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  1. Hopefully so. Us humans always do things to an excess, to the point of overload and then rebellion. I'm looking forward to the artificial light rebellion, I just hope it happens sooner rather then later.
  2. I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. I hope they take things more seriously when they see the consequence of such ridiculous levels of lighting
  3. Have you tried the local MP, seems like there's a case against the environmental health department also.
  4. Yes, unfortunately getting them to take action is a different matter. It's very much down to the officers opinion even though the law states its classifiable as a nuisance if it stops you enjoying the use of your property.
  5. Light Trespass is an environment crime in the UK dealt with by environmental officers on the same level as noise nuisance.
  6. In some cases the lighting can be extreme and with the growing environmental conciouns I'm hoping it will eventually be seen as antisocial and frowned upon. I came across a house while dog walking which has 4 doomed non directional external lights, one at the front and 3 along the side. It lights up multiple houses and that entire section of road. I took a photo as I plan on approaching the council to try and discuss the issue in general and clarify their stance. I'm currently thinking over how best to make my approach.
  7. In all honesty I think the only effective way of dealing with light pollution is via a TV advertising campaign informing of the environment laws and consequences of bad lighting. Actual enforcement by councils is also needed, people who are affected by badly positioned lights shouldn't have to fight tooth and nail just for natural darkness. The council's are missing a trick here, think of the penalty notices they could issue just by driving around one night every month. Having said all that, this is very good news.
  8. They must be in breech of the 'Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005' by causing light trespass which is a nuisance and or being prejudicial to health. As far as I can remember sports facilities are not exempt from the act and should be dealt with by the local council. It brings back memories of when a local hospital near me was rebuilt. They spent thousands installing blue fluorescent tubes around the top of the entire building. All the locals were bathed in blue light throughout each night. Naturally people weren't very happy and complained. Eventually the lights were switched off permanently.
  9. My wife and I done both the Saturn V and the Lunar Lander and enjoyed the builds immensely. Wife brought me the lander lighting kit for Christmas
  10. Yes, a very kind and generous gesture. I once considered giving a SW130 on EQ2 motor driven mount to my wife's young (25) work college as she couldn't afford and desperately wanted a scope of her own. But when my wife told me she happily spends £200+ a week in the pub I changed my mind
  11. If there isn't then I really don't understand why during what's considered to be the Astronomy season they decide to have a two month break. It's not as though we're spoilt for choice.
  12. Unfortunately not on again til April
  13. From spaceweather.com Watch from 2min 10sec STARLINK PHOTOBOMBS A METEOR SHOWER: Astronomers monitoring the skies for an outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors on Nov. 22nd were surprised when their cameras filled instead with an outburst of satellites. A train of Starlink satellites flew over the La Palma observatory in the Canary islands, stealing the show. Despite the interference, a flurry of alpha Monocerotids was observed.
  14. Wow, sounds perfect. I beginning to think that anything I buy off the shelf is going to be a compromise but the plastic pipe method I can tailor exactly to my situation.
  15. Thanks for posting the photo, that looks just the job. I would do something similar if I could get away with it, unfortunately my main observing spot is in my front garden and the local council are very hot on things that can be seen from the footpath, especially if it's more then about 4 foot in height so it needs to be removable.
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