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  1. Ypu might want to remove the rear dust cover and check that the focuser shaft bushing is seated into the backplate of the scope. Just remove the focuser knob and the three exposed screws that hold the dust cover on. The collimation screws are hidden under the three black rubber plugs and not the ones to touch. Here’s what it will look like with the dust cover removed. This is a Bresser 127 mak but the 100 is similar. Notice the shaft bushing isn’t seated.
  2. The manual Skywatcher ships with their mounts is pretty useless and not very informative as far as to using synscan. You need to download the Synscan handset manual to get the full 49 page manual thst tells you in detail how synscan works. Even though it’s the handset manual the app works the same way. Why Skywatcher doesn't mention in the manuals that come with the mounts that the full manual can be downloaded beats me. https://inter-static.skywatcher.com/downloads/Synscan_V4_Hand_Control_Manual_SSHCV4-F-161208V1-EN.pdf Most issues people have had with the WiFi mounts is down
  3. This is what I use. Not cheap but lasts for years and is the very best. And yes the blower first. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/baader-optical-wonder-set-cleaning-fluid-and-cloth.html
  4. Built to a standard not down to a price. An old fashioned concept nowadays but glad there are some businesses that still believe in it. Just realised I’ve had my AZ100 since December 2019. Bought mine five minutes after it was released for sale so got the very first one sold.
  5. Have a read of this article. Will explain the basics and further down illustrates the various types of telescopes. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-equipment/how-to-choose-a-telescope/
  6. Baader Hyperion Finetuning Rings 14mm & 28mm As new £20.00 Posted to UK Price is for both rings. The finetuning rings are 2" OD and threaded M48 (filter thread) on each end, so they can be installed in-between the Hyperion's removable front negative element and main body. Payment: PayPal. (buyer pays fees) John
  7. Something like this would be more than adequate and would be a very nice visual scope and would sit nicely on a small alt-az mount. https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-ascent-80ed-f7-refractor-telescope-geared-focuser-469-p.asp
  8. Gosky uses the Baader solar film so should be fine. http://www.gosky-optics.com/product/70mm80mm-baader-solar-filter-for-celestron-70mm80mm-aperture-telescopes/
  9. They are the Kitakaru RPL eyepieces sold by a few different places. Check CN for Kitakaru RPL discussions. https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/reviews/eyepieces/altair-kitakaru-eyepieces/
  10. Svbony 2-Inch Variable Polarizing Filter In good condition. SOLD - £15.00 Posted to UK by 2nd class mail. Adjust the amount of light transmission from 1% to 40% by rotating the filter housing. The filter will not change the colour of the object being viewed. Fits standard sized 2" eyepieces equipped with filter threads. Metal cell. Note the two filters can not be seperated and used independently. Payment: PayPal. (buyer pays fees) John
  11. A handle for the TecnoSky 125. Now the handle “borrowed” from Big Red can go back. It’s actually a “motorcycle handlebar adjustable balance bar” but just happens to make a great telescope handle. And being intended for use on a motorcycle it’s solidly made. It is a bit long but just fits with a StellaMira Losmandy plate. It can be extended much longer by loosening some grub screws and pulling out the end sections but not needed for a telescope. Just blotted out the brand name with a permanent marker and will leave that on the bottom anyway. And under 10 quid if you don’t mind waiti
  12. Yes it is the Report 212 tripod. Perhaps would work better with a Giro or similar mount with the 125.
  13. Tested the 125 on my lightweight tripod setup and actually will be usable if not aimed too high. A slow wobble that settles down in a couple of seconds if touched but not enough to affect focusing. So usable for a quick look and the whole setup can be carried outside with one hand.
  14. No you can’t pinch the mirror by over tightening the screws so don’t worry about it. They just touch the metal mirror cell underneath the mirror not the mirror itself.
  15. The primary mirror screws just press against the mirror cell. You can’t pinch the optics by tightening them. They want to be tight but no need to overtighten. Are you tightening the lockscrews after collimation?
  16. Another AZ100 owner. Looks like the bottom of the mpunt has been changed. Mine is a lot different or has a new plate on the bottom. Edit: Of course that is the EQ5 / pier adaptor.
  17. StellaMira Telescope Carry Handle New Bought two of these handles and while one was perfect for one scope one wasn’t suitable for the other scope so one is for WITHDRAWN This nicely made StellaMira handle is machined from solid Aluminium and black anodised. Bolts to the top of your existing tube rings, there is a groove for the tube ring to sit in which is around 25mm. Supplied with a 1/4" UNC stainless steel bolt and I am including an M6 bolt as well. Payment: PayPal (buyer pats fees) John
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