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  1. Simple reply is ................................................................................................................... Whiskey at the ready Dai
  2. "convivial" you've been at the.......... Dictionary (Alphabet Spaghetti) .. again me thinks!!!
  3. Unfortunately a photograph will not work. There usually is no direct correlation between screen colours and the actual item. Every screen has some sort of colour cast unless it is calibrated. Colour charts are also mostly a waste of time. I find the best method, is to buy a few different shades and mix by eye to get the correct shade for any repair job. Mix up a wee bit more paint than you really need for the job and save in a spare closed pot. When touching up use the smallest brush and just dab almost tiny almost imperceptible spots of paint one at a time in the area until the area is
  4. Hi everyone. A small update on the: Autumn 2021 Galloway Scottish Star Camp We will be limited to only 25 pitches for the foreseeable future. The owner has stipulated this due to the following reasons: 1) Due to past damage done to the camping field over the wet winter periods, the field just does not have time to recover naturally and properly before the new season is upon them. 2) The added cost and time of repairing the field to a good standard. (This affects their ability to present the camping field in a fit condition to
  5. I had Starry Night version 6 many years ago. It was full of bugs and even the upgrade to version 6.1 was a pain. Try another option. any of the above should be better.
  6. Well now, could have fooled us all there ! I will have to consult with Mike
  7. Assumed !!! Who would do that then? More like EXPECTED ! Damian would never survive without his Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
  8. Aha, still awaiting a time in the future
  9. Sorry to say this, but SGL's success as an astronomy forum with the "Advertisement Section" and the posting of who owns what as, "Signatures", has been its own down fall in respect to scammers. Once a website becomes known to the wrong type of people it is then almost impossible to stay safe at all times as the word is spread among the criminal element of society. I do not post any signature concerning any item that I own for that very reason. Sad but I think safer in the long run.
  10. Hmmmm!! Are we sure this is Damian talking, or some Star Party SGL Troll ?? Such a mesially small dram, is it even whiskey or film (tea) substitute type joke? Talk aboout half empty, it is not even that !! Damian you will have to buck up your ideas.........
  11. A long time ago I was getting a heck of a lot of phone calls, asking for the doctor. My phone number apparently had only 1digit difference to a local GP. These were at all times of the day and night. In the end I had to change my exdirectory number. Then I started getting exactly these type of possible scam calls. So I had a bit think. I recorded an answer message along the lines of : "Hi, sorry we are not in at the moment, that is because we are out. We are out because we are not in, but when we are in we don't usually answer the phone very often. We are out because we needed to g
  12. I had the 12" Lx200. What with the 10" lift in and out of my hut it got to much when I was really cold at the end of the night. And I'm only 5' 8". My days of weight lifting were 35 years ago . So had to sell it, well that's my excuse anyway! I definitely would look into recoating the buttons with conductive paint rather than give up on the hand control. The LX200s have nice optics, but rubbish electronics.
  13. You can if it is just the response from the button presses get conductive rubber paint. It is a simple job to do. Open the handset carefully and separate the rubber buttons from the case, (not a hard job). On the back of the rubber buttons you will see the either grey or black conductive pad. All you need to do is to paint on the conductive paint and wait for it to dry completely. (Give it 24 hours to be sure). Reassemble the hand control and it should work fine. I did this with mine many years ago and it worked as if new. So, as you have ordered up a new handset, do not throw the origin
  14. I have never and nor has Mike, the previous organiser ever said, that tents would not be allowed. I do not know where you got that from! You are mistaken. We have always had a mixture of caravans, motorhomes and tents at the Star Camps. The only provisos ever made were that if the field was very wet, then motorhomes would be required to park on the hard standing as they tended to rip up the field and leave troughs in their wake. Also the same went for cars at certain times for the very same reason. I am glad you enjoyed your previous visit. You will be welcome back anytime
  15. As I said to Damian, glad you have had the covid injection. I will give you a bell in the next few days. Got a online exam tomorrow, busy at present.
  16. I am very glad to hear that. Hope you are well. I will give you a call in the next few days.
  17. Will this be open to everyone not just camper an or caravan guests please. Hi, not sure what you are asking. But the Star camp is open to camping,(tents), caravans and motorhomes. The pitches are available on first come basis. BUT, at present I cannot say for sure if it will definitely go ahead due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic! All I can say is book early to ensure a pitch. If all goes to plan the Scottish Premier Star Camp will be held on the dates posted. It will depend upon the Scottish Governments decision on how many pitches are/will be availa
  18. Hi Jim. Hope you and Dawn have thawed out, left the cave as you realise it is Spring at last, even in the far northeast reaches of UK. I guess you are always that are bit behind up there Yep just out intime to find the Spring Star Camp is not on So I am praying that this Autumn Star Camp can go ahead, as I guess everyone else is doing. There is a strong possibility we can have an unrestricted Full On Scottish Galloway Star Camp, , at least that is my hope Thanks for asking, we are both fine and have had our inoculations over a month ago now, so not tha
  19. Ahhhh ! So there is life in some our regular members. I thought with no posts, you had all disappeared off to foreign climbs before lockdown and were stuck there! Nice to see there is one or two people still watching the posts on here. I hope you are all well. Stay that way please. Lesley says "NO REFUNDS FOR SLACKERS "
  20. Physopto


    Welcome Andrzej, hope you enjoy the forum.
  21. At present we do not know if we will be able to go back to the normal number of people attending the Star Camps or coming to this this event. If we can there will be a good few more pitches available. Please look here for all further information on the upcoming 2021 Autumn Galloway Star Camp for future posts and information. As soon as I can, I will let everyone know once I am confident we are good to go!!!
  22. Steve, at present we do not know if we will be able to go back to the normal number of people attending the Star Camps. If we can there will be a good few more pitches available. Please see the 2021 Autumn Galloway Star Camp posts for future information.
  23. I just hope so for all our sakes!! I got my first anti Covid-19 inoculation nearly 4 weeks ago, so I am a bit more confident now. By that I mean that we should all be fully inoculated and protected hopefully by the end of August/September. It is not just the first inoculation but time for the delay and for the period after the second one for the full effect to take place. So I am working on 4 months minimum from the first inoculation to hopefully full protection, ( 12 weeks plus another 3/4 weeks). That being said I look forwards to seeing everyone who is allowed to and can attend a
  24. There are far too many people who walk around using overly and very bright red light head torches. They tend to think it is OK because it is red light ! Not so at all. A bright Red Light will decimate your night vision and that of any folk unfortunate enough to be within the line of the beam and even if not in the direct beam. If you use a Bright Red light torch for working on your Astro setup make sure no one is likely to be in the visible vicinity. Otherwise use a very dim red head torch to barely be able to see items around you. That way your night vision will not be as badly affected
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