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  1. There are far too many people who walk around using overly and very bright red light head torches. They tend to think it is OK because it is red light ! Not so at all. A bright Red Light will decimate your night vision and that of any folk unfortunate enough to be within the line of the beam and even if not in the direct beam. If you use a Bright Red light torch for working on your Astro setup make sure no one is likely to be in the visible vicinity. Otherwise use a very dim red head torch to barely be able to see items around you. That way your night vision will not be as badly affected
  2. I have bought a few expensive items through our system. All of which I also knew about the seller from other members as they are friends. Over the years you get to know the names from previous posts on here on SGL. I would guess 99.99....% are absolutely honest. It is just the newer members with little or no posts to their names that may be somewhat suspect, not because they have done anything to deserve it, but because we have not known them for very long. AND that is the crunch! One scammer can engender a suspicion of and about many very honest advertisers. Not nice or conducive t
  3. I just bought a shelf for a caravan fridge freezer from Australia. Cost was $40 AUD, plus $41.10 AUD shipping. But then as expected I was billed another £17.09p by our UK Post Office of which £8.00 customs tariff now ,but used to be around £18, the remainder was the PO handling charge. So around £62.79 total. Cost over here for this item is around £70. So I saved some money. But as usual the Post Office and others charge exorbitant fees for filling in a form online. Same happened to me when buying several items from the USA in the past. We trade with countries all over the world
  4. A good plan from what you have said. But be careful when working around the astro gear when it is in place. Not trying to teach granny to suck eggs but..... I know from bitter experience about how easy it is to stumble or slip when distracted. I have damaged several items in our house trying to speed up renovations, when I thought I could get an item in without hitting something. Worst was a kitchen cupboard door. I managed to scratch right across its front. Of course it was not replaceable, as not manufactured any more. So 9 new doors and several drawer fronts to purchase!! I a
  5. Looking really good. As far as the obsy walls go I would internally insulate and board it out before you put in your gear. It will make it much less prone to temperature swings between day and night, but also much more secure. Nice!
  6. Definitely check out shower by taking a shower in it before you actually go anywhere in the van. It will be too late when in the middle of a field. We spent a few days living in our van looking for problems in the back garden. It is not the first time we have found problems with a new caravan. Our Fleetwood had leaks at the roof to wall joints and a faulty electrical connector to the central heating. There was also a leaking roof vent. The Van master had leaking shower tray to the walls. It also had central heating faults, not properly vented for air so air pockets restricting circulatio
  7. It only takes one to spoil it for us all. Even so called well respected members can be scammers or dishonest. A sad fact of life. As I previously posted some years ago here on SGL, I was ripped off for a great deal of money by an SGL member who was also a well respected member of Sunderland Astro Club where I originally met him. Even after it came to light many still refused to believe what he had done for some time. 13 of us lost in total around £76,000 and the HM Revenue something similar I believe in unpaid VAT. We must be vigilant, but it is a difficult balancing act to foll
  8. Welcome Neil, hope you get all the info and help you require.
  9. Hi Peter, Yes, I hope to be there with the van. I have been getting bits ready/changed out so it will be ready for use. Can't do much else at present. Put in extra 13 amp sockets and altered some heating setups. Found several leaks in the shower as it seems that modern factory workers, for all the wonderful spiel we get, are just as none diligent or poor as many years ago. A shame really as it comes with a 25 year water ingress guarantee. Also the central heating expansion tank was rattling loose on the van wall and they had screwed through the overflow pipe and crushed it shut! It
  10. Tight ! Our new van is 2" too long for our path. We had the choice of three vans from different makers. Chose the one best suited for us (best built and facilities, Swift) and then realised it was just that bit longer. We went ahead anyway as expected to get it back with the old storage place. Then got told no places available. So "Shoe Horn" job at an angle into the path. Almost need a pair of climbing boots now to get past it. I am doing the same with power at present, just enough to stay in the +ve side of freezing.
  11. Hello Peter, I am so sorry that I had to cancel the Spring event. Obviously, I no choice in the matter. But it affects so many people in so many ways but very disappointing overall. Still there are far worse things going on at present. Hopefully the inoculations will bring us all back to some form of normality. So you are the proud owner of a Swift Basecamp. I looked at one when searching around for a new caravan some time ago at the start of the pandemic. They are surprisingly spacious for such a small van. You should have no problems in towing it. In fact I suspect your
  12. No one needs to cancel their booking for the now cancelled 2021 Spring Star Camp at Drumroamin. The site is CLOSED until further notice. Stay safe.
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