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  1. For future reference: Please remember to add SOLD to the title. This way we can identify ads that can be closed more easily. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/332459-some-guidance-notes-on-how-to-close-an-ad-please-read-amended/
  2. For future reference. Please add the word SOLD to the title of the ad. This way we can identify ads that can be archived more easily.
  3. The counterweight is considered as part of the mount so is not part of the overall payload.
  4. If the telescope is a reflector then you will have problems trying to achieve focus. The usual solution is to use a barlow lens to move the point of focus sufficiently outwards to allow the camera to reach focus.
  5. Probably a grey import. The address of the seller is an office (24 Holborn Viaduct London) not a shop.
  6. A short tutorial on how to move the telescope to point is different directions http://www.astronomyboy.com/eq/
  7. No need to add COMPLETED to the title yourself, SOLD is sufficient. COMPLETED gets gets added automatically to the title when the ad gets archived.
  8. The field of view of the SPC900 is fixed (approximately equivalent to that that of a 6mm eyepiece). There is no way to increase this (zoom out) without adding a focal reducer to effectively reduce the focal length of the telescope. The usual method for imaging the moon is to take a series of overlapping video clips and then stitch the stacked images together using MicroSoft ICE. This way you get a higher resolution image of the moon than would be possible using a 640x480 webcam. Focusing can be tricky depending upon the atmospheric conditions. The image might go slightly in and out of focus due to the atmosphere but the stacking software (Registax, AutoStakkert!) will deselect any images within the video clip below a certain quality threshold.
  9. Not for £150. The Heritage 130P has a new bigger brother, the Heritage 150P, at £199.
  10. Stellarium Mobile (android version) has a search bar at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen should be a block of six squares, tap on these to bring up the search bar and a row of icons, one of which should look like an eye. Tap this to toggle between day and night vision. ps Stellarium and Stellarium Mobile are not the same programme. The creators of Stellarium then went on the make a mobile version but others took up the development of Stellarium.
  11. It probably won't affect the performance of the mount. The mount only tracks in RA, so whether or not the tripod is perfectly level doesn't matter.
  12. @fozzybear For future reference: Please follow the guidelines by adding FOUND to the title.
  13. @bilbo On completion of a sale please just add SOLD to the title. There is no need to add COMPLETED yourself, this is added to the title automatically when the ad is archived.
  14. @adamgyenge For future reference: On completion of a sale please add SOLD to the title. There is no need to add COMPLETED yourself, this is done automatically when the ad is archived.
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