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  1. Very nice sketch Mike. Unfortunately I am familiar with the combi-boiler blast ruining seeing, too! Jeremy
  2. Lovey sketch. Well done! Jeremy
  3. The following article on the BAA website lists some of the times when the GRS may be best viewed over the next few weeks: The article also includes some advice on using colour filters to observer Jupiter visually. A more detailed article of using colour filters on the planets, taken from a recent edition of the BAA Journal, can be seen at: I hope you find these items useful. The BAA is always keen to help observers get the most out of their hobby. Jeremy
  4. Great sketches, Mike I've enjoyed a couple of decent nights on Jupiter with the Tak FS102 under rather good seeing conditions this week. Great to see the GRS standing out. Jeremy
  5. I used to buy all my astronomy books from Rosemary for years. Must have been in the 80s and 90s Jeremy
  6. Hello Adam, if you can stretch to an 80mm (size-wise), I'd go for that as it has significantly more light gathering power. But as big a consideration is the mount/tripod. The bigger (which means bulkier and heavier) the better. I also have Tak FS60 and WO 66, which, although small, don't leave room for anything else in carry-on baggage. Another option I was considering was a high quality 50 mm right angle finder/guidescope, but I couldn't find one that I was happy with. Jeremy
  7. Well, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing some of your Saturn sketches with the Tak FC100 when seeing allows, Mike! Jeremy
  8. If I want to slip a small but capable scope into my airline wheely bag I take my Omegon Maksutov MightyMak 60 telescope and a couple of eyepieces,46442 It's small and light, comes with a red dot finder. The table top tripod is not the best. I have replaced it with a Velbon EX_Macro tripod which is much more capable. There are larger Maks around (including an Omegon 80), but they are obviously larger. So my travel kit includes the Mak 60, 8 x 42 roof prism binocs and, if I am going to a dark sight, my Vixen 2.1 x 42 bins which are remarkable for their views of the Milky Way. All the best, Jeremy
  9. Mine too! And I've had a few scopes! But I've not felt the need to upgrade the focuser. Jeremy
  10. So it appears OV Boo is well into its fade at the moment. But re-brightenings, perhaps to the original outburst brightness, might well occur. It's definitely worth keeping an eye open for these. They don't last long, perhaps a day or two. Kudos to those that detect any re-brightening. Good luck! Jeremy
  11. Nice result, Dave! It was a pleasure to meet you at the BAA Variable Star Section meeting at Winchester last week-end. Jeremy
  12. Glad you are happy with your TEC 140, Gavster. However, it's worth noting that it obviously has 40% extra aperture (and hence resolution) and almost twice the light gathering capacity of the FC100. All the best, Jeremy
  13. April 2017 marks the bicentenary of the death of Charles Messier, the man whose name is synonymous with many of the best deep-sky objects in the northern sky. You can see a video of a short on Messier's life given by Dr Stewart Moore at the BAA on this page: Jeremy
  14. Nice drawing Mike. I had great views of Jupiter through several different scopes at the BAA Winchester week-end that I've just returned home from. Fantastic seeing on Friday with a wealth of detail visible. Tolerable seeing (but better transparency) on Saturday. All the best, Jeremy
  15. Hello Saulo, Yes, we do have quite a bit of info available in our beginners area: Scroll down to Variable Stars and you'll see several articles that might be of help. For some stars to start with, have a look at the Variable Star Section's Absolute Beginners page at: All the best, Jeremy