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    Hi Mike and welcome to the forum,Re your spotter scope this is best set up in daylight Pick the most distant object you can see and find it in your scope,lock your main scope, and then fiddle with your spotter until you can see the same object lock everything off and check all is good remember to enjoy this wonderful pastime Seasonal Greetings to one and all Robin
  2. On North tyneside we do have an experimental light turn off but because of development in the area I do not think it will last Any hooo may all the light planters and their masters have (at best) an indifferent festive season And to ALL SGL members HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A LOVELY NEW YEAR Best Regards Robin .
  3. Fortunately (or otherwise) I will not have to put up this load of (use your own naughty words ) as at my age (72) and health problems (do not ask) by the time it is commercially available (if ever that happens !!! ) I shall have left this planet , at least, as a living person. So in the meantime wishing a happy Christmas to all on the lounge Robin
  4. RWB

    Just Joined

    Re a 'cart' there are several options I prefer a 'sack' barrow with a couple of extra castors so it can be used flat it is a useful piece of kit , and not only for moving your 'scope' . As Ian has said get the recommended eye piece and you are good to go, Another thing to consider is to set your 'scope up in daylight focusing on the farthest object you can see (hope you have a good clear view ) any way all the best and have fun Regards and clear skies Robin.
  5. sounds a bit like that old song'anything you can do I can do I can do better' OK I have my coat so I will see you around Regards Robin.
  6. RWB

    Hello !

    Hi and welcome Pawel do not worry too much about your English as where I live we use a real mongrel version of the 'Queens language' so I have to listen(read) very carefully any way Clear skies and above all have FUN Best wishes Robin.
  7. Not so much a case of street as such but in the area I live in the council has gone totally stupid with new traffic systems and done away with at least six roundabouts and installed traffic lights (they say that the lights are low power but my view is a light is a light) one such installation turned a roundabout into a T junction with about twelve set of lights if that is not light pollution I would like to know what is Ok that's off my chest I shall now go and have a wee dram(might be a treble ) and a lie down Best wishes to all Robin.
  8. Every time I try to see any meteor showers it's always raining,snowing or cloudy So as I have said before I shall just stick to cloud watching (can be done with anything you may have to hand{telescope,binos or Mk I eyeballs}) that way I can enjoy gazing at the skies at any time and there is always something to see ! have fun everyone Robin.
  9. Ye gods -is nothing sacred ! blaming the only proper fast food when we all know that the blame lies very firmly at the door(s) of the multitude of curry establishments.. I must take to my bed as I feel an attack of the vapours coming on!!! Have fun one and all ! Robin.
  10. Guess what the listings in question has/have gone- figures keep up the good work Regards Robin.
  11. I keep seeing references to star colours but the only colour I have ever seen through any 'scope was the fabled red spot on Jupiter and that really surprised the bejebers out of me as I am 'shade' blind with red being the colour that that I have trouble seeing most, so I rather envy you guys (and gals) that can see colours in the stars, If there is a rainbow I only ever see three or four bands!! Regards Robin
  12. My EX son in law had a girl boxer dog he called her slapper you can imagine the reactions in his local park (in Gates Head) Got me coat 'bye all! Regards Robin
  13. I am warm and toastie with a beanie and a (dare I say it star wars) buff got me coat good night all Regards Robin.
  14. RWB

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome hope you enjoy both your scope and your time on this forum and PLEASE do not use 'sun filter' it will,most likely disintegrate and probably,take your sight away from the eye you use forever!!!! As for value I cannot help you,sorry. but as long as you can see through it enjoy the views that you can get and remember that we all had to start somewhere good luck and clear skies. Regards Robin.
  15. I took my 10 year old grandson to the coast (it's only 6 miles from home ) and as is always the case the horizon was clouded out but the young'un had a good time any hoo, so no light show and a late night, such is life if you try to observe anything in the heavens, here's to the next time/chance. Regards Robin.
  16. RWB

    Maggot Night!

    Started to read this post as I was given my breakfast by my beloved ;- I've lost my appetite !! Be happy boys & girls Robin
  17. If I bring my humble celestron 130 into the kitchen and leave it there (on the very remote chance of a consecutive nights viewing) it usually turn into a clothes horse !! Clear skies (they are getting darker{slowly} ) and Regards Robin
  18. Might help in finding a few doubles (stars that is) clear skies to all Robin
  19. As I have advocated in a previous post all new gear should be acquired at an agreed time (eg, midsummer) when the skies are not good for stars and therefore no-one is too bothered about clouds (other wise known as purchase fallout) But the community seem to have ignored this idea. So I tried but have been ignored ! what more can I say ?? Here's hoping anyway Robin
  20. You are a lucky blighter My 'lawn' is currently under 2/3 inches of water and has several large dollops of frogspawn floating on it !!! I don't think it has been dry this year That's the price of living in an area that has loads of clay and almost no topsoil still hoping the sky clears as I have plenty of space on the decking Clear viewing to one and all Robin
  21. As pointed out by Mognet there is a brief passage about pinhole camera/special solar viewing glasses BUT not really well placed in the article NOR (in my humble opinion) well enough (read forcefully ) displayed That's my peneth so clear skies for one and all Robin
  22. As has been said (1)welcome home and(2) having bought new gear please remember to have a vacuum cleaner ready and plugged in to clear up the clouds from from the parcel as you open it !!! Good luck and happy stargazing Robin
  23. Hi Spacefish don't be too upset about th 'scope' you have we all have to start with summat ! Welcome to to forum and I hope you enjoy your time here Robin (on the northern edge of Newcastle)
  24. Is perspective the latest name for a dust bin
  25. RWB

    Newby astronomer

    Hi and welcome to the forum unfortunately you are too far south of my location but I expect someone will be along in a while that can help in the mean time clear skies and seasonal greetings Robin
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