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  1. Rob

    Uranian Family

    Wow, nice going there. Very impressed. Best Rob
  2. Rob

    All My Astro Imaging Gear

    Sorry to see you moving on Guy. Good luck with the sale & best wishes to you. Rob
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Its a small screw.. I'd suggest 2mm ?..
  4. All, Could you please point me in the direction of where I could get a custom adapter machined for my Bresser to take a replacement Crayford please. I really liked the Hex Focus focuser until last year I bought the 1:10 upgrade and fitted. this thing works when it wants too.. its really annoying!. And to add to that it seems the grub screw that holds it on has stripped, so I can't get it off to replace it!. Unless anyone has a good advice on how to remove a stripped grub screw?. Thanks
  5. Rob

    Meade "Polaris" 90mm f/10 Achromat

    Very nice job on the rework there. Should serve you well I'm sure.
  6. I've pondered a wood tripod for some time now. even more so with the beast (Bresser 127L) I own. I'm thiking of making some replacement wood legs for my EQ5 1.75 Steel leg tripod as an upgrade. Have many of you done this?. Best
  7. Looks really nice. Nice find there. I think if it were me, and the optics are as stunning as they should be on a old Japan scope. I'd purchase & fit a crayford focuser at some point to rectify the 1.25 ep situation. Its not a horrible job. I did this on an old Orion Optics Newt a few years back. Enjoy it
  8. I love my Meade 5000 series UWA. I'm a specs wearer (for screen and reading). I do however remove for EP usage. It took me a while to find the right fit EP's without busting the Bank!.. So I second the Opticstar XL UWA which is a take on the Maede
  9. Rob

    A Theft, Check Your Insurance

    Sorry.. Yes I agree the lights / cameras advertise. I meant hide them outside & in.. that way you can at least grab some footage. I have them looking down the drive, and overseeing the garage door. They are not easy to see, but they see you! . They also fire footage to server in my computer room at work
  10. Rob

    A Theft, Check Your Insurance

    It almost makes me think we are all better off spending the money on tough metal boxes/chest that could be bolted to a concrete floor in your shed/obs! Oh, and invest in 1 or 2 IP wireless cameras.. most are decent HD 1080p for very little money
  11. Rob

    A Theft, Check Your Insurance

    Humm. I feel a mini project to canvass the Insurance firms to understand who actually offers 'REAL' cover on their policies!..
  12. Rob

    A Theft, Check Your Insurance

    A painful story. My best wishes to you, and very glad to read you have recovered from this nightmare!. Its shocking thing.. Hiding behind crime numbers and nothing done, even when there's clear evidence??!! WTH
  13. Looking top draw there.. enjoy it.
  14. Rob

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Nice images guys!.. seems you made the best of it under horrid weather. I will make one of these parties again one year again.
  15. Rob

    8SE + extras for sale (Dorset/Hants border)

    That's a very nice deal for someone... a super scope indeed. Good luck with the sale & New scope also.

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