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  1. Ah, the hot debated ED glass.. Lots that have been said here is true and accurate. That said FPL-51 is a good performer in its own right, more so if your a visual observer. Also fair to say the focal ratio of the scope has another performance effect. My ED 80mm is indeed FL-51 with a focal ratio of f6.8 as a visual observer this max's out the performance of the 51 lens. The only slight CA (yellow fleck) that's noticeable is when I point the scope to Venus. I post this for newcomers who are visual observers on a budget. FPL-51 is a good performer, and should not be dismissed.
  2. Always wanted an orange tube C8. I did get a black tube starbright coatings one in the end, stunning!. Lets hope the APO will bring good weather with it. Best Rob
  3. Oh yes!... nice all round setup there!.. congrats
  4. Looking forward to the review on this!.. looks nice enjoy
  5. @John Study more and understand what you viewing Rob!.. of course it is, very nice John! @InterstellarTim as mentioned the saddle upgrade is a must i Understand for the Skytee. Because the Eztouch had the built in vixen dovetail I didn't have worries about carrying the weight of my 127L. The down side was it used a standard bolt to clamp the dovetail bar whereas a nice ADM saddle clamp would not mark he dovetail bar and hold scope happily. Next take lots of time balancing the OTA, again a must. I feel its an enjoyable setup, easy to use and great observing to be had. I only changed to an HEQ5 as I love my RA tracking. Rob
  6. With regards to the counter weight. When I had my William Optics EZtouch (AYO) I needed a counter weight for sure. I get the feeling the Skytee II is a little more beefy! mind you
  7. Equally @John I'd love to fit a feather touch on mine. Did they make/supply the adapter?. I know it would be as much, if not more than the scope. But hey I do love me 127l (Sorry not wishing to hijack the thread.. just curios) Rob
  8. My Bresser 127L arrived perfectly collimated. I've also never needed to collimate since.
  9. My general goto re-grease is Superlube. However I would wait for another to advise specifically for the Skytee II. Worries me that its VERY stiff straight out the box TBH... If it were me I'd have it replaced??
  10. I think its staggering what you guys are capturing with these lenses.. great work
  11. Fingers crossed. I'm lucky enough to remember Hale bopp back in the 90's.. just waiting for another like that!. That was a true naked eye comet
  12. AZ EQ6 sounds like a great plan. Would carry the C203 perfectly!.. You would have a fine Planetary setup there. Next stop .... eyepieces
  13. I would also suggest a tracking mount also. Does not have to be goto. This allows not having to touch the scope/mount to often, and keep eyeballing the Planet. True Planet observation requires per-longed study at the eyepiece to squeeze out detail. Now I'm sure you may already be aware of this... so I'm not trying to offend here. You may also already have a tracking mount?. Just think it should be more considered than a manual AZ Rob
  14. I use the extension for mine. To be fair the out lay is so worth it for comfy observing. I use a CG5 2" steel leg tripod, the EQ5 extension & HEQ5 on top. Sure I know that's not an AZ mount, but the setup copes with the 127L perfectly. The mount/tripod is so important. If its not right the experience will be so off putting which unfortunately happens far to often for folk. Rob
  15. We all have them don't we!... take the positive of the Cat's Eye, sorry to learn about the spec's... grrrr Rob
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