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  1. I want to put mine to work on the Rosette (assuming we get a clear night some time in the next six months!)

    Stainless screws from Screwfix and a 3D printer
  3. Buy moon land?

    I remember negotiating a lease for a near-city centre office in Birmingham where the overflight rights were reserved to the landlord. It was near Edgbaston and I think they made a pretty penny out of the Goodyear Blimp when it was filming the cricket and they may have had an eye to helicopter flights filming other sporting events. I have no idea how high the right goes in the UK but we've had Hercules and Chinooks go over our house MUCH lower than 325 feet!
  4. Longer Guide Scope, better guiding??

    My understanding is that the ability of guide cameras/programs to 'centre' a star is much smaller than the p[pixel scale, say 1/10 of a pixel. I suppose it's like a tap running water into a pair of buckets - you can work out the position of the tap to better than a bucket-width by looking at which one collects the most water
  5. My guess is that you are rather more likely to get abducted by the Danish National Telecommunication and IT Agency. This website promote responsible astronomy and transmitting on the H-line is likely to cause problems for radio astronomers. Please don't do it. Actually I should not have posted --- first rule of the internet, "Don't Feed the Troll".
  6. M42 + Running man

    Wooo very nice. Proof that DSLRs can deliver! 10 minute exposures. I settled for 2 minutes with my 130P-DS/450D @800 iso I will try the longer exposures next time.
  7. Try gradient exterminator, if you use photoshop.
  8. Canon vs Nikon

    It's avery simple test, admittedly but:
  9. Imaging with the 130pds

    There's a rumour someone, somewhere once regretted buying a 130P-DS but Snopes haven't been able to verify it. Fine on an EQ5, I use mine on an EQ3 (with EQ5 tripod).
  10. Canon vs Nikon

    It seems the choice of model is more important than whether it's a Canon or a Nikon. Summary here: https://petapixel.com/2016/07/08/comparing-sensor-noise-top-cameras/ Full data here (2016) so quite up to date): http://www.brendandaveyphotography.com/more/long-exposure-sensor-testing/
  11. Superheavy stable elements

    That was my thought!
  12. Canon vs Nikon

    If you like hacking kit, second hand Canons are affordable and amenable to major hacks like removing filters or adding cooling.
  13. Before putting a polarscope screen on my mount driver, I used to use Jason Dales Polarfinder If you have the (much better) new style reticle you can download a replacement HERE where there are instructions on how to use it with polarfinder.
  14. M1- crab nebula

    No, just in my garden.
  15. M1- crab nebula

    Looks like I took 101 subs at 5 seconds and 97 at 30 seconds, so clearly not taking my own advice. Here's the (Massively overprocessed!) result. I'm going to try stacking these subs with my five minute ones.