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  1. It does work with win 10.
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL. To convert the .mov file to .avi download PIPP . PIPP can convert various file formats and much more.
  3. Instead of trying to reduce the size of the moon to fit it onto the sensor, try taking a number of overlapping shots and merge them together in Microsoft ICE .
  4. Download Autostakkert , Registax plus the update and PIPP , these will be your three main image processing tools. Autostakkert and Registax are image stacking programmes which will take your video file and stack the best images from the video into a signle still image for further processing. PIPP is a pre-processing programme which can crop and select the best frames before stacking in Autostakkert or Registax. It is also able the debayer the video capture to restore the colour content.
  5. A colour astro camera will record in mono, storing the colour content until the video file is debayered at the processing stage. The camera will achieve a higher frame rate if it only displays mono.
  6. You will find that a laser collimator will not work with your Astromaster 114, the built in barlow/corrector lens will disperse the returning beam. Return it and order a Cheshire eyepiece.
  7. Try this link
  8. With the 26mm eyepiece you should see the whole of the moon plus much more around it. Viewing the moon with a plossl eyepiece of about 15mm will fill more of the eyepiece. Meade ETX90 - aperture 90mm, focal length 1250mm.
  9. I think the cost difference is because the Orion branded Synta products are imported from the US, already incurring import duties in the US, whereas the Skywatcher products come direct from China.
  10. An old thread about the same mount
  11. According to the TS website the EQ5 dual axis kit isn't compatible with the TS EQ4.
  12. I think it is similar to the old Skywatcher EQ4, which was a lightweight EQ5 - and used the same motors as the EQ5.
  13. The "interface box" on the EQ3 and EQ5 Pro contains the mother control board which is installed internally in the other mounts.
  14. For a free cad programme it was quite good, very similar to AcadLT (if you can use Acad then ou shouldn't have any difficulty). The free version apparently has some minor bugs but was still better than some professional cad programmes I have used.
  15. I have used Draftsight by Dassault Systemes. Free for non commercial use. editted link to better site