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  1. The practical maximum magnification of a telescope is defined by it's Dawes limit , which is about 2x per mm of aperture. Therefore a 130mm aperture telescope has a practical maximum magnification of 260x. Magnifications greater than that can be obtained by the resolving power of the telescope but the results will be disappointing. You will not see any greater detail than at 260x because the optics are not capable of it. And definitely not at 1625x ((650x5)/2)
  2. Cornelius Varley

    Skyscan 2001 compatibility with synscan ?

    I think you answered your question. The Skyscan 2001 is the EQ3-2 sold under the Helios brand name.
  3. Cornelius Varley

    Controlling EQ5 with computer

    A number of options: 1. SynScan WiFi module. The dongle is plugged into the mount's handset socket and is controlled through the Windows Synscan App and Ascom driver. Two other pieces of software are also required, Stellariumscope and the Ascom Platform. Another planetarium programme called Carte du Ciel can also control the mount and needs the same software as Stellarium, except Stellariumscope, to give mount control. 2. EQMod and an EQDir dongle.. The method is a wired connection and requires the ascom platform and EQAscom. Stellarium will also require Stellariumscope. 3. S/H handset. Occasionally you can find secondhand handsets on AstroBoot
  4. The HEQ5 range of mounts (original black HEQ5, HEQ5 Syntrek and Synscan) all have built in motors and don't have the option for manual slo mo cables.. All three have adjustable slew rates, so you could possibly use a slower slew rate with the Synscan HEQ5 to move the mount close to the target and then select the goto function to reduce the time the mount is slewing at full rate. You could also skip the star alignment and use the HEQ5 Synscan as a basic tracking mount without goto. For the old black model and the Syntrek version simply release the clutches and manually move the mount to the target, reengaging the clutches to restart the tracking.
  5. Cornelius Varley

    Az4 on heq5 legs

    All three mounts share the same tripod. The base of the AZ4 head has a recess for the locating peg.
  6. Cornelius Varley

    Use DIR buttons to centre object

    Press button 2 on the keypad and then button 9 to increase the slew rate to maximum to see if that makes any difference. Pressing 2 and then 1-9 changes the slew rate.
  7. Cornelius Varley

    Atik 314l plus, what am i doing wrong.

    Not focussing the telescope ?
  8. Cornelius Varley

    Connecting EQ3 Pro to EQMOD

    Calling the EQDir cable an "ethernet" cable is misleading, it isn't . Yes, the handset to mount cable is a cat5 cable but in your previous post you suggested connecting an ethernet cable between the mount and laptop.
  9. Cornelius Varley

    Connecting EQ3 Pro to EQMOD

    Your advice is a bit ambiguous . Plugging an ethernet cable into the mount won't work.
  10. Cornelius Varley

    Connecting EQ3 Pro to EQMOD

    If your laptop has a 9 pin serial port then you can connect the serial data cable straight into it, the other end of the cable (RJ12) plugs into the RJ12 socket on the base of the handset. If not, then you need a usb-serial adapter.
  11. Cornelius Varley

    Connecting EQ3 Pro to EQMOD

    Either way will work but if you use the supplied serial data cable to connect the handset to the laptop you will also need a usb to serial adapter unless your laptop has a serial port. The Lynx Astro eqdir cable dispenses with the handset and connects the laptop to the mount directly.
  12. Cornelius Varley

    HEQ5 grinding noise and bubble level

    Re the bubble level. Ignore it . Equatorial mount don't need levelling up prior to polar alignment. If you get the bubble into the centre of the ring every time then you have a repeatable start point to work from. Don't worry too much about it, there are some more expensive EQ mounts that don't have bubble levels for that reason.
  13. Cornelius Varley

    Meade 3.3 reducer wanted

  14. Cornelius Varley

    Portable Jump Starter

    Judging by the one star reviews it doesn't seem capable of doing the job it was designed for. Maybe a quality control issue.
  15. Cornelius Varley

    Nikon D3300 setting Aperture

    Correct. The camera will probably show F00 for the aperture with no lens attached. This is normal.

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