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  1. DaveS

    Large magellanic cloud

    What does the temperature do to the sensor noise of the 6D? Hehehe, sometimes it gets up to 30 Deg C during the day here .
  2. DaveS


    This looks interesting KL6060.pdf FLI cameras ain't cheap, but if you want the best....
  3. Long time to post. Was awake this morning, so had a look, and could see the Partially eclipsed moon through breaks in the cloud. Eventually hauled myself out of my nice warm bed and staggered outside in only a dressing gown. Brrrr...it was nippy, but I did catch totallity, and a chill, too . Last time I saw a good eclipse was in Ruislip, but the sky was darker.
  4. DaveS

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    Cooled CCD cameras have made a huge difference, to the point that imaging is now do-able for me, no freezing my eye against a guide telescope for hours, only to have an image ruined by a wayward aircraft. GoTo as well, with a big sky model, I can click or type in coordinates, and have the target bang on the cross-hairs. Imaging time is too precious to waste with star-hopping.
  5. DaveS

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Not quite that bad, I hope, though I'm in some dread as to what else is lying in wait for me. Oh yes, I had to get plumbers in quickly a while back, as the booster pump for the two showers refused to shut down when the water was turned off.
  6. DaveS

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Yeah, the engineer thinks it might have been a poor DIY (BIY (Bodge-it-yourself)) job. As an example, the pressure tank was installed upside down, and had no vent pipe from the pressure relief valve to the outside, so if it *had* blown, I'd have had a flood. The electrics were / are in just as parlous a state, the 45A cable to the garage comes off a bit of 2.5mm square twin-and-earth, and goes direct to a couple of sockets and a light switch, and is running loose along the ground. A new distribution board is in order. *sigh* more money....
  7. DaveS

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Thanks for the reminder, yes mellons need netting support, cucumbers might wel be an idea. Possibly the greenhouse is a bit small to take a vine. Funds have taken a beating lately, as I've just had a new boiler and oil tank installed, you can just see the tank in the second photo. I hoped we could have "accidentally" killed off the palm, but I may need to take an axe to it. I'm a bit frightened about the size of the final invoice, as the engineer had to put right a complete bodgit-and-scarper job on the old boiler installation, and the roof over the boiler house and shower room was just as bad. I had the roofers in to make good where the old flue was taken out, but hey've had to replace some dodgy polythene sheeting under the tiles with the correct breathable membrane, scaffolding comes in tomorrow, then the roofers come on Tue to put back the tiles the ols roof had maybe 2 nails holding the entire roof .
  8. DaveS

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Hope so. It's quite a good greenhouse, I'm looking forward to putting it to productive use. Toms, and possibly mellons.
  9. DaveS

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Another quick update. I've had a landscape gardener in to quote for major garden work, he also does hard landscaping / building, so he's also going to quote for two platforms, the big one to go in later, but a small one to go here The big Bay tree next to it Will be getting a short back and sides. This platform will just have a pier and the small rig under a Telegizmos cover. Local computers and ethernet connections are already planned.
  10. CO is saying 100% cloud cover, so not a chance.
  11. Thanks, Ade. My cousin pointed up the 29th Jan meeting, might be a bit far from here, at least until I get used to night driving. The star party sounds do-able, though I may have darker skies / gloat
  12. DaveS

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    OK, who's up for imaging Eris? .
  13. DaveS

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

  14. DaveS

    LED vs. sodium street lighting?

    Before I left Ruislip they had changed from sodium to LED. I hoped that the sky would become dark enough that I wouldn't have to move to get dark enough skies. No such luck, on a very good night the sky would be marginally darker, but in most cases the blue light scatter made things worse. Probably too many sodium street lights in neighbouring boroughs to make a difference.
  15. DaveS

    Practical Astro show.

    It's 3 1/2 hours from me according to G Maps. Will need a good think.

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