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  1. I sometimes find the position more comfortable with a frac if I look 'side on' rather than from the back. The angle of the object can be a bit odd of course but the detail is the same. I prefer sitting too.
  2. I split this regularly with my 80mm frac but at 150x. Don't forget to check Vega while in the area. I'll try next time out to see how low I can go with my 120mm Equinox.
  3. Just saw this mate. Ouch. Although I did think it looked like it would be ok with a new end ring. All looking great to me
  4. I could not stand being under a cover so made these
  5. Oh dear. Can't we even insult inanimate objects now? Truly it seems the end of any sort of deprecating humour is nigh.
  6. Bear in mind you will need a correct image diagonal (prism) for terrestrial use or your image will be left right reversed. Maybe this is not an issue though for stated use.
  7. You may be right Craig but it's the OOUK one and it usually has a 2" extension on it which I can remove. I can just reach focus with binos and a 1.7x GPC.My 12" and 16" are the same. I'll be doing a bit of trial and error.
  8. Totally off topic but I just noticed your avatar and loved Blakes 7 when I was a kid. In fact I was at an event in Manchester for the opening of a sci-fi themed night club called Fab Cafe http://www.fabcafe.co.uk/ and Gareth Thomas was there as the VIP.
  9. Just had a read and for my f11 6" Newt, I hope I might just get away with no barlow for visual. I'll try it and see what the view is like. The issue with a barlow would be that assuming 4x amplification, it would mean a 6.4m focal length LOL. This would make my 27mm Panoptic a high power planetary eyepiece at 237x. That said I am more likely I think to use my 120mm Equinox. Over the next week I am hoping to actually put the thing into play.
  10. Cheers Craig I have printed it for reading so will digest
  11. Another issue with binos and an ADC is that it would be a lot of height to reach in order to see anything. Especially with the scope at a low angle.
  12. I thought the Barlow had to be scope side of the ADC?
  13. Can you use gpcs in mono views instead of the Barlow? I have three types (1.25x, 1.7x and 2.6x)
  14. I actually think you can use acetone for stubborn mainly greasy marks but I've never found the need. http://www.rfroyce.com/cleaning_new.htm#:~:text=Pour some acetone on the,of the dirt and crud.
  15. I agree that mirrors should only be washed very carefully and if required. Yours sounds very normal and is unlikely to be badly affected. The mirrors are coated with a few atoms thick coating to achieve the reflectivity and this is easily scratched. A scratch would affect the view more than a sfew dust specks. All that said, cleaning them is easy with care
  16. It's a good way to accurately determine various things but you naturally have to ensure the star is very central and stays there Some people use a ball bearing glued on a piece of black card in which the sun's reflection is a pinpoint.
  17. Nice review. Been looking at the 80mm version of this recently but mainly for the Comet. I think I'll stick with the 120 Equinox for now but I'll be tempted again and your review gives me confidence! The colours for Izar sound right to me.
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