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  1. Still looked really puny last night. I was surprised my companions had not heard the news!
  2. But to compensate you got plenty of the faint stuff. Tip, when doing M42, get the main data, then quickly take 20-30 images each a 10 seconds long. That's plenty to give you a 'trapezium' layer to blend in.
  3. Looks like we will probably get flooded tonight
  4. Having used the Skywatcher CC for a few years, I think the issues are overstated. Yes, you do get a faint blue patch 180 degrees around from Alnitak when you image the flame and horsey. It's not an issue in narrowband or even with the L-enhance, and I haven't seen the problem anywhere else, not even M42. It's big advantage is that 'it just works' no messing with adjusting spacers, just fit a t-mount + dslr or for an astro cam get the image plane 55mm back. Example with L-enhance and DSLR - no sign of a reflection.
  5. I'm playing a gig on Saturday. Every time I've been to practice it's been a clear night.
  6. Yes. I managed with an EQ3-2 for a few years before getting an HEQ5.
  7. Turn it off and find polaris, focus sharply, then turn it on.
  8. How about this? I've used an assymetric blur kernel and deconvolution, then extra de-noising.
  9. They are aren't they. Strange, I was getting ~1.14" RMS which is less than the pixel scale of my camera. Time to check my subs... Hmm... they all show that amount of trailing! I did lose guiding a few times that evening, it looks like those are either 5-minute unguided subs or something was moving - but if it was it was very consistent.
  10. S'no joke,we have it here too!
  11. On the 6 Feb. 130P-DS & ASI1600. 14 x 300s, Ha.
  12. Ditto, when I was mad enough to walk the mile to the Co-op and back. Cut through the woods, only small stuff down (may look different in daylight). On the way back I had to leap 4 feet across a puddle into the dual carriageway and back again to get around the top of a small tree which had cracled off and dropped across the pavement!
  13. Infuriatingly cut, every time the ship does something interesting it cuts away to another stunted sequence.
  14. I wouldn't get over-excited. The dimming is caused by reconfiguration of the Dyson sphere.
  15. First from my epic session a couple of nights ago. Much to learn about narrowband processing.
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