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  1. I bet they give good image scale....
  2. The Skysensor 2000PC was pretty advanced for it's time. It has reverse polarity protection on the power input for example which not every has!
  3. Thanks Baz. Yes, Mizar and Alcor was the first thing I ever looked at through a scope having read about it in a Patrick Moore book. Still have a look at it most times I'm out.
  4. Just fitted an original Vixen MD-5 single axis drive to the Super Polaris mount for my Vixen FL102s. Looking good, perfect for some nice relaxed planetary and lunar viewing.
  5. Beautifully packaged off eBay, this MD5 controller and motor will give me tracking for planetary and lunar observing on my Vixen SP mount with the Vixen FL102s f8.8. Blissful prospect; low tech, simple and relaxed
  6. Yes, Ranmore is pretty good, well worth trying
  7. SGL is a very welcoming and patient place for new starters. Members are happy to answer all kinds of questions, including simple ones which have been answered many times before. You rarely if ever get 'just Google it' as an answer, you do get lots of helpful information and guidance. A simple geographical difference is that CN tends to be more US centric in its membership and SGL is more UK/European centric, although both have members from around the world. It is reflected in kit preferences too, with Skywatcher being popular here, Celestron and Orion more in the US. At the top end of refractor land, AstroPhysics is a more popular brand, although the Tak/TEC/LZOS brands seem equally popular in both camps.
  8. Just seen there is a nice alignment including Mars on 26th March. Low down and early in the morning but worth trying for. I will add this to the Celestial Events Calendar, the 21st December is already in there. Worth setting up alerts for this so you don't miss any event we put in there.
  9. If it is mag 11 I might have a chance!!
  10. The skies looked very good last night and I wish I had been able to observe. Unfortunately after a not quite full day complete with hour commute each way, I then had to take MIL back home to Nottingham, and be home for work in the morning so completed a 5.5 hour round trip at about 00.45 this morning! Orion was an almost constant companion on my journey South, but by the time I got home Leo was dominating the skies. Being tired but wired, I had a quick wind down in the garden looking up, and took a few widefield shots on my phone, placing it on top of a fence post and where needed, putting a stick under one side to angle it correctly to get the shot. Voice activation helped, and I took 10 second exposures at f2.4 and 800 ISO. The results looked washed out, so I processed them in Snapseed. This is what I got, Leo and The Great Bear.
  11. I've had some of my best sessions with a 4" scope down on the Purbeck peninsula whilst on holiday; the Milky Way can be spectacular in late summer. When the skies are transparent and you find a good sea horizon, it is a great place to observe Sagittarius and all the southern treasures. Durlston Head is a good place, and I also remember a fab session near St Aldhelm's Chapel. Have fun!
  12. I don't see that it is. I find E easier than F, so that makes some sense. What doesn't make sense is that F is slightly brighter than E (10.2 vs 10.3) so for that reason they seem a bit out of sorts, but then A to D are not in brightness order so that doesn't help either! They seem to be in order West to East..
  13. Stu


    These two are the first one I ever took, using an iPhone 5 in a 4" refractor, quite possibly with an OIII filter looking at the green, and probably my best effort which was with a Samsung S9 in a 7" mak, on a tracking mount. The latest phones have much more sensitive sensors so are worth upgrading to. Huawei and Samsung probably best.
  14. Stu


    Longer exposure (which might be tricky with no tracking), and probably higher mag. You could also try high ISO settings if you use a camera app or Pro mode that allows it.
  15. Wasn't me unfortunately, it was @Ships and Stars!
  16. Wow, what an amazing session! Skies looked good before I went to bed last night and it sounds like they were excellent for you! Just a thought, i would post up a separate report in the deep sky observing session, otherwise it will just get lost in this long thread. Should get more visibility there and it deserves it!
  17. Well spotted John! It gave sharp views on doubles and Venus even at 3mm ie x300! Very nice optics.
  18. Vixen FL102s f8.8 on Vixen GP mount. Lovely stuff
  19. Looks very nice out there now, Clear Outside was right! No observing for me though, was quite blustery and had a few other jobs to do this evening.
  20. Seeing is everything Magnus. The best I've ever seen them was with one of Gavin's refractors, probably the 160mm but might have been the 130. They were just there, bold as brass, no effort required to see them. Was quite amazing. The right combination of a superb scope and fab seeing.
  21. Stu


    Much better! Looks good, what scope are you using?
  22. Still quite blustery with a risk of showers so I'm not going to venture out tonight.
  23. If I get some clear skies I'm going to try the AZ100 adjustment plate out to see how well it works.
  24. Stu

    Vixen green half pillar

    Thanks very much. Same one is on eBay and the chap said he had already sold the pillar unfortunately.
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