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  1. The conversion of the 250PDS or the buying a complete Orion UK dob?
  2. The 250PDS and 250P optics are identical and equivelent to the Bresser so no difference in performance. The Orion dob mount you have linked to is of course just the dob mount but yes you could fit a 250PDS OTA to it. The most basic complete Orion dob comes with optics equivalent to the SW and Bresser but few bother with the basic optics but go for the higher grade optics options. The Orion scopes are lighter weight than the others with an aluminium tube and build quality is excellent nowadays and comparable to the Bresser although the Orion focuser isn’t as good. Pity the Bresser dobs are sold out until October.
  3. Very pricy but there is Norland optical adhesive range which is a more modern adhesive https://www.edmundoptics.co.uk/f/norland-optical-adhesives/11818/
  4. Try 365astronomy. https://www.365astronomy.com/SkyWatcher-101mm-Tube-Mounting-Rings-for-102mm-and-ED80-Refractor-Telescopes.html
  5. Third night in a row that there has been thin cloud all over and haze. About the only thing visable is the glow of the moon through the clouds.
  6. Where do I lodge a formal complaint about this outrageous plot to ban the discusion of handles.
  7. It’s standard Bresser alt bearings and they have adjustable tabs on the inside the keeps the bearings in place.
  8. How about a classical type of refractor. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/scopetech-telescopes/scopetech-stl-80a-maxi-80mm-f15-classical-refractor.html
  9. Berlebach 212 Report with a subtle mod. As the 212 Report doesn’t have markings on the legs for setting the height of the tripod I decided to add some. Thought about adding some stick on clear measures but they were too thick to fit through the leg clamp bracket so decided to use some Letraset rub on transfer numbers as they are really just thin paint. Removed the sliding leg sections and marked out the postions of the numbers using masking tape. The numbers are just postion indicators so no need for any measurements to be shown. After applying the numbers gave the legs a couple of coats of Osmo oil finish which matchers the existing finish perfectly. Once fully hardened it is tougher than polyurethane. The end result is subtle yet makes it easy to set the legs at a specific height.
  10. Clouds, clouds and moe clouds last night but at least it was clear for some. Sounds like you had a good observing session.
  11. The Bresser is gping to be optically similar but it has that great focuser. You can’t begin to compare the two focusers. The one on the ST102 is rather poor at best but the Bresser focuser is in a different league and you can get the optional 1:10 fine focus unit. This is the focuser it comes with. https://www.telescopehouse.com/explore-scientific-2-5-hex-focuser-with-1-10-gear-reduction.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6b6Um4L86gIVkrLVCh0nRw_IEAMYASAAEgK8PfD_BwE
  12. Partly cloudy............ so it’s a maybe tonight.
  13. Ahh.............a WDS 8517 Tube Handle if I’m not mistaken.
  14. Sunny and much cooler this morning.
  15. APM is a major manufacturer of telescopes including APO refractors up to full professional observatories. Also one of the founders of Lunt Telescopes. https://luntsolarsystems.com/about-us-lunt-solar-systems/ Bought an A&M refractor from them years ago and Markus Ludes phoned me to discus options with the scope before shipping. Don’t think he deals with customers direct any more with the growth of the company. But anyway a top company to deal with. A youtube vid of one of their observatory class scopes being installed.
  16. With a 1.25” eyepiece the field stop in the eyepiece is smaller than 1.25” so not problem with vignetting (cropping). using a 1.25” diagonal. But as you have the 2” visual back and 2” diagonal then it makes sense to use that. You might want to get a long focal length 2” eyepiece some day.
  17. With 1.25” eyepieces it doesn’t matter what size diagonal you use as long as it is decent quality. No real advantage in a 2” diagonal other than it lets you use long focal length 2” eyepieces. Just get a 2” visual back. The Baader is nice but a bit expensive but good quality ones can be had for about £20.00. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-click-lock-2-for-celestron-meade-sct.html Or cheaper alternative. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/revelation-sct-2-visual-back.html#SID=627
  18. Just cut a few washers from the sides of the milk bottle. There should be some resistance to turning as you don’t want it to turn too freely. While you want some resistance you don't want any “sticktion”. In other words it should start turning smoothly with no little jump when it starts moving.
  19. Insert a few washers make from a plastic milk bottle on the central bolt in the base. Just enough to raise the top a fraction of a mm above the teflon pads. Should help a lot.
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