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  1. Cornelius Varley

    Synscan longitude help

    If you have an android phone you can also check your coordinates and elevation using Synscaninit.
  2. Cornelius Varley

    Synscan longitude help

    Enter these number in this order and format 000 44 W, 52 40 N. The handset requires the coordinates in proper mapping units (degrees, minutes) not decimal format.
  3. Any goto mount will do this. The handset usually has four directional keys which allows the user to slew the mount without the need for goto. Some Skywatcher mounts also have a feature called "freedom find" where the mounts clutches can be released and the mount slewed by hand. The clutches can then be retighten and the mount retains star alignment.
  4. Cornelius Varley

    NEQ5 - EQ5 mount

    The two mounts are the same. The name NEQ5 was used for a while to differentiate it from the old EQ5.
  5. Cornelius Varley

    Help please

    If the mount is still under warranty then you should contact the retailer for a replacement mount.
  6. Cornelius Varley

    Basic DSLR EP photography

    It would certainly be better than using an eyepiece and smartphone. Don't bother with eyepiece though, the barlow and t-ring connected to the camera body should be sufficient.
  7. The reason why the text did not appear is because you probably copied and pasted it from another source and carried over the original formatting ie black text. The black text would not show on a black background.
  8. Cornelius Varley

    Basic question regarding coordinates, SynScan

    The coordinates should be entered as 000 53 W , 51 07 N
  9. Cornelius Varley

    Powering my Heq5

    The wires on the go outdoors adapter look a little thin, it would depend on their maximum amp rating.
  10. Cornelius Varley

    Powering my Heq5

    The mount is usually supplied with a cigarette lighter socket adapter. If not then you can purchase it separately M8 lighter socket adapter + Skywatcher power cable . Make sure to get the polarity of the cable to battery the right way round, reversing the polarity can damage the mount's circuit boards.
  11. Cornelius Varley

    What is wrong with my camera?

    And maybe a description of the other equipment used might be helpful.
  12. Cornelius Varley

    Az-GTI Dec movement reversed in EQ mode

    The problem is only going to occur if your or any make of telescope has a fixed dovetail, MAKs, SCTs etc. For a telescope with rings and dovetail all that is required is to rotate the telescope in the rings. Adding an eq mode firmware to allow the mount to be used as an eq mount opens up the possibilities for the mount to be used for imaging.
  13. Cornelius Varley

    Sky Watcher tripod and mount

    The short thread looks like it wasn't cut properly. Take a look at the rod from my AZ 4 and compare. I think this is the cause of the problem.
  14. Cornelius Varley

    Sky Watcher tripod and mount

    The rod looks upside down to me. And the threaded end that should screw into the bottom of the eq head is damaged, which might mean that the thread in the head is also damaged.

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