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  1. Superb first light , your frac will show clusters , planetary nebulae and binaries at their very best , Nick. (For those puzzled by V1030 Orionis, it's sigma Orionis )
  2. Superb , keep at it and blame the atmospher ( seeing) and transparency for the results ! Careful now ,Nick.
  3. Brilliant , tight doubles really benefit from great seeing . Sounds like the TAL hit the sweet spot ! careful now ! Nick.
  4. Oh no ! Klingons return , must have unmasked ,
  5. At last a clear sky , little dew and comfortably around zero degrees. I'd set up with specific targets in mind , but given the great sky soon drifted around looking at old favourites. A lot of colour up there , Sigma Orionis and what a beautiful sight of this fishhook group. Lepus and" Hind's crimson" ( SAO 150058) , it's gone deep orange , a glowing coal. Slightly brighter and in Canes Venatici, Y ( "La Superba"), a lovely light orange. Reminded me to check out the bright "Garnet" star at the base of Cepheus ,high in the west. Tegmine (Zeta Cancri) and even at low power , the
  6. Yep. Sounds like you got it . It's a challenge due to the bright primary , closing aperture or using a filter will lose the secondary. The best view that I had of this was with Patbloke's 120 ed. it just showed two tight clean marbles, careful now , Nick.
  7. Lovely , a huge constellation bereft of deep sky interest , but some beautiful binaries , careful now , Nick.
  8. A notebook can give great rewards looking back. Even the roughest of drawings and notes can bring back memories of special events. Here's just a few . There's oppositions , northern lights and comets , not forgetting Jupiter and the year that we didn't have a southern belt. Wishing you a wonderful new year , keep posting and keep safe , Nick.
  9. Phew well done , coping with the seeing takes some doing . Often better after midnight as things up there even out and things down here get sleepy ! careful now , Nick.
  10. Determined to catch Tegmine , what a star ! Kicked off with a gibbous moon , view of post great conjunction and Mars. Quite chill and frost on the scope. Some great views of Camelopardalis. Beautiful views of "Hind's crimson star " R Leporis, settled in a deep glow. Then up to " La Superba" Y Canum venaticorum, brighter but lots of glowing colour. Seeing has been quite poor , but higher up and past midnight and it settled. Strange object flew by , Righto , Tegmine and a very transient view of the fine separation. A fine triple teased out at x240 with an old school Vixen 5mm ,
  11. Brilliant ! That's a star I point out to those who want a look . It's got the advantages of being visible by eye and gorgeous , Happy Christmad and a better new year ! Nick.
  12. Thanks for replies ! How could I have forgotten Neowise ! I have a pic somewhere on the phone , what a thrilling sight to show the grandchildren . Even my wife gave up Netflix for a view . Happy Christmas and a better new year to all our readers ! We'll meet again , careful now , Nick.
  13. What a year ! Plagued particularly by rapidly changing weather , which has dominated observing . It's been a challenge that some of us deal with hoping for better times. Several rewards , starting with Solar. June gave an indication that Sol was waking up. 31st of July gave an extraordinary prom.I hurriedly phoned up LeeB to have a look. We were both stunned at the extraordinary view. Since then only the weather has limited observing . http://halpha.nso.edu/ has given daily updates of wakening Sol , as have the reports of Aurora. Night ! Some 4
  14. Brilliant ! You might care to add next time out , 15 Mon.(SAO 114258) At the base of the Christmas tree is a stunning multiple. That Σ848 is a stunning 2.3" separation binary at the end of the 37 in NGC 2169, always adds something to cluster observing that these newest stars are binary rich. This particularly applies to M44 ,with both SLE and Σ binaries filling the view. Not had much luck with skies here , either wobbling or cloudy ! Better next year ! careful now , Nick.
  15. You just can't beat the clarity of a long large frac ! In addition to binaries , it'll open up brighter deep sky targets , Nick.
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