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  1. Ah yes, that looks like it, thanks.
  2. I would agree if I could find it. The so called "Crerative Cloud" seems to be £49.94 per month or £30.34 today as Black Friday! So could somebody please direct me to a link that provides PS for 12 Euros a month - I only waht PS? Graham
  3. Thanks Malcolm, I use 4.2.1 on my main capture laptop but have 4.3 Beta-4167 on another secondary capture laptop. which has been fine. Following a recent meltdown of my main processing computer I'm slowly reloading software onto a new replacement laptop and couldn't find the beta versions any longer, which I was thinking of using here - not for capture / guiding etc. Graham
  4. Can anyone recommend a reliable source for a copy of Photoshop CS3 or above?
  5. Just wondering what the best version of CdC is now and where I can find it to install? The "stable" version seems to be v4.2.1 but am aware that there are 4.3 beta versions too - would they be better, what's the difference? Graham
  6. Thanks, just under twelve hours - for more detail refer to my website here: https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2021/11/16/the-journey/ Graham
  7. Autumn has been something of a curate's egg for me, on the one hand I had a number of good sessions at the beginning of October that for a change produced some very good data, however soon after I had a complete melt down of my main computer and am only just getting back on my feet - computer and processing wise! Still, very happy with this version of Andromeda which comes from that period, at last (after more than 5-years) I think (hope) I'm getting to grips with this magnificent object and will no doubt be back another day to try again. Graham
  8. Many thanks guys, pity it looks like more costs but I guess that's inevitable. Have watched videos on both and, of course, they do a very similar thing. Would be interested in the first hand experience of any others who use either of these or alternative techniques before I proceed. Graham
  9. OK thanks Alan but what is a Spider, what does it do, how does it do it + where do I get them? Graham
  10. Following the complete meltdown of my main / processing laptop I've just acquired a replacement running Windows 11 and am struggling to get the 'correct' colours for images. I've been using the Windows' Colour Calibration process accessed via the Control Panel to adjust Gamma, Brightness, Contrast and the one that's causing me a headache which is the adjustment of Red-Green-Blue levels to achive a neutral outcome. At first the result doesn't look too bad after tweaking these colour levels a few times but when I look at terrestrial photos I can't seem to get rid of residual green and / or yellow hues that seem to linger. Looking at my astrohotography images, which I was hitherto happy with they look all over the place, especially the sky colour which I'd processed to something that previously looked OK with a decent black point (and still does on another back-up laptop) but not on the new laptop. I would appreciate any guidance on how to deal with this issue i.e. colour calibration on a computer not each image, preferably not too complicated and / or is there a better / foolproof technique or software available that might help? Graham
  11. I've been using a Toshiba P70-B-10T Intel i7 laptop for day-to-day use in my study, which also means it's my main computer for image processing using the usual PixInsight + PS etc. Last Friday it stopped booting up and after looking at it over the weekend my computer man (who has saved me from such problems many times before) now thinks it may be the Graphics Card (AMD Radeon R9 M265x 4GB) and cannot be replaced i.e. time to look for a new computer! Before I start trawling the internet I thought I'd ask here if anywone could point me towards something suitable - laptop or PC (mini?) running Microsift Windows i.e. not a Mac. As I now do more and more image processing using PixInsight, PS, Topaz AI Denoise etc the size of the image files has grown so it needs to be something with the capability to handle this + decent screen >=17" LED backlit or similar, +/- 16GB RAM, +/-2Tb SSD disc, +/- 4 ports USB 3.0 & 2.0, + a higher spec Graphics Card that can handle the current version of Topaz AI Denoise etc. - Graphics Card (GPU) OpenGL 3.3 or higher required. Nvidia GTX 740 or AMD Radeon 5870 (higher series graphics cards recommended) It doesn't have to be a laptop but because of space not too big a PC i.e. probably rules out full size tower. Any recommendations / thoughts much appreciated. Graham
  12. After a prolonged break over the summer - extended by laying a new patio on which my mount stands & at the same time discovering a well, which became a project - I'm back on the horse and this is my first image. As ever, subject to some more adjustments + calibration at the 'new' location is required but this is a promising start For more image information please see my website here: https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2021/09/12/the-well-the-butterfly/ Graham
