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  1. Mint as BNIB only used twice!.. fabulous EP. Every accept one edge of the box is perfect!. Looking for £115 which will include Royal Mail Special Recorded Delivery Reason for sale : Thought I could get away without selling, but need funds.
  2. Nice report, thanks. I too can't wait for the planets to return high in the sky. The difference it makes is truly incredible. Rob
  3. I like this Stu.. good job. I think its a interesting field that's only going to get bigger & better. The smartphone makers can only really invest in making the camera's better as there's not many other areas left to develop now!. Rob
  4. I've owned (and miss) my little 127Mak, really nice scopes. The cool down time for that scope is fine (1 hour 30 ish). I have used a 150mm version and to be fair the cool down has got to be near 2.5 hours!. I really did see the difference in the image with a full cool down. Fair to say I was located in the middle of the New Forrest at the time, and not in a time or City with an ambient temperature. Once cooled the views of Saturn were stunning! So I would definitely discount the 180 on the basis of cool down (certainly for me with a 2.5 hour cool down required) unless storing in a shed/out house. Besides the 150mm seemed such a great performer, and the additional money could as you say go towards the much needed dew shield etc. I also think if I owned 150 or 180. I'd have to mod the scope by adding rear vents to help. Rob
  5. Looking very nice indeed. It is a perfect match to be fair!. at some point (I'll say that loosely) I'd like to own SW72 ED. Enjoy! Rob
  6. Really nice, crisp images there!. Thanks for posting. Rob
  7. Yep. I think we are all starting feel true dark night slipping. I like to take this period of the year to switch over to sky browsing/sweeping on the Summer selections. There's nothing like t-shirt observing to recharge the Astro batteries!. And, on the other hand it not long now to the Summer solstice. The nights start to draw in again (slowly I know). Rob
  8. Nice one. Well done Sir!.
  9. Just about to suggest the same Martin!. Great minds and all that. Interested to hear the outcome on this mind. Good luck Rob
  10. Rob

    hi everyone

    Thats a given for sure!... lol Welcome Dave. Hope you enjoy your time here. Rob
  11. A really nice purchase for someone here!. good luck with the sale
  12. Nice planetary EP's they are. Sure a little short on eye-relief, but usually very sharp! Rob
  13. I recall 10/12 years ago when Jupiter was quite high up. My SW 8" 200PDS views were jaw dropping!. I could manage (with good seeing) 5+ belts, GRS and really enjoyed a number occultations & Moon transits. And a good 15 ish years ago Saturn was lovely and high up.. crisp rings on show plus planet banding very visible. Rob
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