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  1. I was just casually thinking of using my old Fuji XT1 for some tracked milky way shots while the main rig was ding the serious stuff. I could use my Canon 550D, but noticed that the Fuji had an intervalometer setting in the menu. The hitch in this is that the Fuji X-Trans sensor doesn't use a Bayer pattern, so I think AstroArt won't want to know. Has anyone had any success with other software, DSS for instance? Not used DSS for a good few years now since getting AA5 back in 2014.
  2. Not much in the way of green here, Sunday is orange at best.
  3. And now I'm done too. Goodnight all.
  4. At APS-C I reckon I could get away with 36mm unmounted, for which SX have a 7 place wheel, and as I already have a SX USB wheel that's that sorted. Will wait though to see what QHY, Atik and ZWO come up with. I doubt SX will produce a version.
  5. Just been to the Wickes site to order more Breather Membrane and found they had EPDM roofing back in stock, so ordered.
  6. This unmitigated horror is what my Zeiss 20mm f/2.8 Flektogon delivered wide open. 30 sec at iso 1600 on Canon 5D and SA The distortions suggest tilt somewhere, but TBH I cannot be asked. This was just for fun, though I did take a good few Raw files for stacking. I have a Leitz 21mm f.4 Super Angulon (Yes, I know the Super Angulon is a Schneider design, I have one for my 5x4) but it's a stop slower.
  7. I think I'll turn in too. Just found my Flektogon has some very serious star shape problems wide open. Bother.
  8. First time I've imaged a comet, and it's quite spectacular
  9. Single frame C/2020 F1. 90mm Leitz Summicron R at f/2 3 sec at 1600 iso
  10. Just going back up the road to look at Neowise. Put the 90mm Summicron on the XT1.
  11. I found the [SII] signal very thin.
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