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  1. What an interesting video. Thanks for sharing that. Rob
  2. Guys.. thanks for your input thus far. Whats Astrotoaster?. Can you expand on the process to use my 450D ?. Thanks
  3. Rob

    TS 72mm first light

    Very nice indeed Stu. I'm sure the ED72 will serve you well!. Nice report also BTW. I've re discovered small scope observing this year. I like many others always get/have aperture fever, but there are many nights that a big setup can equal a big pack away after a short time at the EP!. I'm just loving how capable these small ED scopes are!. They seem to cut through our seeing issues like a hot knife threw butter. And at a large array of magnifications as well making it a multi target telescope. This year I've only had the 5" frac out once, the 8" newt has not been out at all!. My ED70 10/12 times on the EQ5 so far.
  4. Rob

    The night of the small scopes

    Couldn't agree more!. The UK is tricky country to observe from for weather reasons. The small scope (grab and go) really does have a major place here. Sure I love to setup two larger scopes and all the kit for mega session. But really love that 5/10min setup for an hours worth of joyful sky scannng Rob
  5. Equally I'm not trying to stir anything up here. It was an interesting project with surprising results. All aspects were covered including varied seeing conditions on different nights etc. Anyway. Yes I feel advice maybe a ED120 lets say would be nice instrument to sit along side the 300P
  6. You make a good point there thanks. I guess now that I have live view also that helps.
  7. Oh and for the record I've owned 2 x C8's in the past. The first Starbright black tube addition was nice. The second (non USA made) was soft on contrast. However Russ (another founder member of SGL with myself) did some extensive tests on a shoot out between the black tube C8 & ED100. We both agreed they performed equally.
  8. Humm Yes. Speaking as a fellow back sufferer. I ended up selling my EQ6 a few years ago for this reason. The issue being if you part with a handsome amount of cash, then end up selling a year later thats going to really annoy you!. I see you have a nice 300P dob. I'd buy a nice APO and HEQ5 that your budget will stretch too.
  9. Thanks for the detailed info there. I have come accross a range that use MT9M034 chip. I did some reading and sounds ok?. Any thoughts on this. eBay item number: 302781318552 Thanks
  10. Very Nice indeed!. Setup & image that is. I'm thinking about grabbing one of these mounts. Rob
  11. Rob

    Old guys do the Veil.

    Great report. Sounds like a splendid evening. Love reading these
  12. I know!.. come on John, keep the faith (and fingers crossed)
  13. Rob

    What did the postman bring?

    Really nice scopes The Opticstar AR Series. Fantastic bang for Buck!
  14. Well its been throwing it down with rain all morning. And when I say throwing it down I mean it!. So will clear skies scheduled for tonight, it really could be an epic one. The rain should clear down the pollution & pollen well. Fingers crossed & clear skies!

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