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  1. New Toy - 200P Got an upgrade

    I did the same as you when I upgraded to a moonlite, "I went for the red," I flocked my scope too, its worth the effort, and as you said the moonlite makes collimation easier, and more accurate. Clear Sky's.
  2. Hello from Birmingham

    Hello David welcome to SGL, enjoy the forums, the forecast for tonight looks good, hope you find a good place to observe. Clear Sky's.
  3. filters

    Astronomik are one of the best , I use both UHC and Oiii and find them superb additions to my kit, the link Dave has posted is also superb, the first time he posted it I downloaded it, printed it then laminated them, stops the dew from ruining them when I observe, I bought the UHC first then the Oiii followed. Clear Sky's.
  4. Hello

    Hello and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy your time with us. Clear Sky's.
  5. Hello

    Hello Dylan and welcome to SGL , hope you enjoy your time with us, good luck with the imaging. Clear Sky's.
  6. Hello from Far West Texas-El Paso

    Hello Rich and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Clear Sky's.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Hello and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy your time here with us. Clear Sky's.
  8. Hello from Saudi, not Mars

    Hi and welcome to SGL, the photo of the craters is superb, and to be able to go inside and observe, must have been incredible, lucky you. Enjoy. Clear Sky's.
  9. Hi from zog

    Hello Zog and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy your time here. Clear Sky's.
  10. Hello from New Zealand

    Hello Patrick and a warm welcome to SGL, lots of helpful folk here, hope you enjoy your time with us. Clear Sky's.
  11. Hello

    Hello and welcome to SGL, bins are a great way to start your journey observing the night sky, that's how I started out, hope you enjoy the forums. Good luck and Clear Sky's.
  12. Hi all

    Hello and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums, there are many excellent imagers here, you will get lots of helpful answers to your questions. Clear Sky's.
  13. BST Starguider

    I have never experienced bad coma from my 12mm Starguider, as nightfisher has said, you may have been sold a dufff one, give them a ring they should exchange it.
  14. I was also admiring Mons la Hire, the shadow was huge, it reminded me of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, there is a photo of it from above with the shadow stretching out for quite a distance, the Moon was very impressive last night. We had our first frost, which is very promising, always good seeing with frost.
  15. Intro

    Hello Rodney and welcome to SGL, you have a great set up there, hope you enjoy your time with us. Clear Sky's.