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  1. You a brand snob, Mike? You’ll be telling us how much you like Takahashi next.
  2. Probably not, considering the two lovely fracs in you signature
  3. Very wise! The possibilities with your Tak FC 76 are limitless
  4. Yes that’s the one (18 cm). I don’t think the screws supplied are the right ones for the Tak tube cradle, though. I used two screws from my toolbox instead. Note the advantage of the Tak dovetail is that it comes with correct screws (but as said above, it’s too narrow for some dovetail mounts)
  5. Info about the prospects of fining meteorites on the BAA website: https://britastro.org/node/25728
  6. As John intimates, doing the research is half the fun. TSA 120 is a lifetime scope. But I would say that wouldn’t I? I think I’m turning into a cat: gives me 9 lifetime scopes
  7. Bad luck John. Was same here: all ready to go, then heavy cloud at dusk. Was hoping for the fifth night in a row. Still, a night in admiring the Taks is not too much of a hardship
  8. The Tak FC 100 Dx have wider tubes than the FC 76 DCU and FS 60 (Q). So they need bigger tube rings. They can be mounted to the same dovetail plate tho. Not sure if that’s what you were asking
  9. Indeed The pic I posted showed the full size Tak tube cradle. I’ve also got a narrow one which is slightly lighter for travelling (and mounting)
  10. Lifetime screams Takahashi to me I had a Borg 125 years ago (ca 20). It was a fine scope and light, but I found the build quality to be rather poor. Maybe they’ve improved, but I’ve steered clear (apart from the unique Pocket Borg ). For me they are functional, not lifetime.
  11. Congratulations on your new scope @Nicola Fletcher. It’s a Beauty. I use a standard Vixen style dovetail on mine. The Tak dovetail bar is fractionally narrower and for some reason too narrow for my ADM. It’s fine for the clamps on all my other scopes tho.
  12. That man is a genius. And he still sees opportunities for improvement! Where can I get one of those Takahashi worker’s jackets???
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