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  1. File removed because of the name. Please reattach the file with a more appropriate file name.
  2. Is the cable a genuine EQDirect cable or just a cable with an FTDI chipset ?
  3. Don't get too fixated on the number. The longitude 123 45 67W was only an example. Obviously that cannot be correct as 67 is higher than 59.
  4. Like this one Lynx Astro RS232 Serial Cable for Sky-Watcher Mounts | First Light Optics or this one which doesn't require the serial/usb adapter Lynx Astro FTDI USB to Serial Adapter for Sky-Watcher Handsets (5m) | First Light Optics
  5. I think most imagers would discard the diagonal to reduce any aberrations caused by the diagonal. Possibly. The instruction manual should give you that info. Another option would be to use a flip mirror. The camera is mounted on the back of the flip mirror and the eyepiece attached to the top port. The mirror can lower/raised to allow viewing through the eyepiece or imaging. The flip mirror also has the added advantage in that the eyepiece and camera can be made parfocal so no need to readjust the focus between centring the target and switching to the camera.
  6. Does the camera have a detachable lens ? If the lens is fixed then prime focus imaging will not be possible. If the lens has a filter thread then a digi-scoping could be used to attach the camera to an eyepiece.
  7. Have you compared the star shape with and without the diagonal ?
  8. This is not the first time. Meanwhile, check here
  9. @malshan1993 you might want to include your location in your profile.
  10. One of these Baader Vixen Style Dovetail Clamp | First Light Optics plus a suitable metal bar to attach to the existing bolt holes on the mount and maybe some spacers underneath the bar to keep it stable.
  11. For future reference. Please follow the guidelines by adding FOUND to the title.
  12. You probably need some sort of screen recording software for that.
  13. It should match your image and this one. Celestron/Skywatcher both follow the same convention for the ST4 port.
  14. The latitude and longitude look OK to me. Synscan handsets require the leading zeros.
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