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  1. Many thanks eshy76 for your guidance and comments on mosaics, which I need to read - think about - and may come back with more questions. After much deliberation I finally cracked plate solving last year and naturally now want to try my hand at mosaics to open up more potential. I have but have not used SGP and am drawn to their mosaics function but like you I've really enjoyed APT which I've got quite used to and would like to stick with; hopefully Yoddah has something for mosaics in the pipeline. Graham
  2. Congratulations + especially on achieving your various firsts, always a memorable moment with astrophotgraphy + very good result . I've also got loads of data from the recent weather bonus but my computer's been down for 10-days and is awaiting processing - fingers crossed. Subject to clear skies again, I'm also hoping to attempt a mosaic some time soon for the first time and as a fellow user of APT would be interested if you could provide any advice on how to do this in APT + point me towards any useful information / instructions? Thanks, Graham
  3. Thanks Rob. If you upgrade to the Pro version does it affect what's already running / cause any problems. I already run W10 on my main computer a so am aware of some of the issues but have stick with W7 for astro but know I'll have to change sometime! As the W7 machine is dedicated to astro I've turned updates off and just do it manually from time-to-time. Graham
  4. Congratulations, a wonderful image like no other I've seen of the Jellyfish which has real depth as well as quality. Chapeau
  5. My astro laptop currently runs Windows 7, which I have to say I prefer over W10. Is RDP available on Windows 7 + if so how do I get to it? Obviously if I used the Prima Luce Eagle that would be W10 Enterprise I believe? I realise that one day I'll have to change to the dreaded W10 but for now enjoy using W7. Graham
  6. Thanks Dave + very helpful videos Ray.
  7. I'm interested in mini computer control and was therefore drawn to this thread. Few questions: Is the Eagle wireless connection for control + if so, what is the reliable range? What is RDP + how does it work + where can I get it? Thanks, Graham
  8. Excuse my ignorance but what is B37, unfortunately Mr Google wasn't helpful either? That's one huge Ha-area above the Rosette, very nice image. Graham
  9. Thanks for the help everyone. I am using 4.0. - as this is my main tracking planetarium is the Beta version stable enough to be used live? Also, can you explain what the "field of view numbers" refer to and how to use them, not come across these before. Graham
  10. Can anybody tell me what catalogue I need to download to get LBN777 the Baby Eagle Nebula? Thanks, Graham
  11. Thanks John, not a problem. Clear night tonight here so all's well and imaging again
  12. Thanks so far for everyone's comments. Apart from cloud, I'm also unable to establish a permanent obys here at the moment and this therefore seems a good option until I'm able to move, hopefully with dark skies and somewhere for an obsy. Will await further input, hopefully from those already with a robotic - point noted Carole. As to the authenticity of the robotic imaging - it seems to me that if it's my equipment, operated and processed by me, then the images are as valid (if that's the right term) as anything from my back garden - it's just a longer cable to the equipment! In the absence of an obsy at home + hopefully much better skies, this seems like a worthwhile addition to what I can do at home. Obtaining subs from another obsy owned and operated by somebody else and sold commercially for processing are also OK but for me would not be as satisfying. It is clearly essential to have good on-site support and I would expect to make occasional trips but that's no hardship + part of the fun. The expense is of course not insignificant but I need to spend the kids inheritance somehow (SKI-ing)! Anyhow just in cogitation mode for now, which usually takes me a some time. Graham
  13. Very nice Mike, well done. I'm hoping to have another go tonight using HaLRGB before it disappears from us for another year. I would be interested to know details / balance of the LRGB subs taken for this image + from anybody else with my camera - ZWO1600MM-Cool mono. This Ha image from 2017 I hope answers your question - addition of Ha will add detail and contrast. Graham
  14. I'm not giving up at home (Redhill, Surrey) but am tired of weeks of cloud cover and toying with the idea of establishing equipment at a robotic obsy for astrophotography. At the moment I'm looking at IC Astronomy and e-EyE, both in southern Spain. Wondered if anyone had any personal experience of either of these, or any others (in Europe) and could provide and thoughts / feedback - are they any good, service and, of course, the all important viewing conditions etc. Not sure if this is the right place for this mods? If not please move. Thanks, Graham
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