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  1. Well OK I can see stars over to the north, but I'm not starting now
  2. Not a chance. Tonight or this week.
  3. Anyone parked in the town Hall car park? I did a google maps and came up with nearly 5 hours by bus, train, and tube ot the thick end of 3 hours by car. I know most of the car journey up to the M25, and could probably work out the rest, as I know the M4 / Cromwell Road / south Ken (Only too well *shudder*). I've just looked up the charges, £20 for 4 hours . Seriously doubt if I'll be going at that rate.
  4. Very nicely imaged. This is very low from here, doubt if it's doable for me.
  5. No, and there's no clear sky for the foreseeable.
  6. I should have added that I'll be using them hand held for grab 'n' go during imaging, so x10 is about as high as I want to go. If my pupils could still accept the full exit pupil of my 7x50 Zeiss Jenoptem bins I wouldn't be looking for anything else.
  7. Great result Carole. This has given me ideas, it may be my first light target for when I get the ODK into commission. It should be riding high be then.
  8. No fog here, just damp in the air. CO is suggesting a brief clear slot between 9 and 11 tomorrow. Not sure if I can do anything with it though. Maybe another couple of hours Luminance on M33?
  9. Been fog or low cloud here too, can see it moving over the local hills. Just had a look over in Deep Sky Imaging Gina, some very good images there, it's so good to see you posting there again.
  10. Wow! A serious number of faint fuzzies there, that's deep.
  11. Thanks Steve @BinocularSky. Another possibility that I'm seeing is the Vortex Crossfire 10x50, which you reviewed for S@N. A bit more than the Pentax, but less than the Helios. Argh! More options, and trying to come to some kind of rational decision.
  12. Thanks Dave, I hadn't thought of the DPC, dur.... I have a heap of door wedges that I will use for getting the initial level, then add packing as needed.
  13. Thanks Ben, those look like what I want. The lead contractor has suggested I use long screws, so I can do the initial construction, then raise the sole plate slightly and pack in mortar, so I can level the whole frame before screwing down solid.
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