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  1. Just been out to look , absolute mega activity ! Nick.
  2. We meet up here , forestry site. In clear skies , M33 visible by eye. All welcome, Nick.
  3. We were discussing aspects of the closed system of the climate . It makes sense ,that whatever we expell ,has been on Earth in one form of another. There has been ( hopefully ) ,no great import or export of carbon for example. The balance between such amounts and the climate will settle , whatever the outcome for us. The thirst for knowledge and understanding must be one of our most powerful drives. Where this takes us , we can't possibly know. I think it would be wrong to not continue to explore the boundaries of knowledge, Nick.
  4. Superb ! Three minutes more dark ever day , even south of the wall, "winter is coming !" Roll on this long winter nights , set up at four and get in some lovely observing, old Nick.
  5. Yo Paul mate ! "Thank you everyone cannot wait give it a whirl thank you all for the advice. If I get the shadow right and see the sun does anyone know what to do on the handset (EQ5 goto) Synscan to track the sun please. " Set up, get pointing north, that's where a predrilled patio comes in handy. Get balanced, turn on, go through your normal settings , date and time aren't required to be accurate. Add summer time though ! Then come to Align, put in "no". Then move the scope using ra and Dec until you line up with the Sun. Then when it's there , get onto tracking and select solar rate. Enjoy ! old Nick.
  6. Managed to get my good neighbour around to have a look. Previous viewings have been Saturn and Jupiter, all of which he said were " beautiful". "One small step " to regulating the direction , timing and existence of his almighty powerful security light ! Nick.
  7. Another cracking clear day.set up at 7.30 and a looping prom was very obvious. Plenty action on a few proms including this one which went trident shaped. LeeB came up and sat down to draw the prom at 3.30, he was just astounded at the views. Blooming hot out there, had to cool down with few ales and some birthday Glayva . A satellite passed over the disc, followed later by a jet , neat !
  8. I had a 150Pl and regretted parting with it. 6" f8 and 8" f6 are sweet spots for observing. For a standard SW , the planetary views, especially at opposition were wonderful. There's just something good about 1200mm which gives you a chance at required magnifications. On an eq mount it was a lovely bit of kit, punching well above its cost. If you're dithering about getting one , go for it. I'd put on it par with my 102 M Vixen. I wouldn't be making comparisons with apo's. It would be like comparing a Ferrari with a Fiat Panda. Both will get you to the same place, but the journey and looks you get might be different ! Nick.
  9. First light with a lovely Lunt 35 THa. I set up my old Vixen 90 with a white light filter to compare. Just blown away with views. The amount of detail was stunning, starting off with the whole disc with a 23mm Panaview. I found my optimum sweetspot using an 8.8mm Meade UWA , giving x45. The speed that proms changed is amazing, a few floated free. The amount of activity was astounding , returning to the views over the course of an afternoon gave superb results. It's very addictive and absorbing , especially with a cold beer supply nearby !
  10. Been up to same thing , first light with a Lunt 35 Ha. Absolutely bowled over , set it up beside my 90 with white light Baader film filter, just ace,
  11. Super report, everyone should experience pristine dark sky and too many stars ! Not only is star hopping so easy, but the views are sublime. Don't fret about coming back to light pollution, just adapt your observing to acheivable targets,Nick.
  12. Super result Paul, certain you'll enjoy the views, old Nick.
  13. Can't make it this year as will be with SWMBO in the sharp end of Cornwall. Hope that you all make the event superb. Anyone dithering about going, just go ! old Nick.
  14. For starting out in just white light observing, I'd really recommend either making a solar filter with film or buying a ready made filter. White light will give you a fine kick off without breaking the bank, old Nick.
  15. Neat ! Graff's is a favourite, Nick.