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  1. Cheers Stu. But back on topic what do you think of the scopes? 😂🤣
  2. You can get the whole ota new for about that price. http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/VX/vx6-6l.html The secondary on mine is about 25mm across the short axis. Here's the one I sold followed by the one I bought with the proceeds and still have.
  3. You have effectively changd the focal ratio of your scope to a much slower one but with less aperture. This will make stars tighter in general but you lose resolution on e.g. the moon and planets and light gathering on faint objects. Try a star with a fainter secondary like Polaris with and without the main objective cover. You'l see a difference I expect.
  4. I agree that looking for a used OOUK ota would be cheaper. Where are you getting the optics? They are not common beasts though. That said I have owned two different ones.
  5. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    Not much can go wrong with an eyepiece in normal use. As long as it's been cleaned carefully and has not been dropped it should be as good as new in use which is what matters. Cosmetic damage to the body or missing original caps and box in some cases should reduce the price as it will reduce resale value. But if you can live with scratches on the nosepiece etc sometimes you'll get a bargain. I normally see people in the hobby as astro friends so use the PayPal friend and family option. No fees and same risk as bank transfer. Strike up an email conversation with sellers. This shows if they are astronomers or not. SGL has almost no risk, ABS has little risk and ebay has more risk in my experience. Buying used is often my preference and an advantage is you can sell at less loss than new if you change your mind, circumstances or hobby preference.
  6. Pi . x r squared = area. Assumes similar optical quality. Obviously better coatings = more light gathered rather than scattered (as does a smoother figure).
  7. Agreed guys. I was making the point that an ADC appears more useful than a better eyepiece not that any eyepiece is a standout for planetary as such.
  8. Initial impression - superb despite the mist in the box and views through double glazing!
  9. Baffled by my Delos 10mm

    M51 is likely to be just an almost indiscernible core in your circumstances. A bit like a faint M32.
  10. You' be better I reckon for this purpose (and if you have restricted budget and with planets low) to buy a cheaper good quality plossl and an ADC rather than an ultra expensive planetary eyepiece.
  11. Baffled by my Delos 10mm

    I suspect it was fogging. I have seen similar myself.
  12. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    Me too buddy although it slopes a bit 😁 I hope to convert to a truss system at some point which will make life easier.
  13. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    See if you can spot mine 😁
  14. Blimey Tim. Is the difference that pronounced? I had no idea!
  15. Star Hopping

    try my star hopping guide. I do recommend both a red dot type finder and right angle correct image optical finder.