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  1. After months of cloud we have clear skies & a full Moon! Notwithstanding, I have at last started to try out my new Chroma filters which I bought last year. Because of the Moon I've concentrated on narrowband but focus manually using a bahtinov mask (as I've always done previously with ZWO filters) with the Luminance filter - frankly I can barely see anything with NB filters to focus; in an ideal world I'd refocus with each filter. Anyhow attached are 6 x 10 min Ha 3nm exposures from last night and I wondered if this looks OK, not entirely sure what to expect? I use a cooled ZWO160
  2. That looks really good on the wall Brendan, would be interesting to know the imaging details
  3. I can see some of you are sucessfully using this lens with the Star Adventurer mount: How do you find this combination - with a DSLR, OSC or Mono camera? Would like to see pictures of the set-up if possible please? How does the mount handle the weight? I see the mount can go with a decent photography mount, I have manfrotto 190 - would this be up to the job? Where I'm going with this this to try and establish light weight set-up with the Samyang. I've been using mine with the AZ-EQ GT which is great but something more portable appeals. Graham
  4. Been wanting to get this for some time, so rigged up my modded Canon 550D with the Nifty Fifty Canon lens and in between breaks in the cloud I was pleased to get this exciting image of Orion and all it's bits. I'd have liked some more integration but in the current weather condtions this was something of a gift as it started snowing towards the end! Graham Canon 550D modded Canon 50mm f1.8 lens AZ-EQ6GT mount - no guiding 42 x 120secs @ ISO 800 + full calibration
  5. Sorry about above tripple post (senior moment!) - how can I delete the unwanted ones or please can the mods delete x2 for me?
  6. Thanks or this, I need to check but I think that is how I purchased it, so will certainly give it a try. Graham
  7. Thanks or this, I need to check but I think that is how I purchased it, so will certainly give it a try. Graham
  8. Thanks or this, I need to check but I think that is how I purchased it, so will certainly give it a try. Graham
  9. Thanks all, much appreciated. Yes, such is the FOV of this lens that M78 & Barnard's Loop also crept in + it also deals so well with bright stars like Orion's belt. Graham
  10. After literally months the clouds briefly relented this week over Surrey and I was able to get a couple of hours of Orion. Mindful of such imaging limitations in the UK and in the absence of a permanent observatory + inspired by others here on SGL, I purchased a Samyang 135 f2 last year but because of the said conditions it's use has been very limited so far. For the moment I'm using it with a modded Canon 550D, manual focus and no guiding - I was impressed with a few initial Cygnus images last year but this week put it to work on Orion and am blown away by it's capabalities. First, I r
  11. Thanks ngwillym , I was really hoping for something you could move around in real time by clicking on and moving but this is useful and for now has done the trick. Graham
  12. I have the CCD Finder Rectangle function set-up for my equipment in CdC to provide an idea the the FOV/ framing for imaging. How can I rotate the said FOV or underlying sky view in order to match with the desired framing of the target with the FOV? Graham
  13. No that's not happening - mine is v bought a couple of years ago - is there a manual route to acces the update?
  14. Already have AP v1.8 but can't find how to update - please direct?
  15. Thanks Vlaiv, as I thought but just checking. Graham
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