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  1. Really nice image. Colours look amazing and well balanced. Derek
  2. Beautiful image. Well done. Derek
  3. Well that is a pity missing you and Dawn. But good news for the Autumn event. Derek
  4. Yes Jim, we will be there from Sunday 23rd. Can't before that as van taken by Lynn and Kev. So at least a few days to catch up and chat with everyone. I am as others are, hoping the weather plays ball! Two chances and one of them means downing a good few drams Derek
  5. 2 days is better than NOWT ! Be good to see you both. Derek
  6. I don't think you could easily beat the clear skies found in Galloway at: Scotland's Premier Star Camp
  7. No Mike, we have to reverse this "liberal attitude" to wrong doers that has become the norm these days. Especially anything to do with the dreaded, (whispered) "rain". Derek
  8. More the merrier John. I'm sure there will be room. Derek
  9. Hi James, Great! Just what we need more dedicated Astronomers and Scottish to boot. Derek
  10. Great that looks as though it is around + so far... Just need to hear from some of our northerly Scottish contingent as well. And as Mike will be there that should take care of the Pie ordering situation Derek
  11. I have just finished talking to Lesley on the phone. She has agreed that there is no objections setting up tents on the hard standing/field edge. Cars can be parked around the back of the house in the storage area if need be to allow motor homes parking on the hard standing area. Obviously this is all dependent on the field being overly sodden come the Star Party start as no vehicles will be allowed on the grass if it is that bad. BUT it is still some way off as yet and the weather could improve with luck. So as of the present information known even if the field is very wet -------- The 2020 Spring Galloway Star Party is a GO. I hope that this is welcome news for all attending and/or for those awaiting more news on what is happening. Please book at, your earliest convenience to avoid any disappointments. So hoping for good clear skies. Rain dancers will be shot! Hoping to see regular and new attendees. Derek
  12. Excellent news! I just tried calling Lesley but I think she is still occupied elsewhere. So I will try again in the morning if I can to check on a few things. Derek
  13. Excellent news. I think that now makes about of us and Mike has confirmed that he will be attending the Autumn camp as well Derek
  14. More the merrier I am sure that Lisa will enjoy the atmosphere and company. I will be talking to Lesley, probably tomorrow. I was supposed to today but things happen! So hopefully I can find out a wee bit more information to share with everyone tomorrow. Derek
  15. Not my fault you canna appreciate a bl... awful whisky !
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