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  1. This is the latest and hopefully the last iteration.
  2. I have sold a few items but regret selling my ZS71 ed and an OMC 140 which I bought from @Stu. I did put some other items up for sale including my 120 ED but withdrew them from sale as I felt I would regret it. I won't be putting anymore items for sale and will only buy items after careful consideration and not on impulse. Avtar
  3. Had a great session with my newly acquired C6 on an SE mount. I really like this scope wish I had got one sooner. Avtar
  4. I have 3 and none of them have any scuff marks on them although one of the adjustment knobs broke off on one of them when I tried to turn it more than I should have. Avtar
  5. Celestron C6 XLT OTA and 0.63 reducer.
  6. I have not tried it on Sirius yet, not had the opportunity as it is difficult from my location with a lot of surrounding trees. Avtar
  7. I have a 150 f8 newt which is very good at splitting doubles. Avtar
  8. I noticed those streaks as well John. I've been looking at the Aristarchus Plateau area and have been facinated by it's colour, a slight purplish brown that stands out as a square from the surrounding grey. I was using my 12" Dob with a 17.5 Morpheus and a 14 Delos. Has anybody else noticed this or am I just imagining it. Avtar
  9. Arrived today, Ethos 21. Thanks Gavin.
  10. I have Bortle 8 skies but there is still plenty to see. Double and multiple stars, open clusters, globular clusters, planets, the moon, asterisms. Enough to keep one busy for a lifetime.? Avtar
  11. I went out into the darkest part of my garden at 8pm tonight and let my eyes adjust for about 10 - 15 minutes and spent about half an hour looking at Orion. I only counted 8 stars, these included the 3 belt stars and the remaining 5 stars were all observed below the belt. I did not see any stars above the belt. Avtar
  12. The XW 3.5 arrived today in excellent condition, thanks Mike. Avtar
  13. I would have bought the 10 xw if I didn't already have the 10 Delos. Avtar
  14. I find that my 12" Dob and 150 newt are pretty much grab and go as I keep them in the summer house and just need to move them to the patio in front.
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