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  1. Newbe

    Your camera will need to be set to manual (M) and the shutter speed and iso set manually. You should also take a look at this thread The long focal length (1250mm) and narrow field of view ( 1 deg ) plus the alt az mount means DSO imaging will be difficult.
  2. Newbe

    If the Skyprodigy 90 is similar to the other Synta made 90 maks then the short tube connecting the diagonal to the back of the telescope will have a t thread. You will be able to attach the camera body to this using the appropriate t-ring.
  3. What is this? Can I buy one? Can I make one?

    The cardboard Solarscope is much cheaper than the plywood Sunspotter. £50 vs $450 .
  4. From what I have read about the LG G5 the dual lens configuration consists of a normal lens (including digital zoom) and a fixed focal length extra-wide angle lens. Out of the two I would choose the standard lens and possibly use the digital zoom function to selectively crop the image from the eyepiece. The zoom lens camera also has a resolution of 16mp compared to the wide angle's 8mp.
  5. FYI. This thread is now six years old and the OP has moved on from his first telescope (please read his equipment list)
  6. Problems with Canon Raw files

    First thing to do is download DSS version 3.3.4 here. This will solve the problem with the picture size. Next download the Microsoft camera codec pack here
  7. Skyscan goto

    -1.29 longitude (decimal format) equates to 001 17 W. You can use this tool to find your coordinates (use the longitude and latitude coordinates, not the decimal format) or Synscaninit if you have an android phone.
  8. Synscan help

    I use this website to find coordinates http://www.latlong.net/ . The centre of Birmingham for example is 001 53 W, 52 29 N. The coordinates are in degrees and minutes, not decimals, and should be entered into the handset in that order and format. If you have an android phone you can use an app called SynScaninit which will give you the coordinates of your location.
  9. Synscan V4 work on older AZEQ6 with V3 ?

    The v4 handset will work with the older mounts. I don't think there are any major differences between the two versions of the firmware, both are updated regularly, so it probably wouldn't be of any benefit to get a v4 handset.
  10. Can someone confirm this mount please

    The goto kits for the EQ3 and EQ5 are different.
  11. Synscan V4 work on older AZEQ6 with V3 ?

    The v4 firmware is incompatible with v3 handsets.
  12. Solar Sunglasses question

    I don't think your idea would work. Under no circumstances should you use anything other than the correct solar filter film or glass for viewing the sun, anything other than a proper solar filter could permanently damage your eyes. Baader Astrosolar film blocks out 99.999% of the sunlight making it safe to view the sun through telescopes or binoculars fitted with a correctly fitted filter.
  13. This is the start page for the eyepiece range http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?ID=2
  14. Which version of DSS are you using ?
  15. FLO

    Notice from FLO