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  1. Rob

    Your View of the Sky.

    I too am surrounded by trees on the left & rear of the garden (east and south). Which is not great for planets!. West & north are pretty good. I have to go out on the front lawn.. or down the street to pull lower south skies. Sure I moved to this house a year ago. So i knew what I was letting myself in for, but I've moved to the outskirts of Southampton. And I'm now in a low light leafy sub area next to a large copse. So home observing is pleasing enough.. just need to plan planet rotation for certain objects!. Then step two is I can travel to the New Forest (30min drive right into the heart of it) for major session (work allowing these days!) Best Rob
  2. Nice one. I'm hoping to get out (briefly) tonight to see/poss image a shot IF the weather plays ball!. Its been horrid weather over the weekend down here. Sunday morning was good, but the sun was up but the sun was up by then. Nice images.. Rob
  3. Rob

    Celestron Omni XLT 120 Refractor.

    Nice Christmas gift for someone I'm sure!.. good luck with the sale
  4. Nice review there. Its a very capable scope I have to say. I find mine better than the skywatcher range in this size, the 7.5 fl proves its worth with pushing the CA down to non distracting at all (as you claimed). Fit and finsh does look nice on the new model. Mine is the older version, but I have fitted a single crayford. Good stuff.. enjoy!... Rob
  5. Nice purchase. These scope are little hidden gems. It will provide a satisfying observing session, and being 7.5mm FL quite tolerant on may EP's!. I really like mine, and has been my grab n go scope for some time. i did some basic imaging through it back in the early days.. sure it was more a test than a serious approach, but it did very well!. Have fun with it. Rob
  6. Rob

    Intes Micro Maksutov

    Like others have said, M603 has been on my dream list for many years after using Russ's in the New Forest many years ago!. I had a near picture book visual of Saturn with stunning detail & colour. Thats a really smart looking scope Stu. Well Gel! Best Rob
  7. I have the AA Starwave ED70 and love it. The optics are great, view is very wide and the fit & finish is second to none. It also loves an ED barlow for pushing the mag's for planet observing, and will also be a good start point for imaging (should you want to start down that road). As has been said. the marks are the bearings in the craford focuser. My guess is either its had a heay payload off the back of, or over tightening with the locker while racked in/out. Mine has extremely light marks. Its a great scope all in all Best Rob
  8. What a pleasure to read & start my day. Man thanks and enjoy the scope. I've become such a fan of these small ED scopes. Best Rob
  9. Ditto Stu. Such a crisp clear morning in Southampton.. the earth shine on the moon was stunning!
  10. Rob

    1rpd ST80 30mm 2” eyepiece

    Makes me think along the lines of Moonfish.. I know its not, but wonder if its out the same factory. The Moonfish is good in long F ratio scopes. So if we are talking the same here, you should enjoy it in the f6.. however it will curve at the edge (outer 20%) Rob
  11. Rob

    What did the postman bring?

    Super EP's Dave. I had a few around 10 years ago!. More stuff I should have never moved on
  12. The weather is looking a little better mid week.. fingers crossed!
  13. Wasn't it stunning this morning!. I was out walking mum's dog at 6.15am, so enjoyed the view

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