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  1. What scopes are these?

    The top one is either a TAL 150K or TAL 200K Klevtsov depending on the aperture.
  2. Alignment

    Hello and welcome to SGL. The NG 76/700 is a Newtonian reflector which gives an inverted view, as expected. The 45 degree rotation of the image is due to the angle of the focuser in relation to the optical path, this is not possible to correct. You can, however, use an erecting eyepiece for terrestrial use to correct the inverted image.
  3. The Skywatcher version of the 130/650 telescope might be a better option than the Astromaster 130. Also, be aware that the erecting diagonal is unsuitable for reflecting telescopes, you won't be able to achieve focus .
  4. EQ1 Reflector zoom

    Hello and welcome to SGL. Normal telescope eyepieces have a fixed focal length so don't have a "zoom", you need a variable focal length zoom eyepiece to do that. You can work out the magnification an eyepiece gives with your telescope by dividing the focal length of the telescope (you can find that info printed on the side of the telescope) by the focal length of the eyepiece. Lets say that your telescope has a focal length of 500mm and the eyepieces supplied with it 10mm and 25mm respectively. the 10mm eyepiece will give you 500/10 = 50x magnification and the 25mm 500/25 = 20x magnification. If your telescope was also supplied with a 2x barlow lens these magnifications are doubled if you combine the barlow and eyepiece.
  5. HEQ5 (Black) Hand Controller Problem?

    I think this is how the handset works, the handset for the EQ3 dual motor drives does the same. Pressing the left RA button causes the RA motor to stop running.
  6. Simple USB eyepiece camera

  7. synscan coordinates

    000 12 W, 53 48 N
  8. You mean the basic non-goto handset ?
  9. You could probably be able to control the mount using Papywizard . The software was written originally to control alt-az mounts such s the Skywatcher Merlin/multifunction mount and the Orion branded versions but should work with the Star Discovery. Stitching the images may not be as smooth though because the Merlin uses a vertical arm and the camera will be centred over the axis of rotation.
  10. Can you expand a bit more on what you want to achieve ?
  11. Advice

    Hello and welcome to SGL. The mount is a Skywatcher Synscan EQ3 Pro, which is a smaller version of the EQ5 mount.
  12. Closing in on the moon

    Is there an eyepiece in the eyepiece holder ?
  13. Webcam

    An IR filter is usually incorporated into the webcam's lens. Your nosepiece adapter has a built in ir filter so you should be ok with that.
  14. Advanced vx goto mount

    If the dec motor isn't connected then it will not work.
  15. Bolting pier to concrete base help.

    Measure twice, drill once.