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  1. Might be full from where you are (given your altitude!)
  2. Actually I think the one in 22 is clipped by horizon sorry.
  3. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2022-may-16
  4. I think there's one in May 22 Paul? Good luck everyone
  5. Most scopes have a settlement period of between a split second and a few seconds depending on the scope and mount. It may be a mounting issue but a dual speed focuser would definitely improve things especially on the current mount but also possibly even on a better mount.
  6. Moonshane

    Some people...

    In reality, if you sell or give something away, the property becomes the new owner's. That said, if e.g. I have been given things for my school astronomy club (which I have been on several occasions, most often kind SGL members) on a free / donated basis and then decided to sell them for personal gain this would be out of order morally in my book. OK I could sell them to then buy different gear for the club but that's a different thing. I have also given stuff away that came to me on a free basis which is right and proper as far as I am concerned. Some people would agree, some call me a mug but I'd sooner be me. I think if you take something for free for a reason and then the reasons/circumstances change you should at least let the original seller know I think. I. the past, I have given refunds when gear does not arrive and taken a loss. On the two occasions this has happened, the gear has turned up back at my house and the original seller has bought them again LOL. Each person should adopt their own morality I suppose.
  7. Moonshane

    Some people...

    That's pretty poor to be fair. I'd not be surprised if the item you gave him is not for sale soon at the market value.
  8. I use a Cheshire too. Unlike a laser (unless you make various additional templates) you can perform all aspects of collimation with it. As good as the astro baby site is, I did what I consider to be a simpler but still effective guide as follows. As above, you are better getting out observing with a view that's not quite perfect than sat in your dining room fiddling and frustrated. With a guide and experience you'll learn to know when to collimate if be so quick at the important but (primary) you'll have a quick check and tweak (10 seconds) every time. Other factors, eg seeing and transparency, will have greater effects in the view than a slightly miscollimated scope.
  9. Moonshane

    Moon Filters for Visual Observation ?

    I never even consider it usually but some recent images on the forum using good quality red filters for the images and compared with other colours made me regret selling a baader 610nm filter I bought for the purpose of lunar observing a while back.
  10. Awesome! Thank you. I have a donated eq4 and 102 F10 frac so will be a great set up. I'll be in touch about collection by pm asap. Cheers again Shane
  11. I could use the tripod for my astronomy club at school lf still available please
  12. Moonshane

    Best book on Solar system (mainly non solar)

    Just found this on Amazon. Might actually fit the bill from the basic info. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Planets-Professor-Brian-Cox/dp/000748884X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1547728976&sr=1-1
  13. They obviously need hardy perennials.
  14. If you assume that the survival of Homo sapiens is desirable, the need to develop horticulture (and insects) on the moon is pretty integral and is a decent place to start testing things. I doubt they are breaking any laws given they are not on Earth.

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