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  1. Didn't think sky@night was on until 22.40
  2. Very nice units, I use one for my EQ6, I run a long 12v lead to the mount through the window keeping the power supply safely indoors.
  3. Yes it was fully assembled so no real way of correcting it. I did debate sticking the base to the underside of a shelf so the whole thing was upside down thus correcting the globe but I think it'll look pretty naff. I think I may also have a similar wall mounted moon to yours, mine has a little remote for switching phases.
  4. Yes, the poor quality was the second thing I noticed. It has a magnet at the top and a wire tether at the bottom which is long enough to allow the magnet to hold it in a semi state of levitation. I applied to return it with a description of the fault and the supplier requested a photo. It came with a small map displaying the lunar features and labels your suppose to stick in the corresponding place on the globe, so I sent a photo back of the map beside the globe to show it was upside down. They then provided a full refund and told me not to worry about returning it and to dispose of the item any way I see fit. Not sure what to do with it now
  5. Having seen this in the Sky at Night magazines 'Gear' section and being a full on Lunatic I decided to order one. They are branded and sold in the Science Museum's shop and website but unfortunately they were out of stock, a few minutes later I found them on Amazon so parted with the £15 (cheaper then the museum who were charging £14 but wanted £4.50 postage). I wasn't really expecting much as they are meant to be a child's educational tool but was disappointed to find one major (in my eyes anyway) problem.
  6. Thanks Michael, It's a ZWO ASI120MC which I've just googled and confirmed it has a IR filter with the below spec
  7. Hi I've done a quick SGL search but not found anything which answers my question, I must add I've only lightly dipped my toes into the imaging pool at this moment in time. I only, at present, video image planets and the moon, whereby I use a ZWO colour camera and stack the frames for a final image. Almost directly across my observing spot I now have a beam of IR CCTV light the source of which is about 18 foot from where my scope sits. Does anyone know if this will have any effect on my efforts or possibly in the future should I try DSO imaging. I strongly suspect it won't be an issue but thought I'd ask the experts. Thanks
  8. Not been to the cinema for years, in all honesty I get really annoyed with people talking, kicking the back of your chair and forever causing chaos by either needing the loo every 20 minutes or going to buy drinks ect. When I heard about 'First Man' I decided it was a good opportunity to visit the cinema again (as I'm sure it would attract a more refined audience lol) and give the wife a treat of a lifetime (I'm kind like that). Checked online to book tickets at my nearest cinema and discovered the iMAX tickets are £16.50 each . By the time I've paid for tickets (my daughter no doubt would tag along), brought something to eat and drink and paid train fare, I'd say goodbye to the best part of £90. Think I might just buy the DVD, a years subscription to S@N magazine and a new monocular instead
  9. I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's furry astronomy friends. It's truly amazing the hole they leave when they're no longer with us, I spent 10 years dealing with Hugo's astronomy sabotage attempts, (his favourite was hiding my red led head torch under the bed when my back was turned) that I still make sure everything is placed high up to avoid it going missing lol
  10. You can imagine the mental turmoil Hugo went through when this beast was being unpacked
  11. My companion of 10 years (Hugo) hated me going out with a scope. The look of horror on his face when I started preparing kit to go outside had to be seen to be believed. While out observing he'd sit by the door patiently waiting, after about 90 minutes he'd start huffing, puffing and grumbling letting me know my allocated time was up and it was time to come back inside. As soon as I'd start fitting dust caps ready to bring everything back inside his depression lifted where upon he'd be jumping around and wagging his tail. Sadly he passed away back in May, observing hasn't been the same since. Now it's my wife nagging me to come back inside instead of Hugo
  12. We have had new LED street lights for around 10 weeks. I find them very harsh on the eyes compared with the old sodium light but one major advantage was very noticeable when using a scope. With the old sodium lights I had internal reflections all over the place which made eye position critical and the glare wiped out a large portion of sky. With the new LED's I hardly get any internal reflections and can venture the scope much nearer the streetlight without glare. The nearest light is about 15 foot from my observing position and as such I'm effectively 80% ish in full illumination, at first it seemed devastating for stargazing but the reality is pleasantly surprising, it actually seemed surreal, I mean being bathed in so much light yet still being able to see the sky in good detail kind of messes with the brain
  13. Excellent thread I have the boots, hat, astro gloves and even a "Jeep" bum bag for eyepieces, problem is that by the time I've lugged all the gear outside I'm so hot and sweating profusely that I don't bother with any of it. I often end up almost hypothermic because I become engrossed in the night sky and not notice that I'm slowly turning to ice
  14. Another sad loss - https://www.nasa.gov/feature/alan-bean
  15. Mine needs charging but here's a size comparison, sorry no Baked Beans.
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