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  1. Already discussed here
  2. The 130/900 is normally supplied with the slightly bigger EQ2. This is the generic manual for the EQ1 and EQ2 reflectors. .
  3. I'm confused about the equipment list. The telescope, you claim, is a Skywatcher 10" reflector mounted on an EQ1 mount. Are you sure ? The telescope should have a small label somewhere near the focuser with the specification printed on it.
  4. Try running it in win7 compatibility mode. This worked for me.
  5. All you need is a EOS t-ring. The eyepiece holder has two parts, unscrewing the holder will reveal a thread that matches the t-ring. Screw the t-ring and holder adapter together and attach the camera body. Just like in this video
  6. You can download the software from celestron support page. Check windows device manager to see if the camera is listed, if there is a problem you should see a yellow warning triangle.
  7. Did you install all the relevant drivers and software ?
  8. The numbers I quoted will work for you. 001 25 E , 51 23 N will be nearer, but difference is so small that it will make no difference.
  9. Your coordinates (centre of Margate) should be similar to 001 23 E , 51 23 N.
  10. The camera t ring should be attached directly to the eyepiece adapter holder. Unscrewing the 2" eyepiece adapter from the holder will reveal a t thread on the holder. Screw the t-ring onto this thread and then attach the camera.
  11. The latest version is 3.3.4.
  12. Does the camera work with other software such as Sharpcap or Firecapture. ?
  13. What do you enter for your coordinates ? The numbers should be entered as 000 17 W, 51 24 N.
  14. The two mounts are totally different and have no common parts.
  15. The slo-mo cable highlighted in pink controls the declination axis of the mount. In this design of equatorial mount the amount of movement is about 15 degrees in each direction and should only be used for small adjustments, for larger adjustment you should release the dec axis thumbscrew and move the telescope manually. When the cable reaches the endpoint the dec axis will not turn anymore and should then be wound back to its midpoint.