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  1. I might watch it. It won't be dark at 8o/c, and in any case the forecast is for cloud. So if I'm not processing anything...... Just hope they include a strand on what can be seen from here at this time. Yeah, I know. Clouds
  2. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. *falls off chair in hysterics* Yes it's clear but there's so much thin high stuff and general clag that the sky's orange and imaging is effectively no-go. Tried a 10 min H-alpha sub on the Leo Triplet and it could be promising if I get a transparent night, could even put up with a bit of moonlight. Going to bring the kit in and have an earlier night than I anticipated.
  3. Oh the joys of living under the flight paths for two airports, not! Just as it came off the camera, thank heavens for sigma stack!
  4. OK Does anyone else have any tips on where I can go from here? I'm thinking of getting more data when I can, but the advent of BST (Boo-hiss) is making it harder, what with getting up at 6.20 for work and wanting a good night's sleep. What tools would PI have to make the processing better? Probably still stack in AA5, but after that?
  5. What are you planning on imaging? The 12" Quatro is 1200mm FL which gives 0.63"/Px. Can your EQ8 guide to that or better? I'm guessing that in NB only you'll be going for emission nebulae, most of which are pretty big. Remember that while the dob-mob may bang on about aperture being king for AP things are a bit more complicated, plenty of APODs taken with the BabyQ. Have a look in the Deep-Sky imaging section, page 3 I think now, I posted a Rosette with my 80mm f/4.4 'frac and an ASI 1600 in 90min.
  6. A full spectrum mod will pass all the IR so will need a CLS-CCD filter. and un-modded DSLR has a strong IR-Red filter already in place so will naturally cut the IR. I'm not sure about eg Baader replacement filter modded DSLRs as I went straight from basic DSLR to cooled CCD, and never looked back.
  7. Pale salmon-pink sounds like high-pressure sodium. An Astronomik CLS filter will work against these. Unless you're going to mod your DSLR you won't need the CLS-CCD filter as these are designed for sensors without IR filters.
  8. Ian King also does the Astronomik filters, as does the Wide-Screen centre. Yes the Optolong filters have the rep of being dodgy knock-offs of Astronomik.
  9. Ooh, I do like that! You've got some good detail and contrast in the filaments and globules. I might just take the white up a bit, they're a touch grey. But that's just nit-picking.
  10. Thanks. No, I don't mind at all, I think I'll need all the help I can get with this one! The only image processing software I have on the main computer is AstroArt5. I think I may have to "bite the bullet" and stump up for Pixinsight which everyone else seems to use to good effect. There isn't DBE in AA5, so I had to use the Remove Gradient / Vignetting and Gradient before I did the Trichromy. The stretching came after, which seemed to work better than stretching before.
  11. An hour each of Red, Green and Blue in 5 min subs. One red sub had a huge aircraft trail through it but Sigma Average stack got rid of it. Bias and Flats then gradient removals. RGB trichromy then histogram stretch and saturation boost. 130mm f/7 Photoline Triplet with APM 0.75 reducer, Baader RGB filters and Trius 694 camera. Looking at the histograms as I was capturing I think I could have gone to 10 min subs, I may try that at the next opportunity. I also need to look at my flats, and try to avoid burned out cores.
  12. Now that's just showing off .
  13. Anyone else having problems with the wind? It's blowing a bit here and I can see the RA wobbling by several hundredths of a second while the Dec looks rock-solid.
  14. Very good for the short exposures. Doing a run on this myself with the 130 photoline and 0.75 reducer on my SX694. If it comes out anything like as good as yours I'll be well chuffed.
  15. I hope to have a go at this with the Megrez 90 and 0.79 FR and the ASI. Don't know how it will go with my LP.