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  1. No problem Tony, always nice to share opinions and past experience. If you ever want message me direct about any "issues" feel free I will help if I can.
  2. Certainly an interesting event, shame it's at such unsociable hours at the moment. Especially with the view I have in that region of the sky, it's an hour window.
  3. That is no problem at all, I hope you are feeling better Tony. I have never found it very easy to capture a full disc, with even illumination across the disc. Very careful tuning is required. I have more success with mosaics to be honest. As the field of view with my set up is completely full, which allows more to capture a flat in Firecapture and apply it to the SER files as they are captured.
  4. All gone quiet again, after the excitement of two active regions at once.
  5. That filter is blocking a huge amount of signal. No wonder you are having increase your exposure so much, have done a little bit of research I found this graph. Not sure why it might be worse with the 224, other than maybe the its more sensitive in the areas you are blocking and less in the area you are passing. Its certainly an interesting comparison to see the different features exposed on each image.
  6. That is superb, what an atmospheric scene!
  7. AR2738 in white light. Evostar 120mm, Lunt wedge, X3 Barlow and Dmk21au618 camera.
  8. AR2741 in white light. Evostar 120mm, Lunt wedge, X3 Barlow and Dmk21au618 camera.
  9. AR2738 in white light. Evostar 120mm, Lunt wedge, X3 Barlow and Dmk21au618 camera.
  10. A straightforward handheld capture with my Samsung S7 Android phone. Through a 42mm LVW eyepiece in my C9.25.
  11. A couple nice early morning captures there, some nice detail visible.
  12. Fabulous image Avani, stunning detail in the GRS and the equatorial belts.
  13. A nice image Geoff, with some decent detail visible. Looks a bit noisier than I would hope for 1000 frames to be. What's the "infrared (IR850)" you refer to? A few settings from one of my capture runs from early in the year. Camera=ZWO ASI224MC Filter=RGB Profile=Jupiter Diameter=33.78" Magnitude=-1.89 Focal Length=7600mm Resolution=0.16 Frames captured=12126 File type=SER ROI=640x480 FPS (avg.)=125 Shutter=6.280ms Gain=400 Histogram=75%
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