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  1. Oi you lot, I'm about to have my lunch! Seriously though that's a definite ouch moment, though if I tried using the drill-bit I'd likely run it all the way through.
  2. Yes, do away with the levelling plate, it's just a source of vibration. If you need to access a mounting bolt from beneath then an "owl's nest" is a better bet. You can get a rough level on the bottom block then everything else is down to the mount. Your lower plate looks far too small, I would go for 18"-2' square.
  3. It *was* interesting, and I didn't realise Io was so hot. But as it was a BBC Scotland production, why couldn't they have got Prof Ian Stewart to narrate? At least he really knows his stuff, the bod they had *sounded* like he was reading from a script he didn't fully understand. I know they all read from a script in VO, but he best can make it sound spontaneous. Having said which, I still think it was one of the best Horizons of late.
  4. Interesting program but the narator is horribly stilted.
  5. Coming on now.
  6. I think they buy in their 'scopes from China. They do say on their site that they are picky about the QC, but hey would, wouldn't they? I think a lot of 'scopes come from a few manufacturers in China, being sold as Altair, Teleskop-Service or Tecnosky. I think even WO buy in their 'scopes as well as I've seen a Tecnosky 71 f/4.9 quadruplet of the same specs as the WO Star71 quadruplet. If you want an "in-house" scope then Orion Optics UK make some good 'scopes but their customer service leaves something to be desired from all accounts, other than that you're paying serious money for CFF, APM, TEC or AP.
  7. I've not tried the [OIII] under much moonlight (Beyond a sliver), but Olly says it's not significantly moon-proof unfortunately. Depending on your northern horizon NGC281 the Pacman might be worth a look. Although technically circumpolar it's a bit low for me this time of year, more an Oct / Nov target. It's pretty strong in HII, though [SII] and [OIII] are a bit weak. Last time I had a look I found quite a bit of [NII].
  8. I would go with RayD and laser_jock99 Trash the existing pier and bolt a new steel one down onto the base.
  9. My pier doesn't have any levelling bolts and I've never had any problems with PA. The adjustments on an EQ mount will take care of it. What mount do you have, and what method are you using?
  10. Contrails .
  11. Yes, the 3nm Astrodon you have is pretty much moon-proof, so should also be good against nautical "darkness". Looking at Stellarium M16 is coming round now-ish and is a good HII target (See Toxic's thread), but it may be a bit low in the sky further north. If you can wait a while the Cygnus Loop and North America / Pelican will be coming round and would make good HII subjects while in twilight, then hit them with [OIII] and [SII] when it gets truly dark. Or even [NII] if you're feeling extravagant .
  12. Not in quite as bad a case as those further north So I think I may give M13 a go in RGB the next clear slot. Beyond that NB should still be do-able, and in a couple of weeks or so the Cygnus Loop will be coming back, so a worthwhile HII target.
  13. ATM I use 10 min subs with the SX694 and 5 min with the ASI. With the ASI I'm using it in max DR mode from the ASCOM set-up panel. I try to keep the histo well below clipping to allow for a Sigma Add stack in AstroArt 5
  14. Not easy to say, but if you think "small car" you won't be far out. But you don't have to spend that much, a lot of my kit is well above the base-line of what you need to get started.
  15. This might be of interest Refering to apo 'fracs.