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  1. I have a related q. I have a Lunt 50 and it’s wonderful. I’m using it visual only. Would the next step up in image quality be: 1. adding a Lunt 50 double stack filter to the existing Lunt or 2. Going for a Lunt 60 single stack scope ? I’m sure @Nigella Bryantwouks say Lunt 60 plus double stack
  2. My goodness, these FC 76 DCU’s seem to be multiplying super setup
  3. That’s a terrific solar set up Nigella. You really do seem to be specialising in multi wavelength solar and are achieving great results So has your solar kit completely taken over the dome? What about your solar RoR? And what about nighttime observing.
  4. These are nice. Much better than all the other RDF offerings
  5. Monochrome Tak. Looks very atmospheric
  6. Great result John. One factor is how much light is concentrated in the Airy disc. As we know, certain refractors have a great reputation for doing that.
  7. Thanks a lot Dean, I’m not going to be able to get that “music” out of my head all evening
  8. It’ll be worth the wait and it’s a super offer
  9. During the eruption the spectrum will be dominated by the hot accretion disc rather than the stars. Need a quiescent spectrum to get the stars. even that can be tricky The nova eruption certainly blows off gas into space so there will be a remnant shell. Might take a while to become large enough to be visible on large pro scopes, if at all
  10. I assume so, but not seen any reports. White dwarf primary, certainly but not seen spectral classification of the 2ndary
  11. Had it about that last night John. Not checked tonight yet. This one is certainly hanging around
  12. It’s a beauty, Roy. Handles would be a great addition, naturally, as we love handles on SGL oops did someone mention love handles? Mods!!
  13. I bought a handle from Astroshop a few years ago that I used on my FS 102 But it was red and the colour difference upset me so I took it off. I agree that the FC 100 is in arm cuddle territory. So is the TSA, but not necessarily for carrying
  14. Yes 3 mentions of handle. Essentials, I just couldn’t handle it. But would have to give way to John Handleby on this matter
  15. Yet another from the 50% off Amazon offer
  16. At first, 20+ years ago I hated Tak green. Then I got one and grew to love it. Then the changed to baby blue. Hated it. But, you’ve guessed, I love it. Both colours ARE Takahashi: distinctive, Japanese and specific to Tak.
  17. Pete and Paul’s challenges you superb! Plenty to think about for the year ahead.
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