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  1. Saganite

    COMPLETED - Celestron Ultima 2x barlow.....FOUND

    Found a beauty. Mods please archive this ad. Thank you
  2. Saganite

    Scope Eye- I Know It's Not Just Me!

    I use an eye patch for cyclops, and a hood and that works for me on the few occasions that I mono view. I also took up Old Nick's suggestion of putting the patch over the observing eye when away from the scope to protect night vision. When I binoview of course, two patches causes problems.
  3. Saganite

    What did the postman bring?

    Beautiful scope Ade, wish I had one.
  4. Saganite

    Tour of Yerkes Observatory

    Many thanks for the information. It is without doubt somewhere I would like to visit next year on my trip to the US.
  5. now SOLD. mods Please remove.....Thank you
  6. now SOLD Mods please remove. Thank you
  7. If you have one that you are prepared to part with, please contact me. Boxed would be nice though not essential. Thanks for looking
  8. Saganite

    What did the postman bring?

    Priceless Dave.
  9. Hi Alan, beautiful scope, congratulations. I have a lovely Japan made .965 to 1.25" reducer that you can have. Send me a PM.
  10. Saganite

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    I think that is a good idea James.
  11. Saganite

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    I didn't want to suggest that James, but Stu has hit it squarely. It is just a question of waiting for someone to decide that they want/need one.
  12. Saganite

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    And so it should have James. But for the fact that I bought one so recently, I would have snapped it up at £1500 !
  13. Hi Simon, Something else to consider, I wasn't aware of them.
  14. Cheers Simon, but I have thought of this, which is what the hacksaw is for. The nosepiece on the Denk will take a little trimming, as will the Tak 2" adapter. All millimetres in the right direction. You surely didn't think it was the Tak Tube did you ?
  15. Hi Dave, These seemed to be the perfect answer, but I have realized that they will not work for me , as the thread on the focuser tube of the FC100DC is M56. However, I have just ordered from FLO, the Baader Ultrashort 1.25"-T2 clamp, which with a light path of 11mm should save me about 15mm over the T2 clicklock that is currently fitted to the prism diagonal. That, I hope will sort the problem, if not, I have the hacksaw ready !

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