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  1. Thanks, despite having just finished a marathon planet session, I've had a quick go. Suffice to say I very much agree about the back point but the 'selective colour' trick has achieved exactly what I've been failing to do and put a healthy colour in my nebula! I may revisit again, but this is a quick shot of your advice:
  2. Stub Mandrel

    DIY Refractor

  3. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    No way! Still 1.3 gig to go two hours after your post! I'm finishing this and if it works, it works, if it doesn't then I'll try again!
  4. Stub Mandrel

    Various canon battery adapters

    Hmm ... I could run one of these off my phone charger, I've got a Moto so it has a really high current 5v charger, about 3A max.
  5. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    Astronomy_Linux Download failed at 1.1GB or 43.4GB... Restarted (resumed actually Firefox is good at recovering borked downloads) 3hrs 30 minutes left (yes my broadband is about 2.8 MB/s)
  6. Your image has inspired me to get a UV-pass filter - and an IR pass one, I've just done my first couple of thousand frames on Jupiter with the IR, until it (Jupiter) got eaten by the Evil Tree!
  7. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    Lol! I forgot about that, I wrote a Millennium Bug patch for my BBC Master
  8. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    I've written a basic O/S and BASIC interpreter that runs on a pair of AVRs. I have no problem with complicated as long as there's logical and consistent documentation... The 'lamb' is a Dell PP22L with Vista on it. Probably an Inspiron, not a Latitude if memory serves me right.
  9. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    Aiiieee! I knew it! Why does all opensource open an endless nest of software dependencies... Is it obvious how to do this? I get worried when Linux people reply to 'how do you install Linux' with 'you install it'... Insert a blank dvd right click the iso image choose Burn disk image click Burn You do have w10...? HTH. You're on your way:)  Not on the Laptop I am sacrificing on the Linux altar...
  10. Stub Mandrel

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    Sorry not to have done the one you sent me yet! I have to write an article on thread cutting in the lathe next week so I was planning to use it as a worked example!
  11. Stub Mandrel

    migration windows to linux

    OK, I'm downloading the ISO, I'm assuming Windows will know how to transfer it to a DVD. I have no desire to mess about with live DVDs or virtual boxes. How do I use it to set up a laptop as a vanilla HDD install?
  12. Well done Avani and Pete, also congrats to everyone else for a great selection of images. P.S. can we go back to treads instead of a gallery for competitions? It seems to have had a negative impact on entries and stifle discussion of them?
  13. Stub Mandrel

    AR2718 16-8-18

    Looking at IR satellite and rain radar I think it will clear up, but another bank of cloud lurking to appear overnight.
  14. Stub Mandrel

    DIY Refractor

    My advice is flat shoulders for positive location, joined by tube in tube with a good overlap printed so internal and external nominal diameters are virtually identical, the printed texture will provide lots of grip.
  15. Stub Mandrel

    What did the postman bring?

    New-fangled 12V 15A connectors, apparently much loved by radio hams!

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