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  1. Moonshane


    Me too. Same question
  2. Moonshane

    colour sketches of jupiter

  3. You can see some things with e.g. an Oiii filter and you'd be surprised how much difference it makes getting down and out of immediately local visible light (like neighours' kitchen etc)
  4. Moonshane

    Easy comet !

    The sketch says it's in Camelopardalis. I have set the maps to 10.30pm today.
  5. Moonshane

    APM 16x70 ED (review of sorts)

    How can bins (or anything) be the same but with different optics?
  6. if you mainly use 1.25" eyepieces, and you have a barlow you could for now unscrew the element from the end and use it as an extension tube? Or maybe add some Baader fine tuning rings if you have them to the 2-1.25" adapter.
  7. I previously used a 50mm extension tube and all but my 16" do (I made a new cell and this pushed the primary up the cell by 50mm or so (on purpose).
  8. Maybe I am lucky but I have never had a bad scope and have bought almost all of them without testing them in any way. I'd think that real duffers are a rarity but certainly if you get a chance I'd test it at night. Part of the problem is coinciding your inspection with a dark enough and clear enough night to see anything which is testable. As for bigger scopes, a 12" scope would be a great scope at a dark site. If you stick to the bigger brands you cannot go wrong although a Meade would be quite far down the list for me.
  9. .....taking my mind off the daily grind and going somewhere awesome (with my eyes anyway).
  10. Moonshane

    Mars 16-7-2018

    To be fair if you are imaging through a small window that's not bad.
  11. Moonshane

    a nagging Nagler dilemma

    As mentioned above by @Stu I did have the 16mm T2 and loved it but the 17mm Ethos has noticably more contrast. The view was clearly wider but that's not what amazed me. It was the contrast which was far superior. I liked the T2 and T1 Naglers as they didn't suffer the chromatic aberration I see on the moon with Ethos, Delos and new Naglers. Not many others seem to see this but it bugged me. I have since bought a 19mm Panoptic, plus 11mm, 9mm and 7mm Delites all of which I love and don't see this CA either. BUT the contrast and sharpness of the newer eyepieces is noticeable in my experience. Annoyingly, I still feel that T2 and T1s did a bit better on cyclops solar. Too late now though! As always, the differences are slight but for me anyway apparent, especially on that night at a dark site with 16" of aperture.
  12. no worries at all. a focuser is one of the best improvements you can make to many scopes. I also like the Baader Steeltrack although Moonlites are great too. Feathertouch are amazing but much pricier.
  13. Moonshane

    Long shot - 40mm 2" Televue Widefield?

    Hi all I am looking for one of these as I sold one a while a go and now regret it. I don't use such a low power eyepiece very often so don't want to spend Panoptic or Nagler money but really liked this. Must be at least in half decent condition and very good optically please. Looking for price with postage to Manchester (approx).

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