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  1. presumably you only know that because people who work in cybersecurity don't encrypt people's passwords?
  2. I'm not claiming correlation = causality, but such is the logic behind astrology.
  3. I did say 'is it a coincidence of not?' in my post. Most researchers think it is a coincidence, but some don't. Plenty of other species do synch their reproductive cycles to the moon and vastly more to the seasons - even humans are more likely to conceive in december.
  4. I have sympathy for the misunderstood Chemist and the Physicist. I trained as a biologist/ecologist and I get taold I'm not a scientist because I don't wear a white coat (well used to, but it had a multicoloured Ra symbol on the back and my mate's had 'Dr. Technical' but let's not go there.... Now I'm a Charted Environmentalist, which seems to mean I can knit my own sandals and subsist on a diet of yak-milk and gravel whilst playing the role of Cassandra... Astrology... don't forget that up to a few hundred years ago ALL the major cycles of your life were ruled and measured by the movements of the stars and the moon. Was it really so strange that special significance was ascribed to the movements of those stars that didn't follow the rules (such as foreboding a change of the status quo that would last almost a thousand years (from 1066)). We rational folks might know astrology is bunkum, but there is more than a little truth at its core which I think explains its persistence. Look at the 28-day link between the Moon's phases and the human menstrual cycle. Is it a coincidence or not? regardless, it must give a significant chunk of the population the feeling that their lives are intimately connected to, if not ruled by, the heavens.
  5. Not quite, I was a bit late for Eagle; I was Buster and Beano (never Dandy) followed by 2000AD and Starlord. Best Alien ever, Galaxus, the thing from outer space:
  6. No way, that's the Mekon!
  7. Your flats should show the same gradients as your subs - that is usually darker in the corners (vignetting) and vague dark shapes where any dust or other grot is on your sensor. The stacking program effectively uses a 'negative' version of the flat to reverse those effects, brightening pixels that don't get fully illuminated because of vignetting and dust. You don't have to do anything clever, the stacking program does all the hard maths. Comments on exact exposure are a 'counsel of perfection' as long as no parts of the flat are over or under exposed the program should do a decent job, I find it best to just use aperture-priority auto-exposure and let the camera out the histogram in the right place for me. What this means is that to work mean your 'flat' actually needs to be uneven, if it was even all over then it would have no effect when applied to your subs. But you do need to be sure the unevenness comes from your telescope and camera setup, not what you are using as a light source.
  8. > I found that Deep Sky Stacker 3.3.2 was not working properly and it was necessary to download DSS 3.3.4. I'm curious what the problem was, I thought the only change from 3.3.2 to 3.3.4 is support for more DSLRs, nothing has changed that should affect a 600D user (I use 3.3.2 and it's only very rarely it fails to stack). I've found that, when the tripod is on grass you can create funny shaped stars just by standing within a foot or so of a tripod leg - once the camera is clicking away, retreat to a safe distance and try and resist the temptation to watch every sub preview on the screen (very hard to do, I know).
  9. In that case the unevenness might just be the gradients you need to correct! A perfectly flat flat won't correct anything!
  10. Try a diffusing layer close to the LEDs that will even things out better than relying on just the far end of the bucket
  11. I did it last year, worth doing. Only catch was the ticket at the end isn't free, its about £20. I often use Openlearn (slightly different OU and completely free, using old course modules) to help with CPD.
  12. Since I started to use a wall painted in flat magnolia and illuminated by diffuse daylight, at about two-three feet. I take 32 shots on Av setting, rotating the scope 1/8 of a turn after every three shots. OK impractical for big scopes, but it seems to work very well and it is very cheap :-)
  13. Hmm. Compared to other solar scopes in this thread, mine is 'entry level'! But my solar finder got featured in S@N
  14. I was in a posh hotel toilet once that had framed Victorian newspapers on the walls above the sinks. One had news from eth Boer War alonside a report fo curtains set alight by the sun through a jar of water.
  15. I was able to fill the bottom sections. I epoxies the plugs in place to stop leaks. The only way I could think of doing for the top parts was to plug them with plaster, but I decided not to bother. In the end I used aluminium welding sticks to really get the legs solid