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  1. Glad you got some clear skies Dave. My inner Alan Whicker voice is much better than when I try it out loud!
  2. Just caught this one last time about ten minutes ago. Great to see how much it has rotated right towards the edge of the limb. Quite alot more edge on than earlier today. I can't separate the umbral areas any more, it's just one thinish line. Seeing is a bit ropey down low now too!
  3. Yes, a 4" scope can give very impressive results whilst still being less affected by seeing than larger apertures.
  4. When the seeing is good, and there is a decent AR visible the views in white light with a herschel wedge can be stunning. The detail is amazing within the petal-like structures of the penumbral regions, and granulation at high powers can also be incredible in excellent seeing. Have you used your wedge before?
  5. Yes David, in both cases through an apo refractor and herschel wedge.
  6. Nice shots again John. Managed a good look myself at about 11.30 I think. Visually it looks nice still, there is still that little separate dot of umbra visible in the AR, and I could see a line of brightness around the outside of the penumbra. This was the best I could do, through one channel of the binoviewer.
  7. That's promising John! This review, which I'm sure you've seen, was one reason I've always wanted to try one. http://scopeviews.co.uk/OrionOptics200Dob.htm EDIT Gavin asked me what the difference would be vs the Mewlon, and after failing to answer the question initially, I twigged that with 18% vs 33% CO it should have an advantage. It will be interesting to see if it is visible.
  8. This is the 8" John, was that what you meant?
  9. Thanks Chris, yes it is very nice from what I can tell so far. Very manageable tube which is not what I was necessarily expecting, should be good! Gavin has kindly offered the TEC160 for that job John! That might be a little unfair on a 200 quid scope but will be fun! Focuser is not the best, but seems perfectly adequate for the job. Smooth and precise enough. It is an 18% secondary obstruction James, so contrast should be very nice. It does look tiny!
  10. That's interesting John. Looking forward to trying it out properly, probably going to have to build that dob mount first though. Not sure I fancy balancing the Gitzo on the EQ Platform!!
  11. The scope is home finally, so I very quickly set it up on the most unsuitable mount possible, the Ercole on a Gitzo tripod The moon is only just pulling above the hedge and is still very hazy but at least I can claim first light. It collimated very easily with the laser, not being far out at all despite a long and bumpy journey. Will have a look a little later, but I'm seeking refuge from mosquitoes the size of dragonflies at the moment! Need some repellent!
  12. What are you hoping to add with this purchase Martin? I ask because I had a Sky 90 hoping got lovely wide field views as well as good high power performance, and was never really happy with the wide field results. I'm not sure why, the collimation seemed fine. I know others who have been very impressed with these scopes but I wasn't one of them! Perhaps more suited to imaging than visual?
  13. It does often seem to be the case Gina. Whether it is coincidence or conspiracy I have no idea!
  14. No worries Rob, glad it was useful Stu
  15. Stu

    Messier 82

    That is a fantastic sketch, must have been amazing with your scope under such lovely skies. Looking at images of M82 I cant see any fanning out at the ends, but that's not to say it's not there I guess.
  16. Stu


    I would hope Matt has made some progress in the 7 years since his post
  17. They may be high risk in theory, but generally people tend to look after their kit well which contributes to the high retained value. Any damage to a scope has a major impact on its value, particularly optical damage even if the views are not affected to any noticeable degree.
  18. No I wouldn't have considered it a bad buy necessarily but would not have been tempted in the same way obviously. It needed picking up from a long distance away, plus is also a relatively old scope despite its good condition si actually I thought it a fair price. In this instance it is also just the OTA and will need putting on a dob mount to be much more useable for me.
  19. It means 'as planned' or within boundaries I believe.
  20. They look good John. I may take my scope to work tomorrow to try to catch this at lunchtime before it disappears.
  21. I would certainly agree with scopes being assets not investments. They have a value, particularly second hand, which should largely be retained if they are well looked after. A good 120 to 130mm apo bought sensibly on the used market should maintain value well. The 120ED is no exception.
  22. Those are excellent shots with the kit you used Anthony. Great stuff!
  23. Orion Optics scopes are expensive, but seem to lose far more value compared with others when sold, so look out for that. For instance I've just picked up an OO 8" f8 with 1/10th wave optics which would be around £700 for £200, and it is in excellent condition.
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