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  1. JeremyS

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Pics please, Stu
  2. JeremyS

    Turning a Vixen GP into a goto

    The Skysensor 2k was launched over 20 years ago and was a great piece of kit. Vastly superior to the lethargic SS3D which preceded it and which I also had.
  3. Arrrggghhh...that's one of my nightmare scenarios. Hopefully you'll be able to make a full recovery.
  4. JeremyS

    Flying Tak!

    Looks good Stu. You've certainly crammed a lot in! Have a great trip.
  5. I went down the f/6.3 reducer and 1.25 inch eyepiece route with my C9.25. I’m now using 2-inch eyepieces, which is giving me better results. This is for wide field views. I still use 1.25-inch eyepieces for planetary observation with shorter FL, though.
  6. JeremyS

    Skywatcher EQM-35 for 72mm refractor

    I hope you get some answers Ken. I’d be interested in reading them
  7. JeremyS

    Show us your Frac

    Looks great Alan. How is the AZ-GTi handling it? Stable enough?
  8. JeremyS

    True power of a 6" reflector?

    Quite so, Mike - perhaps this advice should be a "sticky" at the top of SGL!
  9. JeremyS

    Stargazing in Saundersfoot

    Great report Matthew. Thanks!
  10. Very nice GavStar. Will be interesting to see how it goes with NV. What was in the empty space in the box on the rhs? Other Tak goodies?
  11. JeremyS

    Unboxing: Borg 107FL f5.6

    Don't knock 'em. You paid good money for that hole
  12. JeremyS

    Mars 31/8/18

    Very nice sketches, Mike
  13. Great report Chris. Glad to hear it's performing well for you. Are there any other SGL members that have got one of the scopes (apart from John, of course)?

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