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  1. No need to add COMPLETED to the title yourself. This is done automatically when the ad gets archived.
  2. If you do a cut/paste use "paste as plain text" to remove any formatting.
  3. It wasn't deleted but you did add a price after being prompted to do so.
  4. Hello and welcome to SGL. Problems usually are due to several factors. The first is entering the location, time and date in the wrong format. The coordinates for the centre of Preston are 002 42W, 53 47N, yours will be very similar to these. The date format should be mm/dd/yyyy, time in 24hhr format and for now DST is off. The starting location (known as home position) is important. The home position for the mount and telescope is the mount's counterweight bar pointing downwards and the telescope pointing at the north Celestial Pole.
  5. I suspect that the SW Supatrak and older Az Goto are loosely based on the original Celestron/Tasco Nexstar GT.
  6. I googled Pacific Telescope Corp and I got this Sky-Watcher USA - Putting you at the center of our universe!
  7. The mount looks very similar to the old Skywatcher Supatrak (the alt scale on the arm). If you remove the black cover from the arm you might be able to see some information on the motor control board. The Skywatcher Synscan mounts can use the older Celestron Ascom drivers so there might be some compatibility with the early handsets.
  8. Anyone see Fireball 28th Feb 2021 Ireland to Southwest - Observing - Widefield, Special Events and Comets - Stargazers Lounge
  9. Is there a custom function in the cameras menu to allow the shutter to be fired without a lens attached ? A t-ring doesn't normally have the electronic connections that a lens or teleconverter has so the camera can't fire the shutter.
  10. The goto version of the EQ3-2 uses a set of motors, a motor control board and a Synscan handset to slew (move) the telescope to the desired target. The basic version of the mount can be equipped with a single (RA) motor or dual axis (RA and DEC) to provide simple tracking and slewing or a Synscan upgrade to turn it in to a goto mount (the version in the link doesn't have motors). The maximum slew rate of the dual axis motors is either 8x or 16x sidereal rate depending on which version of the dual axis handset used. It is advisable to manually move the telescope on to the target and then use th
  11. I assume that the handset and mount work together and you can confirm that the mount is a Celestron ?
  12. The crater with the ejecta rays is Byrgius A
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