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  1. Ar2671 with my wedge

    Cool ,of action ,
  2. Sol 16-8-2017

    really lovely, we're so lucky getting all this activity,Nick.
  3. Stunning clear night.

    Absolutely stunning night , between weather fronts the air is stable and clear. Kicked off with a good Saturn then some views of binaries in Pegasus. Then onto Cygnus and caught most of the Eastern Veil (NGC 6692 -6695 being brightest) at x30 with a Oiii filter. Keeping this in , NGC 7008, the"Fetus" nebula glowed up. Over to Aquila and the full size and shape of the( NGC 6781) "ghost of the moon" , looking exactly like that. There are some superb clusters here. Once again the "phantom streak " escaped me . Up to the treasures of Perseus and Cassiopeia , with a lovely view of M76, the "little dumbell". Just so much in this area and so many open clusters. A run through the Messier's and a view of the globular M71. At x120 it began to resolve as dust with diamonds scattered over it. Away from the scope and just looking around , the sky was very dark from 50 degrees up, if looked lovely with no twinkling or the rush of jet-stream. Just get a bright star and focus towards yourself , if you want to catch upper air wobble ! Superb night , hope you got out there ! clear skies ! Nick.
  4. The Veil Unveiled (Well, Partly!)

    Last night was a really spectacular one. With a 40mm ep and Oiii filter in the 150 , I got most of the lovely curving arc of the Veil. Worth trying these deep sky treasures, especially if they're up +50 degrees altitude above light pollution glow, Nick.
  5. new AR2671, is looking very nice today. 15-8-17

    Lots to see in white light , with several pairs there, Nick.
  6. Favourite summer DSO?

    I'm for M11, it's a flock of flying ducks. Suppose I'd have to say NGC 7789 also a favourite for late summer.Nick.
  7. heads up nice proms 13-8-17

    We had a good half an hour of clear sky ! Lot of action ,
  8. Meteor Showers

    Some lovely trails and this tiny chap was busy eating ! Nick.
  9. Race the rising moon and the clear forecast clouds, still a lovely packed area to explore. Last nights visitors were a family of hedgehogs , including a baby guzzling on my bird food , old Nick.Touch of a White Walker hedgehog here ! "Winter is coming ".
  10. After constant rain, the sky looked dark and clear by ten. I got a useful half an hour in. Then mega moon appeared , like something hovering over Castle Dracula, bleaching out a lovely sky. Returning to Cassiopeia I had a lovely time with some of the multiple groups there, including the close Σ3037 and the wider SHJ 355. The views showed lots of colour , maybe from the air being so washed. I was hoping for ΟΣ 511 , a fine triple and the double third component of Σ70. Ψ Cass.(Psi) was absolutely dripping colour, before ending up with far flung iota. The excitement had hardly started ! Just before midnight there was a knock on our window, I went around the front to find a really drunken chap holding his carry out in a plastic bag " do you believe in prognostic anarchy ? Could I borrow a rollup ?" Being slightly deaf , I thought he said "rollmop" and replied that " it was far too late to get fish "and "go on his way". It was pretty surreal, Here's to beer skies ! Old Nick.
  11. heads up nice large loop prom 10-8-17

    Plenty action ! Lots on the surface , Nick.
  12. Something At Last - A Cluster & A Planet!

    It's been a very difficult summer, hardly spent any time out there. However, the views , especially the star fields are very welcome. Anyone remember the Summer of endless sunny days and clear nights ? Nick.
  13. Postcard from Wales

    Lovely report, it's great when folk first look through a scope, Nick.
  14. Whirlpool spot!

    Looks good today, plenty activity there with a few filaments in Ha. In white light , the smaller spot is a pair and there's a tiny pair on the other side of AR2670, the remains of AR2655. Nick.
  15. Clear and soggy session.

    Clear and dark , everything out there dripping with results of our near constant rain. I kept looking to the west for clouds, for a quick getaway. The Milky Way , although faint was right through to Cassiopeia . Pegasus dominated the sky, with Cassiopeia high in the north. Andromeda, gave lovely sparkling views of open clusters NGC 956, NGC 7686,NGC 272 and a view of NGC 752 and the dense star clouds of NGC 206. The "blue snowball", NGC 7662 was a startling blue even at x50. Checked out the very challenging 36 Andromedae, just about there. Over to Aries and a view of our closest spiral galaxy , the "fiddlehead" NGC 772. High Lacerta and a view of the lovely NGC 7209. Pegasus gave the triple Σ3021 at 23h31.4m. +16 13'. A quick tour of the old favourite Messier's and that stunning "Caroline's rose" NGC 7789 in Cassiopeia. Within minutes the whole sky was lost to thick cloud, but worth getting out for an autumn preview, old Nick.