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  1. Hi mate yeah the galaxy was sketched Friday Another sketch I need to tidy up to put in my notes is the Comet. Seen on both nights in the end
  2. Sometimes I think this sort of thing is all about your mental approach. If you are feeling down then this sort of thing will get increasingly large in your head. On those occasions when I can't be bothered, I don't bother. I see it as a chance to do something else. When I can be bothered I go for it no matter what the circumstances. Yes, like you I have a lot of LP to contend with and even though it gets frustrating, I persevere because I enjoy it so much. Sometimes, I find the challenge of finding fainter objects from home and sketching them really rewarding. I even push myself even further and try to find things with my smaller scopes (e.g. 100mm frac). This gives a different view. If determined you can create screens and just observe close to the zenith. E.g. you are unlikely to run out of NGCs to chase in UMa. For a while at least, then move onto some other high constellation. Every now and again get to a darker place like we did at the PSP at the weekend. OK not the best and actually a lot of local LP as it was not a dedicated site but I still managed to bag and sketch around 20 new NGCs just in and around the pan. If you have a small frac then getting to see the planets or moon even when low is just a case of wandering to the other side of the building or a local field etc if you have one. Solar is an all saving grace I agree and really enjoy it myself. So keep at it. Really nice to sit in the garden or at work at lunchtime and in the warm sun sometimes with family nearby. So what if the insecurity lights go on then!?
  3. Oh blimey - yes, I got carried away chasing NGCs! Definitely next time
  4. Resolved the galaxy issue
  5. Thinking about it, I do recall adjusting my telrad alignment after the sketch was done and I think this explains my misjudgment on placement. I think if anyone needed proof of the benefit of even rudimentary sketches like this then they have it here! I tend to do a rough version like this at the eyepiece and then closely copy into my notes with a tidy up (only making reference to my original sketch and notes). I'll upload it in due course to this thread.
  6. Looking at this I'll not count the latter one yet. Much to revisit in the pan!
  7. I think you have cracked it Paul - thanks so much Here's a pic which is an excellent match. Interestingly it looks like I caught another small galaxy too at the top which looked stellar.
  8. Very true Michael. Hope you don't mind me copying one here and reversed mine:
  9. Seeing pretty poor but there were thankfully the odd sharper spells which allowed me to confirm a few details. Really enjoying white light again now there's something to see!
  10. Looks like 3757 or 3838 are in the right spot but cannot reconcile the maps to my sketch. Perhaps I'll have to revisit and identify properly
  12. Yeah agreed. Found easily on Saturday and also later on the Friday but this has me flummoxed. I think Mark @mdstuart saw this one. I think 3610 is in Andromeda?
  13. I sketched this in rough thinking it was 41p but then found the comet later. It was in about the same area of UMa as the comet was on 24/3 but I could not locate again. Anyone else make the same mistake and identify my galaxy? The diamond asterism was quite noticeable in the one degree field. Galaxy is at bottom next to a star.
  14. Cool!
  15. I learned a brand new recipe for breakfast from Calvin (Estwing). Porridge with onion. What's that? Ohhhhhh honey on. Thanks Alan. Superbly organised Nick - thanks a million. I'll upload my report soon but I have a few rough sketches to redo first! I spent most of the second night sketching around the pan of Uma. Lots of lovely NGCs there. I sketched one the first night that I thought was comet 41P but I was wrong. I think a few others did the same - it was a face on galaxy with a brightish core just below a diamond of stars. Can anyone ID it by any chance? I have not managed to locate a candidate yet.