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  1. Wow, sounds perfect. I beginning to think that anything I buy off the shelf is going to be a compromise but the plastic pipe method I can tailor exactly to my situation.
  2. Thanks for posting the photo, that looks just the job. I would do something similar if I could get away with it, unfortunately my main observing spot is in my front garden and the local council are very hot on things that can be seen from the footpath, especially if it's more then about 4 foot in height so it needs to be removable.
  3. Thanks Rob, that's certainly given me food for thought. I'm looking for something I can erect in a U shape which is certainly achievable using your method.
  4. On and off for a long time I've looked at observing tents and such like as a means of screening from both light and breezes, but always thought they'd be too restrictive. Has anyone successfully utilized a camping/beach windbreak for such a purpose and if so where did you buy it. I would need one at least 6 foot in height which is proving to be a stumbling block. I know I could probably make one myself but have alot of stuff going on at the moment so am lacking in time and energy. Thanks
  5. I couldn't resist having a look. There is screening on the lower half of the pcb which would still be effective without the tripod contacts as its connected via the case screws to the negative of the pcb as per standard. So it very much seems like a belt and braces approach.
  6. Yes it's an eq5 pro. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq5-pro-synscan-goto.html
  7. It's not an upgrade, the box has the power input, hand controller socket, autoguider socket and a 8 pin lead going to the mount (pic below)
  8. Yes I think your right, though I'm tempted to have a look inside the plastic case to see if there's any internal pcb screening. I must try and distract myself before the thing ends up in a dozen pieces and the puppy running around munching vital bits which cost a fortune to replace
  9. I'm intrigued, although it's an earth as such (I assume) in practice its insulated from the ground when in use by the rubber feet on the tripod so as far as I can see its just linking the tripod to the DC negative.
  10. Hi, this is a master control box (not sure of its proper name) not the handset.
  11. I'm changing my eq5 pro over to a pillar mount and noticed the control box appears to be earthed to the tripod leg. How important is it that I find a way of replicating that earth on the pillar. The pictures show the contacts on the control box and tripod bracket.
  12. I've found 5x monocles on amazon but I only need 1x, sure they must be available somewhere. I'll give Ebay a try. That might just work, not sure about the photo though. If I had a lawyer I'd get them to check my SGL contractual obligations Glad I'm not the only one, I spent 45 years without the need for reading glasses and find it really awkward now when out with a goto.
  13. I find the goto handset displays a little difficult to read in the dark without using my 1x magnifying reading glasses. Taking inspiration from Sir Patrick Moore I have considered buying a monocle to use in my left eye while keeping my right eye free to use at the eye piece. My wife had a look of horror on her face when I run the idea past her but I reckon it might work, it's got to be easier then keep putting glasses on in the dark. Anyone tried this?
  14. Really enjoyed it and learnt a few things as well.
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