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  1. Hi Mark I suspect that the tripod is the issue for that scope. I am not sure of the capacity for the metal tripod you are talking about but if it's like the EQ5 one then it would make a bigger difference than a new dovetail I'd wager.
  2. Moonshane

    Wooden pier

    For what it's worth I'd build in some future proofing. What if you decide that you want to go visual and use a long frac lower down in the rings. You might then have an issue which for the sake of a little design modification now, might save a lot of heartache later. I'd certainly listen to experienced guys advising you to narrow a little at the top end.
  3. I think it depends on the scopes you have. In my 120 equinox at 900mm focal length the difference would be 51x and 64x so not worth it. In my 16" dob at 1840mm it would be 105x and 131x so maybe but still not really worth it. If you had a 12" sct at say 3000mm it would be 172x and 214x. This could be important depending on seeing.
  4. I agree that the power switch systems are great but at a pretty high cost of entry. I'd certainly try a cheaper pair first to check you get on with them.
  5. The key is that whatever you use, allows you to see what you want to see. The best lunar views through binoviewers in my opinion allow the whole partial disk to be observed at about 80x in my 12" f4 using 25mm plossls and a 1.7x GPC. At this sort of magnification it's wonderful and jaw dropping to float about. In your scope and with cheaper binoviewers assuming a 4x Barlow effect (which may be the case to reach focus) you'd need a pair of 60mm plossls with your scope which is obviously not possible. Using 32mm plossls you'd get a true field of 0.3 degrees and about half of the moon at 150x. This is a major reason for me loving the Maxbrights.
  6. Moonshane

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    For that it's actually a hammock
  7. If mainly observing the objects you mention then a CG5 with tracking in at least right ascension would be good. It can run on a battery and I have used it for visual with a 10kg+ 120ed. I'd definitely agree that a tracking mount takes the fuss out of observing for longish periods. It all depends on your budget which based on your scope choice I presume is reasonable.
  8. If you can get a 12" f4 I'd recommend that but a 10" would keep you going for years. Here's my 12" f4
  9. I'd recommend the Baader Maxbright. They are reasonably priced used although you may have to be patient or maybe place a wanted ad. They have the advantage of being T2 connectible which allows a lot of flexibility. I use mine on all my dobs (and fracs) with a 1.7x glasspath corrector - usually they come with either a 1.25x or 1.7x. They are superb on moon and sun (and planets) to about 150-200x depending on the seeing. I don't use them on DSOs. Well worth the cost just for the moon.
  10. I agree with Mark. I actually have 2" in Oiii as those objects need max field usually but I have 1.25" in Hb and UHC as these objects can usually be accommodated in a 1.25" eyepiece field. I use them with the above adapter.
  11. Possibly laziness. There are no electronic bits so you need to learn the sky. Many people want instant gratification these days. It's a great scope but basic in features. The irony is you could buy a scope for double the cost of a 200mm dob with goto and hardly be able to see objects in the field of view due to minimal aperture in comparison.
  12. Moonshane

    Moonlite vs Baader.

    I think the Moonlites are a tad smoother but both excellent. The Baaders don't end up with drawtube tramlines.
  13. Moonshane

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Alan Turing for me. Computers have had quite an impact.
  14. Moonshane

    Telescope vs Airport security

    They will be looking for organic matter or electronics so if it has the latter it might need to go through the scanner on its own like a mobile phone.
  15. Moonshane

    Taurid meteor shower

    I saw a couple of (presumably) Taurids last night so they are on the way.

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