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  1. groberts

    Changing Cartes du Ciel Times

    Ah thanks Peter, seems obvious now I see it but somehow eluded me - like much nowadays! Graham
  2. I've been successfully using CdC for a few years now and like it a lot. However, one niggle I have with CdC is changing the time in order to view and plan for any given date and time in the future. At the moment, as far as I can see, this requires using the increment or decrement buttons at the top to go forwards or backwards by a second/minute/ hour/day/month/year etc, which I find somewhat cumbersome, especially if a large sequence of changes are required to get to the chosen date / time. Am I missing something that would simply allow the user to just put in the specified date and time and go straight there - not unlike Stellarium? Thanks, Graham
  3. groberts

    Starting to enjoy observing at last

    This is encouraging. Shortly after taking up astronomy a few years ago I got the astrophotography bug and still suffer from it but there are times, when everything is working when the image capture and tracking software takes over, that I realise that I'm missing observing and have been thinking of a Dob too whilst the lengthy imaging process is taking place. As satisfying as AP is it can take the fun out of astronomy looking at computer screens etc. = back to basics still has an important role. Very interested in your experience Neil, long may it last.
  4. groberts

    WO GT81 bolts

    OK thanks Dave.
  5. groberts

    WO GT81 bolts

    Yes, see below. This is 13mm x 2.9mm and I need the same or similar but 33mm long.
  6. groberts

    WO GT81 bolts

    Yes it is + sounds right. Thanks
  7. groberts

    WO GT81 bolts

    The one that came out doesn't look the same but similar granted with hexagonal top. Do these all have the same thread type then + if so, what + I need one with a flanged head (if that;s the tight term)?
  8. groberts

    WO GT81 bolts

    Thanks dome that but no answer yet, just thought someone might have already crossed that bridge?
  9. Bit of a long shot (no pun intended) but does anyone know what the thread type is for the fixing bolts on the William Optics GT81 focus shaft (see image) and where I might find some approx. 33mm long (total) 3/32 or 2.90mm width?
  10. groberts

    IC1396 Elephant's Trunk Nebula HaOiiiSiiLRGB

    49 hours, wow! Did the trunk myself a few weeks ago for the first time and I can only dream of such a great image. Agree, the colour palette is well chosen. Graham
  11. groberts

    Best £10 I ever spent

    Sounds too good to be true! PA is my nemesis, in particular as I have no view of the north sky or Polaris from my main set-up location. As a matter of interest, does the Sharpcap polar align tool require a view of Polaris or will it work looking south? Graham
  12. groberts

    Imaging on Warm Nights.

    The camera itself works fine via USB but very little for cooling, it must be powered for cooling to function.
  13. groberts

    Imaging on Warm Nights.

    Can't remember exactly but I think it should cool to -40C below ambient. I use mine at -20C and though I'm not imaging at the moment, in hot weather a few weeks ago got to -20C OK. I have myself forgotten to turn on the power to the camera before and this does restrict cooling a lot - I wonder if this is what you've done? Good luck, Graham
  14. groberts

    APT or SGP?

    I have SGP and I know many speak highly of it but I also had APT and when I switched from DSLR to a ZWO 1600 camera last year decided to start off with APT and am still happily using it. It is very comprehensive and their Forum is both very helpful and friendly to use (just like SGL), so when you do (and you will) get into difficulty help is close at hand; credit must especially be given to Ivo who is responsible for APT and is readily accessible via the APT forum for help. I got stuck on taking flats and plate solving - both of which are on APT - which was quickly resolved from Forum members and Ivo. For the moment I'm a very happy user of APT but may eventually need take up SGP for mosaics when the time comes.
  15. groberts


    If you go ahead with this it would be interesting for a report back when you get it running please.

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