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  1. I wonder how tightly ASA have the patents worded? Be a pity if amateur level mounts were locked out by patent lawyers. But in the absence of ASA, I would quite seriously look at the iOptron CEM120 EC2 with dual encoders.
  2. DaveS

    M1 SHO

    Well it's broadband so shows up as a "S" shape on RGB images. This rather poor effort is from my first attempt at M1, not to be compared with Steve's image. Note all the horrid dust bunnies and noisy background.
  3. Because it would carry the ODK and be half the price of the DDM85. As I said I considered it, for all of 10 mins, then decided to go with the more sensible option of the 85.
  4. DaveS

    M1 SHO

    Lovely detail in there, the "filaments" look more like ropes at that scale. Another for the ODK hit-list! I think NB works better at bigger plate-scales otherwise tends to look garish, here you can see how the different emission lines relate to the structure. Worth adding some RGB to pick up the synchrotron emission in the core?
  5. Yes, I saw that post, €6000. Not sure about the shipping from Poland though, I did consider it.
  6. Alas this is becoming somewhat academic, since ASA have stopped making "low end" mounts. The only new DDM85 mounts are the ones that Datalord has ordered, and the one ASA have ready to be built (Rupert thinks). Other than that, there's the demonstrator at e-eye, which I'll have in the event that ASA don't actually have a mount ready. I can't see DDM owners selling unless upgrading, and where will they upgrade to? It's now likely to be between Mesu, 10micron, and iOptron. Pity.
  7. I've just plugged Nigel's equipment into Astronomy Tools and get a very reasonable 0.96"pp.
  8. I may put this on my hit-list too, for when I get the ODK12, think my current 'scope has too small a scale.
  9. OK, I see it too, was confused by the colour, it looked more like a distorted spiral, possibly interacting.
  10. I don't think it is either. Have you plate-solved your image? Edit: What planetarium software are you using?
  11. Google Maps is saying 3h 40min and 186 miles. May give it a miss.
  12. Um... there are routines in the ASA to measure the flex and hysteresis in the system. When Sequence does a MLPT before imaging it slews the 'scope to the end of the run and back first to eliminate hysteresis. However, the proof of the pudding..... At some time this year, I hope to put an ODK12 reflector on a DDM85 and image at 0.61"pp with an Atik 16200, though that will be a bit extreme. More likely to image at 1.22"pp binned 2x2. I think SCTs with floating primary mirrors are more likely to flex.
  13. In this case I think I prefer the SHO version, even though I tend to do NHO myself.
  14. Guiding is absolutely not needed with ASA mounts, in fact it can make things worse. The local model that Sequence does before an imaging run takes care of any PA errors, cone errors, and atmospheric refraction. I've already imaged at 915mm and 0.89"pp over 600 sec subs with no trailing.
  15. Well Rupert has just sent me an invoice for the deposit, which I have paid. I'll either get the possible second new one or his demonstrator from E-eye at a discount.
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