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  1. Definitely an excellent and effective product. The tin which you supplied with Andromeda 4 years ago is still going strong despite regular polishing.
  2. Seeing Saturn for the first time, through a 6" reflector, circa 1975 was my first WOW moment. Since that time I have had many, but I agree wholeheartedly with MikeDknight, binoviewers have been a game changer. Seeing the surface of the Moon and Copernicus in particular through a binoviewer simply took my breath away, and still does. My finest ever view of Jupiter was another WOW moment, again with binoviewers and my 5" F15 frac. So much fine detail on show ,it is etched in my memory.
  3. Don't look back Andrew, and good luck with the move ! Enjoy all those clear skies to come....
  4. Superb image John. I drove to the crater after leaving The Lowell telescope in Flagstaff, at which our orbits crossed briefly. I will definitely see things a little differently when I next look at Lunar craters .
  5. Yep, outdoor curtains Nick, that's the way. Had to do the same thing myself....
  6. Thanks to the 'Heads up' I had the OO 12" out and cooling from 9pm last night, 2nd, and I had an enjoyable couple of hours. The transparency deteriorated over that time but I did see Neptune and Comet Africano, as well as a dozen Messiers, and the Witch's Broom....
  7. Hi Jas, I hope things improve for you. Steve
  8. Congratulations Brian, well done.
  9. Nice one Omo, I tried to attach the link but could not, however that is the one I read...
  10. I have just read a post on CN which shows the new Baader Maxbright binoviewer, and it looks pretty good. Availability seems imminent . Prisms are 27mm, clicklock eyepiece holders with adjustable diopters. More pictures will be available soon. This was announced today I believe. Price.... 425 euros
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