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  1. Superb image See https://www.spaceweather.com/ AR2831 sent out a massive plasma plume, you seem to to have captured it.
  2. I just got round to processing this time lapse from the 31st of May, lots of problems with high hazy cloud which meant continually changing image brightness which rather spoilt the end result Covers approx 1 hour in actual time:-
  3. What camera are you using and is it a single frame or a stacked avi file ?
  4. Two rather nice ARs on show today, got these images in WL and HA through breaks in the cloud.
  5. Yep, it's been awful the last couple of days and apparently 2824 has been flaring like goodun just to rub salt in the wound
  6. Same here Nice image Rusted, well done.
  7. Nice AR but horrid seeing, still I had to have go at getting an image
  8. Great images with loads of detail
  9. It's not often you see this many spots so close together, here's the group :-
  10. That's odd, they open fine on my lappy
  11. The interesting bits from today, unfortunately the seeing was wobbly and not so good AR 2816, AR 2817, AR 2818 and prom:-
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