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  1. Dob mob eyepieces ??

    Yeah 27mm Panoptic for me too. I used to have a 26mm Nagler which was also excellent. The main issue from my perspective is exit pupil not magnification or true field. If I want to view objects bigger than one degree I use a different scope.
  2. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    Good to know that you can replace two Ethos with one plossl
  3. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    Most used binoviewer eyepieces are 25mm plossls yielding between 47x and 108x depending on the scope and purpose. Most used cyclops eyepiece is probably my 24mm Panoptic in the fracs (30x-36x) and 27mm Panoptic (51x-68x) in the dobs. I agree with your general views Tim.
  4. That's what it's all about Kerry. Initial frustration, careful observation, joy of location. Once you stop losing that feeling then what's the point? Great stuff buddy.
  5. which planet killer?

    Probably the case to be honest. I have done what Paul suggests though and bought a range of scopes! Doesn't stop me hankering after a 100mm Tak though!
  6. which planet killer?

    My best planetary views have been with my 12" and 16" dobs at full aperture and good seeing. In less good seeing find masking the big Dob down to about 170mm works a treat. That said i use my 120ed more than either of them currently and always with binoviewers for solar system objects.
  7. AR2673 WL - Yowsers (Reprocessed)

    Wow it's massive!
  8. Asteroid 3122 Florence

    Cheers Stu I saw on another thread that it stood out as a candidate for a few observers and this was the case with me. I pretty much instantly got onto the general rea and then watched for less than five minutes and could see the one. Rolling your eye around the area quickly familiarises you with the patterns. Might try it on another night if we get a clear one in time.
  9. Asteroid 3122 Florence

    cheers Niall. This was at low power too. I'd imagine if the magnification was ramped up you'd see real time movement. Should have tried that really!
  10. a strange pic from a chaotic mind.

    Looks like my cleaning sponge close up or even a tea bag!
  11. An option Niall would be to take the glass out of any colour filter if you have one or can get a cheap one and then add this to the end of the eyepiece?
  12. Refractor for WL Solar??

    I should have mentioned that I did use a SC filter with all scopes. I'd expect an Oiii or even a cheap written filter would be good too.
  13. Refractor for WL Solar??

    No it's definitely resolution Alan. I can just see more. E.g. if I use my 25mm in the 120ED I get 93x and if I use the 20mm in the 102ED I get 91x. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there's more detail in the 120ED.
  14. This was pretty good https://theskylive.com/florence-info and this
  15. Refractor for WL Solar??

    There's a noticeable jump in resolution when I go away with my 102mm f7 ED and then come home and start using my 120ED again.