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  1. NZ 'ere I come

    I had some of my best night sky views ever from Mount Cook. Years ago I also attended a star party organised by a group from Auckland on the Bay of Plenty under some lovely skies (to which I'm always tempted to ask: "is there much there?"). Jeremy
  2. Perhaps they help to make good beer, Ian. Definitely time for a star party
  3. Good to see the project coming along, Dreek. Jeremy
  4. Having bought a Vixel NPL 40mm eyepiece earlier this week, I thought I'd better check it wasn't overloading the MightyMak on the NEQ6. Seems to be OK. Jeremy
  5. BAA Chester meeting Sept 8 - 10

    That's excellent, Andrew. See you there! Jeremy
  6. BAA Chester meeting Sept 8 - 10

    The closing date for bookings for the Chester meeting is fast approaching: it's this Monday, August 21st. You can book online. We already have a good number booked in, but there is still space for more. Jeremy
  7. History of eyepieces

    Must have been wonderful listening to Alan Heath speaking, James. What a wealth of knowledge he has! Jeremy
  8. For many of us remaining at home for the eclipse on August 21, there is the chance to see a small partial shortly before sunset on Monday evening. The BAA´s Steve Harvey discusses the prospects here. I´ve just been out to locate a suitable observing spot with a clear horizon in the region where the sun sets. Good luck! Jeremy
  9. Yes, I had it in the highest position, John. Jeremy
  10. My Vixen 40 mm arrived yesterday morning and it was clear last night. I was pretty pleased with the views it can through my MightMak 60. I was initially surprised by how far back I had to hold my eye, but soon got used to it. Lovely crisp images. This eyepiece will now be part of my ultra-compact travel set-up. Jeremy
  11. Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Welcome Cédric. I can see that you are a keen astronomer. You have some very nice results with your spectroscopy. All the best, Jeremy
  12. R CrB again

    Indeed a fascinating variable star, SilverAstro. Good to hear you were able to observe it. Jeremy
  13. Interesting discussion about the 40 mm vs 32 mm eyepieces. I'd always avoided the former thinking the field stop meant it's better to go for the shorter FL, but the arguments above are persuasive enough for me to give the 40mm a go on my 60 mm Mak travel scope. Just placed an order for the Vixen model from FLO. Jeremy
  14. Thanks Paul - very helpful. The paint I have is Ever Build Floor Paint "for concrete, stone and brick". Is that suitable? All the best, Jeremy
  15. I have a fibreglass Pulsar dome. Any ideas what paint I can use on the inside of it - obviously this is the "rough" side of the fibreglass? I have painted the concrete floor with concrete paint and I went over the bottom lip of the fibreglass wall where it meets the concrete and that looks fine. But I am worried about doing the rest in case the solvent base penetrates and damages the outside gel coat, or worse... Jeremy