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  1. Nice work for those that managed it... the cloud is just thin enough for a disc here now.. typically over when visible!
  2. Also forgot to post that in addition to getting the ADM upgrade for HEQ5. I also bought 2 x Stella Mira Dovetail bars from FLO. Really nice vixen dovetail bars (note I bought these before purchasing the dual ADM saddle). In fairness I don't think I need to upgrade to Losmandy bars just yet
  3. New case with pick foam to house my UWA & SWA collection
  4. From FLO. My new ADM saddle & puck for my HEQ5. Talk about beefy... looks great. I shall fit it at the weekend
  5. Delivered Saturday. Read for the Bresser!
  6. Low power eyepiece and sweep the milky way is also a nice thing to do on T-shirt observing nights in summer. Mornings are good because of steady seeing also.
  7. Just received a really nice condition Maxvision 68 degree 28mm 2" to complete my UWA/SWA eyepiece collection. with thanks to @Stargazer McCabe for this.
  8. Hi All, looking for either 5000 SWA 28mm or 24mm UWA in very good/mint condition with original box. If you have one your looking to part with please PM me. Thanks & clear skies Rob
  9. Many thanks for the replies. shall take a look.
  10. Took delivery from the postie of my long waited (10 years to find) Meade 5000 SWA 40mm. With thanks to @coliea its a beautie!. Thanks ... Very happy. The quest continues for the remainder to be found.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for a flight style case with pick foam for my EP's. Can you advise one to go for. This will be for my SWA/UWA ep's, so large, but not massive. Thanks
  12. Nice!. I bought the 10mm Celestron Luminos a few weeks back... really like it. Now thinking about the 31mm to join my SWA/UWA group
  13. From Aunty FLO this week!. Very happy with this. Super bright in the scopes. Also picked up a Baader clicklock for the Bresser Hexfocuser which is a fantastic upgrade!.
  14. Sure hope this thread helps others also. Its also interesting the backlash may not be apparent until a long tube or heavy scope is mounted like I have here. This will help tremendously with stability (as I'm a non/light imager). Rob
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