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  1. If it's feasible to buy the proposed eyepieces before you sell the others, I'd put the ones they are replacing away in a drawer for a few months and see if you miss them. If you don't then they can be sold without regret?
  2. I think either would be great. I do bang on about the T2 connectivity of the Baader Maxbrights and these go used with a GPC generally for about the same sort of money. I'm told from various sources that there's no difference in quality in the cheaper end binos (inc the Maxbrights in this) and even the bigger ones, don't vary in quality just size of aperture / field available.
  3. Personally I prefer the (compression) screw systems in general to the self centering type. I always found a slight turn on a thumb a lot easier than wondering if the self centering tension is correct - I find the former a lot easier to gauge. Others will naturally disagree though. Many swear by the accuracy of the self centering units though and some swap from the thumbscrew ones to get it. I chose the Baader Maxbrights I have for other reasons though as stated.
  4. The problem is that nobody owns the night sky so you need global cooperation to control it. Good luck with that!
  5. I don't see all the fuss really. It's a bit of fun and will be back to Earth soon enough. Increasing interest in Science amongst young people has surely got to be a good thing? Whatever you think of space junk, putting something into orbit (and if they do, getting it back down again in one piece) is pretty impressive.
  6. I doubt there's a huge difference in weight between the steel and ali legs. There's certainly not a size difference. For the additional stability, I'd definitely recommend the steel one. You occasionally see the ali legs for sale though and maybe you could buy an additional tripod and leave this at your holiday home and just take the head when you go?
  7. Yes, at least three. To be fair though, the writing is actually pretty good. The way everything is starting to weave together is great - the sequence where you see why oldor only says oldor was genius. She is fit though. Did I mention that?
  8. She's one of the main reasons I watch it......mmmmmmm Kaleesi. ....... I'm a big copycat
  9. Having said all of that, when sketching I seem to be able to extract pretty good detail at 100x so maybe it's a non-issue. I would like to take advantage of bettier seeing to observe granulation in more detail though. I suppose even with a solar minimum, the granulation is always there
  10. cheers Stu I think this supports what I have managed since getting the wedge. Hopefully the coming months will be kinder. I agree with Nick though that where I am with stone flags and rooftops all around me I might need to go somewhere greener to get higher mags. Maybe as well as dark sites for night time, we need green sites for daytime
  11. Bummer Alan. Did you sell you 100ED in the end? Hope the resulting scope is better for you. I would have been extremely tempted had I some spends! Spent this year's budget by about April though as usual. That said, with a 120 ED and 102 f7 ED, maybe I should just forget about scopes for a bit
  12. Good luck mate. I have my 120 out but thinking I might put out the 12" too.We've just gorged on GOT S1-6 over the last couple of months or so. Amazing series, just keeps getting better. The battle of the Bs was truly remarkable. Like a medieval Saving Private Ryan.
  13. Hope you get fireworks!
  14. Wish I could 'not like' for you Dave
  15. Didn't have much time but this is not far off.