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  1. Jupiter two moon shadow transit Couple more solar
  2. I think it's a hard question to answer really. Along the lines of Mike's suggestion above, if a large country house and observatory can be thrown in along with a circular height adjustable platform, then a 36" (or what the heck a 48" dob as fast as possible would be great. Obviously with a 20" finder scope for wide field. As it happens without the above, I feel my ideal scope is already in my grasp - in a manner of speaking. I have a mix of scopes which serves all my needs, ranging from 102mm-400mm, although I would like to convert my 16" to a truss system.
  3. A VERY faint NGC 4618 (near the left hand star) 12" f4 Paracorr 15mm TV plossl NGC 4449 12" f4 Paracorr 15mm TV plossl First proper Jupiter sketch, showing the GRS's little brother NGC 5005 12" f4 Paracorr 15mm TV plossl
  4. A few more solar Close up of AR Messier 94 12" f4 Paracorr 15mm TV plossl NGC 4485 and 4490 12" f4 Paracorr 15mm TV plossl
  5. Another batch, from those halcyon days when there were large groups of spots! Close up of above main AR Close up of main AR
  6. I lied! First solar sketch First supernova! Huge sunspots My first ever (filtered) but naked eye spots. More solar
  7. hi mate I have some I can post if you want although I think I got a pack of 100 pairs for about £3.
  8. I'd have thought blackened edges might reduce contrast ever so slightly (possibly imperceptibly?) but of course alignment / putting in the right way round etc might cause problems as might not putting in foil spacers etc.
  9. Last batch for today NGC 2266 NGC 2304 NGC 2371-2 NGC 2395 NGC2240 NGC 3190 & 3193
  10. Here's a few more Collinder 97 Comet Lovejoy NGC 404, the Ghost of Mirach NGC 1807 NGC 2244
  11. Agreed! No wonder you can make what (in comparison) are fairly basic sketches!
  12. Very nice John. I find this art slightly intimidating but also it spurs me on to Improve / advance from dots and smudges. You have a rather moody style I think
  13. These are circles drawn with a template cut in black plastic sheeting (I think it was an old telescope end cap) using a compass cutter. Worth buying one (cheap on amazon/ebay) as it saves a lot of time. For these I just used a black pen and tried to get the dots as good as I could. You can see they are somewhat uneven though. I sketch on plain white, decent quality notebooks and then invert colour in the MS standard 'paint' software. They are pretty basic really and I'd encourage anyone to have a go. The main challenge is balancing pens, notebook, star map and red torch but you'll find a way. I now use some better pens of different nib sizes (I bought a set on amazon) and they are much better. Here's a more recent example which is still basic but a bit neater. Sometimes I do a rough version and then redo it in the light.
  14. I run a space club at my primary school for y5 and 6. They quickly got the hang of lining up the 8" dob using the telrad and right angle finder I loan them. Objects at the sort of magnifications we use (perhaps up to 150x) tend to stay in the eyepiece long enough for them to have a look and they quickly find them again if necessary. I am very confident no tracking will be a non-issue. Depending on budget I'd recommend the 150 or 200mm dob. Don't forget that if the school buys new they get the vat back so ask for a vat invoice and this will save a bit. Definitely plan for indoor activities because as we well know, weather often lets you down if you have a set night. Plus if you have more than a few kids, two scopes is a real boon. I am so lucky that a fellow SGL friend donated another 200mm f6 OTA which I am going to mount on my giro 3 for them. Good luck!
  15. Funnily enough Mike I used to make lots of notes and now don't. If there's something of note about the way I saw something that will make me smile later I do note that but otherwise I try and let the sketch do the talking. I am currently working my way from atrocious to starting to resemble reality and hope eventually to get closer to your efforts which are works of art, truly.