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  1. There's an article on atmospheric dispersion by renowned planetary imager, Damian Peach, on the BAA website which you might find helpful. Jeremy
  2. £5 camera and lens bundle

    You will need to supply a small voltage via the lead. You'll probably need to cut off the plug though, and apply the voltage via the wires that are exposed. This would obviously mean you can't easily use again for auto-iris. Not sure about these particular lenses, but normally a 9V rectangular battery will work. Obviously all this at your own risk :-) Maybe somebody has a more elegant solution, though.
  3. One of the talks at the recent BAA Christmas meeting was the regular "Sky Notes" and the video is now available for viewing by all. Presented by Nick James, the talk covers a round-up of recent and forthcoming events in the sky, including observations by amateur astronomers. Jeremy
  4. Active from December 6-17, the Geminids are currently the richest of the regular annual meteor showers, producing an abundance of bright meteors, with rates outstripping those of the August Perseids for a 24-hour interval centred on their 14 December. Have a look at this article by Dr John Mason for observing prospects for this year's shower. Jeremy
  5. blast from the past

    My first computer was a Compukit UK101 with a 6502 CPU, programmes loaded from a cassette player and a TV monitor. I didn't build it myself, but bought it in early 1981 from a friend who had. Jeremy
  6. Dr Tony Cook (Assistant Director of the BAA Lunar Section and Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University) is calling for amateurs to monitor the moon via video during the forthcoming Geminid Meteor Shower on Dec 12-15 to see if any impact flashes can be detected. A potentially interesting pro-am collaboration. Jeremy
  7. Vixen HR 2.4mm

    Thanks Piero - very helpful. I am following with great interest. I once has a Pentax XP3.8 which was a brilliant performer on the planets with my Tak FS102. Pity I sold it! But I wouldn'y really want to go any higher in mag, which tends to rule out the new Vixen HR's. Jeremy
  8. Vixen HR 2.4mm

    Can you point us in the direction of those reviews, Piero? Would be interesting to see what people think.
  9. This report by the BAA's Jupiter Section Director, John Rogers, is based on images from Juno which herald changes in Jupiter's cloud belts and which might be observable next apparition. Jeremy
  10. BAA Historical section meeting - 25th November

    I hope to see some fellow SGL members at this meeting tomorrow. Jeremy
  11. Counterweight bar for my alt-az

    Has anyone else come across a commercial alternative to the TS Counterweight Shaft with Dovetail Plate that John uses? Jeremy