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  1. Seeing is Poor here too Again tonight. Not quite as bad as last night but not good enough for any useful observation of Mars.
  2. Phew, glad to hear it John. Was getting a bit worried about lack of handle
  3. Looks very nice Dave. Couple of things missing: 1. The remaining F/5? 2. Lick mark on the OG. Oh, and have you thought about a handle?
  4. Unfortunately the Mars run was aborted as the seeing was terrible. Worst in ages. Good transparency for the CCD photometry, though
  5. Nice job @jock1958 and @sunshine. These OG’s certainly look lickable now that crud has gone
  6. I’ve just been observing Mars with the Tak TSA 120. Seeing is awful, probably worst I’ve had all season. Can hardly make anything out. Quite a contrast from last night, but that wasn’t brilliant either.
  7. Super drawing David. And belated happy birthday!
  8. Interesting report, John. Thank you
  9. Second clear night in a row. CCD photometry in the dome and the Tak TSA 120 out for Mars
  10. You mean you don’t know where she stashes you’re pressies?
  11. The only serious thing about astronomy atm is the serious amount of kit under-utilised due to recent bad weather Having said that it’s clear here so I’m not complaining
  12. Personally, a 10% reduction on new would not be sufficient to waive the reassurance of buying new from a dealer to whom I would have recourse if anything went wrong.
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