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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ha observing Roy . Your setup looks brilliant, ideal for catching every opportunity to observe in this variable climate we have! I just deleted a repeated paragraph from your post, hope that ok.
  2. Great stuff Robert. Quite right! Many people say (and I was one of them until I got the Tak and binoviewers), that x50 or x60 is the max you should use on the sun. I regularly use x150 and x200 and when the seeing is good, the views are astounding. As you say, the detail visible is incredible when the seeing allows. Are you seeing the granulation? That can be very striking too, even with a completely blank disk. Have you found the Faculae that marks AR 12805? Enjoy!
  3. Quick Smartphone shot. Views much better obviously.
  4. After yesterday’s poor seeing, I gave it another go today with much better results. AR12804 is looking very nice, surrounded by faculae, a trail of smaller pores and spots and good petal like structure in the penumbra. AR12805 could be seen as a lovely area of faculae, and even 12803 was detectable as one very small spot which seems to get a little easier to see as the morning progressed. The seeing has actually improved here since 9am, and the granulation is quite striking at times, not the best I’ve seen it but quite clear. Whilst taking the smartphone shot and some video, I switch
  5. Seeing bad here yesterday. Much better today
  6. Seeing much better here today, visual detail quite similar to your image Nigella. Hope you are out again!
  7. If your seeing was anything like mine today Nigella, that’s an amazing result!
  8. Knowing SGL, there wil be a ‘show us your patio pots’ thread before your know it! Looks like you are in for a fun night! A clear sky on a Friday night? Who’d a thunk it?
  9. Thanks. It is very handy when you need to get up high!
  10. Beautiful view of the Moon rising on my evening walk tonight. Scope is out after some solar today, so a quick switch to lunar mode and away we go. Quick early shot, not great as it is still low. Two versions, couldn’t work out which I liked best so here they both are!
  11. Felicity’s turn tonight; after a fun play in the sun earlier, a quick change of diagonal and we are ready for the Moon.
  12. I had a fairly brief view of the sun today at lunchtime, and AR 12804 looked very nice despite the poor seeing. I managed a quick couple of smartphone snaps which came out quite well. They were taken handheld at the eyepiece of my binoviewer using ProCam 8, and processed in PS Express. Nice to have some sunshine at last!
  13. I tend not to follow forecasts but use Sat24 and make my own. Last night to be fair Clear Outside and the BBC were optimistic, and so it turned out. Early cloud cleared and I had a lovely hour or two on the Moon. Hoping for some sunshine today
  14. A few of Florence who is out for a run around tonight. Just a lunar session most likely, maybe a few doubles later. The cloud seems to have cleared, but the seeing is quite variable. Still, nice to see Schröter’s valley again. I was using my Nag Zooms earlier but then fiddled around with binoviewers for a while until I got them working at high power, much better views, far fewer floaters!
  15. If you are online then you can always access the images from the website. I think the images were taken from the Southern hemisphere so they are not the correct orientation but still quite workable I find.
  16. I use an app called Moon Phase Photo Maps to help identify craters along the terminator, and one which I find very useful. It is only available on iOS, but the maps are also available on this site: http://www.derekscope.co.uk/the-moon-20th/ They are in the section headed Astrovisual Moon Phases Maps.
  17. Fairly constant cloud around for me, Moon is visible though so managed to take a very quick handheld shot through the Telementor before packing in.
  18. Interesting! I did some research into this to understand why having read your comment, and it seems it is pH neutral at the time of filtering, but fairly quickly (over the course of an hour or so) goes to around oH 5.5 due to absorption of CO2. https://www.123filter.com/ac/why-reverse-osmosis-water-is-acidic Thing is, exactly the same happens to distilled water too, down to 5.8 I think, so it’s something to bear in mind with both products. https://sciencing.com/ph-distilled-water-4623914.html Looks like the best option with either is to use fresh product unopened un
  19. Thanks @paulastro. Might get a clear spell for a little while here, probably just another Telementor night for me but would be good just to get out.
  20. I did too Jeremy and found that they didn’t tighten up enough to keep everything rigid. Allen bolts may be slightly less convenient but a better solution still I think.
  21. They already exist! Maybe FLO should range them. https://r-sky.org/en/products/observing-hood
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