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  1. I'm a sucker for comets, I found this when searching for details of C/2015 V2 Johnson. Going to get from +9.1 to +8.1, hopefully we'll get some clear skies , Nick.|16.022448803159747|dec|43.7685138123948|fov|37
  2. Ask Lee. Let's move it to Skye, this was three nights ago,
  3. When you've finished the binaries, there's a few galaxies. Coma Berenices into Virgo is happy hunting ground. Hoping to see the CnV galaxies as well,
  4. Cobbled together some of my favourite binaries . There are some challenges there, most have been with the C6r. Just started observing old favourites with the OO Newt. The straight across vane makes stars almost frac like ! In particular Tegmine and "La Superba" are lovely. Nick.
  5. Excellent ! It's such a welcome sight to see Cygnus rising in the morning. Reminds me of those warm summer evenings ! The nebulae can be frustrating even under darker skies, Nick.
  6. Same here ! Very much used to the waxing Moon. Looking forward to darker skies and new moon doesn't help ! Nick.
  7. Came across this , rich info and some very clear finder charts, Nick.
  8. This might help with a fabulous area. Small aperture is wonderful to pick these up and make the most of colour,Clear skies ! Nick.
  9. Brilliant ! Alnitak has a close companion at 2.6", then there's the wide companion at 59.8". I caught it in a 4" frac. For a stunning view, head up to Meissa, lovely multiple group. Don't forget the fish hook of sigma Orionis. Iota will show the binary Σ747 in the field of view. Hatsya means " bright one of the sword" referring to Orion's sword. ρ Orionis is quoted as tangerine and blue, 4" aperture pulls out a lot of colour here. Did you spot the bright double Σ848 at the top of the three in NGC 2169 ? Clear skies ! Nick.
  10. Lovely sketch. Lots of folk can't find this cascade. Just put your hand up and span the "top" of Cassiopeia, take that span distance to the left along this top line and it's there at the end . Use very low power , bins are ideal, it's very colourful. The cluster at the end is the "Skull and Crossbones" NGC 1503, the binary (Σ485)making the eyes. This is nearby the blue planetary nebula , the "blue oyster", NGC 1501. These are summer favourites in Camelopardalis, the grandchildren love looking at these , before we swing over to "ET", NGC 457, Nick.
  11. Hi ! Welcome to the forum. Seeing colour is very subjective. I get a greenish glow from M42. Most of the bright planetary nebulae are blue or blue green. Some colours , such as " The Blue Snowball" in Andromeda are stunning. The " Eskimo Nebula" , NGC 2392 is up at the moment in Gemini and I get some colour with that. You should spot the centralwhite dwarf star in this one , along with the halo at x150-x200. Best filter for general use is the UHC. I use just a cheap SW one. It enhances the view , darkening anything else by blocking wavelengths that aren't emitted by nebulae. This will also enhance supernovae remnants like " the Eastern Veil" in Cygnus. It'll make a huge difference to M42. Best views are from dark skies. Light pollution bleaches out contrast, but bright planetary nebulae are still observable, clear skies ! Nick.
  12. Ah , there's always the scent of the night, the bucolic aroma of fallen apples , hay drying and foxes passing, or........ A few folk here like to burn their rubbish in the garden at night. Lino, tyres and polystyrene give that " je ne sais quoi " aroma. It must bring back memories ,as I get tears in my eyes and a choking sensation , Nick.
  13. Sheer genius, bravo ! You booked up yet ? old Nick.
  14. Don't know why you bother with water. My mirrors are probably unclean , 🛁 ,but untouched. I did like the guy on fleabay who used mirror spray and a soft cloth. ( not advisable, do not try this at home ). Best one that I saw , was a 150 Newt view with SKAG. Not only was there a web down the ota, but a small spider sitting in it. Strange that no one's mentioned Jaffa cakes yet , or are we too near to Bakewell ? i'll try and get LeeB up there. Trouble is every time he comes , the clouds arrive. It's technical genius versus no observing . Perhaps we should present him with the results of a referendum. Nick.
  15. Anyone remember the good old days ? Just down to 7 now, Lee's got a bigger shed with double that. That's his legs at the back of the tank. Then there was the smallest society in the country. We lost a few on the Dartmoor selection process. Mars proved an easy daylight target, Hope this guy turns up,and these folk ! Theme this time is FUN, remember it ! Old Nick.