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  1. I've started to use original Turtle Wax following Olly's advice. I've had a few cold-welded components in my time but nothing that bad .
  2. That it is. I remember at Astrofest 2013 The Widescreen Centre had an APM 10" f/8 on a Paramount MX, £45k I think it was and looked seriously under mounted .
  3. Or....
  4. The one on the TS site shows a tilt adjuster, with the reducer spacing spec'd for that. However the one that I received (As did another member) had a rotator instead. many emails went back and forth to TS to get the correct spacing to little effect. Also the one I got has what looks like tilt and possibly collimation issues. I'd have sent it back, but what with our rubbish weather, and the delays with emails I ran out of the time limit for returns. I'd have had to arrange my own carriage to Germany too. Upshot is I've still got the 'scope, but my last email exchange with TS did at last give me some data to work on, so I think I have the spacing right, just waiting for some warmer nights to fiddle with the tilt. TBH I think they were pushing things a bit getting down to f/4.4.
  5. I think TS also sells those 130mm f/5 astrographs, but after my experiences with their 80mm f/4.4 went for a 130 f/7 and changeable flattener or reducer. Agree with the DDM60 though, awesome mount.
  6. Right lads, get those pitchforks and torches, we've a warlock among us .
  7. Thanks, that one works. Sounds like an exoplanet discovery. Hmm..... wasn't there a star with what looked like a Dyson Sphere or Ringworld around it? Maybe they've found signals?
  8. Link gives me "This page cannot be displayed"
  9. If you're not going to use it for normal photography it would be worth getting it astro-modded to pick up more Ha which a normal DSLR is very insensiyive to.
  10. What I currently use? A 130 f/7 apo triplet with Starlight Xpress Trius 694 and Baader LRGB and NB filters. Piggy backed on that an 80mm f/4.4 six-element apo "astrograph" with ASI 1600 and Astrodon 3nm NB filters. Both 'scopes on an ASA DDM60 Pro direct drive mount the whole on a pier bolted to a concrete block under the patio. Getting on for £14k of kit. However I started with a Megrez 90 and reducer plus Canon 550D on an HEQ5 without guiding. But it doesn't matter how expensive your kit if you can't see anything through near permanant cloud. Oh, and there're imagers here who's kit makes mine look like small change.
  11. Either visual or imaging don't try to mix them up, the requirements are so different. This was something I learnt early on.
  13. Yep, if you've any thoughts at all about imaging read Making Every Photon Count twice before even thinking of spending money.
  14. Best: my ex-demo ASA DDM60Pro, an awesome mount. Worst: probably the alt-az that my Dixon's 60mm 'frac came on, swiftly replaced by a simple eq that dad (A toolmaker) knocked up at work. Very closely followed by various home built forks.
  15. It's held clear here though not very transparent. Done 90 min oxygen and an hour nitrogen on the Rosette with the 80 followed by an hour in hydrogen with the 130. Packing in now as the Rosette is gatting too far west and the vis is poor.