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  1. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    <scary> You did report the issues and send logs to the developers...? Most issues are fixed for next day's build, or you can download and build the fix yourself from git. Or at least they'll give you code to test so that you can help them with a stable fix. Just pull the latest source and build the parts you need or use the daily updates. This is what indi really looks like: And if you want indi to work as you expect on your setup, this is what you do I do. </scary> If this post hasn't scared the few windows users still with us, than I really don't know how to scare them off for good. All that download-and-build-the-fix-yourself linux nonsense!
  2. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    We're all in the pub. The ekos scheduler is taking care of the session. Love the auto meridian flip:)
  3. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Phew, I doubt it but I bet your images would be super noise free!
  4. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    ...but you're only gonna have space for a few frames. Remember that you're gonna need indi, ekos and phd2 on top of the install leaving you room for a few frames before you're out of storage. In my experiences with the current Ubuntu install and capturing with a dslr, an ex-ekos processing session via siril, StarTools and gimp is gonna go well over 10Gb...
  5. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    But it's a miserably slow and need-to-be-an-expert-for-it-to-work - @Thalestris24 as I know you are:) - experience. RPI; is it worth the hassle? Why not a proper computer that you'd use for windows day to day stuff? Why the instance of making a hard task even harder by having to fight minimalist hardware?
  6. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    And then the added complication of where you are gonna put the files from your ap sessions. A 1TB mechanical disk is cheap and you can get an operating system and loadsa .fits on it. If you can afford a ssd, get a high end box. Ubuntu on a gaming machine with 16GB and /tmp on either a ssd or ramdisk is as close to real time processing as you're ever likely to see.
  7. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Excellent attempt at 'bootable media', but I'm sure you'd have windows users giving up -again- just after the 'y' of 'filesystem'!
  8. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Exactly. Where do we begin to explain? What knowledge can we assume? At what level are those with Windows wanting to migrate? The more I think about it, the more impossible it becomes; unless you've had a year or so of Linux already and fought against the myriad of differnces -and won-, there's no way you're gonna get indi up.
  9. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Ok then, let's go one stage further back. Has anyone managed to download and burn bootable media?
  10. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Yes. As simple as that. Insert a blank dvd right click the iso image choose Burn disk image click Burn You do have w10...? HTH. You're on your way:)
  11. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Time for a thread update perhaps. Has anyone else managed the migration yet? If you have, tell us how.
  12. alacant

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    These work well and without €silly; you need only replace the load bearing bolt after all;) HTH and clear skies
  13. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Hi. Both are installed in the same way. The main difference is that the latter you'd never have to do; the man in the pub would do it for you or you could pay someone to do it. I should of course have written ISO-9660, which refers to a file system. Now you know that, it's easy; you should have Ubuntu and indi-eqmod up within a matter of minutes and your first Linux stacked image before midnight LOL! Cheers and clear skies everyone.
  14. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Linux documentation is written by coders for Linux experts. If you think ascom documentation is lacking, don't go anywhere near indi. What we need is someone who's just done it and who isn't either a coder or an expert to document it. No one has managed to do it for ascom so I doubt very much anyone will be able to do it for... I wonder, just wonder, if there is anyone who could document indi for a beginner. I don't think it's possible. It's absolutely wonderful software though. Once you've been spoiled by it, you'll never go back to ascom and Microsoft updates.
  15. alacant

    migration windows to linux

    Let's see. So that's a user who can't get his mount to move with stellarium and asking questions on SGL about why not, burning an iso to a sd card and then installing on a headless box by typing nonsense into putty...? What could possibly go wrong? Love it! **BTW, hands up. Who knows what 'stellarium' is?

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