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  1. Processing before stacking

    Possibly my terminology? By calibration I mean with Flats and Bias frames. Not sure about Dark frames with a DSLR, some say yes, others that the sensor warming up during a run renders them pointless. Try and see.
  2. Processing before stacking

    I wouldn't do anything to my data before stacking. DSS will stack CR.2 files, not sure about AstroArt, I've only used it for CCD / CMOS images. Stack with calibration, then do your image processing.
  3. NGC281 Pacman Nebula HST

    Very good Barry, showing the rest of us how it *should* be done. Will have to go back to my version and get some more data, need to get rid of a nasty magenta cast to the background in mine.
  4. I have *two* heater tapes on my 130 f/7, one on the dew shield and another just below the lens cell. When I piggy back a short 'frac, that gets a heater as well. Still got one spare output on my controller, might use it when I have an exposed flattener. I also have an electric pet-warmer to keep the 'scope and mount from getting condensation when not in use. There are four RCD protected, IP68 rated external sockets by my pier. Have I missed the point? .
  5. Could anybody use some spare cloud

    Got plenty of cloud here ta very much . Thinking of going into export. It's already dark when I get home from work at 5.30, soon it'll be dark when I go to work too. Only positive is more imaging time if the cloud goes away for a while.
  6. Which APO refractor

    If I could buy any mount I wanted (And I am in that position) it would be an ASA DDM85 Std. The Pro version has a greater payload but needs a special pier. As for an Apo triplet, TEC or CFF come to mind. Both do 140 and 160mm models but the jump in price has to be considered carefully.
  7. Thanks Steve, I will put this on my list. Up to now I've only used AA5 for my processing so with your book I'll be getting to grips with layers.
  8. I might put this on my shopping list, but I don't use PS. Are the procedures generally applicable, eg to the latest 16bit GIMP?
  9. How to get in trouble with my partner

    Oh no, no, no. You've left one of the bags at right angles to the others, won't do at all . Fortunately (?) I don't have a "significant other" to complain about my chaotic tangle of cables, laptops and power supplies after an imaging session.
  10. Veil Nebula - now in colour :)

    Nothing wrong with that at all, it's a cracking image!
  11. Very good for a first attempt, I've got this on my hit list for December, before I move on to the Rosette. Agree about the green tinge, but I also see you've managed to keep Alnitak split, a real test.
  12. Meaning of Ha?

    Ha means being able to image in astronomical twilight or moonlight, or even the all pervasive light pollution (Pick two). It also means an ever deepening hole in your bank balance. Have you seen how much 3nm Astrodons are ?
  13. Is Rotation all that bad?

    Agree with Olly in this, just do it for real and forget the IT. If you *must* use an alt-az then keep the exposures short or use a camera rotator.
  14. Great image! Like Dave I'm wondering about the new LED lights. They've been doing them all around Hillingdon. I *think* they can be better but are more weather dependent.
  15. Oh yay! Many congrats Sara .