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  1. Saganite

    David Sinden Remembered

    Thanks John for the link and for the the information. I was unaware of its decommissioning, and the fact that Mauna Kea was a sacred site. Steve
  2. Saganite

    Couldn't resist..

    Expensive business binoviewing but the pleasure of using them outweighs the pain of buying two of everything !
  3. In pristine condition with caps and box. An outstanding eyepiece which needs no introduction. I have a pair of 24 Pans as well as 16mm Naglers so it can now go. £145 including postage......................................................................................................................NOW SOLD Mods please remove and thanks.
  4. Saganite

    Astronomy Pet Pictures.

    That is a fine artwork of Kobi, captures him well. Dogs really are the finest companions. My last dog, Bailey ,is in my avatar and also happily snoozed away the hours whilst I was outside. I lost him ,of all days, on Friday 13th April 2012 at 12.03pm. He is very much missed.
  5. Saganite

    Pits In Plato's Floor

    I have definitely managed the 5 larger craterlets with my 5" F15.
  6. Now SOLD. Mods please remove.....Thanks .
  7. Saganite

    What's Your Favorite Object?

    The Moon and Jupiter are the only two objects that I will happily observe for long periods, some times most of the session, but if I have to pick one it is very definitely the Moon, so much detail to study, and up close !
  8. Saganite

    David Sinden Remembered

    Many thanks John, it was enjoyable to watch. Circa 1977 Grubb Parsons made the 150" mirror for the Infra Red Flux Collecter. The company for which I worked was involved with that , and I attended a meeting at Dunford Hadfields where the telescope structure was made, before the whole was shipped to Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Several personnel from my company were involved in the commissioning process out there, but I was just 18 months out of my apprenticeship so I missed out. I had hoped to visit the Grubb Parsons factory, but that did not happen either.
  9. Doh ! Done in a hurry before I was dragged out to visit yet another National Trust property, but now corrected........sorry
  10. Four months old, from FLO, in original box.....£146 posted new, so grab a bargain @£85 posted......SOLD
  11. Saganite

    Splitting the Double Double...

    Same here Dave, really lovely views of Saturn, but Mars so far is a great disappointment.
  12. Saganite

    Splitting the Double Double...

    Good that you are getting reasonable views of Mars Geoff, pretty dire from my location.
  13. Saganite

    The Veil

    Didn't understand a word of that Mick ( I'm not an imager ), but I like it.
  14. Saganite

    18" going Arp in Andromeda and Aries

    Superb images Stephan! I bought a copy of The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies a few months ago following a lecture on these, and it is a beautiful and fascinating book full of good information.

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