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  1. Deciding on what domes to get, I also considered the half height dome from Pulsar. I had drawn up plans to build a wooden structure a couple of metres high out of wood and then use the half height dome on top. (I also considered mounting the full height dome on a lower structure...) My biggest concern with a wooden structure was the fact wood moves and grows/shrinks with atmospheric conditions and especially for the half height (and the Scopedome for that matter) was the potential for twisting on the base where the dome was secured to a moving structure. Anyway, the Pulsar website does include some basic drawings and shows there is a flange face on the bottom of the short wall. This would get you half way to making it water tight, with a run of adhesive flashing tape on top might be enough. HTH. Gordon. https://www.pulsarastro.com/ekmps/shops/b585dc/resources/Other/27shortheightdr.pdf
  2. A tin of Tartan paint would look nice also..
  3. If Bresser are packaging the dome to take rough transport, the packing on its own can run into hundreds. I still expect the carriage to hit a grand at least, but don't understand the issue getting a price. I am pretty sure you are not the first to purchase a dome from them, so they really should have a good handle on the costs. If you collect, it would be a great idea to bring some of the pipe insulation they talk about, plus bubblewrap and some polystyrene foam to pack it for the journey. But I had another thought. The plywood covering could be replaced with EPDM roofing sheet. With the rubber glue, it could be pulled tight and glued in place, with some clout nails to hold it. EPDM is used in tyres - particularly the whitewall on tyres, plus it is blended for inner tubes. It is hugely resilient, totally water tight and will not be harmed by nailing it in place. It is not cheap, but is a lot cheaper than starting the whole dome again. It also takes paint too - acrylic water based goes on fine, solvent based paint will adhere better, but will react a bit with the EPDM when wet. At least worth thinking about... My local village is about 2 miles away - 3.3km - and from the village, the two Scopedomes in white stands out in the countryside background... The domes are hardly visible from the house, so not a problem for me, but I can understand your MD having a bit of a problem with a white dome, even if white would be better to reflect heat.. Gold is, of course, better so maybe suggest white is a compromise to coating it in gold leaf !! Haha. Gordon.
  4. Haha. The low loaders did get me worried for a while. I do understand the pallet size. My Scopedomes arrived on huge pallets, I had to cut them into quarters to be able to dispose of them afterwards. I can imagine the trouble they will cause to normal carriers geared up for the usual size of loads. Until I retired, I was an Engineer in the chemical industry and worked on some large projects worth billions each. I made significant technology decisions in a blink of an eye, compared to the time I spent going over the Pulsar vs Scopedome vs ROR vs any other option. So I understand what you are going through. Trying to house your 7" frac would also be difficult for the 3m Scopedome. Although it is bigger than the Pulsar, there is a shutter motor which sits at the top of the roof and would take away form of the clearance. But as you do not plan to fit the automation, with some weight on the focuser end, should be OK in the dome. But its more money and you are still caught in the delivery cost problem... Good luck. Gordon.
  5. Well, I called it. Hopefully, my comments earlier softened the blow a little for you. I had two, 3m scopedomes delivered to site in a fair sized panel van. With just the dome section and small wall, they should be easily able to fit them in an ordinary van. Even an open truck as you have nothing to be damaged by some rain. If you have exhausted your discussion with Bresser, is it worth contacting Pulsar directly and making a trip over to collect yourself? You absolutely will not need a police escort or a heavy low-loader to move one dome. Good luck getting out of this one. Gordon.
  6. Such a healthy attitude to life, the universe, everything. It is a shame you could not catch the water damage earlier, but that is the past and as you say, time to look forward. You are right about the fixed installation making a big difference; little need to plan, look at the clouds, if looking good, then head outside. A ROR 14 feet off the ground? Love to see that photo. Good luck with Bresser !! Gordon.
  7. I do hope the repairs are not too difficult and you make good progress on the rebuild. Gordon
  8. I agree - The Scopedome needs a dead flat and level base within 1mm. I was going to build it on a wooden platform but decided against it as the engineering grew a lot. Wood moves and if bolted down, might warp the base rings and stop it revolving smoothly. At your elevation, I would think this would be even more difficult so it is probably best not to do it, unless you want to put in some sort of rigid platform to build off. I am sure you did not plan for this change, especially after you have put in so much work on your original dome, but unless you can waterproof it, damaging the scope, electronics, etc. would be a hobby killer. Gordon.
