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Pete Presland

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  1. Pete Presland

    Mercury as Winter Evening Star

    It will be nice to see the return of the elusive innermost Planet again.
  2. Pete Presland


    Superb image as always Avani.
  3. Pete Presland

    Beehive with 10x50s

    Very nicely sketched.
  4. Pete Presland

    Pastel sketch of the H alpha full solar disc, Feb 11th

    Plenty of action caught there, so many proms visible.
  5. Pete Presland

    Pastel sketch of the H alpha full solar disc, Feb 7th

    Very nicely sketched!
  6. Pete Presland

    Lunar craters Aristoteles and Eudoxus, Feb 11th

    Superb Achim, lovely detail visible there.
  7. Pete Presland

    FD - Ha on 9/2/19

    Fantastic sketch as always Mariosi.
  8. Pete Presland

    todays prom action 11-2-19

    Lovely set of proms.
  9. Pete Presland

    A new t-shirt has arrived

    Very nice, Michael I remember that one.
  10. Do you have any more info on the narrow band filter?
  11. Pete Presland

    Lovely large Prom 10-2-19

    A fine looking prom, very well caught.
  12. Pete Presland

    Nice Prom, shame about the image!

    Nicely captured.
  13. Pete Presland

    The Sun 10th Feb 2019 - A Bit Of An Experiment

    The white looks fine, but the Ca-k does look a little soft, it might have been the conditions though. I also bought a short tube frac for the same reason last year. A softer image is better than no image though.
  14. Pete Presland

    EP collection is complete... or is it?

    That's a lot of glass, not sure there is such a thing as a complete eye collection I did think that my 42mm lvw eyepiece completed my collection, but I would love a bigger brother to my 22mm Nagler.
  15. Pete Presland

    Full Disk on 2/2/19

    That is superb Mariosi, how long did it take you to sketch it?

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