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  1. JeremyS

    Should it stay, or should it go?.

    One other thing to consider is when the electronics of the Celestron are becoming obsolete its value will decline. People tend to want the latest models. So there is something to be said for selling it on before then (whenever "then" is!). After that it comes down to the value of the OTA. But as far as I can see, it's still a current model.
  2. JeremyS

    Cygnus doubles

    That was a very productive night. And lovely sketches Thanks!
  3. JeremyS

    Great red spot

    It does seem more prominent. I see there is a GRS transit around midnight tonight (23.15 UT) - another chance to see just how colourful it is.
  4. JeremyS

    A Sad Find

    I had a 4-inch reflector guide-scope from Fullerscopes on my 10-inch Newt in the 80's. A truly dreadful piece if kit: no collimation screws and you achieved focus by sliding the eyepiece in a poorly made eyepiece holder (no focuser as such). It's good to see kit come on some much since then.
  5. JeremyS

    GPDX - Astro Buy Sell - Purchaser on SGL?

    That's a pity - you're missing out!
  6. Not an expression I like either! I sounds as if we're aimless at best or brain dead at worst. I much prefer "amateur astronomer.". Can we change the "SG" in SGL?
  7. If the optics look good and the mechanics are fine, that's a good deal. But I'm sure you can beat him down
  8. JeremyS

    Mars Dust STORM!!!!!!!!!!! 10 June 2018

    There's a nice drawing of Mars made by Paul Abel this morning on the BAA website. Yes, there is dust, but still plenty of detail.
  9. JeremyS

    Comet 21/P

    There's an image form the night before later here
  10. Lovely scope and nice handle! Enjoy it John!

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