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  1. As far as I'm concerned Meade got their just desserts and I didn't mourn their passing for an instant.
  2. I used to be a member years ago when it was called the "Junior Astronomical Society". I only recall ever going to a couple of meetings at the London Planetarium. They had a preview of the new projector and seating arrangement, it was ghastly We all wanted the Zeiss machine back.
  3. Beware that the ADC works at a strange voltage range unless there is a voltage divider on board.
  4. I've been holding off buying a Raspberry 4, now I think it might be worth it. Everywhere is sold out so I'm glad I'm not in a rush. I hope the lead time is a bit better than the original Pi though, ordered that on 29th Feb and didn't get mine till July The only problem with Pi4 is needing new power supply and HDMI cable which adds to the cost.
  5. I wasn't aware that this was still possible after all the big transmitters in europe had gone digital. I will give the video a viewing. I used to listen to the NASA detector years ago and found it very interesting.
  6. I really enjoyed this edition.
  7. If I have to sit through star of bethlehem rubbish again I think I'll attack my TV in a fit of apoplectic rage!
  8. Thanks Paul, I'll give that go when I need to see what's behind/near the sun.
  9. Having atmosphere off is one of my standard settings, as is fog. The sun still blots out things to a largish degree. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. Is there any way to turn the Sun down during daylight hours so I can see what's actually behind the Sun during the day. I have searched but can't find anything.
  11. you can now use the working nano to program a new bootloader onto the non working Arduino. Have you downloaded the latest version of the Arduino IDE, that will have all the latest drivers included for your R2 board and the latest bootloader. Martyn
  12. Even Partick Moore said it wasn't a planet and he was a friend of Clyde Tombaugh
  13. I was in: Hawaii in 1991 - clouded out. Chile in 1994 - Seen through thin clouds and suffering terribly from altitude sickness. Hand held with a point and shoot film camera. The developer ruined the negative with crap. India in 1995 - amazing if short, the eclipse finished with a double diamond ring. Venezuela in 1998 - perfect view though didn't think we'd be able to see it when we got to the centre line because it was horizon to horizon clouds. Penzance in 1999 - I wanted to see an eclipse on UK soil but we were under heavy skies. I took a portable TV with me and "ob
  14. Finally to actually see on video what you see visually during a total eclipse. I would love to have this level of detail for the 1995 Indian eclipse, we had 10 seconds of totally stolen from us but we were regaled with a double diamond ring instead. Someone made a slight error in the shape of the moon
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