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  1. Saganite

    Vixen LVW 22mm

    Crikey, I am surprised this one is still hanging around, The best one of the entire range, and utterly superb !
  2. Congratulations Alan !
  3. I shall travel 14 miles into my local Astro society to view this, weather permitting, at 4 am on Monday morning. I love to be with like minded people at just such times
  4. Saganite

    What did the postman bring?

    Too much of Luddite I fear ,Stu, though I do envy the usefulness of it all !
  5. Saganite

    What did the postman bring?

    Hope you devour it ! I have volumes 1&2 and they are really quite excellent.
  6. Yes, this type of mount is the first that I have owned, and getting the balance correct is important, But I am getting there !
  7. Hi Alan, It is a UNI 18, bought from Dobbie. I had always used the 2" s/s Skywatcher tripod, which came with the NEQ6, perfectly solid, but quite heavy, and nowhere near as handsome as the Berlebach. When all things are equal, beauty carries THE DAY !
  8. I agree that the problem will be the mount/ tripod combination. My binoviewers are quite heavy compared to most, but the Tak focuser handles it easily. After trying AZ4/AZ5 mounts I changed recently to this little Berlebach mount, and the problem that I was having is sorted. Damping time down to less than a second at 154x
  9. Saganite

    SALE PENDING - Vixen LVW 42mm

    Wow ! That didn't hang around Mike !
  10. Saganite

    Moon Filters for Visual Observation ?

    I prefer to increase the power rather than use filters.
  11. Thanks Alan for the link. I confess I have to learn how to do that sometime
  12. Cracking report Alan. The gloom here must lift soon.
  13. I have just read the first light report from Thomas ( Astrojenson) on CN . Only a brief session but it is extremely encouraging.
  14. Just buy one and worry about it later Fozzie, then you can let us all know how good it is. People will ' snap your hand off ' for whichever / both Achro (s) you decide to sell, after side by side comparisons of course
  15. Seems like you have started a queue of ' Gunslingers ' already Fozzie.

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