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  1. super ! all we had was endless clouds lit up by light pollution. Hoping for clear skies as at this time of year there's so much to see. Very keen on theta Aurigae , nice binary with massive contrast, good test of optics and atmosphere, Nick.
  2. Found this grazing the web and observing endless rain , just lovely ! http://www.starobserver.eu/articles/ Nick.
  3. Looking around as darkness fell , first signs of the lunar light arriving . Looking south , still available are M11 , M17 and M22. Glorious view of Graff's in Serpens,IC 4756. Found "The coat hanger " using x10 binoculars. Half way between Albireo and Altair. Reminded me to check out " Kemble's cascade", go one top span of Cassiopeia to the left to find this chain heading pole-wise. Caught NGC 188 , the "Ancient one ", about 6 billion years old , a compact twinkle of an open cluster. Very near to Polaris. Camelopardalis showed Stock 23 , "Pazmino's cluster" at 03h16.2m +60 00'. Some lovely shapes there , including the bright Σ362. Seeing as the sky was getting light , I caught the delicate triple Σ1127 in Camelopardalis, lovely view. Had a look around at this early sky , from Perseus to Pegasus with Auriga rising . At the zenith , Cygnus and the last of the Summer Triangle. Just waiting for Orion and winter treasures and clear skies ! Nick.
  4. SQM 21.3 at 6.30 am ! A week long break just south of the Wall ( Hadrian's). Right stormy , right dark and at times very wet. Looking out of the window at 6am , lots of stars , but I couldn't tie them to constellations . I realised that I was looking at the Hyades pointing to a packed Taurus. Went out and just stunned. Auriga , just unrecognisable , Capella hardly looked the bright beacon at home. It looked slightly brighter than the other stars with a web of stars to the "kids". Signs of the Messier clusters here . Perseus , a glowing band overhead with an obvious double cluster . The Milky Way brushed Auriga ,Gemini through to the great kite of Cassiopeia. Incredible amount of stars , walking around the house each view was spectacular. Going to return in calmer weather to this beautiful part of the country. Hoping for clear skies ! Nick.
  5. With light pollution around , you're better off getting an 8" Dob. It's not that old chestnut about a big aperture scooping up light pollution. It's getting contrast and easily moving out a lighter useable scope. My experience was with a 10" Meade LB ( 63lbs) compared to a SW 8" Dob. There was hardly any difference in the views from town. Taking the 10" on holiday to very dark skies gave superb views , but for everyday (!) use I'd go f6 200p. In addition anything below f5 and you'll get lots of coma. You might care to ask others about their opinion. Our garden gets direct light from neighbours who don't use curtains and love security lights. I use a couple of 6ft panels and some dark throws clipped onto washing line poles. Keeps the breeze out ! Clear skies ! Nick.
  6. They said " clear " , but it was just milky without stars filling the constellations. View of Saturn , but it was shimmering . Ideal to view brighter clusters and a few hours meandering through Cassiopeia and Perseus. There's good bright ones , compact cores and those that are best overlooked ! M34 is often overlooked , give it a shot. Quite amazed that when spending a few minutes observing , the number of doubled up satellites that pass across. Almost like a Star Wars chase ! Quite fascinated by the young star clusters, certainly numerous multiple stars there . Not enough darkness to get to the dusty cored clusters , Herschel classification puts these as top class. You can imagine shapes here , I think that the "running man" in Perseus is quite glorious. Here's a few in that area . Here's to clear skies ! Nick.
