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  1. Cornelius Varley

    Control SW synscan az goto with pc

    No. That cable is for connecting a pc to a Synscan handset. The black cable is a serial-usb adapter and the grey one the cable that connects into the handset to update firmware or pc control of the mount. It is not a replacement for the handset.
  2. Cornelius Varley

    Control SW synscan az goto with pc

    This one or similar would be the starting point. The small plug is removed an the wires crimped into a 6p6c RJ12 plug.
  3. Cornelius Varley

    Control SW synscan az goto with pc

    It will look like that, but I don't know if that one is suitable. The data about the cable is thin, no pin out arrangement or voltage levels.
  4. Cornelius Varley

    Control SW synscan az goto with pc

    An FDTI cable is a USB to TTL serial cable. One end has a USB plug and the other terminates in various ways (plug, bare wires etc). This end needs modifying by swapping the existing plug etc for a RJ12 plug which then plugs into the mount.
  5. Cornelius Varley

    Control SW synscan az goto with pc

    I refer you to your previous thread on the subject The mount cannot be connected directly to the pc, bad things might happen if you do this. You need either a suitable interface (Bluetooth adapter, Synscan WiFi adapter or similar) or a suitably modified FTDI cable.
  6. Cornelius Varley

    Control synscan without controller?

    That would probably work too.
  7. Cornelius Varley

    Control synscan without controller?

    Unlike the EQ Synscan mounts, which can be controlled through an Eqdir cable and EQAscom, the AZ needs either a Synscan handset or an adapter as described above or possibly a suitably modified FTDI cable. In any case, you cannot plug the mount directly into a computer.
  8. Cornelius Varley

    Control synscan without controller?

    The AZ GOTO mount can be controlled via an Ursa Minor bluetooth adapter available from 365Astronomy. There are also diy options such as the Supatrak adapter by rwg the creator of Sharpcap. ps The ursa minor module costs about £70 which is only slightly less ghan a used v3 handset from astroboot
  9. Cornelius Varley

    SW Synscan az goto for Astrophotography

    You should probably read this thread
  10. Cornelius Varley

    Celestron refracting telescope

    Do you mean this one ?. or the 80AZ ? It would probably look good in a study or conservatory but for £400 or £850 you can get a much better telescope for actual astronomical use.
  11. Cornelius Varley

    Help with uses for my camera

    HEQ5, EOS760d, ED80. Convert the 9x50 finder to a finder-guider and use the ASI120 as a guide camera.
  12. Cornelius Varley

    Motor Drive Astrophotography

    Your mount is incorrectly assembled. This is how it should look
  13. Cornelius Varley

    HEQ5 whine

    When the mount is tracking it makes a faint "chirruping" noise. This is probably what you are hearing.
  14. The handset to mount cable is possibly a RJ45 cat5 network cable.
  15. Cornelius Varley

    Sky-Watcher’s dual axis motor drive for EQ-5

    For which mount ?

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