dust at the edges! Thanks for looking and clear skies.
  14. Using lower iso ?

    +1. On my Canon, dark frames -as well as being a PITA- serve only to add more noise. HTH.
  15. collimation fast scope

    OMG, yes. I perticularly liked this bit: Hence the offset? If so, that just about nails it for me. Thanks.