  7. A cracking night , kicking off at midnight . A great winter preview and an early chance to enjoy favourites and show pieces. After midnight the air settles and its noticeably locally darker with folk asleep and lights off. Temperatures fell giving a massive amount of dripping dew. The sky was just divine , with some superb seeing and transparency. Started with the lovely cluster , NGC 1582 in Perseus. Sitting and drawing just relaxes the eye and soul ! Auriga kicked off with Cassiopeia at the zenith and the double cluster by eye. A lovely view of M37, try x90 here and it fills the fov. The fabulous eclipsing binary , one of the "kids" Zeta , showed a beautiful star fired with this most orange star. I managed Theta using a bit of aperture masking , just caught the delicate companion. An early look at M1 and it was there by direct viewing . Over to the "Eskimo", NGC 2392 in Gemini. Cranking up the power above x200 and some hood detail and the central white dwarf. M35 and NGC 2158 gave ages of viewing. Orion rising high with a complete bow and the Meissa melotte by eye . The Trapezium gave just the fifth E star with a lovely view of M42 nebulosity. Sigma Orionis was a elegantly sharp. Had a look at NGC 2169, the "37" cluster. Over to the buzzing beehive of M44 filling the field with binaries. A visit to NGC 2301 in Monoceros , the wonderful "Hagrid's dragon" wings outspread over a jewelled body. A view of the clusters NGC 2264 with the Christmas tree, NGC 2244 , M50 and "Avery's island", NGC 2353. Back to Cancer and Zeta Cancri , the fabulous Tegmine. Seeing superb and over x240 to crack this bright beauty open .Iota Cancri is a contender for "winter Albireo", lots of colour here. Reminded me to check the red "Hind's crimson" in Lepus. Lovely glowing coal, SAO 150058 is the only one I can remember if asked ! Packed in with Sirius and the front of Leo rising. A lovely tour , first autumn view of a lot of these . Hoping for Clear skies ! Nick.
  8. Ace report , full of wonders and colour , Nick.
  9. Another darkish free few hours before our moon climbed up. Lacerta is lovely area , rich in clusters. NGC 7209 is a favourite here . Down to another favourite and it's "Graff's", IC 4756 in Serpens Cauda. Quick look at NGC 663 in Cassiopeia. All these small fine stars soon appear with a relaxed eye sketching. A few new ones for me in Perseus, really climbing high . Don't overlook Miriam, oh what colours. Hopefully another night coming under , clear skies ! Nick. see y'all there ! https://www.ukastroshow.com/
  10. You'll need a bigger mount for this baby. It's not do much the weight , but the length of the ota. You'll be needing an extension , unless you like observing on your knees . Which you might do after emptying the wallet. Very interesting looking scope , at least unlike SW , they've detailed the glass. Nick.
  11. Excellent source , Some great clusters and small drawings from the ep. Plenty around . ."Graff's" IC4756 in Serpens , NGC 752 in Andromeda, the binary cluster "running man" NGC 1545 and NGC 1528, Lacerta clusters NGC 7209 IC 1434 and NGC 7243. Coming up in Monoceros M50, NGC 2301 " Hagrid's dragon" and NGC 2353 "Avery's island". NGC 2360 "Caroline's cluster" and M41 in CaMa. Nick.
  12. Excellent read , thrilled that you are back on track. The gem here for the casual observer is Almach , what a beauty ! Nick.
  13. Righto , race the Devils light bulb ! We get a huge Moon glow which sort of puts off further peering. In addition the temperature plummeted giving huge dew . Didn't notice until I sat down on the observing perch. Kicked off with NGC 281 ("Pacman" in Cassiopeia), the little triple here is quite obvious. Didn't get much joy from the "running man" cluster in Perseus ( binary clusters NGC 1545 and the better NGC 1528),too bright. Still waiting for our nearest lenticular galaxy , NGC 1023. At +9.5, this used to be a fair edge of town target. Expect someone up there's saying the same thing about the Milky Way! Then Saturn , picking out the Cassini at x77, impressive with 4" aperture. Something really nice about the 13mm Nagler , gives stunning marble stars. Over to try M11 and a buzz of stars here. Back up to Aquila and some stunning views . Try 5 Aquilae , quite a feat to pick out the multiple. Picked out the 1.8" companion in H1 and the very challenging triple to h881. Best was the very faint companion to Σ2677. As soon as I first looked with a 25mm ep, it popped out just scanning around. However it was the very devil to tie down when doing a quick sketch. Normally it's the other way around. Impressive night , as usual clear with a glaring Mega moon. Least it's waning and we'll get some clear skies ! Can hardly wait for this ! https://www.ukastroshow.com/ Nick.
  14. Gibbous Moon seems to clear the clouds , that's before big mirrors do their worse ! Hoping for some right seasonal dark skies , Nick.
  15. At Derbados cathedral, worth visiting if you're in middle England , Nick. http://www.derbycathedral.org/about-us/what-s-on/478-museum-of-the-moon.html
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