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  1. Pete Presland

    Pluto August 4th and 16th

    Very nicely captured, it will always be a planet to me as well.
  2. Yes for sure, Venus is not imaged to much in UV. I guess because the filter is quite expensive and probably only going to be used on one target it doesn't seem like good value. Especially when that target is generally quite low down on the horizon, even despite its brightness is tough to image, even tougher to capture any details, other than the phase.
  3. Been a good night so far, the seeing wasn't to bad on the planets, considering how low they all are. Not seen any Perseids tonight though.
  4. I thought about getting one for quite a while, I did use a No47 Violet filter (I think) for a while. Its an expensive filter, but I have used a lot , probably more than a few others I own.
  5. Pete Presland

    Filter query for RGB Mars with ASI290MM

    Yes, sorry IR pass filter. This is the one I mostly use with my mono camera https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomik-filters/astronomik-proplanet-642-bp-ir-pass-filter.html The 742 is a slightly narrower wavelength, so lets less light through. This is UV/IR cut for the colour camera
  6. Very honoured to see my "little old Venus" image in such illustrious company, Avani images are magnificent! Congratulations to everyone that entered, such a high standard again!
  7. Congratulations on capturing your 1st comet, an excellent start!
  8. Lovely captures, some great colours visible in those shots!
  9. Pete Presland

    The Boy and The Milky Way

    Very nicely captured Peter.
  10. Pete Presland

    It's busy up there

    Incredible how much stuff is up there already, what will it be like in another 50 years?
  11. Pete Presland


    Fabulous image, love moody clouds between the stars and foreground!
  12. Pete Presland

    Milky Way - untracked.

    superb image, so much detail especially for such short exposures.
  13. Pete Presland

    Sol in Ha 11 August 2018 with new ASI174MM

    A decent 1st light, hopefully some better conditions and some more action soon.

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