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  1. A devastating fire has ripped through Ayrshire's Dark Sky Observatory in the early hours of this morning. Detectives are now appealing for information following the blaze at the popular tourist attraction in Dalmellington, which is being treated as suspicious. Emergency services were scrambled to the scene shortly before 1am with four fire crews in attendance. They found the building ablaze and extensively damaged. A joint investigation between police and fire chiefs is now underway to establish the exact cause of the fire. They say the circumstances are being treated as suspicious at this time. Detective Constable Steven Grey from Kilmarnock CID said: “The observatory is run by a charity organisation and the financial impact and damage caused is extremely significant. “It is vital we establish the full circumstances surrounding what happened and I am appealing to anyone with information to come forward. The charred remains of the observatory (Image: Ayrshire Post) David Miller just informed me about this...... Words Fail me!
  2. Ok David, sorry I thought it was you copying and pasting from somewhere. Never mind the message is clear about the statics. Great shame really!
  3. Hi everyone, a sad bit of news for us all. This is an important announcement !!!!! It will have an effect on all those who normally hire the Static Caravans for the future Star Camps from the beginning of next year. David Miller posted this on FaceBook earlier today. This decision was made by the site owner mostly because of the Covid-19 problems relating to the onerous cleaning regime necessarily imposed to be able to keep operating safely for Lesley, Ralph and the general public. Unfortunately the work load has become too much for the owners to bear. I have spoken at length with Lesley and she assures me that the camp site will continue to operate for the forseeable future. But the change over/cleaning and replacing bedding etc., for the statics has become just to onerous and time consuming to continue with. Apparently, when Lesley and Ralph made the decision, someone heard that Lesley was thinking of selling the statics and within a day or so they were inundated with offers to buy them. Both statics were sold immediately. This will have immediate effect on us from after the end of our Autumn 2021 Star Camp. The statics will NOT be available for next years Star Camps and beyond! Obviously a great shame for those wanting to attend without a tent or camper/caravan! BUT-------- obviously, you can still attend in any Tent, Camper or Touring Caravan in the future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hope to see all those booked in for our Autumn Star Camp there in November. BUT, please remember the Galloway Star Camps will continue in the future, with your support.
  4. Just read the last line here. Sorry to hear that Sandra will not entertain camping again. You could have had the Static van but I gather it was taken almost immediately after the last Star Camp was over, if not even before that. We are now reverting to a caravan again. We missed owning one and the freedom it gives. I do hope to see you both at a future Star Camp, just get your booking in early. All the best to you both.
  5. Hi everyone. Latest update on our Premier Scottish Autumn Star Party A couple of days ago I spoke to Lesley the site owner. We are booked up almost full now. Please note: That although there are some spaces left for say: for Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd, that if you want to book for those nights you will not be allowed to extend your stay over the next night the 4th, if the camp numbers were to be greater than 25 pitches. Lesley is sticking to the 25 pitches number rigidly because of Covid-19 problems. She is finding it extremely difficult to keep the ablutions block disinfected 4/5 times a day for- "The Safety of All". Lesley may take one or two more bookings for the Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday nights but no more than that, and you must leave by the Friday, sorry but, "rules is rules!".................(cracking english Eh!) No arguments, or I will set Mike on you! You get the picture! I hope to see all those booked in at this the "2021 Autumn Scottish Star Party", where we can renew old friendships and create some new ones! Stay Safe. All the best Derek Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Pitches Currently Booked 12 17 20 25 23 6
  6. Simple reply is ................................................................................................................... Whiskey at the ready Dai
  7. "convivial" you've been at the.......... Dictionary (Alphabet Spaghetti) .. again me thinks!!!
  8. Unfortunately a photograph will not work. There usually is no direct correlation between screen colours and the actual item. Every screen has some sort of colour cast unless it is calibrated. Colour charts are also mostly a waste of time. I find the best method, is to buy a few different shades and mix by eye to get the correct shade for any repair job. Mix up a wee bit more paint than you really need for the job and save in a spare closed pot. When touching up use the smallest brush and just dab almost tiny almost imperceptible spots of paint one at a time in the area until the area is covered. Take your time or it will show up as a repair. After drying paints also tend to change colour over time as they age. If the colour when dry is slightly off you can either lighten it or darken it by adding the appropriate colour to the repair mix.
  9. Hi everyone. A small update on the: Autumn 2021 Galloway Scottish Star Camp We will be limited to only 25 pitches for the foreseeable future. The owner has stipulated this due to the following reasons: 1) Due to past damage done to the camping field over the wet winter periods, the field just does not have time to recover naturally and properly before the new season is upon them. 2) The added cost and time of repairing the field to a good standard. (This affects their ability to present the camping field in a fit condition to attract visitors). 3) The Covid-19 regulations are still in force as to the cleaning regime (4-5 times a day) for the safety of all visitors to the ablutions block. 4) If the warm room is opened up for the Star Camp it will add another cleaning task for the owner to complete possibly several times each day. So please, if you want to attend the 2021 Autumn Galloway Scottish Star Camp, get your pitch requests in quickly, as it is still......... First Come First Allocated. As always if there are any cancellations the first on the reserve list will be contacted. Stay Safe.
  10. I had Starry Night version 6 many years ago. It was full of bugs and even the upgrade to version 6.1 was a pain. Try another option. any of the above should be better.
  11. Well now, could have fooled us all there ! I will have to consult with Mike
  12. Assumed !!! Who would do that then? More like EXPECTED ! Damian would never survive without his Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
  13. Aha, still awaiting a time in the future
  14. Sorry to say this, but SGL's success as an astronomy forum with the "Advertisement Section" and the posting of who owns what as, "Signatures", has been its own down fall in respect to scammers. Once a website becomes known to the wrong type of people it is then almost impossible to stay safe at all times as the word is spread among the criminal element of society. I do not post any signature concerning any item that I own for that very reason. Sad but I think safer in the long run.
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