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  1. I second that. It's a great scope, I've also spent many a happy hour using it to split doubles and it is amazing on the moon and planets. Avtar
  2. Yes really relieved John as I thought the eyepiece was damaged in some way. Now I can really enjoy using it. Tonight this was the only eyepiece I used in the 12" dob and just enjoyed cruising around the sky. Avtar
  3. It was a clear night tonight and despite a full Moon I rolled out the 12" dob to try the ethos 21 once again. I put the ethos in the focuser and tightened the 2 screws to secure it and then checked to make sure it was tight in the focuser by giving it a little twist. To my surprise the upper body of the ethos just spun round and felt loose. I took the eyepiece out of the focuser and tightened it. With the ethos back in the focuser I was delighted to see that the comet like stars were gone and showed as round dots from the centre right to the edge. Avtar
  4. Really interested in this as I want to get back into Binoviewing. Sold my WO binoviewer and regretted selling it but the Maxbright II seems to be better so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea selling my WO Binoviewer. Avtar
  5. The WO finder bracked is fixed with just one screw into one of the two holes that are used for mounting the Tak bracket. Avtar
  6. I use a William Optics Multi Reticule Finder, it's nice and compact and you can vary the brightness.
  7. Hi Louis, I am not using a coma corrector in the 12" Dob. I was just a little surprised to see coma with the 21 ethos especially as I don't see it when using my other TV eyepieces. I will have another try when seeing permits, at the moment theres nothing but rain and clouds for the next few days. Avtar
  8. first case contains only 1.25" eyepieces and the second 2" eyepieces. The 1.25" get a lot more scope time than the 2". When I bought the 21 Ethos I thought that would get more use in the 12" Dob but it hasn't turned out that way, I prefer my 38 Panaview instead both in the 12" Dob and 120ED. The Ethos shows comet like stars in both scopes. I bought the Ethos second hand and it was pointed out to me by the seller that there was a little dent in the body of the eyepiece. I bought the eyepiece anyway as it was a good price. I'm thinking of sending it to Televue to see if they can do anything. Avtar
  9. This is a sketch I did in 2015
  10. This is the latest and hopefully the last iteration.
  11. I have sold a few items but regret selling my ZS71 ed and an OMC 140 which I bought from @Stu. I did put some other items up for sale including my 120 ED but withdrew them from sale as I felt I would regret it. I won't be putting anymore items for sale and will only buy items after careful consideration and not on impulse. Avtar
  12. Had a great session with my newly acquired C6 on an SE mount. I really like this scope wish I had got one sooner. Avtar
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