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  1. Is an EQ-5 Pro mount worth it?

    Your friend is right about choosing a good mount first and then considering the telescope next. Getting the right mount will save you money later when you decide to get a bigger telescope. To mount the SLT130 on an equatorial mount you will need a pair of telescope rings to match the diameter of the tube and possibly a dovetail bar.
  2. 1420 MHz is a protected frequency http://www.setileague.org/editor/protect.htm but it is possible to construct a receiver http://www.setileague.org/articles/backyard.htm
  3. Scope choices

    The Meade NG 130 appears to be a Jones-Bird or barlowed reflector. The focal length is 1000mm but the tube is about half that length. This design is not as good as a classic reflector and it is not possible to collimate with a laser collimator. Both the ETX90 and Celestron 130 SLT are well regarded, the SLT has a slight advantage over the ETX because you can reuse the mount with other telescopes if required (small maks, sct, refractors).
  4. Filter wheel won't focus

    You will need to remove the adaptor tube between the filter wheel and the camera. The filter wheel has an internal t-thread on the camera side which is used to attach the camera using a T2 to T2 female adaptor ring (the filter wheel might have been supplied with one). The large ring is a locking ring used to lock the camera / filter wheel at the correct orientation.
  5. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    From the start menu go to Eqmod and the select Setup Eqascom. Select the pulldown menu "Mount Options" and then select "custom" from the two options. Press the tool button to open a new dialogue box. From there you can select select EQ8 as the mount.
  6. Go-To Telescope Leveled ?

    Alt-az goto mounts should be levelled up, this will aid tracking. EQ mounts don't need to be.
  7. The Powerseeker should be avoided, the SW130/650 is a much better telescope.
  8. Filter wheel won't focus

    Can you post some photos of how the camera / filter wheel are connected to the focuser ?
  9. cellestron 114eq

    Hello and welcome to SGL. A brand new telescope shouldn't require collimation out of the box. If are seeing the shadow of the spider vanes it usually means that you haven't got the telescope focused properly.
  10. CGEM bargain in Norfolk. SOLD.

    Please post some photos (forum selling rules).
  11. Celestron 8 edge hd

    For visual use you don't need the guidescope and neximage camera attached. The mount will track perfectly without them.
  12. Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro plus Evostar 150 refractor

    Please post some photos of the equipment (forum selling rules)
  13. Video imaging

    After the video capture you will need Registax or Autosakkert to process the avi file.
  14. Video imaging

    Sharpcap or Firecapture are the best two. Craterlet is also available and is simpler to use.