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  1. Hello and welcome to SGL. The classifieds section is for sales only. The thread has now been moved to the discussion forum.
  2. Private contact details removed. Please use the forums private messaging for the initial contact.
  3. Some posts have been hidden due to their content. Only legal and realistic methods of dealing with neighbours security lights should be offered.
  4. @banjaxed No need for you to add COMPLETED to the title. This is done automatically when the ad is archived.
  5. Ready made vixen style photo dovetail plate https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-vixen-type-photo-dovetail-bar.html
  6. For future reference. Please remember to add SOLD to the title. This way we can identify ads that can be closed more easily.
  7. It probably won't damage your mount but if you drain your car battery you might not be able to start the car.
  8. @astronomer2002 For future reference. There is no need to add COMPLETED to the title. This is added automatically when the ad is archived.
  9. Both brands are made by Synta and are basically the same telescopes.
  10. @Nikolas74 For future reference . There is no need to add COMPLETED to the title. This is done automatically when the ad is archived.
  11. Hello and welcome to SGL. The AZ altitude control board can be found here and the azimuth board here.
  12. @Geoff Barnes Your thread has been moved to the Astro Lounge. The review section section should only be used for supplier reviews, not discussion threads.
  13. Play nicely. The problem has been solved and nit-picking about how far away you should focus doesn't help anyone.
  14. Hello and welcome to SGL. Have you updated the mount's motor control firmware (mcf) to enable the mount to be used in equatorial mode ? EQMOD only works with Synscan equatorial mounts so the AZ-GTi needs the mcf update and an equatorial wedge to function with EQMOD. The mount will work in AZ mode in Stellarium using either Stellarium's own mount drivers or through Stellarium and the ASCOM Synscan mount driver or the Synscan App.
  15. Please only use the forums private messaging service for initial contact.
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