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  1. Very, very nice.. I do want one!!. I missed out on some Meade 3k Japans recently... GRRR. Enjoy it!
  2. What a nice read with my Sunday breakfast!.. and his is why we do this!.. here's to many more enjoyable observing sessions. Thanks for sharing! Rob
  3. My oldest eyepiece... Early 1980's - All glass optics made in Japan. My 127L loves it, very sharp!.
  4. I've had the 150P and really enjoyed it. You need to look at budget & exceptions here. I would suggest replacing the stock EP's along with a nice Barlow to double them up!. As a jump you cant go wrong with BST explorers from First Light Optics. Good on the pocket, and a really nice step up!. Use them for a while, learn the sky and enjoy multiple objects... just have fun Best Rob
  5. Just need to juggle Xmas eve dinner, presents & astro... not that hard (lol)
  6. Has to be my Meade 14mm UWA 5000 82 degree. Bought it 12 (ish) years ago from the USA v1 ep. I must have fully lucked out for once. So sharp in all my scopes. I had THE best views of Jupiter from this EP in my 200 spx Newt... staggering detail. Rob
  7. whats up? im responding to your message here so that anyone can throw in their advice all is welcome and the more the merrier please thank you. i live on long island new york and im about 15 min from the beach. most of the time i will be observing from my backyard im 1 hoour from NYC. i def want a goto tracker. i was looking at the xt10g and at the 8se... i def want to be able to see planets as clear as possible. i want to be able to see the seperation of rings and the jupiters storm. id really like to see neptune and pluto and venus as best i can. i would like to see some DSO. (is that deep space objects? im new to this lingo lol) galaxies and nebuleas like those redish horese heads and sprial galaxies...i also dont know if im imagiing too much and what my hopes are for these scopes arent realisitc bc im known to dream too much 

  8. hey rob, im michael nice to meet you.  im new to this and im just getting into this. im debating whether or not to get the orion xt10g or the celestron 8se...i live on long island, new york so theres some light pollutuon but luckily im only 10 minutes from the beach. and hows the mobilty? Any chance you can help point me int he right direction? as well as are their certain websites that have better warranties and shipping and accessories than others? and price of course?

  9. 15 years John... wow, time flies when your having fun!. Thank you for all you do here. Best wishes Rob
  10. Excellent post @John its a real interesting one. I've also been a visual observer since 1985!.. I started out with a Patrick Moore book from the Science Museum.. years ago friends from over the pond suggested "Nightwatch' by Terence Dickenson. That opened my world!. I find in the last 10 years with the improvement of optics and telescope builds, all apertures have there place, and can certainly offer massive enjoyment in observing. All my scopes get frequent use on many targets. Rob
  11. I have the 6mm SW.. would not part with it. Maybe lucked out, but its fantastic!. I've tried others (clones) and for me doe not touch it. As I say I bought it 12 years ago, so maybe the QC was higher back then??.. The SW version are great EP's
  12. Rob

    Got the itch again!

    Luke.. Good to have you back here. We all take a pause, but we all return to this fabulous hobby at some point. Best wishes Rob
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