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  1. Have you seen the NASA Hubble model resource? https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/detail/HST https://github.com/nasa/NASA-3D-Resources/tree/master/3D Models/Hubble Space Telescope/HST/individual_pieces
  2. Sometimes they do have very low prices on astro equipment, but not always, but worth checking out.and they do have very good service.They are what you would call box shifters so don’t ask them technical questions. Bought a pair of Nikon bins off them last year but later on put them on eBay and got what I paid for them.
  3. Yes the subject of spherical vs parabolic mirrors would make an interesting thread in it’s own right but it is indeed getting away from the OPs question.
  4. Something for playing with your RA/DEC knobs???
  5. Mostly clear now and the moon is out.
  6. Interesting if a bit pricy to buy the book. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atlas-Andromeda-Galaxy-Paul-Hodge/dp/0295957956
  7. Corrected the link to take you directly to the right size.
  8. OK here you go. Measured an O ring from a 6x30 and this is the closest I could find https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p80025/BS025-1.78mm-Section-29.87mm-Bore-NITRILE-70-Rubber-O-Rings/product_info.html?backstep=1 Brand / Quality: Simply NBR O-Ring - High Quality Cross Section: 1.78mm Inside Diameter: 29.87mm Outside Diameter: 33.43mm
  9. Re: TS...........Wouldn’t be the first time copying product descriptions leads to the wrong specs being shown.
  10. Interesting thread on CN about Ronchi testing. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/371739-are-ronchi-eyepieces-useful-for-checking-mirrors/
  11. I have noticed that some of the Skywatcher 130 are described as speherical but all the 130p are described as parabolic. Could there be two versions of the 130? Edit. Ahhh here’s the answer. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/blog/skywatcher-explorer-130-vs-130p.html
  12. New focuser and finder bracket for Big Red. Had borrowed the Badder Steeltrack from Big Red to use “temporarily” with the new 8” Classical Cassegrain and bought a new TS 2.5” R&P for it but found when it arrived that it couldn’t be used. The drawtube had 20mm longer travel than the Steeltrack but was about 50mm longer overall which mean’t it simply wouldn’t fit as adding extensions in order to make it fit mean’t there wasn’t enough infocus to focus with a two inch diagonal. So the Steeltrack is staying on the Cassegrain. The TS focuser screwed onto the Baader flange on Big Red although needed one of the Cassegrains 25mm extensions as the drawtube hit the rear baffle. Swapped the chrome fine focus knob for a black one off of another scope. Would like a brass knob to go with the scope but at least black doesn’t look out if place. Still need to replace the rotation and locking chrome knobs with brass ones. Think the new focuser does look good on Big Red and will work as well as the Steeltrack. Bought a Svbony finder bracket for the Cassegrain and liked it so got one to replace the WO one originally used. The problem with the WO bracket was the ring diameter was too small to allow the 50mm finder to be adjusted properly. Changed the silver screws for the brass ones. Also took all the brass bits off the scope and buffed them up on the buffing wheel. Now Big Red is ready and waiting for the AZ100 mount. A mount worthy of Big Red.
  13. The Astrozap or Kendrick premade filters with the Baader film are fine. A wedge is preferable but as you mention more ££££££. You should also consider the Lacerta wedge. Just as good as the Baader wedge and a bit cheaper.. I’ve owned both and couldn’t tell any difference.
  14. I believe this was made by Intes. Good solid handle ideal for bolting onto tube rings. In good used condition. Comes with a couple of M6 bolts. £25.00 Posted to UK S O L D Length:: 215mm Height : 40mm Tube dia: 18.5mm Hole spacing: 196mm Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
  15. Forecast says partly sunny here right now. Nope.....wall to wall cloud.
  16. Don’t forget your safey gear before using.
  17. I use the Svbony finder. Great liitle well made finder and cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SVBONY-Solar-Finder-Scope-Fully-Metal-for-Sun-Positioning-Solar-Eclipse-Observe/362366838367?hash=item545ebf265f:g:N6IAAOSwylRbMfYY
  18. A very good inexpensive alternative to an APO and wedge.
  19. The Baader film is the best of the solar films. Tired the Seymour black film that shows the sun in yellow. Used it once then tossed it in the bin. Poor compared to the Baader.. If you want a yellow sun just use a yellow eyepiece filter with the film. Does improve contrast a bit although not as much as a continuum filter. BTW even a continuum filter only improves contrast by a tiny amount. You can make your own using a sheet of the film or buy a premade one. And don’t forget about a solar finder. Hers’s mine on a 127 mak. Bought a £7.00 flight case on Amazon and fitted the filter with it’s shipping foam into the case.
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