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  1. If you have one to sell I'd be interested to hear from you please confirm price posted. Might swap for 2" that I have but need to test the smaller one first (which I will buy initially)
  2. I observed it once to my knowledge in 2014. See obs notes and the rough sketch. I also knew it as Red Spot Jr. This was with a 12" dob
  3. seems a decent list. Also gives transits of moons/shadows etc. There's plenty of opportunity
  4. Another option if you can find one is an older Televue Widefield 40mm or 32mm. I think these go for about £80 or so. I really liked the one I had
  5. The sky watcher Aero seem to get decent reviews. I use to enjoy my old WO Swan in my f8 frac
  6. If you have one to sell I'd be interested to hear from you please confirm price posted. Might swap for 2" that I have but need to test the smaller one first (which I will buy initially)
  7. It's an amazing prom. Just had a quick look to take my mind off things in Manchester.
  8. Some nice detail starting to come through at last!
  9. Hi Alan I think based on a further conversation it may be best to hold off for a bit - might also have an offer of a very cheap alternative so if you get a buyer then please do go for it.
  10. Zeta Coronae Borealis is actually worth a look. A bit like a dimmer wider Castor. In other words, nothing like Castor LOL.
  11. Oh, yeah I looked at that too (mu Bootis) last night as it's next to the Zeta I was observing, hence the confusion!
  12. cheers Ian as discussed - sale pending
  13. I have just done a spreadsheet for mine. This is conclusive proof that I have actually spent negative £1212 so therefore I could sell all my kit and recover all my money even with an 18% overall loss against the figures I think that my gear is worth. Surely nobody could argue that this is acceptable In fairness I have done some build jobs for people and this small amount of 'income' has been included in my net spend. Total net spend -£ 5,348.00 £ 6,560.00 Total kit value £ 1,212.00 Real cost
  14. I observed this last night and noted in the Cambridge double star book that I had observed it previously. Somewhat puzzled I found it and wondered what all the fuss was about as at about 200x it was an easy wide split. I then checked again and realised I'd looked at Zeta Coronae Borealis instead! Then, naturally the clouds rolled in so I didn't have chance to look at the real Zeta Bootis. I was reminded though of how good my 6" f11 is on doubles. Izar was stunning as was Porrima, so perhaps I have a chance in due course.
  15. As long as I can afford it, and it's within my guilt free budget, I never think of what anything costs me, rather what it gives me. My wife spends a lot more in a year than me and I never begrudge that. This difference is I buy things that have value after a few years and hers go to recycling at best! I certainly never buy out of envy, simply strive to optimise the kit and experience I have.