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  1. F10 apo's?

    Just so. The driving force for current triplet apos is for short, fast scopes, whether for imaging or visual. Skywatcher do 100mm f/ 9 ED doublets, while CFF offer longer fl versions of some of their models, at a price. As I recall the original and legendary Cooke Photovisual Triplet design often went to f/15.
  2. Dead DDM60

    @Waldemar I think the USB hub problem has solved itself, probably due to a win update. After problems with cables dragging and throwing the tracking out I spent the morning at the mount going through possibities, but in the end the problems had gone. Now I just have two USB cables going to the laptop, with nothing dragging.
  3. Thank goodness I ALWAYS do a few test shots

    Yep, me too .
  4. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    Bukko, sorry for not replying earlier, as I was otherwise engaged. Yes, my first filter set was Baader, bought from IKI as a package with the Trius and wheel. I got fed up with the halos I was getting from the oxygen, so went for the complete set of 3nm filters. At the time they were "only" £385 each.
  5. A beautiful sight

    Fortunately I have two scopes piggy-backed. The TS 130 with SX filter wheel and Baader LRGB filters with the Trius for NGC2903 and the 80mm with ZW0 and NB filters for the Rosette.
  6. I think most of us are still around, but the seemingly never-ending cloud has limited our sky-time.
  7. A beautiful sight

    Hopefully another hour of [OIII] on the Rosette, then when it is high enough a run on NGC 2903, possibly an hour each of R, G, B.
  8. If you can afford it, go for it. I do like the look of the CFF 'scopes.
  9. Oh, and £7500 for the 12" is a bit more than the £3000 for the GSO .
  10. I think they're referring to the design of the focuser. Looking at the photos and comparing with the 12" I don't see an additional set of screws for collimating the focuser independently of the mirror.
  11. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    I have both Baader and Astrodon HII filters, but it would mean dismantling two imaging trains to put them into one wheel. I may do this if we ever get a run of clear nights to do a test. One complication is that the Baader will pass both the HII and [NII] lines. If one wasn't concerned about separating them, then perhaps 5 or 6 nm pass-band filters might make more budgetary sense.
  12. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    How much can you afford? As you will have seen Astrodon's are hazardous to the wallet. Having said that, the 3nm bandpass could make the difference to being able to image or not, the H-alpha especially being pretty much moon-proof, with the [NII] almost as good. I don't know much about the [SII] as I don't use it as much despite having it in my wheel, while the [OIII] is still sensitive to moonlight, and, I'm coming to suspect, LED streetlight as well.
  13. Looking at the TS site it looks to me as though the 12" RC has a decoupled focuser but the 10" doesn't. Not sure I'd want to dismantle a £3000 'scope to get it working as it should have when it left the factory. Trouble is, if you want a RC "done right" then you have to pay serious money http://cfftelescopes.eu/reflector-rc250mm-f8/ .
  14. Skywatcher ED72

    I remember TEC saying they were changing from FPL53 to Fluorite for their 140 as Ohara were discontinuing it, and the FPL55 alternative wasn't up to their spec, so maybe Skywatcher have had their hand forced.
  15. Finally, Clear skies.

    Been raining here all day, and it's still cloudy. Unlikely to be imaging till Thu.