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  1. If you are a general observer, zipping about finding lots of objects then I'd say a good AZ mount (AZ4, maybe AZ5, SkyTee or Giro type) would be best. BUT if you just enjoy solar system objects or spending a lot of time on objects and maybe sketching, a driven EQ mount is ideal. Subject to the size of the scope, I'd recommend a basic driven (non goto) EQ5 or similar.
  2. I have used a 1.25" wedge in my 120ED scope and it works fine albeit it does get quite hot - that's the idea of course - the heat is dissipated by the wedge.
  3. Latest iteration. Just sold a pair of 15mm TV Plossls and bought a pair of 15mm Panoptics. Added Lumicon UHC and Deep Sky 1.25" filters too as they came up at a decent used price. Just need to do a bit of observing now!
  4. Superb effort. The image is packed with galaxies.
  5. In that case, I agree it's a tough choice. You cannot go far wrong with either but as Mike says, the frac would perhaps be a more robust and simpler design at as small cost of resolution vs the newt.
  6. What are you mounting it on Grumpy? And when you say transportable, do you mean in the car or on a 'plane?
  7. 75x-100x for me especially with the binoviewers on the sun and moon. For planets about 150x and everything else depends on the target and conditions.
  8. Here's my old grey giro ii and current red giro iii with matching wine.
  9. Great post Olly. You are quite right.
  10. I suppose it's a rhetorical question LOL. I'd imagine the capability of the larger scope of potentially better but in most conditions it will never reach its potential.
  11. Good point ☺There goes my Nobel Prize
  12. It looks like you need to adjust the central screw to take the secondary towards the primary a but and also adjust the tilt of the secondary screws to move the mirror 'down' in the view shown. Re the vanes just asses which way it needs to go and loosen the opposite external nut and then tighten the one in the direction of movement. Don't overtighten though as the OOUK threaded bars are quite delicate. Don't sweat it though as their tubes are not round. Rely more on what you see not what you measure.
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