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  1. I share the same attitude and concluded that buy quality and cry once is the best policy. Just save for a bit longer and buy the better ones.
  2. Usually visual filters have wider bandwidth compared with ccd versions but if you have dark skies (and hence able to maintain dark adaptation) they may still be usable
  3. One that makes someone not interested in the hobby go 'oooooh'.
  4. Ps For others and future reference a couple of things to consider: - ensure the secondary adjustment screws are all extending about the same length - your tube may not be circular. My Orion Optics UK newts are not round (more a slight oval) so each axis has different spider arm lengths.
  5. Sometimes taking a newt apart promotes understanding of how it all fits together Well done
  6. I have come to the conclusion that to avoid these issues you need to make a screen which is higher than your eyeline in the direction of the problem. You have to accept that you see less sky but the observing is enhanced by avoiding constantly ruining your dark adaptation. I am building an observatory and can only look at a portion of the sky but the plan is that I won't be able to see any windows or lamps and therefore will enjoy less frustrating sessions cut short when lights constantly come on.
  7. Hi Alan I have designed it to fit 1m long bitumen corrugated sheets which will overlap. I have used decking for the floor as this can take water but hopefully it will stay pretty dry. My power will be disconnected in the morning after a session and I am visual only so no PC's etc. I can always redesign if needed. The roof has been the cheap bit so far.
  8. Some good progress today. Give or take a bit of adjusting, I have a working roof! It works as I'd hope with capacity for observing the main areas of decent sky whilst masking local and more general light pollution. The front flips down. The middle runs to front or back. The rear section is hinged. Here's some pics.
  9. Thousands of double stars, hundreds if not thousands of clusters, hundreds of galaxies, planetary nebs and perhaps a few dozen nebulae. Same as anyone really
  10. I was never impressed with the monorail I had. It slipped a lot and there was quite a lot of slop which despite several attempts could never remove.
  11. I have Moonlite and the Baader Steeltrack and both are excellent. I'm visual only though
  12. Just advertise for what they are worth to you and/or someone else. The latter will eventually determine the success or otherwise of the sale.
  13. It's fairly standard to ask between 50-75% of new depending on how scarce or in demand what you are selling and how quickly you want to sell.
  14. Great sketch. I do sketches in a similar way but the reverse the colours in the basic phone software. There are lots of sketches here which might give some ideas. I often do a rough one at the eyepiece with exaggerated sizes to help with a neater version done later. It's great fun and improves your observing too. Here's my M45 if you click the photo it should take you to the thread.
  15. I did what is suggested in this video and it improved the performance substantially
  16. Made the other two roof panels today so looking more like a building now
  17. I pretty much use it on setting 4 for 1.25" and 3 for 2". Works for me.Might not be perfect but saves all the messing about.
  18. haha yeah I remember that. I still cannot star hop as well with an eq as I can with an AZ!
  19. Here's the mount in position (just plonked for effect).
  20. LOL I am guilty of that too. I did the whole thing in a day which didn't help. The bucket is an attempt to prevent water going down the side of the concrete (i.e. inside the tube walls) as it might sit there and then split something when the colder weather comes. I'll take some pics over the weekend no doubt.
  21. If you are concentrating on solar system objects then I'd suggest that the scope is a secondary consideration. From my perspective, what transformed my planetary observing was a combination of a tracking mount and beginning to sketch. Either an equatorial platform for a dob or a tracking AZ or eq mount would be a great investment. An eq5 with drives would be fine with eg a 120mm refractor or 150mm Mak. All that said, the planets are great but have seasons when they are in and not in accessible positions and it might be worth thinking more generally. In such a case then if funds are tight, you won't go wrong with a manual 8" dob but start saving or making an equatorial platform and it will enhance your observing experience no end.
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