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  1. groberts

    Controlling the old with the new!

    Thanks, I'm very interested in this. What is the range of the WiFi and how reliable is the signal?
  2. groberts

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    Very nice Peter, all the more so without luminance it has great detail and contrast + of course, lovely colour. To complete the picture (no pun intended), what did you use for processing? Graham
  3. groberts

    Barnard’s Loop and the Horsehead

    Agree with all the above comments - astonishing! Could you point us towards exactly the kit you are using please, can't seem to find it using Mr Google?
  4. Once again, many thanks to you all for your extensive comments & thoughts, which are very much appreciated. I feel myself being inexorably drawn (or pushed!) towards PI (or is that a cliff?). Need to do a bit more homework first and then it's goodbye to my family - 5 to 10 hours! - and hopefully emerging with some better processed images later this century. Graham
  5. If I may: What is the support like for PI? Is it updated very often? Do you buy the licence and updates in perpetuity or is there an ongoing cost? Does it work OK with Windows 7 or 10? What would be the minimum processing power required? Can you download it on more than one computer and or when you change computer? Thanks again, Graham
  6. Thanks everyone, much appreciated. As I expected, PI seems to be the more complete package but it is that learning curve that puts me off - even with tutorials and help from SGL it is somewhat intimidating and life is too short. However, I'm sure there's more to be had from my data and I need to bite the bullet one way or another. As a matter of interest, with APP being relatively new (I believe?) is there much help online + same with Startools? Graham
  7. For the past four years during my baptism in astrophotography I have taken it step-by-step and where possible simple and low cost, you could say it is my philosophy. Initially it was DSLR and for the past 18-months ZWO1600MM-Cool mono, LRGB & narrowband, stacking in DSS and processing exclusively in CS2 PS + some plug-ins. I still plenty to learn with PS processing but feel I need to raise my game and incorporate a software package like PixInsight or APP in the workflow. So far I've been put off by the apparent complexity but now feel the time has come to go over to the dark side! Given my so-called philosophy and the experience of others, what would be the pros of cons of either package + what would you recommend? I'm inclined towards PI and even bought Warren Keller's book on PI 12 months ago, then got cold feet. Thanks, Graham
  8. groberts

    Clear outside app

    I am convinced that so-called weather forecasters need to invest in windows or they obviously don't look outside
  9. groberts

    Astronomy Holidays With Imaging Equipment

    Thanks for the advice, just booked Olly's for early November.
  10. Can anybody recommend places to stay that include suitable equipment for imaging etc. within 4-hours max. flight time and good skies late October / early November? Canaries is obvious but can't find anywhere like this. Thanks, Graham
  11. groberts

    Filter Cleaning

    I currently use a ZWO x7 EFW with 31mm unmounted filters (LRGB + narrowband) and am perfectly happy with their performance. However, after reading this thread I'm wondering if filters need to be cleaned regularly and if so what is the best method? Thanks, Graham
  12. groberts

    PHD2 v 2.6.5 Profile Wizard

    I've made all the necessary changes and guiding looks quite good - RMS error <=0.78" - better than before anyhow + I still need to revisit PA. However, only the Max RA and Max Dec control boxes located just under the guiding trace are now visible and all the rest - RA Ag + HYs + MnMo etc have disappeared. Any ideas what's happened ?
  13. groberts

    PHD2 v 2.6.5 Profile Wizard

    Got it thanks - the penny just dropped that's the camera window! Having updated PHD2 I'm trying to ensure that all the settings conform to best practice. Regarding PHD2 / ASCOM I'm following this guidance: https://github.com/OpenPHDGuiding/phd2/wiki/EQASCOM-Settings but on the final settings the Pulse Width Overide does not even appear in my ASCOM window , the other stuff does e.g. Pulse rate & Minimum pulse width (see image below ref. yellow box). Any idea where this has gone, I'm on the same version as ASCOM as used in the illustration too? Thanks
  14. groberts

    PHD2 v 2.6.5 Profile Wizard

    I saw that but they say there's a 'new' profile wizard in this version and wondered where it was? Many thanks anyhow. Graham
  15. Just updated - can someone point me towards the profile wizard, can't seem to find it? Thanks, Graham

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