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  1. Astrobaby?

    I think the light pollution and living in a flat where she had to lug her gear up a load of stairs finally got to her.
  2. James Webb

    I kept thinking that someone was going to jump out and shout "April Fool!"
  3. James Webb

    I have given up on this project ever being completed in my lifetime. Northrup Grumman should be replaced by a competent company.
  4. Live rocket launch

    And Arthur C Clarke. They used "It's full of cars" somewhere along the line.
  5. 35mm Film for AP?

    I have an old Olympus OM1 going spare
  6. They used to make an f6.6 version, I have one but it is branded Opticstar; this was before Bresser got involved. It got a much better review that the shorter version. Also there are a lot of plastic parts. Opticstar 102 F6.6 scope
  7. Windows update warning

    Eben Upton spent a lot of time on the Raspberry Pi blog explaining why the Raspberry Pi is not affected Why Raspberry Pi isn't affected
  8. Top five astro event wish list for 2018

    I remember this geomagnetic storm. An ex friend called me the next day to tell me about it A missed opportunity
  9. BBC Microbit

    All this talk of lightning, I've just been woken up by intense flashings and booms of a storm.
  10. Heads up; Future Learn Orion free course

    Doing the practical work can be very frustrating because of the weather
  11. Any Ardunio + Windows programmers out there?

    I use a Raspberry Pi, a small 433Mhz rf transmitter and a set of rf controlled mains plugs. The software is free on github. I use the default app crontab to set up the timers. 433Mhz RF TX/RX Modules Remote Controlled Sockets I have my sockets controlled by a Raspberry Pi and an Amazon Echo via an esp8266 board. They work my lounge lights, bedroom lights and currently my xmas lights The Pi controls the lounge lights for when I get in late in the evening so I don't have to enter a dark house. The Ebay listings are just examples, I bought my devices years ago so couldn't give links to vendors I used.
  12. BBC Microbit

    Alan, The other technique is to set the camera shutter to stay open for, say 30 seconds, and hope you catch some flashes/multiple flashes. that would be easier with the Microbit if your camera can do B shutter speed Martyn
  13. BBC Microbit

    Alan, The average duration of a lightning bolt is 0.2 seconds made up of several flashes of about 30 micro seconds each (according to wikipedia). I think you might be struggling to get things fast enough with the BBC Microbit. I know it's a big step into the dark, but have you thought of trying with an Arduino Nano 3.0? They are very cheap and have all the ports you could want. Here's a similar project using the Arduino: http://www.glacialwanderer.com/hobbyrobotics/?p=16 you could use as a stepping stone. Martyn.
  14. comet wirtanen

    RIP Comet Kohoutek (comet of the century), you promised much but failed to deliver!
  15. Listening to ‘Oumuamua

    Rendezvous with Rama is currently being dramatised on BBC Radio 4 in 2 parts http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00hs8xn