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  1. Looks like a well made filter! I bet the detail is amazing. even more so with this.....
  2. Hoping to find one of these tripods albeit a bit of a slim chance. Needs to be the HEQ5 version and preferably with the spread stopper and shelf. Please contact me if you are thinking of selling one.
  3. Moonshane

    Milky Way Rising

    Wow. Beautiful and dramatic.
  4. I have a converted Skywatcher dob with rings and a dovetail (and original bearings but no base) and am looking for a straight swap for a 100mm slow achromat to provide variety for my primary school astronomy club. Ideally it should have a diagonal too if possible. Perhaps meet near Stockport to swap. It's at school so will take a photo tomorrow but it's in great condition. Cheers Shane
  5. I'm struggling to see where your secondary edge is although you look close. Can you hold a piece of paper between the secondary and primary and take the photo again?
  6. Moonshane

    Full Stop, is it even possible?

    No but it can spin. I doubt there ever was one particle rather, many emerged instantaneously (not that time was relevant) from the vacuum.
  7. Moonshane

    Berlebach tripod for eq5 etc..

    Hi there Is this the 18 or 28? Not that I can afford it just yet having bought a HEQ5!
  8. Moonshane

    The insanely faint...

    Sorry yes I should have made it clear although as Stu says it links through when you click it
  9. Assuming the differences were consistent (i.e. remained apparent over time and were not therefore due to seeing or transparency issues) it could be due to differences such as colour cast of the glass (some scopes do impart a slightly yellower or whiter tone to the image, especially on bright objects like planets and moon), optical coatings (as far as I know, less coatings is better for fainter objects and better coatings more effective on bright objects). I am a bit short on time to find reference material but hopefully someone else can confirm Hope this helps. Interesting question!
  10. Moonshane

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    Welcome to the 120 Equinox appreciation society
  11. Moonshane

    The insanely faint...

  12. Moonshane

    For sale dual motor EQ5 (head only)

    Lol. Thanks for letting me have it originally at a good price mate. Allowed me to pass on the 'love"
  13. Moonshane

    12mm planetary eyepiece...?

    I think the SLVs are pretty good for mono viewing but not for BVs unless you get a matched pair. Even then I found the build quality a bit suspect. I find this more or less every time I try TV alternatives. If you can find one, I think you'd be hard pressed to beat a used TV Radian 12mm taking into account the price, the comfort and the clarity. The Delites are a step up though although they only do 11mm and 13mm in your desired range.
  14. Moonshane

    For sale dual motor EQ5 (head only)

    Hi all this mount is now sold. cheers for your interest.
  15. Moonshane

    For sale dual motor EQ5 (head only)

    and replied

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