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  1. BAA Exhibition starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am Hope to see many of you there. Jeremy
  2. I will be there! It promises to be a splendid day. I hope SGL members will come and say hello during the day. I'd love to meet you. All the best Jeremy Shears BAA President
  3. The BAA website was down for a short time last night to do some essential server maintenance work. All back online now - thanks for your patience. Jeremy
  4. Nice sketch Shane! Jeremy
  5. Nice sketch Thomas - well done! Jeremy
  6. There's a new article on "NLC and what to look for" by Sandra Brantingham here: Enjoy! Jeremy
  7. Looks amazing Kerry. Congratulations! Jeremy
  8. There's a nice time lapse video of NLC, showing how they compare to normal cirrus, on this page: It's the first post on the page by Nick James' who's video shows NLC over Chelmsford last summer. Jeremy
  9. Great result, Kerry. Enjoy! Jeremy
  10. I hope not Mike. I for one love seeing your sketches - and I know others do too! All the best, Jeremy
  11. You might like to know that the BAA’s latest Sky Notes video is now available to both members and non-members here: You can see Nick James talking talking about recent and forthcoming events in the sky. It was recorded at the BAA meeting held at Burlington House in London on Wednesday May 31. In addition, our Sky Notes article covering events in the sky during June and July has just been published in the June edition of the BAA Journal. The article can be read online at our website here: I hope you enjoy looking at them. Jeremy Shears BAA President
  12. Hello JOC, there is an article on Noctilucent Cloud (NLC) by the BAA's Aurora & NLC Section Director, Sandra Brantingham, on the BAA website here: I think that should help you. Also have a look at the Section website here: and the NLC page here: Jeremy
  13. Lovely! What was the telescope and other equipment?
  14. Yes, plants fix CO2 to produce biomass. But they need energy to be put in to do that. The energy comes from sunlight. The overall process is called photosynthesis. The resulting biomass can be converted to biofuel to power a car. BUT energy needs to be put in - there is no such thing as a free lunch! Jeremy
  15. Great result Dave! Jeremy