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  1. Congratulations, a great scope at a terrific price.
  2. Thanks for the reminder Paul. The hourly forecast for this area is clear from early evening to five in the morning, so I think the AZ100 and the f15 on the pier tonight...
  3. I also love the Vixen livery John, and I was sorely tempted when I saw the ad. A beautiful scope at a great price, congratulations !
  4. I no longer use these. They are in excellent condition, and price includes postage.......£20 Antares -JAPAN No56 green Revelation Astro No 82A blue Revelation Astro No 11 light green
  5. The sky here is clearing now, the scope is ready and the Moon is steady at 104x.
  6. I would never part with the Tento binocular pairs that I have, as sharp but more comfortable in use than even the Zeiss Jenoptems that I also have. Excellent bins !
  7. A few changes since my cases were last posted, but mostly the same. The Orthoscopics box will not change anymore. The bino pairs will only change if I can double up the 7mm and 16mm Naglers, and very possibly with a second Morpheus 9mm. The last box has a change periodically, most notably with the addition of the 30mm Pentax, a definite keeper, but all the others are favourites, so not likely to go anywhere.
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