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  1. Well I parted the end off in a lathe, but Hacksaw is fine, if you mark a line with tape to cut too and tidy it up with a file afterwards ;-)
  2. Single filter mod worked great for me.
  3. M42

    Living in Florida is cheating!
  4. +point for self employment. I can set up the scope, put the camera timer on and come in a and do a couple of hours work so i get a lie in :-0
  5. Looking for 'safety in numbers' for a night of imaging/observing somewhere with low horizons (would like to try imaging M16). I was thinking of either Cannock Chase, southern Peak District, but open to suggestions.
  6. Ok, I was wondering if we could have a topic like classifieds where you could suggest sites or ask where might be good place in an area, but I'll have a try.
  7. I have to reprogram my goto box and then wire it up ...
  8. But that implies you already have someone to link up with...
  9. Is there a way of sharing safe locations to set up your gear, or to arrange to meet up with fellow astronomers through this forum without having to post in a publically viewable topic? Ideally something like the classified where only people with 50+ posts can access. I don't fancy advertising to the world when I may be alone in the dark, even if my kit is not particularly expensive and I'm neither afraid of the dark or small...
  10. 130P-DS with the 450D, it's quite big :-)
  11. Comet and background using DSS 'comet and stars double stacking': Comet stack: Cometary Animation using PIPP:
  12. M5 from last night, 30-second subs, but not enough to make it good enough for teh 'comp'. Amazed I don't appear to have tackled M56 before. Unfortunately anything lower than M10,M12,M5 is going to be a big challenge from home. I'm wondering if I can get away with putting the scope on top of the kitchen's flat roof... as long as I'm not stomping around while it gets on with imaging?
  13. I lopped off about 1/2 I like Spillage's idea, however, I think cutting out some shallow arcs as well as lopping the end off.
  14. I cut the end of my focuser and glued on a stop so it doesn't wind right out.
  15. Poo! I've corrected it to 2020!