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  1. Really nice!.. thanks for posting
  2. Fabulous scope. The CA is almost negligible. I miss mine lots... it only got sold for finance reasons 15 odd years ago! grrrr Enjoy it.. I know you will.
  3. Viewing planets during the day / twilight can be very rewarding indeed, and should never be pushed aside. Glad you enjoyed! Rob
  4. Sorry to hear you were mostly clouded out!.. my Bortle 2 visit was North Cornwall last year in October. Deffo another visit post Covid that's for sure.
  5. I experienced Bortle 2 skies last year for 5 days ..... amazing!. Only issue is it tarnished my B5 skies back home. Took a while to adjust back TBH
  6. 2003 was amazing. I had a 114mm Newt and managed a crazy amount of detail.. will stay with me forever!
  7. F8 100... A visual observers dream. Congrats, and enjoy! Rob
  8. Great post @John could not have said it better. Thanks
  9. Much to my pain. I've not been able to observe Mars yet due to a leg & arm injury for the past 7 weeks. I'm now in the position to start again, the weather has been awful down here but shows promise for the weekend (small window) so I'm keeping everything crossed. I had info showing the 13th to be maximum, but we have the whole month & beyond of course... just so desperate to get out now.
  10. To be fair I don't think I have that grub screw?!!.. I will check later. I just don't recall seeing it in the kit from Telescope house back in 2018. I had no instructions sent with it either!!. I had to call them and they claimed "push on and tighten the grub!. I'm always the one that questions why I have something left over.
  11. Thanks @johninderby I must admit I didn't look at that, just the worn rounded grub that holds the 1:10 on the shaft. Guess I've just been concentrating on full removal!. Rob
  12. @Dean HaleGlad you have this fixed. I had (and still have an issue). I bought the 1:10 upgrade and it kinda works when it wants too. I now have that stuck on there due to the grub looking similar to yours.. I know what needs to be done, which is further grease needs to be applied in the 1:10 knob itself, but it also has a rounded grub in the black 1:10 knob, so I can't remove it!.. needless to say I've just ordered some allen drivers. I have had the focuser out expose the shaft (like you had done). Did you note the bearings that hold the shaft?.. I'm wondering if they will tap out?.. I want to remove the shaft fully to work with it on the bench. did you notice if this so?. Thanks Rob
  13. love the Baader #2458125 focusing adapter.... such a valuable piece of kit!. awesome. and would not be without it
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