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  1. Finally after months of permacloud I got to see the sun today, thought I'd get an image of the new sun spot but the seeing was rubbish so I didn't bother. However, there was a bright prom on SW limb which looked more interesting and managed to get this short time lapse (30mis actual time) before the clouds rolled in
  2. I've had similar problems with registax in the past, I get round it by opening the avi in Virtualdub and then saving the file as an avi , the saved Virtualdub avi always loads in Registax. Download Virtualdub from here (it's free ) http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/
  3. Debo


  4. Turn them into jigsaws . Haven't tried it myself yet but think I will. https://www.my-picture.co.uk/photo-gifts/personalised-photo-puzzle.jsf
  5. I know what you mean, it only seems clear when there's a full Moon I suppose it's the law of Sod.
  6. Last night's beautiful Moon with the colour turned up to 11 ( 130mm Refractor & Canon 60 )
  7. A lucky break in the clouds allowed me to grab this image of the 'great conjuction'. (Canon 60D and 130mm frac) The weather forecast for tomorrow is rubbish so this was probably my only chance to get a look (he says bitterly ).
  8. The torch should always be allowed to reach ambient temperature before testing, if not it may cause internal air currents. and that would probably degrade the light beam.
  9. I was greeted with this beautiful scene this morning at sunrise, I'm always surprised at how bright Venus appears
  10. My first big scope was this 10'' from Astro Systems. I don't have a photo of me but do have this one of the scope accompanied by my son (taken in March 2000).
  11. Nice image Charl, unfortunately clouded out here
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