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  1. In my defence the only new items in there are some of the plossls (bought when there was a sale) and the filters. The rest were bought used. To my mind this is cash in a box which can be withdrawn at the same value more or less any time in the future.
  2. Good luck Agnes. It's nice to have something to look forward to
  3. New Apo on the block

    I think that's the answer for me Paul too. Just do nothing until reviews start and go from there. Gives me time to save too.
  4. cheers John Maybe it's the serenity that comes with our age that makes us that bit less susceptible to temptation? Now where's that advert about the new 125mm F8 apo.............
  5. New Apo on the block

    There was a white 120ed? I much prefer white scopes
  6. New Apo on the block

    cheers John I think you have just saved me some money and heartache
  7. New Apo on the block

    LOL and that's the sort of comment that takes me right back again to keeping what I have
  8. Variations on the California

    I tried the other night with my 102mm f7 frac and my 16" dob with an Astronomik Hb but I think there was too much moisture in the air. Will be trying again at various future dates as it's almost an all year round object.
  9. Orion in the water

    What a fabulous and original image.
  10. New Apo on the block

    Good points of course, but I am thinking about when I go on holiday in the caravan and wider fields too. It's a smaller package due to the sliding shield and longer extension to focus. Plus it will be more BV friendly allowing me to use lower magnification. Currently I can use the 2.6x GPC for binos in my 120ED for white light solar and giving minimum magnification of 94x (true field of 0.53 degrees) with my 25mm plossls. With this scope I'd get down to 39x (1.28 degree true field) potentially which would be better in terms of poor seeing and for wider field dark sky gazing (half a degree more than the 120ED with the BVs and 1/7X GPC. Plus it might also be feasible to use it for HA with just a 35nm 2" filter well in front of the PST stage 2 mod I have as with the drawtube all the way in it's not that far from the -200mm critical position as I understand it. Furthermore, cashing in four scopes to buy one that pretty much does what all three do will go down well at home. I am of course assuming it's as good as a 120ED which would be good enough for me.
  11. New Apo on the block

    Any indication the aperture is clipped?
  12. New Apo on the block

    I've often wondered if I should combine my SW 120mm ED and my Astrotech 102mm ED plus possibly my 150mm f11 newt to get a single higher quality scope but cannot really afford a 128mm Tak and there seem to be few options about the £1500 mark without needing a bigger mount than my eq5. Maybe this could be a contender.
  13. LOL Certainly over for 2017 but I genuinely feel they may be over for good. That said I still have a list of other stuff as long as my arm.
  14. I think that's called trying to convince myself 😁
  15. is there a "best" scope design?

    This will surprise some but ignoring budget I'd say that a 120ed type scope is about the best all rounder you can buy. Whilst I agree that a newt is better value for money per inch, a 5" class ed refractor will have more flexibility as it can be used for solar white light and potentially hydrogen alpha too. Also star shapes are sharper, you have (usually) a wider maximum field and there's a bit more contrast. To be honest though all scopes these days are great and we are truly spoilt for choice.