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Walking on the Moon

Mars @ 10.1 arcseconds from home...

Kokatha man

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Hi all, we struck some reasonable seeing this morning from home. (we aren't mobile atm...waiting to take the car in for some major work on Friday...& the caravan is also getting some repair work... :rollingeyes: )


Anyway, we set up at home & were rewarded with some pretty fair seeing in the hour before daybreak...there was some seeing interference which has affected the Saturn images colouration (otherwise very nice)  so I put them aside to get the Mars processing done - finished one of the Mars images so thought I'd post it on the AA forums before hitting the sack - we were going to try imaging again tonight, but those *****! clouds returned, bless them..! ;)


Fairly pleased with Mars at still only 10.1"...


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Thanks Peter, Michael, Astr/d, Simon, Paul, Laudrop, Jonn, Neil, Stuart, Pete, Steve & Harvey, appreciated! :)


Looking like we'll be back into mono cameras by Martian opposition Stuart! ;) But "yes" it is at "neck-ricking" elevation by culmination, even at home...as is Saturn! :)

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Lovely image. Mars is depressingly low in North East England. It only reaches 15 degrees above the horizon, and will be several years before it is high enough to give a reasonable image. Mind you, it could take that long to get some decent seeing here in the UK!

Keep up the great images!

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