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  1. I put a quick process in the 130P-DS thread, but I've done a lot more work on this now:
  2. And like magic, here is the manual: 450D Manual Download
  3. In principle, it out to be reasonably simple to implement RA-only guiding. With good polar alignment 60 second exposures with a ~60" fl should be achievable. That could be fun!
  4. I added some blue data to my HSO image to bring out the reflection component of this nebula.
  5. The S/W coma corrector is designed to give the correct performance when the flange (i.e. the flat surface at the bottom of the 48mm is exactly 55mm from the sensor. This works well with custom M48 to Nikon/Canon fit adaptors. What you probably need is to discard the T-mount nosepiece which is too long to use and instead use suitable adaptors between the CC and the body of the camera. QSI can probably tell you what to use. This is how I use mine with ZWO kit: M48 - M42 adaptor, followed by various combinations of various M42 spacing rings and my filter wheel to make up a about 5
  6. I've just upgraded to version 1.9, a long process with my cronky broadband and was a bit disappointed to find it just hangs when I try to import FITs. Rather than going through it all again to install the beta, I think I will wait until the next release before using the stacking as it seems a bit short on options compared to DSS at the moment. If stacking can be refined, FITs added and a direct paste only into selected channels (the various workarounds are infuriatingly non-intuitive compared to other imaging packages) it will certainly replace photoshop and maybe DSS for me, but it
  7. A few versions here: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=footprint+moon&type=things&sort=relevant The original: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:266725 Note it is Buzz Aldrin's footprint although some people claim it's Neil Armstrong's
  8. The Revelation Astro ED Barlow has an excellent price/performance ratio if you can find one.
  9. I would try filleting the inside sharp corners at either side and make the top part larger for increased stability.
  10. Circular banding usually means stretching at too low a bit depth. Are you using JPEGs instead of RAW for your images or flats?
  11. When I have moved I will get a food drier to use as a filament drier.
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