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  1. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    Thanks Mark. I didn't know about the Lacerta wedge, so pushed the button on the Lunt kit, should be arriving this week. As I have a spare [OIII] filter (Baader) kicking around I may compare it with the Baarder SCF.
  2. Cheat!?

    Some things we image are barely visible to the eye, or even totally invisible.
  3. Cheat!?

    And getting the same alignment over several nights, possibly with meridian flips.
  4. Cheat!?

    As an imager I couldn't be without goto, and the 120 point sky model.
  5. Ideas For Challenges

    'Phone cam imaging, all genres to allow as many as possible to enter.
  6. I miss those crisp, clear winters we used to have, when the stars looked like diamonds on black velvet. Last few winters have been dire, last was the worst I think with seemingly endless nights with 90%+ humidity and dew everywhere. Fog too. I could say I'm looking forward to the end of this BST nonsense when we'll be back on GMT and get another hour imaging before I have to turn in, but all it will mean is another hour looking at horrid orange clouds.
  7. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    Thanks for the heads up. The Megrez has a compression ring fitting in the 1.25" adaptor, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  8. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    Thanks A 1.25" polarising filter added to basket The old Meg 90 is an air-spaced ED doublet so should be OK.
  9. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    That's great. I have a shopping basket ready on the FLO site so will push the button. The 1.25" wedge should do me as I don't see myself getting anything bigger than the Megrez 90 for solar. The 130 apo is dedicated to imaging.
  10. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    Thanks Simon, good to know that I've not missed something vital.
  11. I want to move out of my imaging comfort zone into solar observing (Among other things) Looking at Herschel wedges I'm unsure if I also need an objective filter. It looks like I don't, the wedge doing all the work of dimming the sun, but want to make sure. So I'm thinking (Because I'm on a budget), Lunt Herschel wedge and 1.25" Baader continuum filter to go on my Megrez 90. I have 25mm and 9mm Mead Plossls, and will add a 15mm to the list. What have I missed? I'm sure there's something but want to nail it before SGL 2017.
  12. I present Pickering's (Should be Flemming's) Triangle. This is a combination of 2 hours HII and 2 hours [NII] as a mono image. I think this is valid as most NB filters pass both wavelengths. Data was acquired in 10 minute subs with the 130mm f/7 TS Photoline triplet and APM / Riccardi 0.75x reducer working at 683mm, through 3nm Astrodon filters and an SX Trius 694 camera cooled to -30C. The telescope was encoder-guided on the ASA DDM60 mount with 120 point sky-model and local models for each run. I already had 2 hour Sigma-Add stacks that had had gradient reduction (Adaptive Divide) applied to them so it was a simple matter to align and add them in AstroArt 5. The alignment borders were cropped off and another gradient reduction applied. Initial processing was using DDP, then two rounds of careful Histogram Stretch to push the background down a bit while brightening the highlights, with more gradient reduction in between each round.
  13. The background is relatively bright as we're looking through the walls of the bubble that is the Cygnus Loop complex. I think Pickering's Triangle is a fabulous object for imaging, there's so much intricate detail to bring out, which Sara has done superbly.
  14. When I was looking at this and testing subs I found HII to be the strongest, as expected closely followed by [NII]. [OIII] was weaker and the [SII] only barely there. I therefore concentrated on HII, [NII], and [OIII]. With our weather I thought that I'd be trying to get enough [SII] from now until when.
  15. Tell me about it . Trying to get enough time to add just one more hour of [OIII] to my NHO image, which nevertheless will be nowhere near as good as this. It's a cracking image.