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  1. Good God!!! Looking back through all the posts, been too busy to keep up of late, I have just realised I am classed as a "brown dwarf", I know I am short ish but ........ Looking forwards to seeing everyone.
  2. Booked up with Lesley for the Saturday the 26th onwards in one of her vans. ???
  3. Mike, did any of you manage to get anything last night? The wind did drop for a short while before we left, so I was hoping for you all. ??? By the way just found out it is British Pie week ??? http://www.national-awareness-days.com/british-pie-week/
  4. Popped over to Dunroamin today to catch up with some of the usual reprobates. Great to see everyone was enjoying their time in the wind and rain. Got back over to Port Patrick way to find out that there had been a 6 hour power cut. So much for a meal out! BUT the skies cleared in the 40 mile an hour plus winds, to show a very clear sky. Took a light meter reading and it was around 21.3. Not too bad at all. For those going back home tomorrow, have a safe journey. See you all at the Autumn camp to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Derek
  5. Pies, you wil need to talk to Mike (Mrs Beeton) about them. ?
  6. Irish Blarney Medicine (Bushmills) ??????
  7. Aye, yer need a few pies! Yers far too skinny now ?
  8. Daft question ???? I expect there will be the usual panic to hide them from Damian though until the Saturday night! As it is the tenth year Mike was saying we should do something. Extra special on the Saturday night, maybe a nice bonfire ? with a few sparklers. ?
  9. Just look at the wire sizes on the crock clips. Way too small a csa to carry any useful current. Looks cheap and nasty. Jump starting a car needs a large csa wire or the voltage will drop because of the resistance.
  10. Depends upon what type of Gorilla glue! The one used on wood foams up and expands !!! Best of luck.
  11. You could try carpet tape. Screwfix can supply it. Or carpet spray, again Screwfix. Both will hold felt well.
  12. Getting the general public in the mix is great for education, BUT there can be problems associated as some pointedly refuse to obey Red Light rules. This can spoil and infuriate the hardened Astro mob and those who would like to see a really dark sky. Spending time and sometimes vast amounts of money on Astro gear only to be frustrated by a few idiots who refuse to follow simple rules can spoil a Star Camp completely. Best of luck with your idea. Derek
  13. Interesting if the British Space Port comes off. I heard about this some time ago. There were those who wanted the Space Port at Glasgow/Ayr's Prestwick Airport. That would have been a disaster in the making if a failed launch had occurred around a populated area.
  14. Nice one Damian, bit better than Kielder, but thought you said it was dark there ! ? Derek
  15. Well in that case, take it easy. After all, can't have the Dual Purpose Dobsonian Pie Measuring Device damaged in transit. It will be needed for the Spring Galloway Pie Eating Event. ??????
  16. Looked at the weather again this morning. If you can it may be better travelling back on Sunday. Friday/Saturday looks nasty. I await your timelapse. At least you got to see it. Derek
  17. I hope you get some clear skies then. You are right though not looking to great for the weekend, storm coming your way. So make the most of tonight, then tie down the scopes, Tight !
  18. Wow that "Dual Purpose Pie Measuring Device" gets all over. ?
  19. I am glad you all got a clear night. Hope the views were worth the travel and effort to get there. A shame Wookie had a problem with his mount and was in pain. (know that problem only too well). Wish you all safe trip home. Derek
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