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  1. A really nice vintage Vixen 80S F5 tabletop refractor, from the 1970's (I think). The optics are bright and unmarked, the tube and stand are in good condition. It come with a two 0.965'' eyepieces (25mm & 8mm), a diagonal and barlow lens. Also included is the Vixen 0.965'' to 1.25'' adaptor (replaces the 0.965'' focus draw tube end) so it can be used with 1.25'' eyepieces/diagonals. I've used the scope with my 1.25'' eyepieces and it give great rich field views. The tabletop mount is heavy and stable, up and down movements are smooth and controllable. The whole thing is really well made and very solid, total weight is approx 3.5kgs £120 incl P&P
  2. iT'S BACK -- Looks like a big lump of polished alluminium, it's not a mirror as we know it Jim
  3. Yes. I've used it on my Canon 60D and 1100D, it's the regular EF-S fitting.
  4. Tokina 12-24 F4 DX11 (Canon EF-S fit) In excellent condition complete with both end caps and hood. £160 incl P&P
  5. If you don't mind a second hand lens then this may be within your budget :-
  6. Here's one that shows the corona.
  7. I've used Canon 1100D with a Nikon 500mm F8 mirror lens for the China 2008 eclipse and was fairly happy with the result, although I reckon a decent ordinary 400-500mm would have given a better result, mirror lens see below. I'll be at the 2017 US eclipse but this time I'll be using a 80mm F5 refractor instead (the Nikon lens was sold).
  8. That's superb, such commitment and patience.
  9. I enjoyed it but got bored with watching the same old cgi over and over again, the asteroid hitting the earth was played 6 times. This was a half hour programme made into an hour. I'll give it 6 out of 10.
  10. It must be lumps of something blocking the light, be nice if it was a Dyson sphere
  11. That's brilliant.
  12. 17mm is reduced to £225 , the 9mm is sold.