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  1. Nice detail in the galaxies :-[)
  2. I think the delay is just backlash - the free play between the worm and wheel, making itself felt. You can reduce it by carefully adjusting the mesh of the gears, but don't make them too tight or the movement will become jumpy. A small amount of play is to be expected. Remaining backlash in DEC can be removed by making the scope slightly tail heavy. The RA should be balanced slightly east-heavy to keep the gears in mesh when tracking. I think the 'keep moving' function of RA is normal, as it is used to track objects.
  3. Hearing a barn owl screech at 4:00am when you are out of sight of all human habitation is pretty spooky! I'm pretty comfortable in the dark, but I can work myself into a spooked mindset by letting my imagination run riot... I do worry about being at dark sites on my own. Last time I went out there was a suspicious car, it turned out to be two photographers who were as worried about me as the other way round. They moved to the adjacent car park, and I decided to split but then saw they were setting up tripods! But while we were talking we heard two less salubrious gents emerge from the toilet block (in the next car park again) and head off. Has left me very wary of setting up on my own. It would be good if there was a thread on here where people could arrange joint meet-ups in a way that didn't advertise actual sites and times to the crims.
  4. That first one is one two-minute run. This is the first six two-minute runs, derotated using Winjupos.
  5. This image was compiled from around 200 subs taken with an astro-modded Canon 450D using a ~2x barlow with IR filter on a Skywatcher 150PL. the subs were divided 50/50 between exposed ideally for the planet and to show the moons. It is an interesting alignment as it has the three orbitally resonant moons arranged in a straight line. They can only ever line up two on one side, one on the other. This alignment is also unusual as the moons appear at distances reflecting their orbital distances with Io closest, then Europa, Ganymede and the non-resonant Callisto furthest out. 20 images with the moons were chosen and stacked manually in Corel Photopaint. The moons were under exposed to keep them as tight as possible, but this made stacking a challenge as they were quiet faint. It was quite difficult to isolate the moons from background noise in photoshop and both Ganymede and Callisto had to receive a bit of extra stretching stretching. All frames were processed in PIPP, cropped to Jupiter, and the best stacked in AS!2, followed by wavelets in Registax - being aware that over processing would not suit this image. The image of Jupiter was overlaid on the over-exposed Jupiter from the moons image and carefully centred. After flattening the image very slight deconvolution was applied in Astra, then a smidgin of contrast enhancement, followed by a little noise reduction. The colour balance has not been adjusted at all, except for slightly desaturating the moons.
  6. Just use auto exposure mode, it's the one time in AP when the camera can get it right on its own!
  7. Keeping the legs retracted and using some sort of clamp across the upper part of the legs helps too. This idea will ruin your warranty, but you could fit large jubilee clips around each leg.
  8. I find AS2! very good. Struggling a bit to find a way of stacking 102 full frames of jupiter and all four galillean satellites. May have to crop in Pipp then use Regi.
  9. I was blessed with excellent seeing but not quite perfect transparency for this one. Really struggling to eliminate edge artefacts in WinJupos, so this is just one 2-minute run at 30fps. (if someone could explain how to use the ED control properly it would help me!) 150PL, microsoft lifecam, x2 barlow, PIPP, then best 50% 2x resample in Autostakkert, RGB align and wavelets in Registax, touch of contrast in Astra. <EDIT> I have fitted the camera in an aluminium tube with a tiny fan to draw a constant flow of air over the sensor. Despite only being passive cooling the reduction in noise has been astonishing.
  10. That means you have the very bottom Luminance slider too far to the right, it causes the curve to droop and causes hollow stars. Just for references, I have no problems using DSS with W10.
  11. You've probably guessed by now that where I image from an object needs to be perfectly placed to get three hours subs and two hours is pretty good going. The EQ3 is really fussy about balance with the big scope on it, and I need to get back into the swing of it.
  12. 28 two-minute subs at ISO800 using th3 Canon 450D with th3 150PL. I was amazed at how well it picked out the fainter bits for so few subs. I'm trying another run combining with 100+ 30 second ISO1600 subs from last year. If it works OK I will try drizzling a crop.
  13. I think I am happy with this one.
  14. NGC2903 is a wonderful spiral galaxy in the west of Leo. Despite my braggadocio, only about 25% of my 2 minute subs with the 150PL were usable. really sad not to have the full two hours on this, Ill be back!
  15. Well on the plus side you have some lovely colour in the galaxy.