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  1. I use the Astronomik clip-in LP with my Canon 550D and 700D which works well = very happy. Just need to match the right one to your camera + very easy / quick to install. https://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter/clip-filter-canon-aps-c.html#Anchor-Question-3604
  2. groberts

    Monocular Recommendations

    Thanks - the Helios looks OK (I already have Helios Bins which are excellent) + seem to provide good eye relief as I wear spectacles.
  3. I already have more than x3 various binoculars but always find them a bit bulky for day-to-day use: birds, buildings, boats etc. Would like to get a not too expensive (<£100 if possible) monocular to carry around for just such eventualities. Would appreciate any thoughts on suitable specification and recommendations based on personal experience. Thanks, Graham
  4. groberts

    WO GT81 Imgaging Help Needed

    This is what I'm using with my current set-up with a ZWO 1600MM-Cool camera and includes a x0.80 WO Focal Reducer + x7 EFW. If you're using the same Focal Reducer as me this diagram provides the back focus distance, if not you'll need to find it on the manufacturers website: Hope that helps, if not let me know what else you need + what you are using. Regards, Graham
  5. groberts

    M78, Finally!

    Practice makes perfect- very nice + well done, great M78 image with nice colour and good detail. Graham
  6. groberts

    Astrofest 2019

    Thanks for the advice, think I'll dip my toe in the water this year and visit the exhibition then - does Friday or Saturday ,make any difference? I'm coming from Surrey and prefer Saturday to avoid commuters etc. on weekdays. Hope to meet some of you there. Graham
  7. groberts

    Astrofest 2019

    Certainly like the idea of just looking around the exhibition, can you just buy a ticket at the door for this? Graham
  8. groberts

    Astrofest 2019

    Was thinking of going this year: Is it any good? Is there a outline of the talks, can't find anything online? Thanks, Graham
  9. groberts

    What's happening in space 2019

    Nice/useful summary of stuff coming up, which I'll save as a reminder. Thanks for posting. Graham
  10. groberts

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Many thanks Olly much appreciated + something to work on whilst waiting for Santa! Thanks for your help recently + Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for clear skies in 2019. Graham
  11. groberts

    Bode's Galaxy - 21hrs LRGB

    When you posted the 15hr Luminance image I said I was looking forwards to the finished article and it's not disappointing, in fact it is wonderful. Very well done, that's a beauty. Graham
  12. groberts

    Bodes Galaxy 15hr Lum

    Fabulous, my WO GT81 is only able to provide an 'overview' of this object + the nearby Cigar galaxy. The detail obtained here is wonderful. looking forwards to the finished article. Graham
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, was looking for something for Xmas. Will take a closer look at Adam's information. Graham
  14. I already have 31mm ZWO filters which fit OK but from comments was concerned about the thickness of the Chroma filters (3.00mm v 1.90mm?) and, like some others mentioned, whether there was plastic round the edge - thus increasing it's actual diameter. Another point made is also something I was surprised by, that focussing is slower?
  15. OK thanks, the ZWO EFW also uses small screws and washers = a devil to fit.

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