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  1. Yes, I was thinking along those lines. Given the current rate of returns I'd probably be happy enough just to get my money back having had the pleasure of ownership and use.
  2. I was pondering money and investments in a daydream like state when a question arouse which abruptly derailed my ponderings. Sitting staring at my small collection of scopes and mounts I began to wonder: Is there any one piece of astronomy equipment or complete set up which could be seen as an investment for the future in terms of resell value years down the line? Looking at some old brass scopes on eBay it would appear unlikely, I don't think that kind of investment would wash with the wife anyway
  3. Yes your right, practicalities have no place here and in my world always get disregarded when something like this comes along
  4. Looks great in the video, I wonder how big it actually is. My Lego Space Station takes up a big chunk of real estate as it is
  5. Bayfordbury Observatory, just down the road from me, are planning a live stream but the weather here doesn't look promising. Although their currently live while the clouds are behaving.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I'm a little concerned just how much of the content will be recycled from previous programs though. Nice to have something to watch all the same "Brian Cox tackles some of the most challenging and intriguing questions facing science today by using his best material from past programmes and the latest scientific research."
  7. Yes, I walked the dog and spent a few minutes looking at Mars and trying to comprehend what had just been achieved.
  8. Yes, Lucie Green was on Radio 4 this morning talking about this.
  9. Not as important as tube rings but we're still waiting for a missing lego part from our ISS kit. Brought for xmas day entertainment, 25 minutes into the build a vital part was discovered missing. Phoned and ordered said part on 29th December, chased order mid January to be told it was stuck in a lorry at Dover. Then January 31st recieved an email notification of dispatch, February 6th we're still waiting
  10. Disappointed to see that S@N is taking another 2 month break during peak stargazing season. I seem to remember this happening last year before the pandemic took hold. Looks like the quota has been reduced to 10 programs a year.
  11. There's more but I won't shame myself any further
  12. like I said its just one corner, here's another corner.
  13. Hope the builds go smoothly. We're still waiting for a missing part to the space station which lego say they dispatched on Dec 29th and are blaming Brexit for the delay
  14. My wife must be the most tolerant woman in the world, this is just one corner!
  15. A little hope maybe - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9034445/Light-pollution-controlled-sake-future-generations-MPs-claim.html Edit: Sorry, I've just seen this is already covered in another thread
  16. In a nearby village there is a house on a hillside who a few months ago installed the mother of all floodlights pointing almost vertically illuminating a very large tree. Said tree and associated mini light dome were visible for several miles in some directions. On approaching the house from the top of the hill and rounding the bend in the road you were blinded by the glare. I dropped the local Environmental Officer an email complaining about the situation and also admitting to my astronomy interest. I pointed out politely a few key issues which were as follows. 1- the hazard to road users by being blinded. 2- the environmental impact to nature and potential damage to tree by interrupting photosynthesis. 3- after the council installing LED streetlights and reducing skyglow if everyone with a large tree followed suit then all their streetlight work and expense would be wasted. 4- that in general the average member of public was ignorant of the "Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, Section 102" making light trespass an environmental crime and the need for education of such. About 4 days later the light was off and still remains so. I've yet to recieve a reply to my email but from previous council interactions I know it can take a month or two.
  17. Certainly makes me feel spoilt and lucky at the array of equipment available today. When I was a kid in the 70's my father acquired a home made refractor made out of plastic tubing not dissimilar from drainpipe. It had no mount or fixings but worked fairly well, I would use various toys and cushions to wedge it on the window ledge aimed at the moon. However I always got frustrated because I would leave the scope unattended while eating dinner or having a bath only to find upon my return the scope had moved and I would need to realign. I concluded that my makeshift mounts were not much good and astronomy was not for me
  18. My uncle was clearing the house of a deceased friend and found this kit telescope from 1954. I wondered if anyone knows more about it? Neil
  19. Years ago I stored my 200p dob upright with a black bin bag over the top, the bag wasn't big enough to cover the whole scope I just figured it would offer some protection against dust etc. I soon changed my mind when I realised the optical tube was turning yellow. Nobody smokes in our household and the bottom part of the optical tube, which wasn't covered by the bag, remained lovely and white. I stopped using the bin bag and replaced it with a foil survival sleeping bag, eventually the yellow faded and now all is well.
  20. Yes, it's very entertaining, I've managed to land the Lunar Module but not mastered entering Lunar orbit
  21. Yes, I couldn't help but chuckle at that bit
  22. Oh dear, if the Daily Mail are correct there's gonna be a shortage of Solar Film in Swindon. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8697651/Swindon-street-lights-brighter-SUN-say-residents.html
  23. I saw it for the first time at 1am this morning. It was well worth trudging across the field at the end of my road for what was a fantastic sight. I immediately went back home to get my DLSR and tripod, I failed miserably to capture any images, it had been so long since I'd used the camera in manual mode I couldn't remember how to adjust exposure ect Anyway I've spent time today re-learning my camera so I'm ready for the next opportunity. To be honest I wasn't expecting much but was totally captivated by it's amazing tail
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