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  1. Help - How do I use an ADC with a mono camera?

    This is ZWO's manual. ADC Manual EN.pdf
  2. Help - How do I use an ADC with a mono camera?

    Not sure it will make any difference - jupiter is bouncing round like a bunny - the seeing is appalling. Perhaps it will be better when it gets up to 20 degrees
  3. Help - How do I use an ADC with a mono camera?

    I was going to set it using the IR cut only setting to get 'maximum blurring'. Google says you can get a filter that lets through red and blue (magenta coloured I suppose) so you point it at a nearby star that 'splits in two' and you adjust the ADC until it is a single point.
  4. Imaging with the 130pds

    I glued a tiny square of printed circuit board material on as a stop.
  5. Imaging with the 130pds

    Last night: I accidentally did M95 and M96 instead of the triplet... lots of duff subs due to losing the faint guide star. I have changed my workflow a lot, and combined with temperature matched flats I seem to be getting much less noise and much better star colour, although I could do with finding a nice colourful target and darker skies.
  6. Help - How do I use an ADC with a mono camera?

    Apparently it still sharpens each channel quite a bit.
  7. OK, I've set up my 150PL with a five position filter wheel (IR cut, IR&UV cut, Blue, Green, Red), then ADC, then x3 barlow then mono camera ready for Jupiter. Great! Epic! But... how do I get the ADC set properly using a mono camera? All I can think of is selecting blue then trying to get the image as sharp as possible? <edit> should add I've been practising on aldebaran setting up finderscope, practising focus, get to know camera controls etc.
  8. 3 nights clear forecast, what to do??

    In the 130P-DS thread
  9. Which luminance filter for mono DSLR?

    That's true, not needed for a reflector
  10. Imaging with the 130pds

    Last night's Martkarian's Chain. 90% of 3 hours 30 minutes of 5-minute subs.
  11. Sorry about the title, but whenever I look at Markarian's chain I can't help thinking it looks like a flight of UFOs peeling off to attack a target! Skywatcher 130P-DS with home made goto system EQ3 mount and Eq tripod Moon and skyglow filter Astro modded and cooled Canon 450D AWOASI120MC guide camera with home made 50mm f3.5 Guidescope 3 hours 5 minutes of 5 minute exposures
  12. 3 nights clear forecast, what to do??

    Got Markarian's last night, 3 1/2 hours of 5 min subs despite losing guiding a couple of times. definitely my best result on it so far.
  13. Which luminance filter for mono DSLR?

    I think L filters are just plain glass with an ant-reflection coating used to keep the focus distance the same. You might benefit from using a light pollution filter of some sort?
  14. Live rocket launch

    All they need now is a vibration-proof webcam on the drone ship!
  15. Live rocket launch

    Launch OK and first stage landed on OCISLY