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  1. Likewise. With three scopes, F5.3, F7.4, and F15, it gives me the perfect excuse to have more oculars than I really need 20180716-Eyepiece Spreadsheet.xlsx
  2. I have recently replaced this 14" with a 20" plate so it is no longer needed. It is in used condition with a few extra holes, but never the less a good solid black anodized plate....£34 posted
  3. I have left my EQ6 on the pier and covered, for almost three years now without a problem ( touching wood ), even though thieving scum have been around and removed the reg plates from my wife's car twice in as many months. The measures I have taken to secure the mount and pier would necessitate a lot of noise to remove them, and my bedroom overlooks the site. I also have a window open all year round, so I cannot do much more. I would like to put a housing round it, but my wife , though she says "oh just go ahead with it ", is not keen and you can see by the size of the scope how big the footprint would have to be, so she will not like it, and it probably won't happen. I probably will compromise and put a circular trellis around it and grow Passion Flower all over it, which should give me some privacy in a short space of time.
  4. Budget in terms of cost ,but premium in terms of performance . I have the 18's , in addition to a pair of 30mm Ultima's and the 35mm Eudiascopics.
  5. Made in 1930 and 18"means it is bound to be excellent quality I would suggest. Look forward to the build.
  6. I keep reading good things about these Vixen HR eyepieces, so be sure to give us your thoughts when you can Stu. I doubt that I would need to worry too much about a pair of 3.4's though, my eyes would be watering too much to get any benefit.
  7. I have used this all through this winter. It has an adjustable brightness single red LED, it hangs around my next, never gets in the way or falls off like a head torch sometimes does, and I grip it with my teeth if I need to. The lowest setting is very dim. It works a treat. I bought it from FLO for £12....Simples !
  8. Ordered one from FLO. Mods please archive.....Thank you.
  9. It has been a great joy reading your posts Neil.
  10. H i David , I have fitted and used one and it was quite superb, and easy to fit.
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