  9. Don't think it is false advertising... They talk about shipping period of a few daays, but point out they cannot accept an order vias the website. I really doubt they keep them in stock, so will be really interested to find out what they say. For delivery costs I quote the site: "This article cannot be ordered online! Delivery by forwarding agent requires an individual agreement. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for further information!" I was going to purchase direct from Pulsar and have a carrier bring it over and the manufacturing lead time was a couple of months or more. No idea what covid-19 has done to this so don't be upset if the manufacturing lead is longish... And I understand what you say about the automation costs. But you can always retrospectively install later, even if you only do the dome rotation motor. Gordon.
  10. Oh, just followed the link to the Bresser site. Delivery will only be a few days, but when I enquired of both Pulsar and Scopedome, the manufacturing was a couple of months' lead time. The website also says they need to engage a forwarding agent so forget the Eur70. Are you also adding the automation kit? When added together, this is whaat pushed the Pulsar costs close to the Scopedome for me. I also saw your earlier post with the pictures. Looks like there is room on the outside, assuming your existing dome is a similar size to the Pulsar. Good luck, Gordon.
  11. The Scopedome is only 5 panels and the bigger ones took two to carry and three to fit (at only 800mm off the ground). I really would not fancy lifting the bigger panels as high as you have built. Even though I would expect the Pulsar panels to be lighter, one-man build is not really a good idea. As you have a lot of the structure in place, could you install a lifting rig with a pulley to bring the panels up? Also, what working room do you have around the exterior? As to the delivery charge, I also bought mine through the Germaan distributor and the delivery was significant. The online charge was low, but on application, jumped a lot. When you ask, expect it to be closer to a thousand Euros.. Gordon
  12. Just picked up on this tread and me being quoted. The decision to go with the Scopedoome was a close one, but on reflection, I think it was right for me. My rationale behind going for the Scopedome instead of the Pulsar was more to do with my application. I installed a .4m OO ODK and when I did the numbers, the shutter width on the Pulsar was very tight - 0.7m vs 1.0m Probably OK with an alt-az mount, but with an ME2, when slewed round, the shutter width was too tight. I also wanted to mount it at elevation and if I used the Pulsar half height only, I would need to add a lot more brickss (and therefore thermal mass) to the installations. But when looking at the full height dome from Pulsar, including the motors, etc. the difference was not that much. Then it would need to be transported to France and the shipping costs are high (crossing the channel with a truck is expensive) The Scopedome is a three metre sphere, so quite a lot bigger than the Pulsar 2.7m. Yes, the whole dome rotates, instead of just the top as in the Pulsar. Having a long refractor might actually suit the Scopedome more but if you are seriousy considering one of these domes as your solution, research them both carefully. Oh, being GRP, I do get some condensation build up and use a de-humidifier to keep it under control. If you think I can help further, I promise an impartial response, based on my own research and experience. Gordon
  13. So sorry to hear of the damage and how lucky you were to have emptied it beforehand. Hoping you can make a strong repair to the fibreglass and you have no more trouble. It is difficult to believe the UK and France shared the same administration and the common human rights laws. For me here in rural France, I am surrounded by farmers and they all have guns. I guess thieves also know this so hoping I will not have a problem. We are plagued with wildlife from rabbits and hares, to deer and wild boar. To protect the boundary, it is very common to have electric fencing with just a few small warning notices. I spoke to the guy in the shop and to deter animals (including the two legged variety) he suggested I fit an electric fence around the observatory and the best one has 13,500 volts... I am assured it will not harm anyone. Apparantly, the boar recognise the cables and will just leave rather than take it on. Hoping the same for other lower lifeforms... Gordon.
  14. It might flip but I didn't try. Only took 5 mins to sort it out. I was so surprised to see a snail there, here in France, they might have evolved to hide... haha Gordon.
  15. Swapped out the NEQ6 with a HEQ5 and changed the 12" OOUK for the WO 110FLT to get some wider FOV targets. The baseplate on the HEQ5 is a bit smaller and took a little bit of fettling to make it fit. Well noticed ! Gordon.
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