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  1. What did the postman bring?

    Any clues on the eyepieces 25885? I can’t believe they are the last. After all, we’ve got the Vixen HR 3.4 mm to look forward to next month
  2. Takahashi 32mm Abbe MC

    Now that's not a statement one hears much
  3. What did the postman bring?

    They are not waterproof DeepSkyMan. The closure is a zip. They'd provide protection from dew and damp, though. They are actually designed to hold GoPro cameras, but you can configure them as you wish by plucking the foam cubes. I don't have a Nagler T4 so i don't know if that would fit. I have a set of 1.25 inch Pentax XL's and they are too fat.
  4. Takahashi 32mm Abbe MC

    That's an interesting thread, Piero. I see several of the participants think the Tak Abbes are produced in the same factory as the Fujiyama HD orthos (and that the Fujiyamas are the same as the Unversity Optics HD's, which has also been cited elswhere)
  5. What did the postman bring?

    The blue one is listed here, Alan.
  6. Show me your eyepiece cases

    I've started to assemble a dedicated case for high power viewing. Comprises Fujiyama HD-OR 4, 5, 6, 7 mm, Nagler 3-6 mm zoom, Takahashi 2x Barlow. Plenty of room for some more All housed in a CamKit case - it's the second one of these that I've got - this one is blue to differentiate it from my Takahashi LE collection contained in a black version. These CamKit cases are great for standard sized 1.25 inch eyepieces (not bulky ones, though, and certainly not 2 inch)
  7. What did the postman bring?

    Fujiyama HD-OR 5mm and 7mm eyepieces CamKix case for eyepieces - my second one of these, this one dedicated to high power viewing Tracer LiFePO4 16 Ah battery
  8. Binary Collision

    Some posts on this event from last year:
  9. This is a very interesting thread. I have a Tracer 12V 10Ah LiPo battery and have used it occasionally to power my NEQ6 when away from home. I tend not to slew about the sky: usually to one or two objects and then track for a few hours. All is well, but I guess I haven't pushed to its limits and I might not have dropped below the 12v threshold at that time. So I am going to order a Tracer 16Ah LiFePo4 in addition, just to be sure. So if the LiPo isn't really suitable for the NEQ6, what can it usefully be used for? Dew heater? CCD?
  10. The Great 40mm Plossl Blagging

    I had the Vixen NPL 40 for a while, but found it a bother to use in my 60mm Mak. The eye relief was so long, it was difficult to keep my eye correctly positioned even with the eye guard in its highest position. I found a 30mm eyepiece more comfortable
  11. Pics please :-)
  12. True: aperture is king in the planetary imaging game as Damian Peach's images with SCT in the 9.25 to 14 inch range show!
  13. Mercury in the evenings

    This article on the BAA website on observing Mercury and Venus might be of interest https://britastro.org/node/12589
  14. This is another excellent example of pro-am collaboration. One of the paper’s authors is the BAA’s Jupiter section director John Rogers. More here https://britastro.org/node/12656
  15. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    I've experienced that too on a single occasion. A rubber eyeguard had some damage, which was very disappointing. Rest of my purchases have been good.