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  1. Nice setup all round there John. I know the Baader focusers have a great rep. FLO have replied to me already. I need to measure the diameter on the scope. So that's the next step
  2. I can see there are various connectors there. I'll drop FLO a line to see what can be done. Thanks Rob
  3. Thanks John. I assume the Baader ST focusers flange is equal to the FT one?. I know I would still need the Bresser Adapter, but that's fine. Humm I do like those ST focusers I have to say.
  4. I Appreciate your replies all!. Thanks I will contact Bresser as suggested firstly, may still go down the Moonlight or even the Feather touch upgrade as noted on the Bresser site (also movable to other Bresser & ES ED scopes) Rob
  5. I agree too Rob......... In principle I agree Joe.. and not mad at all!. Now 1 issue.. I cant sell it as it was a gift from what was then my wife to be (now wife ..aka Boss). Shes also asked that I don't sell.. Fortunately I own a good example. Its not that I don't like the Hex focuser in all honesty either. However I bought the 1:10 upgrade and fitted. Its not working correctly, and to add insult I cannot get the thing off!. It just works when it wants to. The grub screws are all jammed, so I cant even take it apart to regrease. Clearly a lemon!. This broken 1:10 is annoying me hugely....
  6. ooohh, that's very pretty. Enjoy!. Rob
  7. Right!.. @DRT of course!.. thanks for locating Rob
  8. I'm sure somewhere on the forum here I've seen a Moonlite focuser fitted to the New Bresser AR127L (hex focuser addition). Does anyone have this setup?. Or could confirm that there is this option without modification?. Thanks Rob
  9. Rob

    Wow moments

    Like you, just so many to choose from!. I have 30 years worth of events/observations out of my 50 years of being on this planet. I'll list but a few though...... Hale-bopp comet (just jaw dropping) : Planet oppositions with high in the sky planets and staggering detail : Solar & lunar eclipses : Jupiter Moon transits : seeing a massive over head fireball with smoke trail : meteor showers : finding galaxy's by star hopping! The list goes on and on!. Been nice just to rethink of some while typing Rob
  10. Rob

    The motor mount

    Nice!.. I'll be interested to see this when completed. Rob
  11. That looks real nice.. even more so with the Steeltrack on there.
  12. Nice report John. That really does look a great piece of kit!.. I'm feeling sure this will do well. Rob
  13. You have some nice kit there. I mirror what john has said here on correct pricing. You must do your research and price to around 60% based on condition. You could use this site also - open a free account, no fees apart from Paypal fees https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ Best Regards Rob
  14. Agreed image quality. Nice concept idea, just not a polished end product to be fair.
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