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  1. Old webcam reference table

  2. EQMOD Runtime Error..?

  3. The AZ4 with stainless steel legs (FLO) weighs more than the aluminium legged version (Telescop Express). Both listings are correct.
  4. Connecting ascom on my laptop.

    The main page is here . The celestron mount drivers are here (celestron unified Download and install ascom first and then the mount drivers.
  5. Connecting ascom on my laptop.

    We might need a bit more info. I assume you have downloaded the ascom platform, the ascom drivers for your mount plus the drivers for your guide cam. ?
  6. Stellarium

    Hello and welcome to SGL. Cartes du Ciel gives you computer control of your mount through the Ascom platform and also prints out nice star charts.
  7. Viewing through the SW 127 MAK

    I think you are experiencing the symptoms of expectations exceeding reality. Many people when they first look at planets etc through a telescope they expect to see Hubble quality views or, at least with planets, the same sort of detail/size they have seen in photographic images. Others will look through the same telescope and go WOW ! I can see Jupiter's Great Red Spot !
  8. bits interchangeable?

    I don't know about the tripod, but the Synscan handset is common to all the Synscan mounts.
  9. Help with motor

    It would help if you let us know which mount.
  10. I assume you are using the SW AZ-GOTO mount. This is instruction manual for the AZ-GOTO mount . Other manuals can be found here. The problem you are experiencing entering the coordinates is probably due to the numbers not being entered in the correct order and format. You can find your location using this website. For example I entered Basildon for the location and the coordinates for the centre of the town are 000 29 E, 51 34 N, the numbers should be entered into the handset in that order and format using mapping units (degrees, minutes) not decimals. If you have an android phone you can download an app called SynscanInit which give you the correct information to enter into the handset.
  11. Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    You might find this thread useful
  12. HEQ5pro For Sale Sale Pending

    Go back to the first post and press the edit button.
  13. Odd 'Scope

  14. 5 Grand Economy Delivery Blunder

    The postage is now £10
  15. UK prices always include VAT.