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  1. Not a chance. Had some pretty hefty showers blowing through earlier, with torrential downpours, now it's blowing up, and will do all night.
  2. Well, Mr DHL (In a plain van, like the one they'll take me away in lol) finally delivered my mitre saw. It's in the garage, photos to follow when I take delivery of a round tuit, ad it stops chucking it down, had a thinner shower in the bathroom.
  3. Excellent news. Now stop my old school from polluting the sky with their floodlit playing fields. .
  4. Nothing today. Should have been the mitre saw I had ordered but just got a "Sorry your package is late" message from Amazon. TBH they have enough trouble finding my place in daylight, heaven help them when it's dark.
  5. But you don't need planning permission to floodlight your, and everybody elses, garden like Wembley Stadium
  6. Been getting a few heavy showers coming through so staying in. Got some halfway decent looking weather forecast, but I too will only believe it when I see it.
  7. Should have gone through planning in the first place, as I did when I was first considering something similar, usually there is a pre-planning clinic to see if you're going to need planning. But even so it looks like he's fallen foul of the sort of neighbour who just objects to everything. Needing sunglasses forsooth, pure tosh.
  8. I regularly see such "shock horror" headlines from the Excess come up on my google feed but studiously ignore them as nobut clickbait. Same as "worst winter for 60 years" nonsense.
  9. Thanks Andrew, yes I see it now, very neat. May investigate simple spectroscopy when I get my ODK12 set up. Can't afford to move to Spain though alas.
  10. Wondering how those obsy roofs open? Do they slide off in one piece or run together in strips? And that's an awful lot of "stuff" hanging off the back of your ODK. Wondering what it it, the only bit I recognise is the filter wheel and camera.
  11. Totally clear here too, but the moon is so bright that the sky's washed out. I think there's a lot of moisture in the air here too, as there's a bright haze around the moon. The only target that makes any sense under moonlight is M27, which is an ongoing project but it's getting a bit far beyond the meridian as I want 3 hours data. There's no other project target that makes sense for me, Stephan and Deer needs darkness, and Melotte 15 is too close to the moon. I don't want to be shooting subs just to fill my hard drive. Bother, or a similar very rude word.
  12. When there is the moon up I only bother with hydrogen narrow band, even oxygen and sulphur are badly affected, and I wouldn't even think of RGB.
  13. Still solid cloud. Think I'll be staying in.
  14. I've got orange all the way tonight, but the cloud is in the 14-20% range so we'll see. There's also a slight chance of rain all night, so can't just leave it.
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