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  1. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Fair play to you ! I wish I could, but I just love buying and trying, though I do have a number of oculars that have been with me a long time and will never be sold.
  2. ACU-2 2" Dual speed focuser...FINAL Reduction

    Final reduction. Asking just £130 inc postage for a top notch focuser that would make an excellent upgrade over many stock ones.
  3. Going retro vintage Japanese glass

    Another lovely addition to the set. It is worth having for the box alone ! Look forward very much to hearing how they perform, in the FS128, and somehow that set looks right for it, really superb !
  4. New Mag 13.5 Supernova in NGC 2146

    Why ? It is a great capture.
  5. Show me your eyepiece cases

    A classic set of optics Dave, and I see you managed to find some eye guards.
  6. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Very nice collection Mike.
  7. 20mm Vixen LV eyepiece

    The eyepiece sleuth strikes again ! Nice one.
  8. Globulars and galaxies

    Terrific images of an excellent session. Thanks for posting them !...
  9. I fabricated my own pier , around this time, along the lines of the Fullerscope ones, and filled the 4" pipe with sand.This was to hold the home made 6" reflector and mount. It amuses me now, that first attempt, as all the sand in the Gobi desert wouldn't have stabilized it, the mount itself was utterly inadequate, and a major re think had to be carried out.
  10. Yes, I agree, and its probably the only catalogue I have ever read from cover to cover and over and over Mind you, I had a very young family, mortgage, etc then, and couldn't afford any of it, but I used to dream. I also have Basset & Gowin's catalogue from the same period, complete with prices. 8.75" Newtonian c/w mount, pillar stand and weights and.....1" Ortho.......£145 plus £5 carriage ( today's value approx £950)
  11. My Fullerscopes catalogue, circa 1975, shows, as Rusted has said, the Mk111 Standard Pedestal, ie with aluminium feet, whereas the picture shows the Extra Heavy Pedestal with cast iron feet. It was for mounting the long focus refractors made by them.
  12. ACU-2 2" Dual speed focuser...FINAL Reduction

    Still available is this top quality focuser......make a superb upgrade for a 12" Newtonion, or will fit a SCT.... reduced to £140 posted
  13. New Frac Decisions

    I have to echo everything Mike has said. I owned one for a while and not only was it excellent optically it looked just gorgeous, well made, and oozing quality. I sold it when Chris decided to part with his brand new Celestron XLT F9 102, which I consider a keeper. Apart from a little CA in the AA f11, I felt it was the equal of the Celestron ED, but I preferred the look of the Starwave. Correct decision...I don't know. I would try to get hands on a Starwave f11 Ade, that might help you decide, particularly with its gorgeous purple objective, and screw on metal lens cap !!
  14. The curse is lifted

    Cracking session Neil, well done.