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  1. Indeed, fade seems to have halted and now brightening: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=13512&fbclid=IwAR0IKE3X1JGn0Qxx3grPnWaeLF7e7IWFdqioStMaX9qeKgkIMTyGStqkJHo
  2. It looks like the lens is for 1/3-inch chip camera. Can you check if your Watec camera is actually 1/3-inch, or the more commonly used 1/2-inch, Helen? If there is a model number or name on it, the 1.3-inch will have H3 in it, where H2 is for 1/2-inch
  3. I just knew this little beauty wouldn’t be long in coming, John. Enjoy!
  4. Hello Helen, if meteor work is your aim, contact the NEMETODE group http://www.nemetode.org The website has lots of practical info on setting up. The software that everyone uses is UFO http://sonotaco.com/soft/e_index.html its a bit pricey but works a dream. NEMETODE can also advise which direction to point your camera to overlap with others in the network, to maximise the scientific impact of your station. Finally there is a email list you can join to get help. Many NEMETODE members, including myself, also belong to the BAA.
  5. Looks good Garry. Do you still have the Mewlon 250?
  6. Most of my observing career I have stood. but since getting the AZ EQ6 and using in AZ mode with the C9.25 or the Tak FS102 I have found myself sitting more. More comfortable, hence easier to see things, both faint and fuzzy and details. Getting the Berlebach observing perch has helped too. sorry to hear about your knee woes @Alan White
  7. Go on John: you know it makes sense!
  8. Well done! Looking forward to hearing your impressions of it. Any idea when it will be delivered?
  9. Thanks John. After all the launch excitement, followed by the various issues including those you experienced, this instrument had fallen off my radar. Thus, good to hear about a satisfied user. I wonder how many have been sold in the UK so far.
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