  13. Superb image - your hard work has been well worth it
  14. After months of cloud and thus partly motivated by desperation, I managed to grab some limited imaging time over x4 nights of IC443 the Jellyfish at the end of March / early April before it disppeared over the western horizon for another year. Notwithstanding the problems, I'm pleased with the resulting HOO image (+ Ha false luminance and RGB stars) and will be hoping to convert this to an SHO image at some later date. Whilst IC443 is obviously the star of the show, the significant nebulosity behind it plays an important role in the image but I'm unable to find anything written about it - would be interested in any advice / comments on this feature? Graham AZ-EQ GT mount + William Optics GT81 & 0.80 focal reducer + ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool + 31mm Chroma filters etc. Processing: DSS + PixInsight + Photoshop + Starnet + Topaz AI Denoise Total integration 6hrs 02min: Ha x15 & OIII x12 @ 600secs L x11 + R x11 + G x9 + B x11 @ 120 secs
  15. Thanks Lee, the combination worked well with the aperture. Graham
  16. From earlier in the month + probably my last image before summer nights descend upon us; I do so like globular clusters! For imaging info + alternative framing see my website here: https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2021/04/28/twos-company-3/ Graham
  17. At last with some clear skies and a new moon got to try out my new 31mm Chroma LRGB filters on Markarian's Chain (bought last October!) + very happy with the outcome. AZ-EQ6 GT + WO GT81 + ZWOASI1600mm-Cool L 120x60" R 55x60" G 55x60" B 55x60" Total integration 6hr 45min Graham
  18. Thanks, I'm imaging in Surrey at the moment and that explains why the seeing is not what I was expecting
  19. As a matter of interest what is the source of that map please? Graham
  20. Thanks vlaiv, seemed obvious but just thought I'd check. Graham
  21. I routinely image with a CMOS camera (ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool) and calibrate with darks, flats and bias - recently switching to Dark Flats instead following various online advice. I now have some CCD data to process - having never processed CCD data I presume it's essentially the same but should I use bias or dark flats, or even both (which would seem unlikely)? Graham
  22. In consideration of purchasing the new ZWO ASO294mm Pro camera I've been reading posts on various sites and there's frequent emphasis on the importance of ensuring that the native driver is used. What exactly is a native driver + would also be interested in first-hand experience of those using this camera with APT? Graham
  23. Thanks - I've used bias with my ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool for over 4-years with no apparent probelms but with new filters + weight of advice in favour or using dark flats I thought I'd give it a try. Just completed my fist image here and all looks good, though whether bias would also have been OK I'll never know. It's just that bias was easier and quicker, though with the APT Flats Aid function the extra effort required is limited. Graham
  24. Thanks all much appreciated. My problem with much longer exposures is (a) light pollution (b) aeroplanes (when they're flying) and (c) polar alignment and its impact on set-up + guiding etc. as I cannot see Polaris - my house is in the way! Can't do anything about light pollution except move = watch this space, make the most of the current lack of flights (I live between Gatwick - Heathrow airports + Redhill aerodrome down the road - of course I didn't do astronomy when I moved here!) Using PHD2 polar align routine + with the new multi-star guiding choice my guiding error is at last now looking very good. The 10-minute exposures this time worked out well + it cuts down data use, though still unsure about how to use the LRGB filters i.e. exposure times . I think more experimenting will help but overall the new filters are good. Graham
  25. You can blame me: I purchased a set of Chroma filters last October and have been unable to image ever since due to the weather! At last in late February / early March I managed a few hours albeit at full moon, so for my 'first light' experience of these filters went narrowband. Whilst I'm happy with the attached Rosette image - certainly the 3nm SHO filters have improved the stars when compared with my previous ZWO filters - there were a few things: For the first time I went to 10 minute exposures as, I presume, the 3nm filters seemed to 'need' more light? I also did a quicky and dirty LRGB of M42 (not yet processed) to try out the other filters and was surprised to find the Luminance very overexposed at 180 seconds compared with the ZWO luminance filter using the same exposure & Unity settings. I would be interested to hear from others who use Chroma filters and their experience and thoughts on how to get the best from them e.g. I've always used the ZWO ASI1600MM Cool camera + ZWO filters at unity with good results but maybe the Chroma would benefit from higher gain etc.? Graham
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