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  1. As Sandra says, NLC do seem to be visible further south each year, with recordings in southern France last year.
  2. I'm still trying to decide if I like the new baby blue Tak livery, John. My Tak 76 DCU sports the blue livery and it's definitely growing on me.....
  3. It;s a CamKix case designed for a GoPro that I bought from Amazon. You can customise the foam insert, by plucking out little blocks of foam. I actually have two of these lovely cases. The ones I have are only suitable for standard size 1.25-inch eyepieces, like the Vixen HRs and the Tak LE's. Eyepieces like the TV Panoptic 24 are too fat (although maybe CamKix/AN Other make thicker cases)
  4. I realised I hadn't posted an updated shot of my "high power" eyepiece case, with the latest Vixen HR. Bottom row L to R: Vixen HR 2.0mm, 2.4 mm, 3.4 mm and TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3 - 6 mm
  5. Would be nice as Tak don't do them in green: only silver (unpainted, but with Tak FQR-1 written on in green) or black.
  6. What camera/projection set up did you use for the images @Stu? Very nice observations!
  7. I've had the pleasure of visiting Jim and to see his smithy. He is now an honorary member of the BAA. There is another picture of Jim on the RAS website alongside another monument to Mary Blagg - to commemorate the centenary last year of her becoming a Fellow of the RAS - among the first batch of women to be admitted. Jim has kept her memory going.
  8. With the NLC season anticipated to start later this month, Sandra Brantingham (BAA Aurora & NLC Section Director), has written an article about NLC on the BAA website.
  9. Lovely sketch @Lurcher
  10. When I was out cycling as a lad in the 70s I came across an observatory near the village of Wateringbury in Kent. I knocked on the door and met Peter Foley, Director of the Lunar Section of the BAA. I visited him and his wife many times in later years, even observing the moon with his 11.75-inch Fullerscopes telescope. @Rusted mentioned canals. A few years ago, a chum spotted an observatory on a building near the Shropshire Union Canal's junction with its Middlewich branch in Cheshire whilst touring in his canal boat. Coincidentally the property came up on the market a short time later. Quite often I do a double-take when driving somewhere new as my brain thinks it has spotted an observatory dome. Invariably it tuns out to be a silo!
  11. A great man. He designed, built and erected a memorial to the early 20th century astronomer, Mary A. Blagg, in her home town of Cheadle. Here he is with it:
  12. Hope those trees behind you aren't going to grow and encroach on your view, Gordon? I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying this thread. One of the best ones at the moment. Makes we tired watching all your activity, though
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