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SGL 2024 Challenge 3 - Nightime Landscape

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Start date: 1st March 2024

End date: 31st May 2024

Very simple.  We are looking for images showing the night sky with a landscape foreground.  The image must be taken with the same camera and lens/scope combination but stacking is permitted as are star trails.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me, this is much preferred to discussions within the thread.


All data must be captured and processed by you (no collaborative entries). 
Data must be captured during the challenge start & end dates.  Entries after the end date will not be included in the judging
Multiple entries are allowed.
Multiple submissions of the same image, processed differently, will not be accepted.


To enter please post within this topic, do not start a new topic. Please post as much information as possible - when it was taken, how it was captured and processed, etc. The info won't necessarily be used for judging but will help fellow SGLers looking to learn and improve their knowledge and technique.

The thread is for image submissions only, please do not respond to entries other than by using emojies.  

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Start Bay Devon (start point on the right)

Taken with OM1 and 7-14 pro lens. 
june 2023. 9 vertical images stacked and stitched in Affinity 2 on iPad.
Iso 5000 12s f2.8



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Wheal Owles National trust property in west Cornwall.

a shot I didn’t plan. 

12 image’s stacked, mine lit with headtorch. 
OM1 7-14 pro iso 4000 12s (from memory)  f2.8


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The Winter Milky Way over Gogarth Bay on Anglesey.

Taken on the 6th March 2024 from South Stack Lighthouse Lookout on Holy Island  to encompass Gogarth bay and North Stack fog station to the right of the image.

Canon 6D astro-modded camera with a Samyang 24mm lens and Star Adventurer 2i.

The sky was tracked as a two row panorama (11 images in each) at ISO1600 f4 60secs.

The foreground consisted of 5 landscape orientation images at ISO800 f2 60secs with myself as a single shot at ISO3200 f1.4 10secs.

The images were stitched together in PTGui and processed using Photoshop Lightroom and CS.

The light pollution on the horizon is from the city of Dublin, Ireland.  The yellow light on the right side of the image is from the Skerries Lighthouse.


The Milky Way over Gogarth Bay;




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Orion Rising over Classiebawn Castle in Co. Sligo, Ireland, Benbulben can be seen looming in the background.

Night of March 7th

Nikon Z7ii + Z50mm f1.8

Sky: 24x30sec @iso800 @f2.2 Tracked

Foreground: 2x1min, 2x2min, 2x4min, 1x8min @f5.6, HDR Merge

Calibration and Stacking in Pixinsight

Foreground HDR Merge in Lightroom

Sky & Foreground Merge and finishing touches in Photoshop



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Comet 12p/ Pons Brooks, Andromeda, M33 and some Aurora in Samnanger, western Norway. I used the PlanItPro app to find a location where the comet would be near the horizon to the NW. On the night of 8th March I had clear skies so headed out. As I was capturing my foreground shots some Aurora appeared, which although exciting for my composition, made  it difficult to process. Very happy with the final outcome (after lots of revisions!) Final composition is a crop.

Canon EOS R and Sigma 40mm Art

Sky tracked with Bemro Polaris 62x30s f2 ISO1600

Foreground 1x30s f2 ISO1600

Stack processed in PixInsight and PhotoShop then blended/ merged with foreground shot. 


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Seems popular in wide field forum so I thought I’d post here too.

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks over Quarry Park Lake, Holyhead Mountain.

Taken 15th March 8pm with Canon 6D and 50mm Sigma Art Lens.

The sky was Fifty 8sec subs at ISO800 f/2.2 which were stacked with calibration frames in Siril. Foreground was 1min exposure at f2 ISO800.

Images then blended and processed in Photoshop Lightroom and CS.

Also present are M31 and M33 with the star Mirach in the centre.



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The row of houses that can be seen from my back garden has probably never been called a landscape before, but here's the view I get when I look North whilst observing, and I've seen lots of the universe from here. This is 80*30 second shots using a 12-24mm Canon lens on a 100d and merged in GIMP, and tweaked for contrast and to try and get rid of some of the light pollution.


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Swaledale view with 12/P Pons-Brooks.   Canon R8 and Sigma 50mm.  Sky and foreground separate exposures.  Each stack of 2 x 30s.  Processed in LR, Sequator and PS.



Pons Birk End 04 sml.jpg

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Bamburgh Castle under the Milky Way - Canon R8, Sigma 24mm.  Sky 6 x 10s, f2.5, iso3200, untracked.  Foreground 1 x 8s, f5.6, iso400, moonlit deep blue hour.  LR, Sequator and PS.  Cheers, Paul.  Much sharper when clicked.

Bamburgh Castle under the Milky Way.jpg

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