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  1. I'm not sure how successful it would be. The reversing cameras I have looked on ebay seem to be relatively low resolution, require an external 12v psu and are not usb devices so you will need a frame grabber. Will the lens unscrew and will a standard 12mm x 0.5mm webcam nosepiece adapter fit ?
  2. The backlash in the RA and DEC worm drives probably need adjusting.
  3. Does your laptop use an AMD processor? There are reports that the neximage and amd are not compatible.
  4. The software you mentioned requires a goto mount, the EQ5 with the dual axis motors doesn't fall into that category. The EQ5 Synscan upgrade kit costs about £300.
  5. Both do much more than just capture video.
  6. Have you tried Sharpcap or Firecapture ?
  7. No need to uninstall the previous version, just copy and paste the new files into the existing DSS folder.
  8. Things to check. Do you see anything through the telescope/camera in daylight ? Have you checked that the camera shutter will fire without a lens attached ? (this is set in the camera's custom functions). Is the camera set to manual ? If possible, switch noise reduction (NR) off. Shutter speed ? ISO setting ? Correctly focussed ? The Skywatcher/Celestron 127 mak has a wide focus range so it might take a few turns of the focus wheel to get into focus.
  9. Leave it alone. As you have already found out the dust hasn't significantly affected the optically performance.
  10. Did you copy the new files into the existing DSS folder ? When you open DSS what version number is displayed in the top bar ?
  11. To connect the laptop to the mount using the data cable you need to plug the cable into the handset, not the ST4 port on the mount. The handset connects to the mount as normal.
  12. The only two requirements for the location of the finderscope are that it should be in a comfortable viewing position (this is usually on top of the tube) and that it is aligned with the telescope, it doesn't need to be absolutely on top of the tube.
  13. Yes. Enter the current time and select YES to when asked for DST.
  14. You need to upgrade DSS to the latest version 3.3.4
  15. Hello and welcome to SGL. Yes the Skywatcher Synscan 127 Mak can be connected to a laptop and then controlled through a planetarium programme such as Stellarium or Cartes du Ciel (both free and highly recommended). Stellarium is probably a little easier to set up and use for a beginner than CdC, CdC requiring extra software and mount drivers installed to allow mount control. Stellarium has built in mount drivers and only requires configuring.