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  1. The OP hasn't logged on since posting the advert. Unless you send a PM I doubt they will respond..
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL. The camera module you linked to has very small pixels (2.9 microns) so the actual size of the sensor is probably no different to webcam you have already used. A useful tool for determining the FOV of a camera / telescope combination can be found here .
  3. In this screen grab the com port in EQMOD is set to com 16, the usb adapter is using com 1.
  4. Hello and welcome to SGL. Unlike the more modern Canon cameras this one doesn't have a USB port (<edit> for camera control) so you need a special RS232 cable to connect between the camera and computer.
  5. Some photos of the binoculars might be useful.
  6. The 40D is quite old now and is probably no longer supported.
  7. Some photos of the two handsets might be useful to let prospective purchasers identify them.
  8. The V4 handset doesn't have a power socket, so the handset has to be powered from the mount. The connection sequence should be this: USB port on pc > usb-serial adapter> serial data cable > handset serial port (the serial port on the handset is the smaller of the two, RJ12) Handset RJ45 socket > mount through handset to mount cable.
  9. Corrdinates need to be in degrees and minutes, not decimal format.
  10. The Synscan mounts are usually supplied with this cable . }To connect this to your pc you will also need a usb-serial adapter.
  11. Libraw doesn't support the EOS2000D, yet, Until it is supported DSS advise you to use the Adobe DNG convertor.
  12. A battery reading of 11.7v would suggest a battery that was not in a heathy state. A good battery, fully charged, should read about 13.5v-13.8v.
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