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  1. <ref>Total Perspective Vortex</ref>
  2. Here's an infinite number of plates with 1/0 of a cake on each one, total one cake... But here's the original plate and it still has an intact cake on it. Total two cakes. >Munch<. >Burp<. Total zero cakes. See, Biology always trumps Maths.
  3. I suffered terrible AD trying to image Mars last year, I was using a Microsoft Lifecam, so nothing epic. It took a few threads of desperation before someone realised it wasn't my gear it was AD causing the issues That article inspired me to go back and look. I found the worst affected image, split it to RGB, and it was clear that the G channel was by far the worst affected. So I tried something I hadn't tried last year, I replaced the green layer with a 50/50 mix of the blue and red layers. OK this image won't win any prizes, but it is an improvement. Before: The various channels: After:
  4. SMPSUs are normally completely isolated from the mains and not earthed. That means it takes very little leakage to 'float' them to any voltage. When all your kit is double insulated, it's very hard to create a route back to the earth wire of your extension lead, but if would suggest doing this if possible as it maximises your protection in the case of a fault. Earthing to a ground spike might get rid of the 'fizz' but won't give any extra protection if the mount or tripod becomes genuinely live.
  5. Thanks - once I know what the issue is I can at least work round it
  6. My guess is that because Ha is so narrowband, it's only affecting the 'R' pixels and confusing the debayering? perhaps if you do 2x23 binning?
  7. Standard Apple marketing. My Daughter got an iPhone 7, they make a big fuss about how last-century wires on headphones are. Result.. either pay a king's ransom for their wireless headphones (which have to be regularly charged), use the supplied (wired) headphones plugged into the charging socket (so you have to unplug them while the phone is charging) or buy an expensive adapter to use the headphones of your choice. They are so convinced that Apple Way is the One True Way they have become totally oblivious to the needs of real users.
  8. Legacy gear and RS232 has greater range than USB. You can also interface it using RS422 converter and send signals a mile in noisy conditions - rarely a requirement for domestic equipment.
  9. The one time I've had this be a problem was the flame and horsehead where each sub had a 'ghost' of Alnitak as a blue patch diagonally opposite the star, which stretched into a faint blue blur (as the exact centre of the image moved over 3 hours) after stacking. I assume this is the sort of thing you mean?
  10. Thanks Wim, good idea for cleaning up the red/blue streaks in the background. It was 90% 0f 50 60-second subs at iso 1600, so not a huge amount of data, also the lens is only f6.3. If I can get a few hours with the 130P-DS at 2 minute exposures and using my LP filter I think it will be a cleaner background and much more detail.
  11. No 2016 showcase?
  12. Cripes, it's a challenge to upload anything after seeing that lot, especially the narrowband stuff! Still here we go, some of the highlights from my second year at this game, see signature for gear ...
  13. Pity Galileo, he had to wait 400 years to check out his observations with Wikipedia!
  14. Hi Charl, this is using Astra Image to sharpen, denoise, multi-scale contrast then colour up a bit. Then the gradient got rid of in Photoshop using Gradient Exterminator and the colour sorted out again (gradex made all the dark bits blue!) I wish it was as easy to get good results with my own data!
  15. Prompted to go back to last May's data for Markarian's Chain by Olly's fantastic image I added the results of ten month's practice at battering images into submission. 32-bit pre-stretch in DSS, using 'screen' in PS to get more faint detail, slightly better at noise reduction. I can't magic wonderful colours into an image badly affected by LP, but the difference (from last May, then today) is clear. Glad I kept my data: Not just more and bigger faint fuzzies, note the limbs of the 'tormented' galaxy left of centre have appeared, In Olly's image these are lovely blue loops. These were taken with a 400mm Prinzgalaxy tele lens, so obviously I must return with the 130P-DS in search of further improvements!