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  1. Because it shows Pluto?
  2. Imagine the frustration of having a setup like that in this country
  3. For some reason I just can't get interested in exoplanets, it just seems to me to just be a collection of artist's impressions and speculation.
  4. Gina: The reason that these small computers work in 32bit is because they then qualify for free windows 10. Add more memory than 2Gb, bigger than 8" screen, if they have a screen, and work 64bit and then they come without an OS and you have to pay for the full version of windows 10. And before you think "I'll use Linux", that can have problems with the installing process.
  5. The Pi has a built in function for SD card copying now, just in case you didn't notice. It's under the accessories menu item. Just bung the card you want to copy to into a USB device. I've only ever used it once and it seemed to work okay. It was to a card of the same capacity as the original though.
  6. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade That's the command to make the changes equivalent to the latest version. and even if you don't want to do this you have to do the following: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel to update the kernel to fix the dirty cow vulnerability.
  7. Mine is 32, an original C8 on a fork mount with the synchronous mains motors. I have removed it from the forks and added a Vixen dovetail so I can use it on my Vixen GPDX mount. I'm afraid it hasn't got a lot of use.
  8. He's also just completing new Teensys after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. I'm expecting my new Teensy 3.5 and 3.6 boards in the next couple of weeks If anyone is interested in Teensy audio projects then have a look here:
  9. I've used in the past, they have a very reasonable prices and postage rate of £1.75, I particularly like the pound shop
  10. I have really enjoyed using the kit I bought. I've done quite a bit of experimenting with SMD soldering and I'm getting better at it I've also managed to replace 2 duff neopixels in my 60 neopixel ring and got it working nicely. I wish I bought it rather than the Hako 888FX now, I've been disappointed with that.
  11. Gina, Go into the device manager, click on ports and right click on the com port you want to change. click on properties then port setting tab and then advanced. that will show you the port number allocated, you can change it to a port number that will work for you, ignore any already in use messages then reboot.
  12. I think you will find that it's the French doing the building, the Chinese are just paying towards it. I'm not too sure if that should still your fears or make them worse
  13. I have to do some SMD stuff soon, taking of the screens of ESP8266 devices and upgrading the memory to 4Gb so I took the plunge and ordered one of these and try to fix a 60 neopixel ring that has broken neopixel(s) in one of the segments : It has 5 stars but only from 5 people so I hope it's okay I also forgot a software defined radio kit that has SMD devices. I've been putting that off for ages because I didn't feel I could do a good job with a soldering iron. I made the Gertboard for the original Raspberry pi and it was a bit iffy
  14. I generally go on youtube if I want to find a review. There seems to be quite a few variations though they all seem to have the same model number though the make varies.
  15. I'd like to recommend FileZilla for Secure FTP downloads from the Raspberry Pi, at least with Raspbian. As long as you have SSH enabled FileZilla can connect and you can grab your files using sftp and you don't need to configure anything. I couldn't get on with Ubuntu Mate, it was slower and things not so optimised as compared to Raspbian.