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  1. cotterless45

    Sun 24/6/18

    All action here !
  2. cotterless45

    Sun 24/6/18

    Heads up and scopes out ! Huge filament and some prom action, Nicko.
  3. cotterless45

    The Veil!

    Super report of what is possible from town. When you see the Veil from dark skies it's just mesmerising, Nick.
  4. cotterless45

    Cygnus doubles

    Superb ! A fine report of a very busy constellation,Nick.
  5. cotterless45

    First solar sketch since March! 22/6/18

    Lovely , missing your sketches ! Nick.
  6. cotterless45

    First ever sketch

    Brilliant Paul ! Very lovely sketch , carry on that man ! Nick.
  7. cotterless45

    Sun today

    Beautiful shots showing the detail of the ARs, very impressive. Catch these fast as they are receding . This gives you news and AR id, http://spaceweather.com/ well done Paul, thanks for posting ,Nick.
  8. cotterless45

    Summer solstice with a TEC and a Tak

    Gem of a report , all the better for being midsummer ! Just have to get out there! Nick.
  9. cotterless45

    Delights of a summer night.

    Dark enough to be useful at midnight. After creeping past the noisy hedgehogs busy feeding , looked up and around to the south. Surprising view of the top of Sagittarius, this was going to be an area to explore. Saturn. Delightfully open with Cassini and the dark band to the disc. Rings are wide open giving a good band for it to sit on. Settled well as it climbed , showing several moons ,taking x200. Messiers. A great sight starting with M17, even without filters , very obvious. The swan appeared with an Oiii filter at x50. Always a treat and not at all low down, sitting in a lovely star field. M27 gave a glorious glow filtered. Even signs of the Eastern Veil NGC 6995-2. M18 ,the diffuse glow of M11 ("wild duck") showed as the brightest of these clusters. M24 "star cloud" showed several binaries in its inclusive cluster ,NGC 6603. These include Sh263, Howe 42 and Sh 264. Higher up to M24 , a mass of stars , but no nebula. M22 began to resolve , superb globular followed later by M2, M28 was very pale. M25 showed a dense core and star field. M23 showed a fine scattering of stars. As did the superb Serpens "Graff's", IC 4756. By 1 am, the whole of Pegasus was up in the north east. Sagittarius. Some lovely multiple stars here, most I had not seen before. S716 and 715 presenting a "double double", at 19h17.7. -15 58'. Very impressed by the multiple pi Sagittarii. Plenty of lovely orange colour in 54 Sag. More colour in the multiple μ (Mu). Quite an amazing group of stars arranged here. Really surprised how very bright Mars is, huge and glowing. Bouncing around and wobbling in the fov. Some detail at x120-150. Suggestion of dark areas and that glimpse of ice cap. Superb summer session, under clear skies ! Nick.
  10. cotterless45

    Longest day , plenty action.

    The proms are back with a few free floating , some great surface action, http://spaceweather.com/ Nick.
  11. I'm a big frac fan , but looking back I found some memorable views of planets using Newts. Don't think that you have to spend out on ed fracs or apos to get stunning views. The finest views were with a SW 150 Pl. the combination of 6" at f8 gave tack fine results. Some great oppositioñs , but the simplest of gear can produce, even orthos worked ! Collimation must be as good as you can do and it helped that planets were quite high . Nick.
  12. cotterless45

    Grab and go

    Hi ' these are free charts and a boon to finding Messier's. http://avila.star-shine.ch/astro/messiercharts/messierTelrad.htm M94 us between Cor Caroli and Chara , trouble is that you need a bit of darkness to see Chara and M94. Nice to hear of small aperture results , Nick.
  13. cotterless45

    Delta Twins, & A Few Visual Doubles In Lyra

    Excellent report ! Lyra is packed with multiple stars , lovely area to explore , Nick.
  14. Anyone who attended Shallow Grange PSP will remember the great social atmosphere and the dodgy skies. I met and learnt from some very good folk there. The facilities were great , it's something that I miss greatly. Just wondered if there existed any williness to restart this. We had a dubious meeting against Rivendale campsite , but the security lights really put the dampners on that one. The Peak Distruct is central and although Chelmorton is not the best of skies , it did produce the best of fellowship. Any thoughts out there ? Nick.
  15. Use both these , plus Sky Safari and Interstellarium. To avoid all this outdoors , I make a list of hopefully planning to see , or not. Sissy Haas is simply fascinating , with notations of historical and observational interest. It's quite challenging , with some entries getting " not seen ". I always double check some of the sub 2" separations as these change change pdq. There are also the big changes , such as Porrima. With the amount of clear sky and targets to observe , I had to turn to goto. Be aware that only a large fraction of SAO numbers are in (Synscan) handset. Coordinates soon make sense as you tour the sky. What is amazing is that a large number of named stars are binaries, including 52 Cygnus. Add in details of their history , age and AU distances and you can have many hours of fascination. Or as they say at star parties " he's off on double stars, again !" Certainly something we should encourage all observers , especially newbies and those living with light pollution to get into. The handiest web resource is what's left of Eagle Creek , see my signature. In many books on observing , binaries get short shrift. It's great to have the resources at hand. Under Clear skies ! Nick.

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