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  1. Very nice indeed Steve!. Congrats on the range... Now on my wish list. Best Rob...
  2. Worth a go at strip down and cleaning to be honest. You can buy a camera lens ring removal tool to help (£7-10) on ebay. And grab some optical wonder fluid to help clean. Good luck ..Rob
  3. I have roughly 35/38 years of observing. I too have so many great memories... and feel very lucky to do so. A few do stand out mind Hale bopp Comet hanging in the night sky for a week (all clear nights too) Eclipses inc the 1999 from the South of England which for me was something like 98% Total Lunar Eclipses Smoking fireball with slight sound Venus & Mercury transist's Mars opposition 2005/6 wonderful detail seen with super clear steady skies Observing the impacts of shumaker levy 9 on Jupiter It goes on & on! Rob
  4. Nice!. I moon watched on the way into work.. which was on the M27 Motorway (AKA the car park) roughly crawling at 10 mph for 8 miles.. at 7am it looked stunning showing nice earth shine too.. Rob P.s the 10 mph on beloved M27 (Grrrrr) is a daily thing. seeing the Moon like today really helps pass the time.
  5. Nice!.. totally agree "Often the seeing improves in the early hours once the heat has gone from the land, roads and buildings.". So true. I recall when @russ and I were stood in the center of the New Forest at 2am one evening in -8 cold. the pictures actually showed the frost on our coats!
  6. Nice report there, thanks. So glad you had a great observing session. I did the same under Bortle 2 skies last year..... enriches the soul doesn't it Rob
  7. Great report Stu. I sure I've said this before!... that setup (for me) is the stuff of dreams :). And the AZ100 sounds fantastic. Rob
  8. Those pictures paint a sorry and very poor situation indeed!.. feel for you on this. I have had dealings directly with OVL in the past, and they came good I have to say. However I would indeed enclose a letter of complaint and press for straight replacement. This is not just one small issue. Good luck & best regards.. Rob
  9. Apologies @jetstream for wondering off topic here!. Great to hear you had a good observing session.
  10. Nice report there. You would indeed benefit from a helical for fine focus. They are not expensive. I bought the following last year. Its non rotating, and comes with a adapter ring with a T (female) thread for connectivity. But also offers a T (male) on the top for camera connection!. I use it on my 127L its very smooth
  11. Yes, back it goes.. that said the fourth issue is not a great start/experience really. You could ask for a full refund on return to be honest!
  12. Totally... on so many things, but its been driven finance's (lack of). I think my top 3 sale regrets are Orion Optics SPX 200 f6 - on Planets this OTA was staggering! Meade ETX 125 - Special Custom White tube RG optics with full metal machined rear plate offering SCT thread - sharpest MAK I'd ever looked through Vixen 102m (90's Japan model) OTA - Near APO quality we live and learn I guess! Rob
  13. Very nice indeed. Great capture there! Rob
  14. @Stu Nice image there. It was indeed subtle, however I had been blessed with decent skies also... rather enjoyed it too! Best Rob
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