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  1. Been watching from Cheshire since just before 5 pm. Lovely clear skies and great views with the Tak 76 DCU on the SW AZ-GTi.
  2. JeremyS

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Heated observing socks, maybe Stu!
  3. JeremyS

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Very nice Stu. i knew SGLers could rely on Mrs Stu. She’s certainly come up trumps! Happy Birthday! What is she getting you for Christmas?
  4. Can you organise one of those power cuts for me, Paul?
  5. JeremyS

    Televue 55mm Plossl

    do you need us to have a word with Mrs Stu?
  6. JeremyS

    Televue 55mm Plossl

    I think it's Mrs Stu you need to speak to, Mark
  7. JeremyS

    What did the postman bring?

    Another Neewer bag: this time to carry the Skywatcher AZ-GTi head, tripod and Tracer battery (front bag in pic). This is slightly larger than the Neweer bag which holds the Takahashi FC76 DCU (at the back in pic).
  8. JeremyS

    AZ-GTi loses connection

    Setting the auto-lock to 5 mins certainly helped. Apparently the "Never" option has been removed from my setup for security reasons, which makes sense.
  9. JeremyS

    AZ-GTi loses connection

    No I hadn't! Thanks for pointing it out Peter. the autolock was indeed set to 1 min. I've now changed to 5 mins which is the maximum. I see on some websites it says there should be a "Never" option, but my iPhone 6 does n't seem to offer that. So I fear I have to touch the screen within 5 mins to prevent it locking....
  10. Having some hassle with my new mount. I'm running it from my iPhone 6 via the mount's wifi. I can align ok and then do a few Goto's (it's remarkably accurate), but then if I leave it for a few seconds it seems to go offline, i.e. loses wifi connection with the iPhone (although the iPhone says it can still see the network and is connected and the red light on the mount does a double flash, suggesting it is connected. The only way I can find to get the wifi connection back is to switch off the mount, reboot, connect to the mount from the iPhone and start the realignment process! Only for the same thing to happen again.... Any ideas?
  11. JeremyS

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    I think that would amount to a Birthday and Christmas pressie in my household, Stu
  12. These images are amazing @GavStar!
  13. JeremyS

    What did the postman bring?

    Takahashi FQR-1 finder quick release and Tak MEF-3 micro focuser. Both for the FC76 DCU.
  14. Also installed a Tak MEF-3 micro focuser
  15. Takahahsi FQR-1 quick release adapter for Tak 6x30 finderscope arrived and installed on the Takahashi FC76 DCU (I also have one on my Tak FS102)

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