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  1. Well, I suppose I don't smoke or drink... OK then, I don't smoke. And I discount the cost equipment over the years of ownership The good thing about astronomy is that you don't have to spend a vast amount on equipment to have a lot of fun. You and I have demonstrated that with our Sky-Watcher Heritage 150p's. And I've also got a couple of BST Starguider 8mm for my binoviewers. They are nice eyepieces and incredible value.
  2. Green and black collection continues to grow. Nagler 16 T5:
  3. Glad you found it interesting. Do have a go at observing them.
  4. Looking good, @HollyHound Tempting! One q: in the pics it looks like the flexible control on the az axis passes quite close to the OTA. Does it touch? And is it possible to adjust so that there is more clearance?
  5. Well, you're ready for those Cheshire earthquakes, Andrew And mind your back accessing that straight-through eyepiece. Or maybe your Joe Wicks training will mean you don't succumb
  6. Thanks Louis. I've got the complete set of Pentax XL's, which I've owned from new. This includes the rare, but narrower afoev, 28mm. I've never used an XW, so there is always the nagging suspicion that they must be much better.....
  7. How did you rate the XLs, Louis, relative to the XWs (Apart from the narrower fov of the XLs)? I presume the newer ones are generally better?
  8. Your reply is far too short, which makes it very difficult to follow, Alan.
  9. It’s an amazingly detailed 32 page manual. Describes all the various screw sizes etc. Pity others are not as complete. Wish I understood it all, though! Interesting to see the “straight through” refractors
  10. Some how I thought you might have, Stu And it sounds as if we'll have some comparison reference points from @heliumstar too! Exciting times!
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