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  1. That is something we do. When a sale is completed add "Sold" to the title and the thread will be moved when it is noticed.
  2. Cornelius Varley

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

    People say Lincolnshire is flat and boring. Not all of it is flat
  3. Cornelius Varley

    Help with HEQ5 syntrek

    A v3 or v4 handset will do, even a v2 handset will work if you don't mind the old firmeare limitations. Or a Synscan wifi module and the mobile app.
  4. Cornelius Varley

    What type of newtonian do I have

    This type of telescope is known as a Jones-Bird or barlowed reflector. The lens within the focuser corrects spherical aberration from the spherical primary mirror as increases the focal length. And you are right, this type of telescope can't be collimated using a laser.
  5. Cornelius Varley

    Skywatcher Solarquest...can it be used at night?

    Don't think so.
  6. Cornelius Varley

    New scope advice

    That's less than half the price of a new 150P/EQ3-2.
  7. Cornelius Varley

    Dust cap

    Try Astroboot or as an alternative use a shower cap.
  8. Cornelius Varley

    Upgraded cogs for EQ3-2 motors?

    I would expect that the new EQ35 has new castings for the body to accommodate the larger worm wheels and gears and these would be incompatible with the older mount.
  9. Cornelius Varley

    Skywatcher EQM35-Pro Mount 3 Star Alignment Help

    The mount has been fully revised. New worm wheels and drives on the RA and the DEC give improved tracking accuracy compared to the old EQ3 and the payload capacities are now similar to the EQ5.
  10. Cornelius Varley

    HEQ5 pro high pitch noise

    The recommended voltage range for the psu is 11 - 15v and should be capable of supplying 2 amps minimum. The psu should be of the regulated type so the voltage won't alter whether the mount is under load or nor.
  11. Cornelius Varley

    HEQ5 pro high pitch noise

    HEQ5s do make a sound when tracking at sidereal rate.
  12. Cornelius Varley

    Skywatcher pricing

    The DS version has a dual speed Crayford focuser compared to the single speed on the standard 200P and a slightly larger secondary mirror.
  13. Cornelius Varley

    downloadable practice files?

    There are a couple of practice files at the bottom of this page http://www.astro.shoregalaxy.com/webcam_astro.htm Googling "astrophotography practice files" brings up a few more sites, mostly DSO imaging though.
  14. Cornelius Varley

    ZWO ASI294MC-Pro - can it be used as an autoguider?

    Assuming that you have a goto mount with Synscan then using eqmod and pulse guiding would be the obvious option to save an extra cable, although that cable would be from the camera to the mount.

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