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  1. If I cooked a cake it would be the cause of my suspension failure. As Mike knows I have been working on a new control system for my gear as no caravan now. Just hope it all works as expected on the day, does not leak etc, oh meant night of course!
  2. Looks like I may need to geta Deed Poll Certificate again!
  3. Thanks Damian, I'm bringing some emergency supplies . Oh, and a green scrubby pad
  4. It will be my first for several years. Can't wait to wind up a few souls!!
  5. Mmmmmmmm, methinks 365 a year for 40 + years! ADDICTION.... for sure. Seek help and quickly,,,, or there will be none left for anyone else
  6. Breaking News ! The South Shields Astronomical Gazette has reported that Damian (Mapstar) has just joined P.E.A. ( Pie Eaters Anonymous). Apparently during his interview he stated "his problems with pies, started in childhood" He has fought the addiction for many years but he realised after perfecting his "22" pie measuring device", that he had to do something drastic to end the belly stretching problem. I am sure we all wish him all the best with fighting his addiction. Now Ian,,, What yer gonna do without yer competitive pal.
  7. Good God!!! Looking back through all the posts, been too busy to keep up of late, I have just realised I am classed as a "brown dwarf", I know I am short ish but ........ Looking forwards to seeing everyone.
  8. Booked up with Lesley for the Saturday the 26th onwards in one of her vans. ???
  9. Mike, did any of you manage to get anything last night? The wind did drop for a short while before we left, so I was hoping for you all. ??? By the way just found out it is British Pie week ??? http://www.national-awareness-days.com/british-pie-week/
  10. Popped over to Dunroamin today to catch up with some of the usual reprobates. Great to see everyone was enjoying their time in the wind and rain. Got back over to Port Patrick way to find out that there had been a 6 hour power cut. So much for a meal out! BUT the skies cleared in the 40 mile an hour plus winds, to show a very clear sky. Took a light meter reading and it was around 21.3. Not too bad at all. For those going back home tomorrow, have a safe journey. See you all at the Autumn camp to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Derek
  11. Pies, you wil need to talk to Mike (Mrs Beeton) about them. ?
  12. Irish Blarney Medicine (Bushmills) ??????
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