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  1. Many Thanks..James . Appreciated.
  2. ok....Found the information....
  3. Excuse my ignorance....what is oalive ?
  4. Thanks for the tip....I shall try it out !! Cheers...Chris.
  5. Astro season has now started for me , with clear skies last night ( Hooray ) !!! Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED scope Zwo Asi 1600 Mono Cool Camera Zwo Mini Filter Wheel ZWO Narrow-Band filters Lodestar x 2 guide cameraSkywatcher Esprit 100 ED scope Zwo Asi 1600 Mono Cool Camera Zwo Mini Filter Wheel Lodestar x 2 guide camera 35 x 3 mins HA 35 x 3 mins OIII 35 x 3 mins SII Processed in Pixinsight & Photoshop.
  6. Messier 51 . Learning new skills in Galaxy imaging . Namely facing up to my fears in calibrating flats and darks with the help of Pixinsight . I'me slowly getting there !! Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED scope Zwo Asi 1600 Mono cool Camera ( Unity Gain@-20 ) Zwo Mini Filter wheel & Zwo LRGB filters Lodestar x 2 guide camera 40 x 2 mins Lum 40 x 2mins Red 40 x 2mins Green 40 x 2 mins Blue. Pixinsight & photoshop
  7. Hi John...I'me in the same neck of the woods as yourself..According to scope nights clear tonight from 21.00 until 03.00....Heres to hoping anyway.
  8. You have now set yourself a very high standard....First image is soooo impressive .
  9. May I ask ...What is the elastic band trick ?
  10. NGC 7635. The Bubble Nebula. Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED Telescope Zwo Asi 1600 mono-cool & Zwo Narrow-band filters 30 x 240 secs HA 30 x 240 secs SII 30 x 240 secs OIII Lodestar x2 guide camera.
  11. Taken with an Esprit 100 ED Zwo Asi 1600 Mono Cool Camera & Zwo Narrow-band Filters HA 24 x 240 secs-SII 24 x 240 secs-OIII 24 x 240 secs. Guide scope- Lodestar x2 .
  12. Cheers Happy Kat. As you say,,,,Objectively makes me lean towards the Star Adventurer . Many thanks.
  13. Hi Happy Kat . Been browsing you posts...all informative !...I would want to use it for imaging .I have a dark sky site only 10 minutes walk away so could be an ideal set up for over the shoulder walk.
  14. After watching Wolfies video showing the combination of the GTI AZ mount and Star adventurer wedge , just wondering what would be the best buy. I want a grab and go set up for DSO photography. I use a ZWO asi 1600 camera and EFW and a 135 mm Takumar lens.. Would not being able to Polar align with the GTI be an issue . Just thinking that if I could use a near by star alignment then use sidereal tracking....would that be enough , or would you recommend the Star adventurer as it is designed for EQ tracking. Just looking for an opinion before I commit either way. Many thanks for reading. Alan.
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