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  1. The Untidiest Cables competition

    I don't know about this being the winner. I can see at least 5 velcro cables ties in that picture
  2. Dead power tank?

    I just put a deep discharge lead acid battery in my Halfords Power Pack 200 after the original battery sulphated, it works very well.
  3. Hello from Birmingham

    Occultations are fun too, weather permitting.
  4. Hello from Birmingham

    Birmingham Astro Society used to have an outreach programme that had events at the Lickey Hills twice a year. I've been to a couple in the past but looking on their website I'm not too sure if they still have events there.
  5. Aldi 3D Printer

    I saw that video, from what I recall, at the time he made the video he was very impressed with the quality he got for the price. In fact he said that the previous version was the printer he used all the time. I guess I will wait till something else comes along that can be easily returned if I don't get along with 3D printing.
  6. Aldi 3D Printer

    I'm very tempted, I've been looking at reviews on Youtube and they generally seem to be positive. I also like the fact that there is a support group on Facebook, although I don't use Facebook too much.
  7. Aldi 3D Printer

    Does your astronomy kit pay for itself Steve?
  8. Would anyone with 3D printer experience care to give an opinion on Aldi's offering of a 3D printer? Aldi's 3D Printer Page link
  9. According to Stellarium Aldebaran is going to be occulted somewhere around 2:30am.
  10. Pi3 Replacement

    Be careful if you use the expansion interface, it works on 1.8 volts rather than 3.3 volts. It also has 2mm spacing rather than 2.54mm so will need different connectors.
  11. hale-bopp

    Don't forget Comet Hyakutake which preceded Hale Bopp.
  12. A trip down under

    I went to the big island of Hawaii for the 1991 eclipse, it was cloudy. In fact it was cloudy for my entire stay there. This was in July, so if you do go pick your dates carefully
  13. This should have been titled "Rambling on and on about about speculating about finding alien life" From the above you will no doubt gather I didn't enjoy the programme
  14. The Sky at Night

    Is it me or has TSAN been a lot more interesting of late? Last nights' programme was excellent.