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  1. A menacing Clavius!

    A fine looking image Avani.
  2. Sol WL HA Prom ar2680 19-9-17

    Very nicely captured, despite the conditions. It was was pretty poor imaging Venus this morning as well.
  3. Sol HA and Prom. 18-9-17

    Nice set of images, that is a lot of sessions.
  4. Venus in UV 31.8.2017

    Fascinating articles. The more I read about these features, the more mysterious they become!
  5. Sol 14-9-2017 update

    Plenty of detail visible there.
  6. The Solar Chromosphere (Ca-K) - 17th September 2017

    Very nicely captured.
  7. The Solar Photosphere - 17th September 2017

    Nice set of images, despite the conditions.
  8. The Sun 17 September 2017 White light

    Very nicely captured.
  9. SUN 9/9/2017

    Excellent image Peter.
  10. A small bit of Sol 15-9-2017

    Very nicely done.
  11. AR2680 Ha 15th Sept

    Fantastic close up!
  12. Sol 14-9-2017

    Very nice set of images and a fine close up.
  13. Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year - Our Sun

    Well done to everyone mentioned, some incredible images again!
  14. Posting very late partial eclipse shot

    A fine looking image.