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  1. My donor scope is a 100mm f10 Tal in case this helps.
  2. I bought Martin's old 120ed. I am also unkind as I am unlikely to sell. .
  3. I tend to sketch a small number of objects each time out these days. I make minimal notes. Do what you like but do have fun. I find that time, date, scope and magnification matter most. See this thread especially page 3
  4. Sound purchases all Stu I always have have a wants list each year although much of this is presently based around solar binoviewing. Next year probably focuser upgrades and then probably start saving for upgrade of my 102 f7 to something more exotic. Btw how do you find the omni plossls? was considering a pair of 32mm.
  5. Wanted Vixen SLV pairs or singles 12mm / 9mm I can afford just one pair currently preferably with original caps and box please contact me with delivered price thanks Shane
  6. Sorry should have said. They are updating their system and you need to ring for the time being.
  7. Finally got my bum in gear and booked for Friday and Saturday nights.
  8. I think this is the one I sketched too?
  9. Yep that's spot on :0) I do wonder if I am losing effective aperture but surely the solar image size in mm is always 10mm approx at focus for a 1000mm focal length?
  10. Hi Ken The etalon rear lens is about 10mm from the diagonal front face. The adapter connecting the original bf eyepiece holder from a pst is about 10mm. Then there's a t2 to 1.25" adapter (2mm) plus 2*15mm and 1*40mm plus an eyepiece holder 35mm. So all in all it's just taking up the 200mm behind the etalon including the prism.
  11. Weird isnt it? The only thing that I can think of is that I am using a t2 prism diagonal but surely this would not have such a dramatic impact on light path? Unfortunately I have sold the mirror diagonal I used previously so cannot check until the end of March as I'll see the mate I sold it to then.
  12. Hi Ken I'll check your suggestion although I doubt it will focus as in the photo above there are no optics In the extension tubes other than the single eyepiece.
  13. Good luck mate
  14. It's pretty big albeit a little faint.
  15. Some decent activity in Ha and a larger spot too!