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  1. DaveS

    CMOS camera recomendations

    Thanks Adam. I'll check out the ASCOM settings, see what gain options I have. The lights I was taking were during a warm summer night, about 20deg I should think. Set point was -20 but the camera barely reached it. When I came to take the darks it was still a hot day so put the camera in the 'fridge to get the temp down. Will try again this week when I have a similar daytime temp. TBH if the wretched thing is this finniky then I wonder if it's worth it.
  2. DaveS

    CMOS camera recomendations

    Stacking and callibration in AstroArt 5 Will check if Dark Frame Optimisation was checked Gain was at minimum, using the "max DR" setting. Dark frames taken at the same set-point as the lights, -20c
  3. DaveS

    CMOS camera recomendations

    TBH I've had no end of problems with amp-glow on my ASI183MM Pro. The only time I got rid of it was sigma stacking subs with a meridian flip, the sigma rutine treatd it as an artifact and got rid of it. I've had much better results with the ASI1600MMC. My next camera is likely to be CCD.
  4. There was a CME in the 8th century that made Carrington look like a hichough. Was enough to leave a spike in the C14 signal. One of those could knock us back to pre-industrial levels. Remember that we're less resiliant than pre-technological times, we're so dependant on tech (Even the power grid) that could be trashed by a big CME.
  5. DaveS

    Return of astro-darkness - finally

    Thanks Wim. Will give him a bell on Mon.
  6. DaveS

    Return of astro-darkness - finally

    On holiday on the south coast I had astro dark back on the 17th July, it was the 23rd before it came back in Ruislip. Narrow band H-alpha imaging is do-able through the summer provided it's clear.
  7. DaveS

    Return of astro-darkness - finally

    Thanks Gina. Yes, on both counts.
  8. DaveS

    Return of astro-darkness - finally

    Where I'm moving to has 21.66 skies, with 21.72 just down the road. Just a bit better than the 18.6 skies here in Ruislip. On holiday ATM, under 21.5 skies, had a couple of clear nights with the Milky Way glittering down to the horizon. Need to see my optician though, as bright starz have a slight fuzz against the darkness. Hope it's not the beginning of cataracts.
  9. DaveS

    Words fail me

    Went fown to Weymouth this afternoon, and yes, it was heaving.
  10. DaveS

    Words fail me

    I suspect the people who thought this up couldn't find their backsides with both hands. It's just along the coast from where I'm moving to. Hopefully on the other side of Weymouth and will be screened.
  11. DaveS

    Words fail me

  12. DaveS

    Pier & Observatory

    I have my 130mm triplet set-up on the DDM60 on a Rigel pier bolted down onto a concrete block under the patio under a Telegizmos 365 cover. The cover was £195 from The Widescreen Centre, but FLO do them now.
  13. DaveS

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    The only scope I sold on was a 130P-DS, couldn't be doing with the collimation and the balance from the right-angled optics. Bought a 130 f/7 triplet apo instead. Now debating if I could be doing with a 12" RC. I'm 90%+ imaging. My old home-built 8" f/8 newt was a bit of a handful but miss it. As I still have the mirrors I could put them in a new build.
  14. DaveS

    Warm Weather To Stay Till October?

    Emad, glad things are looking up for you, and you've found decent folks for neighbours.
  15. DaveS

    Warm Weather To Stay Till October?

    Evershot. On holiday. Been chucking it down all day, as forecast. Some better weather coming in the week ahead, may even be a clear spell on Tue. Of course the Perseids will have passed by then. What a surprise. Not.

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