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  1. Caught some lovely iridescent clouds this afternoon, they don't last very long just a couple of minutes at the most.
  2. m3

    Gorgeous !!
  3. I thought the EFL would stay the same and only change if you used a barlow or reducer
  4. That's great, I like that a lot.
  5. Some people really try it on, what a ridiculous price could anyone be daft enough to buy one of these ?
  6. M82

  7. Super detailed images, nice one Franck.
  8. Brilliant
  9. Blimey that's ridiculous I like the bit "Don't buy an expensive apochromatic OTA for solar observing" I suppose what it means is get an expensive Achromat!
  10. Kev have another look tonight the weather looks promising. The comet tonight is roughly half way between Merek and Megrez.
  11. Had some clear skies last night for the first time in ages so grabbed the chance to catch up with Comet 41P. It was nicely placed close enough to M97 and M108 that I could capture them all in the same frame. 4 subs of 180sec @ 1600iso, Canon60Da and F6 refractor.
  12. The 14mm looks brilliant , as you say it's bound to be pricey