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  1. Moonshane

    Tak FC-100 - what will I gain?

    I have only ever briefly looked through a Tak once (Stu's) and it was very nice but I was not convinced enough to sell my 120 to fund one. Maybe one day I will but not yet.
  2. Moonshane

    Split roof thoughts

    No reason it would not work. You could always incorporate drop down struts to reduce strain on the runners for prolonged opening.
  3. Moonshane

    May 2, 2018: SERIOUSLY bright sun dog

    Very cool.
  4. Moonshane

    What is this?

    What made him take the photo in the first place?
  5. Moonshane

    What is in your "Do not sell" case?

    What John said. I am almost always looking to the next upgrade to be honest and if it comes up when I can afford it or I need to sell the replacement first then I will.
  6. I have 2x 20mm TV Plossls, 2x 25mm TV Plossls plus a 24mm Panoptic (and a 19mm/27mm Panoptic - just outside the parameters). So yes, I agree, it's a great focal range for eyepieces.
  7. Moonshane

    New Baader Maxbright bino viewer

    I love my current Maxbrights so assume the new ones will be even better. That said, I am not 100% sure I'll upgrade. I'll see how it is received before deciding. Thankfully I have all the bits already.
  8. Probably between the 6" you have and the 10" you looked through
  9. I really like plossls. I use 25mm and 20mm in my PST mod with binoviewesrs with a 1.7x GPC. They give 68x and 85x respectively and full disk.
  10. Moonshane

    Tak FC100DL F9

    Hey, it's your scope so run it how you like You've not done anything that cannot be put back to standard spec again after all. I tend to always change to CNC rings if I can get the right size and they do look good. Ultimately, you now have a scope that will balance well, has plenty of places for accessories and is well protected too. Hope it works out well for you
  11. Moonshane

    Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    No cooling necessary. The scope should never get hot. The wedge will.
  12. Moonshane

    Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    I chose the Baader 2" for a different reason, that of T2 connectivity. This helps particularly with my binoviewers which also connect through T2. This allows the binoviewers on my unmodfed 120mm Equinox. That said I happily used the 1.25" Lunt with my old 120mm ED with no issues.
  13. Personally, I think the scopes complement each other. You could always sell the AZ mount from the refractor and the associated bits to save space / raise money if they are the issues. You can only use one scope at a time and it's nice to have options.
  14. Moonshane

    Tak FC100DL F9

    I'd hate to have a dovetail the same length as the available tube. How do you balance it? I normally slide the scope in the rings. Your set up suggests you slide the dovetail in the mount which is surely a recipe for disaster at night?
  15. Easier to buy a scope with a shorter focal length surely?

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