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Petition to regulate light pollution


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Anybody made CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England/Council for Protection of Rural England ) http://www.cpre.org.uk/magazine/opinion/item/3737-campaigning-for-a-starry-starry-night as they have also been working to reduce light pollution (local conferences, inviting Parish Councils, etc.).

Wildlife organisations as well (given the impact bad lighting can have on wildlife e.g. how will a male glowworm find a female when there is so much artificial lighting about making the females all but invisible, etc., etc.).


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1 hour ago, groberts said:


Surely there's not a member of SGL that doesn't want to sign this?  If it's to have any chance needs to get into the media somehow.

Some of us have dark skies. :p

I will sign.

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Is it possible to get this in bright lights on the top of SGL website?


Come on MODs it is in everyone's best interests!


If SGL can advertise Star Camps up front surely this should be just if not more important!


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Wanted to sign but they DEMANDED my email and from bitter experience I Know that it will generate loads of

junk so sorry but I failed

                                     clear skies anyway


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